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At Tioga Contractors, protecting families from electrical fires and risk of shock in Arlington, TX is a top priority. Our electrical contractors know that tens of thousands of homes catch fire each year due to electrical problems. Some of the most common dangers come from faulty circuit breakers, old, miswired, or insufficient outlets, and power problems that lead to surges and “brownouts.” When we’re performing new wiring and fixture installation in your home, we follow professional standards and check our work. When we’re dealing with existing wiring, even in a new home, our habits continue as we check that work, too. If you, as a homeowner, want our electrical contractors to explicitly review your home’s wiring condition for major issues and minor but dangerous flaws, we can perform a professional electrical inspection that is likely to open your eyes.

Outlet Issues, Old and New

Electrical outlets are designed to take a lot of use as your devices are plugged and unplugged. They started as a simple power source with two equal openings for two prongs on the plug. Over time, standards led to polarized plugs, the third prong for ground protection, better ways to connect the wires to the outlet, and requirements for more outlets so each one wouldn’t get overloaded. Materials improved to last longer, and the latest outlets that our electrical contractors now install even include a mechanism that blocks kids probing with a piece of metal, holding out until they detect a proper set of prongs indicating that a real plug is being connected. In an older home, original outlets can have unreliable or corroded connections, damaged plastic allowing short circuits, plus a lack of grounding that can lead to fire and other risks.

In newer, or even brand new homes, wiring problems can include improper connection of wires to the outlet so they have a tendency to get loose and heat up over time, nicks in the wires so they have a tendency to break, and insulation damage that could result in a short circuit. Outlets that aren’t properly installed can shift and loosen wires, or cause intermittent and dangerous contacts. When our contractors check out the whole circuit, the outlet, wire, and circuit breaker should all have compatible ratings, so the circuit breaker doesn’t allow more current to be drawn than the circuit components are designed for.

Past Damage That Was Never Attended To

In addition to nicks and insulation damage that can create risks in recently installed wiring, older circuits in your home may have hidden problems that may or may not result in overheating or fire, but definitely aren’t worth the risk. One of the more common problems our electrical contractors find is damage from plumbing leaks, where water has traveled through walls and into outlets, fixtures, junctions, even circuit breaker panels. Water can also be absorbed into the wire’s insulation, causing corrosion and, over time, even significant damage to the wire. Wires can get damaged from cuts and nails in the wall or work in the area where someone pulls on the wires and damages either older wiring or connections. Moisture in the air or on the wire itself can conduct some amount of power, leading to stray current problems that can be challenging for our electrical contractors to resolve and cause hazards as well.

Old Appliances and Special Appliance Outlets

Electric stoves can last, with a few burner replacements, for dozens of years, there are some homes that still have early electric stoves dating back nearly a century. They can be a fun curiosity as well as a functional cooktop and oven, but they come from a different time with limited electrical standards and there has been plenty of time passing to cause damage to the wiring in the unit and the connection to your home’s high powered stove circuit. Our electrical contractors can check various characteristics of your wiring to see if it’s still in good shape, but ultimately the best way to know that your wiring is good is to visually inspect or simply replace it. Other older electric stoves have outlived their usefulness, with rust, grease, and wiring damage that strongly suggests it’s time for a newer model. How about an induction cooktop that makes it hard to burn yourself? Or a modern stove with high-performance burners and electronic controls and timers, and a convection oven. Our electrical contractors can update your wiring and install a new appliance for your safety as well as convenience in cooking.

Switches and Lighting Fixtures from the Past or Poorly Wired Present

Our electrical contractors often find hidden electrical problems in light fixtures, especially from water damage, and worn-out switches that arc and spark are disasters waiting to happen. Those wonderful silent mercury switches that were popular decades ago are quite durable, but a modern understanding of the health risks of mercury has led to their being treated as hazardous waste when they are replaced and disposed of. Switches can hide poor wiring jobs, and they receive even more physical force than electric outlets that could displace wires or cause damage. Light fixtures need to be firmly mounted and properly wired, electricians find way too many ceiling fixtures and even fans that are loosely wired or even tugging on or suspended by wiring.

Your Safety-Minded, Quality-Focused Electrical Contractor in Arlington, TX

Our electrical contractor team at Tioga Contractors aims to leave quality wiring when a job is done in Arlington TX, both new wiring that we perform and upgrades or corrections to existing wiring that has aged or never quite met requirements. With proper care, your home’s wiring can be reliable, low-risk, and long-lasting, taking advantage of modern protective technologies to further reduce the chance of electrically related harm. Call us for high-quality electrical contractors who focus on high electrician standards, and also for careful inspection of your existing electrical wiring, fixtures, and circuit breaker panel.

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Sometimes your family is just outgrowing your current electrical capacity, with additional circuits and power consumption that require an upgrade such a 100 to 200 amp service or even 250 amps. You might be adding an HVAC system, EV charging station, or other high current demand devices, and need the capacity to meet those needs. In some cases, very old homes can start with just a 30 amp service, just enough for basic lighting and not much else. The quest for more power is natural in our electricity-oriented culture, whether we draw from the commercial electric grid or add power generation capacity of our own such as solar or wind power. At Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX, we recognize the need for increased power capacity, and we believe that planning properly for that connection helps your home grow with the times. Adding a new circuit breaker panel along with your new electrical service, and even replacing existing older wiring can be a solid investment in your home’s future.

High Power Using Devices in Your Home

If you are adding on HVAC to a home that previously didn’t have it, you’ll need to provide for the power needs of the unit. A typical 3 ton AC unit for a 1,800 sq. ft. home pulls about 3500 watts and needs a 60 amp circuit breaker. For an older home, that could take all the power available from the current 60 amp electrical service, or most of 100 amp electrical service. Other devices that pull significant power that you might have added include:

  • Water Heater
  • Refrigerator and Chest Freezer
  • Dryer
  • Electric Range
  • Whole House Lighting
  • Dishwasher
  • Television
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine

You’re also drawing a significant amount of power, typically about 10 percent of your home’s power load, from vampires. That’s vampire load, or phantom power load devices that use electricity even when they’re not being used. You can probably guess some of them since you know they’re ready to respond to your remote without being turned on at the device:

  • TV, Stereo, DVD or Blue-Ray Player
  • DVR with Cable, or Satellite TV Box
  • Cable Box Alone
  • Video Game System

These all pull between 5W and over 60W on standby, around the clock, and more when they’re operating. Then there are the loads you might not have thought of, also drawing power to stay “alive” until you need them:

  • Garage Door Opener
  • Cable Modem for Internet
  • Cordless Phone, Answering Machine, Clock (alone or on other devices like stoves and microwaves)
  • Computer Monitor, Desktop PC, Laptop
  • Furnace, Room Air Conditioner
  • Coffee Maker, Cell Phone Charger

These range from 50-60W on standby for computers, to a few watts for coffee makers and cell phone chargers.

There are two points here: your power use is increasing much more than you know, thanks to always-on electronics and other vampire devices, and even if you increase your home’s power capacity, it might not hurt to research ways to reduce your phantom power use.

Finally, one more set of power-consuming devices that homes increasingly install, the home theater system. With a solid TV, AV receiver, subwoofer, and media devices system, you can easily be pulling around 2400W, or 20 amps, enough that you really should split it over a couple of circuits. Subwoofers draw an amazing amount of power, and AV receivers are catching up quickly with multichannel amplifiers for 3D sound.

Preparing for Your Home’s Peak Load Needs

When you upgrade to a 200 amp electrical service, you’re getting a big enough wire coming in to handle a combination of significant loads at the same time. It’s also the responsible thing to do when you’re adding circuits, and our electrical service specialist can explain how the math goes for determining how many circuits you can support. These days, older homes with several rooms sharing a circuit should probably have their own, since we do use more power even for things like hairdryers and space heaters, and it’s hard to share a low power limit in separate rooms because you don’t know what devices are in use in the other room. Heaven forbid your teen should have a microwave in their room, too! We also tend to pull more power in garages and workshops, with devices like air compressors, welders, and shop tools all needing plenty of wattage, sometimes to the point of requiring additional 240V circuits to accommodate them. Plenty of outdoor lighting and power outlets outdoors can add to your expansion power needs too.

When You Decide to Bump Up Your Electrical Service

When our electrical service experts have done the math with you, covered all of the active and phantom power needs you to expect to have, the circuit count and capacities, typically 15 amps or 20 amps, that works for you, and tallied it all up, you’ll have some idea of the capacity you need. You might also decide to pick a number that is likely to be future-oriented, looking good when you put the house on the market someday. By the way, rewiring older circuits can also be something that adds safety and convenience now, and looks really good in the future. Our team can set you up with a plan that includes working with permits and the power company to perform the electrical service upgrade, installing a new circuit breaker panel if appropriate, and adding the appropriate circuit breaker values for typical circuits and higher-powered ones like the 60 amp HVAC circuit. Since technology is constantly evolving, we now have the option to add GFCI and AFCI protection in circuit breakers, and surge and lightning protection on a whole-house basis.

Your Comprehensive Electrical Service Experts in Hurst, TX

We’re Tioga Contractors, an experienced team of electricians who can fix a few outlets for you in Hurst, TX or upgrade your whole-house power capacity. We can help you plan, and keep you safe today. Call us for expert electricians.

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Water line repair is something that many homes in the Euless, TX area can benefit from today. When there’s a problem with the water line going into and carrying water out of a home, bigger issues transpire. Getting a repair scheduled is of utmost priority. Anyone who hasn’t taken the time to get to know the plumbers that offer this type of assistance in the area yet will need to do so soon.

A plumbing expert is an asset. They’re among the greatest resources you have access to today and someone whose services you’ll come to rely on regularly. It doesn’t matter if it’s for water line repair or another plumbing issue requiring your attention because you can reach the professional at all hours of the day and night and expect a response.

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional to Tackle Your Problem

To help you understand the importance of getting repairs scheduled immediately, we created this guide for you to refer to today. It gives you a list of benefits to going through one by one. When you see the value of the service you’re receiving, you’re more likely to call the company of your choice quickly before the problem has a chance to worsen.

Here are some of the many ways that Euless, TX residents benefit from water line repair:

  • By restoring a function that the home relies on daily. One of the main benefits of having a repair done is keeping your home from being disorderly. Not having access to running water because a pipe has burst causes issues. It makes it impossible to bathe, wash dishes, and do laundry. As the chores stack up, you have no way of knowing when the problem gets resolved. When you’ve reached out to a professional, there’s no issue with chores not getting done. The repair takes place, and the order gets restored to the home quickly.
  • By preventing problems from worsening and costing you a fortune. The longer you let a problem go without addressing it, the worse it becomes. It costs a lot of money that you’re likely not willing to pay. You can save yourself a significant expense by hiring a company to do water line repair. That way, you get the help that you need while it’s still affordable to do so. Preventing further damage to your water line and property is the object. It’s well worth the expense to prolong the longevity of your water line.
  • By keeping your water bill from skyrocketing because of a crack or break in the water line. When water gets wasted, it creates a loss. It makes things difficult to pay for financially. When you let a small crack go for long enough, it worsens. It costs you a lot more than you would have paid if you had called to have water line repair done right away. When you take time to hire a professional that’s skilled at competing with this type of repair, you save yourself money and lots of it.
  • By protecting your yard and property from becoming damaged by a flood of water or sewage. When the water line fails, it creates a giant mess to clean. You have water or sewage that flows out of the pipe and comes to the surface of the ground. It’s something that you don’t want to deal with at all. It’s a mess that contributes to damage to your yard and property. Foundation damage often occurs because standing water causes the dirt to shift and the foundation to become unlevel. When you contact a company for water line repair, you’re making it a point to get things done before you pay thousands of dollars to have your yard cleaned up.

If you’re a resident of the city looking for reliable plumbing service, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Your search will be over soon! You’ll get the help that you need when you need it most through the assistance of a knowledgeable and skilled company with years of experience handling water line repairs. You can count on your preferred service provider day and night because they have round-the-clock availability.

Why Today Is the Day to Get Your Problem Resolved

With most plumbing problems, time is of the essence. You can’t ignore the issue and hope it goes away. Instead, you must be proactive and tackle the task as it arises. That way, it’s early enough to catch it before it grows in size. If you don’t take time to care for your problems, you’re only going to spend a lot more money taking care of them in the future.

Locating the perfect company to give your business to is a matter of researching your options. When you spend time getting to know the companies that offer the services you require, you can determine which of the candidates is best to hire. You use good judgment in selecting the one company that stands out more than the rest. They edge out the competition by being visibly better in how they relate to their customers and answer their questions.

Get the Help That You Deserve from a Company That Cares About You

Call Tioga Plumbing, Electric & Glass today with your request for water line repair in Euless, TX. Our number is 817-252-4173. You can reach us in emergencies, too. We want you to know that you’re our priority. We care about you and your health and happiness, which is why we keep your plumbing systems working well year-round.

Companies like ours stand out for all the right reasons by being prompt, professional, and proficient. We take great pride in being the city’s number one choice for plumbing issues such as water line repair. If you have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with them today. We want you to feel pleased with the level of knowledge you have about the things we can do for you.

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Colder temperatures and fewer daylight hours in winter can kick your Arlington home’s electrical usage into overdrive quite quickly. Turning the lights on earlier in the day, using portable heaters, or taking hot baths to warm up in the evening are just some of the ways you can find yourself increasing your home’s electrical consumption. Naturally, higher electric use puts more burden on your TX home’s electrical system and improves the chances that you may need the services of an electrician.

Hazardous weather conditions, such as snow, sleet, or winter storms, also create additional safety concerns that can have a knock-on effect on your home’s wiring. Harsh winds can lead to downed power lines, electrical outages, loss of heat, and create fire risks.

To make sure your home is ready for winter, we’ve compiled an electrical safety checklist that will help you and your chosen electrician to winterize your home and help protect your loved ones.

Check that electrical outlets are up to code.

In winter, many Arlington, TX homeowners display holiday lights indoors, outdoors, or both. The rest of the year, you may not even be thinking about the number or safety of electrical outlets within your home. However, in winter, it’s especially important to give this some consideration. It’s crucial to determine whether your current outlets can safely keep up with demand. As you expand your holiday lights collection, you might find yourself struggling for outlet space. Or if you’ve purchased new heating appliances that weren’t in use the previous year, you’ll be using up more outlets than usual. You may not use these outlets throughout the rest of the year, so asking an electrician to check their safety before you plug anything in is a great idea.

Also, take note of any outlet covers that may require replacing. Any that are visibly damaged, e.g., cracked or loose, increase accidental exposure to electrical wiring. All covers should be in good condition and secure.

Install and check GFCI outlets or breakers.

You should not only get an electrical professional to check that all outlets meet electrical safety codes. Also, consider the installation of GFCI outlets or a GFCI breaker. GFCI outlets and breaker systems help prevent electrical deaths, and you should install them in areas near water, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere that you’ve noticed is particularly susceptible to rain exposure or standing water. An electrician can help you to identify where you might want to install these if you’re unsure.

Install and check surge protection.

Using portable space heaters, additional lighting, and other commonly used fixtures in winter increase the risk of overloading electrical circuits. If you already have surge protectors installed in set locations, be sure to inspect these areas to determine if surge protection is still operational. An electrical professional can help you identify additional areas that might need surge protection and facilitate the installation of whole house protection through surge protectors wired into the main electrical panel.

Check internal wiring.

Faulty wiring in your Arlington, TX, home can present an immense problem in winter when you’re expecting to use more lights, more heating, and more fixtures. The last thing you need is to switch the electric oven on to cook Thanksgiving dinner and find it trips the electricity through half the house. A certified electrician can safely identify and repair any loose, decayed, and worn electrical connections or wiring.

Electricians can also replace or repair dead outlets, reducing the need for you to daisy-chain your increased number of appliances in use over winter, as well as attend to any flickering or dimming lights. Lights that flicker are often a result of poor wiring, but they can also indicate a power surge – both of which need addressing before they become a larger concern.

Identify mystery switches.

You might be one of those homeowners that has a ‘mystery light switch,’ a switch that you expect to do something when triggered but appears to do nothing. Many often ignore these switches and simply consider them a quirk of the house, but these ‘broken’ switches are a common indication that wiring may be outdated or damaged.

It may transpire that your mystery switch powers an appliance in another part of the house that you don’t typically see, such as an exhaust fan in the attic or an outdoor HVAC component. An electrician can determine what, if anything, this switch powers. A professional electrician will also remove the risk if it turns out to be unnecessary.

Familiarize yourself with your home’s circuit panel.

Ideally, every adult in your Arlington home should know where the central electrical panel is. Make sure there are no obstructions, check that all switches are labeled correctly, and that all necessary switches work. In a winter emergency, it’s crucial to access this point swiftly and safely and turn off the electrical supply. In winter, power fluctuations are also more likely to trip switches. Knowing where they are and how to restore power manually is essential.

Visually inspect local power line clearance.

Severe storms that bring down trees and power lines can cause unexpected power interruptions. Check your nearest power lines and determine if any trees, for example, on your property are a cause for concern. If trees on your property are overgrown and pose a risk to power lines, you should contact your local power company for assistance. Get a professional to cut back any obstacles that could escalate power outages and cause fires.

What Tioga Contractors Can Do For You

Tioga Contractors serve Arlington, TX, with a wide variety of electrical services that will make sure your home is winter-ready. We handle electrical wiring of all types, can repair and replace electrical outlets and switches, replace breakers and fuses, undertake code corrections, and make sure you’ve got access to a backup generator or emergency power. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you this winter and receive professional advice unique to your situation from an experienced, certified electrician.

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Homeowners, as a general rule, don’t enjoy paying for repairs. Nothing lasts forever, but there are many ways to improve home maintenance and cut down on repairs. The electrical system is a vital part of modern homes in Euless, TX, so it’s a good place to start minimizing potential hazards and malfunctions.

Outlet Safety

Two-pronged outlets aren’t safe. If your home still has any two-pronged outlets, call your local electrician to install properly wired and grounded outlets instead. Grounded outlets with three-pronged cords reduce the risk of fires and accidental shocks. Replacing old outlets is also an opportunity to evaluate wiring and replace old, brittle, or damaged wires.

A grounded outlet without proper wiring can give an illusion of safety, which may be even riskier than a two-pronged outlet that carries obvious risks. Modern outlets can also be equipped with childproof connections. Safety connections have a shutter that only opens when a correctly positioned plug is inserted. The shutter stays closed in response to a single piece of metal or other object.

Warnings to keep electricity and water far away from each other are firmly grounded in reality. Many of us have experienced a slight shock by touching a coffee maker or toaster with a wet counter. It can happen while picking up power tools from the wet ground or damp floors as well. A shock is possible any time an electrical appliance is in close proximity to water.

Electrocution can be fatal, and even mild shocks are dangerous in certain circumstances. Ask your electrician about GFCI protection. Power outlets near water sources, such as kitchens, bathrooms or garages, should have GFCI devices. These safety devices sense potential shocks and function as circuit breakers. A small button pops out when the device is working. Reset the GFCI device when the risky situation is over.

AFCI circuit breakers are relatively new protective devices. They’re installed in newly constructed buildings, but older homes with their original wiring probably don’t have AFCI devices. An AFCI circuit breaker opens the circuit when it detects overloads and arcing or sparking. Call an electrician to determine the cause if your AFCI circuit opens. Arcing and sparking may be signs of frayed wires, poor connections inside outlet boxes, or malfunctioning switches or fixtures.

Surge Protectors

Destructive power surges occur in a wide variety of circumstances. External causes include lightning, accidents, high winds, and downed power lines. Lightning strikes during severe storms in Euless, TX, can cause high voltage power spikes. Even if lightning strikes far from your home, the voltage spikes can travel and make it into homes through power lines.

Voltage spikes damage appliances, equipment, and electrical devices. Power surges can originate inside the house due to overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, damaged circuit breakers, or power outages. Many power surges are short, small transient surges caused by large appliances. Transient surges may not cause noticeable damage right away, but they can cause cumulative damage and reduce the lifespan of appliances. Call your electrical contractor if you suspect transient surges are occurring in your home.

Whole-House Protection

Most people are familiar with power strips that offer surge protection to some extent, but these devices only protect a few things. Whole-house lighting arrestors protect everything in your home from lightning-induced voltage spikes. Point of use surge protectors bought off the shelf may provide surprisingly little protection. All power strips aren’t surge protectors, and even those with built-in protection aren’t always effective against large surges.

Most homes have a lot of devices, appliances, lights, decorations, and other things that use electricity. It would take a great deal of time and effort to make sure everything is connected to a point of use protector. A whole-house surge protector keeps everything in your home safe, including wires, resistors, motors, inductors, and other components of electrical systems. This is especially important during cold weather months for homes with electric-powered heat.

The device also needs to be grounded to achieve peak performance and reduce the risk of electrical fires. Many homes are filled with electronic devices and appliances that may be quite expensive. Don’t risk incorrect installation that may leave your home unprotected. An electrician should install a whole-house surge protector to make sure it’s functioning correctly.

A wide range of surge protectors are available, and it can be challenging to pick the most appropriate model. Most surge protectors contain metal oxide varistors to redirect power surges. Point of use suppressors may be destroyed after one or two power surges. This is problematic if you don’t notice the damage because you won’t realize your electronics are vulnerable. However, whole-house models can last for years and handle large power spikes.


Multiple whole-house surge protectors are installed together in a process called layering. Whole-house surge protectors send power spikes through the breaker panel instead of letting surges travel through a home’s entire electrical system. The system may detect faulty electronic devices or appliances too. An electrician can arrange and install layering to provide extra protection with additional fail safes.

Some homeowners choose layering to protect expensive equipment or devices, such as complex entertainment systems or gaming computers. A layered system is installed at the home’s point of use and connects to the electrical panel. This setup protects appliances using the same circuit. Layering also suppresses power spikes or surges effectively. Homeowners with exceptionally delicate or valuable electronic devices may want to invest in layering installed by a licensed electrician.

Businesses and home offices can benefit from layering that protects data and essential documents on devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Hiring an electrician to safeguard data is much easier than hiring a technician to recover lost data from damaged devices. Data recovery isn’t always successful, and the chances of recovering everything aren’t great.

Call the experienced electricians at Tioga Contractors in Euless, TX, to discuss the best options for protecting your home. Tioga’s licensed and experienced electricians are happy to answer questions and handle all of your household’s electrical needs.

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Electrical services providers are one of the contractors that you need to have when you are a homeowner because you are very likely to run into electrical problems while you own and live in your house. Electricity can be very dangerous if it is not handled properly with the right equipment. That is why it is best to have a professional electrical service provider so that you will not have to risk your life for the convenience of having electricity. It is best to research the various companies so that you know which services each company provides and what their prices are like. If this is your first time as a homeowner and you are struggling to find an electrician then Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX would like to provide you with some tips that you can follow to hire the best electrical company for your budget and your needs. Once you have considered these things and hired a trusted service provider you would not have to do this process again if you are happy with the service they have provided. Here are some things that you can look out for when you are hiring an electrical company.

Research Is Important

When it comes to hiring an electrical service provider, you need to conduct research that will give you a better idea of what the company’s values are and what their services could be like. Each company is different but there are some similarities between good service providers that you will be able to spot when you do thorough research on the different companies you are considering. The more information you have, the easier it is to make an informed decision.

Being a Priority

As a customer, you want to feel like a priority especially when your electrical system is not working as it should be. This means that you could be losing out on working hours if you are working from home or your security system might not be as efficient without a constant supply of electricity. When electrical matters affect your daily life then it is normal if you want these problems to be sorted out as soon as possible. If a company makes you feel like a priority by answering your calls and providing you with answers as soon as possible then it is a good sign that they value you as a customer. The ways that service providers show that you are a priority is by contacting you as soon as there are new developments and making sure that you completely understand the problem and how it will be resolved. They also won’t take long to get back to you with quotes and prices of components.

Prepared and Punctual

If an electrician comes to your house on time and well prepared then it is a good indication of what type of service you can expect from the company. This shows that the electrical service provider values their time and they are committed to delivering a quality service. If the electrician comes to your home prepared with all the necessary tools and they know how to repair the problem then they will be able to do the work much faster. This means that you don’t be inconvenienced for too long. This also means that if the electrical service provider has to do large jobs like rewiring your home that they would stick to deadlines. Being prepared and punctual are important qualities to look for in an electrical service provider.


It is important for electricians to know how electrical systems work, how to install components, repair components, identify problems, and suggest solutions. In order for them to do that they should have extensive training and knowledge. On average, an electrician has to study or gain practical experience for two to three years before they can become qualified. This is necessary so that your electrical system is fully functional and safe. You could inquire about the amount of experience the electricians have and whether they are licensed. This is also another reason why you shouldn’t attempt to conduct emergency repairs yourself. It would be very difficult for you to gain the knowledge and apply it practically and safely. That is why Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX recommend hiring professional electrical services providers.

Available for Emergency Services

Emergencies can happen at any time day or night thus it is important to have an emergencies electrician that you can trust when things go wrong. It is in the case of these emergencies that it is important that your service provider makes you a priority and comes to your house on time and prepared. They should also have the knowledge to deal with any emergency situation that might occur. It is important that you trust this service provider because you will be going through a stressful situation and you should trust that your electrician has your best interests at heart.

As seen above it is important to do the required research so that you can determine whether the service provider you are considering has the qualities of a great electrician. It is important to take your time in choosing the right electrical service provider so that you can increase your chances of hiring the right one for you on your first try. Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX also suggest that you opt for an electrician that is able to provide emergency services so that you only have to work with one electrical service provider at a time. If you would like more information on Tioga Contractors then contact them to schedule an appointment or to inquire about their services.

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Most households in Texas use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) in their homes to protect property owners and tenants from electrocution or electric shocks. The National Electrical Code recommends the installation of GFCI devices in areas of the house susceptible to shocks, such as kitchens, bathrooms, crawl spaces, swimming pools, garages, and outdoors.

The gadget has an in-built sensor that acts fast after detecting an electric current change flowing to and from electrical equipment. GFCI shuts off the power in seconds after it detects a ground fault. Like other electrical appliances and devices, GFCI is prone to have problems that require the urgent services of an electrician to prevent impending shocks. The following are some of the issues faced by homeowners with GFCI.

Frequent Tripping

The GFCI outlet can trip more times than usual, an indication of a problem. One of the causes of regular tripping is using one ground fault circuit breaker to protect many appliances. The cumulative effect of the electrical devices and equipment can trip the GFCI over and over again.

Another cause of the frequent tripping can also be due to long circuit lengths, leading to capacitive leakages. A qualified electrician will use their knowledge and experience to install the GFCI receptacle close to the appliance to stop the regular tripping. An unqualified electrical technician can install the GFCI incorrectly, making the device trip repeatedly. Poor installation of the gadget can compromise the smooth running of the GFCI. Overloading the circuit can also make the GFCI trip continuously.

In addition, the nuisance tripping of the ground fault breaker might be due to a lot of condensation and moisture. It is wise to call a trusted electrical company to identify and diagnose the root cause of the continuous tripping of the GFCI circuit breaker and fix it immediately to stop the nuisance tripping.

Defective GFCI Outlet

People might face problems with their ground fault circuit breaker if it is faulty. Defective GFCIs cannot protect you and your family from electric shocks and electrocution. The first step to take is to call an electrician to diagnose the issue.

The professional will use a non-contact voltage tester to determine if electricity is flowing in the device. If the issue is not power-related, the electrician tests the GFCI outlet and the electrical panel to identify the problem and do the needful. The licensed electrical professional will replace the defective GFCI breakers and receptacles per the manufacturer’s recommendations for peak performance.

Wear and Tear

After using the ground fault breaker for years, the ground fault circuit breaker can have wear and tear, leading to a total breakdown or dysfunctional parts in the gadget. The GFCI outlet becomes less effective in preventing ground faults if exposed to excessive UV light, chemical vapors, moisture, and heat.

The outdoor GFCI is more vulnerable to wear and tear than the ones inside the house. Exposure to moisture can make some parts in the ground fault circuit interrupters corrode and fail to function at optimal efficiency.

The interrupters installed outside are prone to wear out fast because of the heat and UV light. A professional electrical company should replace the dysfunctional and worn-out GFCI to lower the risk of electrical disasters. The technician should use weatherproof covers to protect the outdoor GFCIs from weather changes.

Improper Wiring of the GFCI

Correct installation of electric devices is vital for peak performance. Improper wiring can cause electric hazards in your home in Irving, TX, or make other parts of the GFCI dysfunctional.

So, it is best to hire an expert electrician to install the GFCI receptacle and related circuitry correctly. Poor installation can lead to faulty structural wiring, which can pose a big threat to your family, house, and appliances.

Therefore, you should make sure you hire an experienced and skilled electrical professional from a reliable electrical company for accurate installation.

Cracked GFCI Outlets

Cracks in the GFCI outlet expose the electrical wiring in the gadget to dangerous weather conditions and water. The cracked outlet can cause severe electrical hazards.

The GFCI installed outside can lead to catastrophic issues if it rains. Having an electrical company replace the cracked ground fault circuit interrupters will guarantee you and your family maximum protection.

GFCI Not Working

It is frustrating when you realize your GFCI outlet is not working. There are reasons why the device might stop working, which a qualified electrician from a trustworthy electrical company in Irving, TX, can identify.

The first reason is the tripping of the device, which might imply it sensed a ground fault. The GFCI outlet has a test button and a reset button, which the electrical professional uses in evaluating the problem. The other reason is an electrical issue that is hindering the supply of power to the gadget.

GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset

If the hired electrician attempts to reset the ground fault circuit interrupter and it fails to work, it shows there is a bigger electrical problem. The GFCI device might be having moisture inside, bad wiring, or it has broken down. The gadget can also fail to reset due to the presence of a ground fault that can lead to severe injuries such as shocks, burns, or electrocution.

The electrical company will check the GFCI outlet and the wiring system to identify why it cannot reset. If the issue is with the wiring, the professional will skillfully rectify it to restore the gadget to its working condition. But, if the problem is rusting due to moisture build-up in the GFCI device, a replacement would be a wise move.

Get a Professional and Skilled Electrician

Most households face electric issues that lead to electrical accidents such as electrocutions, shocks, fires, or death. Homeowners get different types of circuit breakers and interrupters that prevent such hazards from happening.

People with GFCI can face an array of problems that will need the immediate attention of a qualified electrician. To get the best electrical technician, reach out to Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX. Our full-service company offers prompt and reliable services to meet all of your electrical needs, including installations, repairs, and replacements.

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Although the water heater in your Arlington, TX home is considered an appliance, it is still an essential part of your plumbing system. Without a water heater, you won’t have hot water, which is essential for many daily household activities.

Without hot water, you can’t shower, clean your house or wash the dishes. Your dishwasher and washing machine also rely on hot water to function properly.

Because your water heater is so essential to your daily life, it is crucial that you can identify problems early to avoid a costly repair or a complete breakdown.

If your water heater is exhibiting any of these signs, you should call a plumber specializing in water heater repair as soon as possible.

#1 Strange Sounds

A properly functioning water heater should be silent when it is running. If you hear any strange sounds, you should schedule an appointment for water heater repair. The sound your appliance is making can help the plumber determine the source of the problem.

  • Banging: A banging sound is caused by large pieces of sediment that have built up in the water tank and are banging against the side of the tank. If the problem persists, the sediment can crack the water tank, resulting in a major flood.
  • Popping: A popping sound also signifies a large buildup of sediment. When sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank, and there is water underneath, the water bill boil under the sediment, causing the popping sound.

A water heater repair professional can examine your water heater to determine if the sediment can be removed or if replacing the water heater is the better solution.

#2 No Hot Water

If you turn on the hot water and it comes out cold, you may need to schedule an appointment for a repair. Before you make the call, there are a few things you should check. The last thing you want is to pay for a service call you don’t need.

If your water heater runs on oil, make sure the pilot is lit, and there is oil in the tank. If it runs on propane, make sure the pilot is lit, and the propane tank is full. For natural gas water heaters, check the pilot light and make sure your gas bills have been paid. You should also check with a neighbor to ensure there isn’t a widespread outage. If your water heater runs on electricity, make sure a circuit hasn’t tripped, and there is power going to the appliance.

If everything checks out, it is time to call a plumber specializing in water heater repair. There are several issues that can prevent the water in the tank from heating up or staying hot, such as a broken heating element or a faulty thermostat. You will need a licensed professional to find the source of the problem and make the necessary repair.

#3 The Water Isn’t Hot Enough

If you turn on the water in your Arlington, TX home, and it doesn’t get any hotter than lukewarm, you should check the thermostat. It is recommended that you keep the appliance set to 120 degrees. If the thermostat is set too low, adjusting it could solve the problem. If your thermostat is set to 120 degrees or above, you should schedule an appointment for water heater repair.

If one of the heating elements isn’t functioning properly, the water in the tank won’t reach the desired temperature.

A plumber specializing in water heaters can repair the issue, allowing the appliance to heat the water to the desired temperature.

#4 You Frequently Run Out Of Hot Water

Have you ever run out of hot water in the middle of a shower? If so, you know that this is a horrible way to start the day. If you frequently run out of hot water, your water heater may be to blame, and you might need to schedule an appointment for a repair.

Before you make the call, think about your family’s hot water demand. If you started running out of hot water when someone new moved into your home or you recently installed a washing machine or dishwasher, your existing water heater may not be large enough to handle your family’s hot water demand. If this is the case, you will need to have a larger water heater installed or a tankless system that provides hot water on demand.

If nothing has changed in your household, you will need to call a plumber specializing in water heater repair. When sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank, there won’t be as much room for hot water storage, causing you to run out frequently. The issue could also be that the appliance has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be repaired.

#5 Moisture Or Water Pooling Around the Water Heater

The area around the water heater in your home should always be dry. If there is moisture or water pooling around the appliance, you should call for emergency water heater repair.

The issue could be a disconnected or broken hose. This is a simple fix; however, if you ignore the problem, the area around the unit can sustain water damage, and mold growth can occur.

The issue could also be a crack in the water tank, which is a serious problem because the water can flood your home.

The sooner you call a plumber, the better.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you are having issues with the water heater in your Arlington, TX home and want to work with a water heater repair expert, contact Tioga Contractors. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving customers in the area since 1953.

We understand how much you rely on your plumbing system every day, which is why we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will do our best to repair your plumbing system as quickly as possible, regardless of when the problem begins.

To schedule an appointment for water heater repair or any other plumbing service, give us a call today.

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The holidays are just around the corner. Large meals, desserts, and homemade snacks keep the kitchen busy. Visiting family and friends often leads to increased use of all household utilities. Christmas lights and other decorations can put added strain on a home’s electrical system. Preparing for holiday activities offers a great opportunity to consult an electrician to inspect your home in Irving, TX.

Kitchen Inspections

Almost half of all residential fires start in the kitchen. Many of these fires are related to kitchen appliances, which may be working overtime during the holidays. A combination of electrical wiring, numerous outlets, water and other sources of moisture, cooking oil, and a wide range of large and small appliances may create risky situations. An electrician can identify potential problems and make sure your electrical system is in good working order so your family can enjoy peace of mind over the holidays.

Flickering Lights and Bulbs

Sometimes warning signs can indicate an electrical problem before a major incident occurs. Flickering lights shouldn’t be ignored. Make sure the bulb is screwed in tightly. If that doesn’t work, replace the bulb with a new one. You may have a loose connection if the new bulb doesn’t work correctly. Call your local electrician to repair the light fixture and check for other issues.

Light bulbs that burn out too quickly may be another warning sign. The problem may be high wattage, a light left on too long, a poor quality bulb, or too much electrical power for the bulb to handle. High-quality replacement bulbs that can manage higher voltage may fix the problem.

Unfortunately, criminals may target homes around the holidays when people are traveling and high-value items may be within easy reach. Hire an electrical company to install outdoor safety and security lighting to discourage potential burglars.


Plugging a device or appliance into an outlet may cause sparks. This is fairly common, but sparks aren’t always harmless. An excessively hot outlet can melt protective coatings on wires. Current traveling through bare wire poses a serious fire risk. Sparking outlets should be evaluated and repaired by an electrician.

Always give non-functional outlets appropriate attention. Check other outlets immediately. If you find many non-functioning outlets, check with neighbors to see if they’re having problems. Non-functioning outlets in multiple homes are usually a problem with the power company. However, one or two faulty outlets just in one home probably mean the problem is within the outlets themselves. Check for scorch marks and discoloration around the outlet and call an electrical company for a replacement. Outdoor outlets need attention too. Holiday lights outside your home can be hazardous if exterior outlets aren’t up to code. Every outlet at risk of water exposure needs to have ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCI.

Circuit Breakers and Damaged Wires

An occasional circuit breaker trip doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. A power surge, perhaps caused by a power outage, may also cause tripped circuit breakers. Short circuits, which are electric currents traveling on unintended paths, are another potential cause. Frequent trips could mean the circuit breaker is overloaded. Try to figure out the wattage of all appliances running at the same time and try distributing them among different outlets. If this doesn’t work, contact an electrician to upgrade your electrical panel so it can handle larger loads.

Damaged and frayed wire are risk factors for fires and electrocution. Black or brown stains and a burning smell may be signs of damaged wires. Buzzing sounds and foul odors coming from an outlet are also danger signs. Properly functioning outlets and appliances don’t have an odor and operate quietly. Loose prongs and damaged outlets can produce continuous or sporadic buzzing. Call an electrician immediately if you notice frayed wires or buzzing noises.

Carbon Monoxide and Fires

Although electrical problems and fires can happen at any time of year, the winter months present extra challenges. Carbon monoxide poisoning is more common during winter because the clear, odorless gas is produced by incomplete combustion. More house fires occur between December and February than at any other time of year. Furnaces and water heaters can produce carbon monoxide. This becomes especially dangerous when a home is sealed tightly to keep cold temperatures out.

The holidays may add even more risk factors of carbon monoxide poisoning or fires due to increased use of space heaters, candles, extension cords, and dry Christmas trees. Live trees can be a fire risk because dry pine needles and branches are ideal kindling for a fire. Try spritzing leaves with small amounts of water to increase moisture and make sure the tree isn’t placed near anything that produces a lot of heat. Never leave Christmas lights on when you’re leaving the house or going to bed.

Make sure your home in Irving, TX is equipped with a working carbon monoxide alarm, especially if the furnace runs on natural gas or oil. Gases should exit the home through proper ventilation, but maintenance is necessary to make sure vents are clear and working correctly. An electrician can examine carbon monoxide detectors and check ventilation during a safety inspection. Installing and testing fire alarms is also an important safety measure.

Surge Protectors

Most people have heard of surge protectors, but did you know that whole-house surge protectors exist? These surge protectors protect all of your home’s electrical devices, appliances, and HVAC equipment during surges that may occur during winter storms. Your local electrician can install whole-house protectors and check to make sure they’re working correctly during inspections.

Contact Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, to schedule an electrical safety inspection. Experienced electricians can evaluate your home’s electrical wiring and components and check monitors and alarms to help your family stay safe and happy this holiday season.

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Old electrical wiring can be a liability in your home, not just when you go to sell it and from the dangers it can pose, but even as a concern that your insurance company may focus on. At Tioga Contractors serving Bedford, TX, and the surrounding area with residential and commercial electrical service, we take a focused approach to home rewiring that aims at improving your life as well as your wiring. We can help with organizing your circuits according to individual rooms instead of stretching them in unpredictable ways across several and add protective devices to help to make living with electricity even more safe and reliable. If your incoming electrical service is outdated and low capacity, we can work with your power company to upgrade it. Most of all, we can provide electrical panel replacements and upgrades to support your home’s electrical evolution.

Older Wiring Can Be a Hazard

Even the oldest knob and tube wiring style may still be in use and performing acceptably, and older aluminum wiring installed decades ago during a copper shortage may also be working without issue, but chances are, it’s time to have our electrical team replace them. In particular, interconnections and the use of modern fixtures and receptacles with some older wiring can be problematic, so safe upgrades and repairs become much more difficult. Newer wiring that has worn insulation, damage from overheating, and other degradation is also due for replacement, and of course, if your older home still doesn’t have ground wires running to three-prong outlets, it’s time to address that and bring your home up to modern safety standards with, at minimum, a basic rewiring with grounded wires by our electrical service experts.

Water Damage Puts Your Wiring in Question

Plumbing leaks, storm damage, and hidden leaks from older plumbing in the walls can all contaminate your wiring, outlets and switches, and fixtures and create risks of overheating from corroded wires and connections. At least a partial rewiring is often required, and if the damage is extensive, for safety’s sake a full rewiring may be wise. Our electrical service professionals can advise you on how to address water problems that may have contaminated your electrical wiring, and make sure that your family is safe from one of the most common causes of home fires, electrical wiring problems.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

If you’re upgrading your electrical panel, especially from a fuse box to circuit breakers, it may be the perfect time to rewire as well. You probably have older wiring to match, and many of the reasons we’ve mentioned such as missing ground wires may also apply. If you have the power capacity or are adding it, you may want to take the opportunity to have our electrical service team run one or more circuits to each room, and eliminate shared circuits that cover several locations in the home. That way, the room occupants can be sure that they are the only ones using power on that circuit, and avoid overloading the circuit. Additional circuits are helpful in locations such as your home office where computer equipment can have its own circuit. They also help in kitchens where even mixers, toaster ovens, and microwaves can draw significant current. In the basement, your power tools won’t have to share a circuit with the washing machine. Modern home theater equipment can also draw enough current to require one or two additional circuits, especially for high-end sound systems. It’s your chance to redesign your wiring for more effective use, and have our electrical service experts install easily labeled circuit breakers that are room specific.

Circuit Protection for Your Devices and Safety

When rewiring, in addition to grounded outlets, adding GFCI devices to your kitchen, bathroom, and other locations near water including outdoors is essential. It’s a modern standard that helps protect against electric shock when water is nearby, especially if you are touching faulty appliances or have other unexpected dangers. If you are having our electrical service experts add, or already have a modern circuit breaker panel, you can also have them install circuit breakers with GFCI protection built-in. Another type of protection is available in circuit breakers, AFCI, that disconnects when signs of wiring problems such as intermittent connections and arcing are detected. Dual function circuit breakers that provide GFCI and AFCI are available as well. Do you use power strips for protection against power surges and lightning strikes nearby? Our electrical service team can install whole-house protection for each of these hazards that will cover all your home’s wiring.

Multiple Outlets in Heavy Use Areas

Extension cords and power strips are not the best answer for complex computer and gaming system installations, collections of phone chargers, and other arrays of connections. These devices wear and become fire hazards, even when their cords are run under rugs, and damage can be obscured when they are. They also encourage trip hazards and loose connections and usually aren’t child-resistant. With your rewiring, you can have upgraded outlet density in rooms that need it, including quad outlet installations and more. Modern child-resistant outlets also protect against children probing into outlets with metal objects, allowing only full multi-prong plugs to access the power source.

Adding Value to Your Home as Well as Safety with Rewiring

Updated wiring and electrical service are valuable features in an older home, helping keep potential buyers interested and improving the perspective of insurance companies on the risks they are covering.

Your Home Rewiring and Addition Pre-wiring Experts in Bedford, TX

For careful, expert rewiring that anticipates your future electrical needs and follows required standards, turn to Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX. We can help you create a plan for the logical rewiring of your home and related upgrades, add wiring to a new addition as it’s being built, or simply replace your existing, outdated, or aging wiring with safer modern material. Give us a call and let’s get started.

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