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If you are in need of plumbing services in the city of Irving, TX, you are not alone. There are a variety of plumbing problems that can take place in a home and severely inconvenience you and your family. If you find a good plumber, you can restore your systems to normal in no time.

Common Plumbing Problems in Homes

There are many different reasons why you may need a plumber.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can be annoying to your ears, but this isn’t the only issue. Because of the waste of water, your water bill can skyrocket and cost you a great deal of money. Over the course of about a year, you can lose hundreds of gallons of water with one dripping faucet.

Most of the time, if you have a dripping faucet, it is due to an issue with the internal washer. Over time, these washers can become dislodged, worn, torn, or stiff. Sometimes, you will need a professional to fix this issue.

Slow Draining Sink

If you have a sink that is not draining quickly enough, typically this is because of a blockage that is restricting the flow of water. There are a few different methods you can try for unclogging a sink, such as using a plunger or trying to pour some sort of solution down the drain. However, you should keep in mind that if you don’t tackle this problem early on, it will probably get worse over time, until the drain is entirely blocked. This is why it would be a good idea to call a plumber early on.

Clogged Shower or Bath Drain

Just as with a clogged sink, a clogged drain in the bathtub or shower stall is generally the way it is because of some sort of clog. It is sometimes a good idea to buy a drain guard to catch hair, in order to minimize this issue. Otherwise, you might want to call the plumber if you observe that it has already happened.

Clogged Toilet

Generally, just like any other type of plumbing clog, a clog in the toilet usually happens because of a blockage in the system. A lot of the time, it can be fixed with a plunger, but sometimes you will have to use a sewer snake/drain auger or call a plumber.

Running Toilet

Many people might not think that a running toilet is not a big deal, but it can cost you a lot of money because of the loss of water. Most of the time, when this happens, it is because of a faulty flapper valve. A lot of the time, you will be able to fix this yourself with a toilet repair kit, but you might also need to call a professional in some cases.

In some cases, a running toilet might be the result of sediment that affects the filling and flushing. You should check for any silent leaks that might be present if you notice that your water bills are too high. Another thing you can try is putting some food coloring into the upper tank, and see if it gets into the bowl without you flushing the toilet.

Faulty Water Heater

If you are in the shower and experience the water suddenly getting cold, you might have a faulty water heater. There are many different underlying causes for this issue. In some cases, the pilot light has gone out, and you need to relight it. There could also be an accumulation of sediment within the tank. Sometimes, you could have a faulty thermostat.

If you are experiencing this issue, you will probably want to bring in a plumber. A professional will be able to inspect your water heater and tell you what you need to do for maintenance. They will also be able to fix any issue if it is present.

Lack of Water Pressure

If you notice your water simply dripping out of the faucet, rather than gushing, this could be because of excessively low water pressure. This often happens in older homes. There are a few different causes for low water pressure, often leaking pipes that have accrued damage over time. Most of the time, this is because of an accumulation of mineral deposits and other types of sediment on the aerators.

If you want to try to fix the problem yourself, you can soak the aerator in a vinegar solution in order to clean it. If you have assessed that the shower is the problem, you can try to replace the showerhead or soak your existing one in vinegar.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

There are many different items that can jam a garbage disposal. If you are trying to fix it yourself, you should start by hitting the reset button. However, you might need to open it up in order to try to fix it. If you don’t know where to start, you can consider calling a professional.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can be irritating, but even worse, they can actually be very destructive. They can damage your floors and furniture. Additionally, all of the extra moisture can encourage bugs, such as cockroaches, to make their way into your home.

Most of the time, weeks take place at the pipe joints. You can temporarily fix them with fillers, compounds, and tapes, but you will need it to replace the area of pipe or related fittings in order to create a more permanent solution. A lot of the time, if this is necessary, you will need to call in a plumber for the job.

Sewer System Backup

If you have a sewer system backup, this can be terrible. This is often the case when you have multiple toilets and drains that are not working, as well as a human waste odor in your home.

If the blockage is located on your property, you will need to take care of it. If it is on a public road, your water company will need to fix it. However, you might actually have to pay for a plumber just to locate the blockage in the first place.

The Takeaway…

If you are looking for a plumber in Irving, TX, you should feel free to contact Tioga Contractors. The professionals at Tioga Contractors will be able to help you with any plumbing problem you have, and you won’t regret choosing this company!

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Not being able to tell when you need drain cleaning service can lead to bigger problems with your plumbing system. Your drains are an important vital part of your home’s plumbing system. When your drains are slow to drain or blocked, further plumbing problems can arise. As a homeowner, you need to maintain your drains regularly. It can be difficult for some homeowners to know when to have their drains cleaned.

Even if the drain is somewhat draining, the drain likely still needs to be cleaned. You should avoid doing it yourself methods like draino, as these cleaners tend to damage the very pipes they are meant to help. As soon as you suspect a problem, you need to call a professional plumber for drain cleaning service. Tioga Contractors has been cleaning out drains for decades. If you need a drain cleaning look no further than Tioga Contractors.

What are some of the signs you need a drain cleaning?


1.  Slow Draining

Are you tired of a slow draining sink after you shave or wash your hands? A slow drain is the number one sign that you need drain cleaning. If you notice that the water in your sinks and tubs is draining slower than normal, you’re likely dealing with a blocked drain that is hindering the flow of water. A slow draining sink is much more than an annoyance, it’s a sure-fire sign that you’re dealing with a clog somewhere in your plumbing system. If only one sink in your home or business is draining slowly your clog may not be too serious. Yet if multiple sinks fail to drain properly, you’re dealing with a major clog. A professional drain cleaning service can remove the stubborn clog or clogs.

2.  Your Sinks And Pipes Back Up

If water comes up from your drains, you have a serious drain cleaning issue. Water is only meant to go down drains, so if the water is flowing in the opposite direction, you have a problem. When water travels the opposite way it is meant to, you have a drain blockage. This results in sewage spilling into your sinks and bathtubs. This sewage is unsanitary and toxic, posing a threat to you and your family. It could also point to a problem with your sewer line so a professional drain cleaning service should be called immediately. The longer you wait to fix a sewer line clog, the more expensive the repair will be. Clogged sewer lines have been known to cause pipes inside of the house to burst, causing a major repair on top of an already major repair. When you call a professional drain cleaning in Bedford, TX, they can fix it before even more damage occurs.

3.  Your Home Smells Of Sewage

This foul odor is most likely caused by a break in your sewer line. If you have a break in your sewer line, toxic gases can be released into your home. Breathing in this gas is hazardous to you and your family’s health. No amount of candles in the world can mask this unpleasant odor. It is a health hazard to have this problem unattended. If you have this sign, it is time to call for a professional drain cleaning.

4.  Standing Water Accumulation

If you have standing water that won’t drain in your sinks, tubs, or washing machine you have a clogged drain. You need a drain cleaning service to locate the source of the clog and remove it. The longer you wait with this issue the worse it will be over time. Luckily the fix for this issue is rather easy. Most times your local plumber can simply snake your drains and free you of the problem.

5.  Black Gunk

If your drains have black gunk around them or coming out of them, you need drain cleaning. Apart from being utterly disgusting, this black gunk is basically sewage. Sewage is unsanitary and a health risk. Black drain gunk is unhygienic and potentially harmful to your health. Drain cleaning service can remove this unsanitary black gunk with ease.

6.  Foul Smells

If your drains start to have unpleasant odors that is because there is a clog. It may only be a partial clog, but you have a clog. The unpleasant smell is from debris such as food, hair, and other materials. Not only is this unpleasant, but it’s also bad for your health. If you have foul smells coming from your drains it is time for a drain cleaning.

7.  Pests Are In Your Pipes

Fruit flies are one type of pest we often see coming up from drains. Yet other types of bugs and even rodents can come up from your pipes if you have a crack in your sewer line. If you find rodents in your sink it might not be time to call an exterminator but instead a plumber for drain cleaning service.

8.  Too Much Drain Cleaner

Have you been using drain cleaners for a year or more for a stubborn clog or clogs? Not only are you burning through money quickly on drain cleaner liquids and gels, but you’re also damaging your pipes. Drain cleaners can also be dangerous in households with children or pets. Do yourself a favor if you find yourself resorting to expensive drain cleaning products time and time again, and call in a professional drain cleaning service instead. They will get to the root of the problem, removing even the most stubborn of clogs better than any commercial over the counter drain cleaning solution ever will. What’s more, is your pipes will be thankful since over the counter drain cleaning products damage most pipes!


If you find any of these above signs in your home, it is time to call a professional drain cleaning service today! Tioga Contractors has been cleaning drains for decades and is accredited with the BBB. Don’t delay when it comes to drain issues, as the problem could quickly spiral out of control. If you have clogged drains, put your mind at ease and call Tioga Contractors of Bedford, TX, today!

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In the world today, electricity is an essential element in day-to-day living. It not only lights and heats spaces but powers appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Therefore, it is important to have an electrical system that is safe, efficient, and reliable. With the latest technology and high exposure to the internet, some homeowners tend to rely on DIY fixes to repair various mishaps in the house. When it comes to any electrical job, it is advisable to seek professional help and guidance. Electricity is dangerous, and electrical systems can be complicated. Some electrical tasks, such as changing an electric bulb, are easy. However, others require knowledge, expertise, and experience to diagnose and fix the problem. The following are some reasons why you should only hire certified electricians to handle your electrical system.


One of the many reasons why you should only hire a qualified technician is the safety aspect. Electrical jobs are delicate as they can result in major safety issues such as fire outbreaks and shocks. Certified technicians understand how every fixture works and the maximum electrical load of each switch and breaker, and they are likely to follow each procedure according to the books. That leaves close to zero chances of possible dangers and errors, and so you can be worry-free when switching on the lights or using electrical fixtures. Having a certified electrician handle every aspect of your home will not only give you added peace of mind but will protect your home and family from possible dangers.


Electrical works pose many risks, including electrocution and property damages. Homeowners should understand the legal and financial obligations and complications that may arise in case a person sustains injuries, or there are structural damages. Certified electricians have insurance covers that protect them in case of injuries while at work. Electrical contractors also have insurance policies that cover damages that may result during and after the installation. Also, home insurance policies state that only licensed technicians should handle all the electrical works. If there is any form of accident or injuries resulting from faulty wiring or electric-related issues by unlicensed handyman, you might have to cater for the repairs out of pocket.

Saving on costs

The main reason why homeowners opt for DIY methods is to try to save on some bucks. When it comes to electrical systems, that can backfire. First, you may have to buy all the electrical tools and equipment required during the installation, and that may cost you a fortune. Beyond the tools, incorrect installations and repairs may result in fires and other damages, including injuries. You might end up spending more money on expensive repairs or hospital bills in case of physical injuries. Having a certified electrician work on all the installations will add value to the property since homebuyers prefer residences that are safe and secure and adhere to the set code practices. Seeking professional installation and repair services from a qualified professional in Euless, TX, will save you frustrations and money in the long run.

Appliance protection

Most home appliances are expensive and depend on electricity to run and function smoothly. A faulty or poorly installed electronic system will interfere with their functionality. A poor electrical connection can lead to damages, which warranty and insurance may not cover. To protect your investment from all these bad possibilities, get your electrical system installed by professionals. Electricians understand how every appliance functions and so will perform the correct installations and offer expert advice on where to store and how to use them. For instance, a washing machine should be located at the furthest corner and near a grounded socket. It’s therefore wise to always consult a professional.

Quality and multiple services

Another reason to hire a certified technician is the ability to deliver quality work. Licensed technicians have gone through training and they know how to install and maintain any system well. They will conduct the installations once and for all, leaving no chance for errors. Additionally, they offer multiple services, including diagnosis and repairs. Misdiagnosis in the electrical system can cause fire disasters and malfunctions, risking the safety of your home and family. Certified electricians have the knowledge and tools to troubleshoot any electrical problem. They can quickly detect the source of the problem and offer immediate and appropriate solutions. That will save you time and offer you peace of mind knowing the problem is correctly sorted.

Knowhow of the latest codes and technologies

The government has set codes that should be followed strictly for the safety of all residents. These codes, however, keep on changing due to innovations and advanced education. Certified technicians go through regular training to stay on top of the new codes and ensure they are aware of changes in the safety regulations. Besides the expertise and the knowledge of the set standards, certified electricians have the right tools and equipment to handle every job correctly and faster, without posing any risks. Homeowners should, therefore, invest in a professional for their electrical needs to ensure they adhere to the set codes and regulations.

Education and experience

Like every other career, certified electricians go through hours of classwork and a vast amount of training before getting certified. After the comprehensive training, they get the skills and knowledge to handle any issue and problem. They also gain a lot of experience over the years, giving them an upper hand when it comes to fixing electrical problems.

Need electrical services? We are a call away

If you are a homeowner in Euless, TX, and wondering who to trust with your electrical system, worry no more. Tioga Contractors has served the residential and commercial electrical needs of residents since 1953. We are equipped with the latest equipment and staffed by well-trained electricians who handle multiple electrical services, including emergency repairs, installations, and maintenance. We also help with the diagnosis and replacement of faulty electrical appliances, such as outlets and ventilation fans. Call us today for these and many more services.

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Does your yard seem darker than your neighbor’s, especially when it is cloudy or raining? How about the brightness of your security lighting system at the gate in comparison with others around your area? How safe do you feel in your house knowing that your security lighting is inefficient? Outdoor lighting is becoming a popular thing among homeowners in the area. It helps with security and ensures your safety and that of everyone around your home.

From the attractive outdoor lighting fixture that gets hold of your attention right at the front entrance to the conventional post lighting that helps guide your way through the backyard, outdoor lighting can contribute greatly toward enhancing all exterior areas around your property. Having that in mind, it can be a real challenge to select the perfect outdoor fixture. However, you can always seek help from an electrician.

At the end of the day, the overall target is to cast a range of light that brightens the entrance, banishes dark corners, and delivers a warm glow that’s easy on the eyes. Not all outdoor lighting is created the same, and it requires more than just putting up a wall light or some string lights and calling it a day. To develop an appealing aura entails engaging a professional to help you choose the right type of lighting fixture for your compound, and the following guide can provide some insight.

Color and style

Lighting exterior design fittings are different in color and materials used. Some are made of copper, others of brass, and others aluminum, while the majority are made of concrete painted using various colors. Therefore, opting for light fixtures that coordinate with your existing style scheme will improve the overall appearance.

On the other hand, your yard’s style ought to dictate the type of exterior lighting to use and the position to install it. Different yards have different styles, so you can consider consulting an electrician before any outdoor lighting system action. The professional can evaluate, design, and recommend what fixtures to use and how to fix them.


Ultimately, your target of a lighting exterior system may be to achieve the desired illumination of your backyard and gate front. That largely depends on the position of the light fixtures and purpose. However, deciding on where to place bulbs to serve side yards and driveways or garages for maximum illumination can really be hectic and a daunting task.

It can be frustrating to fix a bulb, only to realize that it does not serve the intended purpose. You will not want to keep on fixing and relocating bulbs within your compound. Trying to fix them on your own may expose you to the risk of electrical shock or body injuries. Call your local Bedford, TX, electrician to take care of the situation and provide a quick fix.

Mounting height

The height of the lighting fixture is also a crucial factor in achieving the desired results. For some interior applications, you can approximate heights and fix lights. The approximation can actually work well since interior fixtures do not cover a large area. However, for exterior light fixtures, such an approximation can prove futile.

A lowly erected exterior fixture may not illuminate your target area. Likewise, if a lighting fixture is too high, it may not only inconvenience you but also your neighbors. To avoid these setbacks, it’s always advisable to bring an electrician on board. The expert can help you select a fixture that will provide just enough light, depending on the height of installation.


No one feels comfortable living near a neighbor whose outdoor fixture illuminates as far as their house’s interior. That’s way too big a device. Likewise, you will not want a fixture that can barely illuminate a peripheral vicinity of less than one meter, rendering it useless. To strike a balance between a light that illuminates a generous portion of your space but doesn’t dominate the entire exterior face needs more than the general knowledge of lighting.

A light that is too large can appear awkward and dwarf your dwelling. The size may also vary depending on the location of your yard. Therefore, an electrician will be very vital to help in such circumstances. And to get one who will offer quality services, it is critical to find a licensed and experienced technician.


Assume you always come home late and no one is present to put on the lights, such that by the time you arrive, your yard is full of darkness. Worse will follow if you depend on them to access the lock of your gate. At this moment, you are in a mess and all the investment in your lighting fixtures cannot help you.

However, you can avoid that scenario, thanks to technology. It pays alot to consider advanced sensor fitted exterior fixtures for your yard. An electrician can really be helpful in advising, choosing, and installing or upgrading your lights to fixtures that can automatically sense motion and darkness. They turn on and off automatically and are well-designed to serve you at night.


When it comes to choosing the perfect fixture for your outdoor area, one of the crucial factors to consider is the energy rating that the fixture carries. Rating serves as an indicator that your appliance can be placed outdoors. Some equipment cannot withstand extreme elements of weather and can quickly become inefficient.

An electrician can always advise on fixtures that can withstand snow, salty breezes from the ocean, and other adverse weather conditions. They can also help in choosing the right fixture for your yard. It will be wise to schedule a session with a seasoned professional in electrical matters to get the support you need.

Contact the experts; Trust the top-notch electricians only!

At Tioga Contractors, we understand that not everyone can perform home repairs, especially electrical work. We also know that it is hectic to select and design lighting exterior fixtures. Our electricians have experience in offering electrical repair, maintenance, and installation services, serving the residents of Bedford, TX, and beyond. You can always give us a call or visit our website to schedule a meet-up, and we will show up within no time.

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If you have electrical problems you may not be sure if you should call electrical contractors or let the problem slide for now. If you’ve experienced any of these signs below in your home, it’s time to call in professional electrictricians today. You do not want to try and repair these things yourself as every year thousands of people across the United States get electrocuted and seriously harmed trying to do it yourself repairs. Here are the top signs you need to call Tioga Contractors today.

1.  Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are much more than a mere annoyance. It could be a sign of a serious problem with your electrical system. While it may be easy to write off flickering lights as just a minor inconvenience, you should get your light fixtures checked to make sure you do not have an overloaded circuit or deteriorating wiring. Getting this issue checked today could prevent a more serious and expensive issue down the line. You could have old wiring to the new light fitting. Oftentimes this problem is due to your wiring not being up to code causing electricity to travel to outlets at various levels of speed. This could cause an outlet to not work at all. If you have experienced flickering lights it’s time to call electrical contractors today. Flickering lights could indicate a major problem with the internal electrical system of your home or business.

2.  Your Circuits Are Tripping

If your home does not have enough electrical circuits to support all the fixtures and appliances in your home, your circuits could trip. The higher the electrical load is on your circuits, the more the power will trip. Basically, if you have too many outlets and appliances but not enough circuits to support them all, your system will overload. This is not just an annoyance, it can cause a fire. You can solve this problem by adding a secondary electrical panel or adding more circuits to your home. If you have this problem it’s time to call electrical contractors.

3.  Hot Sockets

Your sockets should never be warm or hot to the touch. This is caused by wiring getting hot while you use electricity. If you also notice a burning smell this is a serious issue. It is also a fire hazard. Every year thousands of homes across the United States burn down to the ground, including in Arlington, TX thanks to overheated sockets and wiring. If your socket is warm or hot to the touch, quit using it right away and call in electrical contractors today.

4.  You Can Hear Electrical Noises

You should never ever hear electrical noises in your home or business. Oftentimes these noises will be humming or buzzing noises from your sockets, fixtures, or behind walls. This is often the sign of serious electrical issues going on in your home or business. If this issue is let go of for too long without electrical contractors examing and repairing the issue, you could experience sputtering and sparking. You might even notice a foul burning smell. This is one issue you want to call electrical contractors for right away without delay.

5.  Electric Shocks

You should never receive electric shocks when touching a switch or socket. If you are getting shocked your electricity is not contained within the system. When some of this electricity escapes the system, you can be shocked or burned. You also risk having a fire. You might be shocked while plugging in a device or when flipping a light switch. This is often misdiagnosed as static electricity but often is a serious problem with your electrical system. It is better off safe than sorry so if you’re experiencing electric shocks in your home or business, it’s time to call in electrical contractors today.

6.  You Have Old Wiring

If your home is older than 10 years or if you have been living in your home for 25 years it is time to call electrical professionals today to check on your home’s wiring. This is especially true if you have never had your home checked by an electrician before. Old wiring is not safe and can cause electrical problems as well as being a fire risk. If your home was built before 1970 this is even more true, as many of these homes will have severely outdated electrical wiring. If you’re unsure of your home’s electrical wiring, it’s time to call in a professional electrictrician to perform a safety check of your entire electrical system.

7.  Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell it is time to shut off your homes or business’s power and call in electrical professionals. Burning smells can be a warning sign of an electrical fire and is nothing you want to mess with. You must deal with this issue right away.

8.  Sparking Fixture / Electrical Breaker

A sparking fixture or electrical breaker is a sure sign that you need electrical contractors. These sparks can cause a major electrical fire for one thing. If you observe any outlet in your home or business sparking, turn off the circuit leading to that outlet just to be safe and call in the professionals.

9.  Two-Prong Outlets

Some people take the easy route here and pile on extension cords and extenders. This can lead to fires. Only older homes are loaded with two-prong outlets. Two prong outlets aren’t safe to use with 3 prong plugs even with the use of extenders. The same goes for using extension cords. Luckily the fix for this is rather easy with trusted electrical contractors. We find many homes with these types of outlets, which are easily replaceable.


If you have any of the above signs call in the professionals from Tioga Contractors today. We serve all of Arlington, TX, and the surrounding area. Remember electricity is nothing to mess with or to ignore so call in the professionals today for peace of mind.