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There are many different types of water heaters on the market, including electric water heaters, on-demand water heaters, solar water heaters, conventional water heaters, storage tank water heaters, gas heaters, and high-efficiency water heaters. It is easy to take hot water for granted until your water heating systems fail.

Fortunately, before it breaks down, the water heater will show signs that you should not take lightly by calling a trained and experienced plumber for inspections, diagnosis, and repairs. You might avoid discomfort and costly repairs due to unexpected collapse of the water heating unit if you can spot the following symptoms that your water heater will fail.

Leaking Units

The first common symptom of water heater failure is leakage. The tank-style water heaters might have water dripping from the storage tank, while the tankless systems might leak in the joints and pipes due to corroded parts, leading to cracks that allow hot water to seep out. The water heating units also leak because of valves that cannot close fully or lose connections.

The moment you notice the leakage, you might prevent a total breakdown of your water heater by contacting a qualified plumber for immediate repairs and replacements. The professional in Bedford, TX, can also tighten all the loose connections. The technician should replace the leaking tank for storage systems.

Age of the System

Most conventional water heaters’ lifespan is between 10 to 15 years, while others last from anywhere between 8 to 20 years, depending on the model and fuel source. If your water heating system has served you for many years, you might experience many issues due to wear and tears. The old unit requires you to be more vigilant of problems and start planning for a more advanced option in the market that will fit your hot water needs.

Therefore, you should check the label on the water heating system to know when you will have to replace it. Regular maintenance and tune-ups will serve you for a long time without breaking down. With the help of a skilled plumber, you will be able to select the best high-efficient water heater that requires less space.

Discolored Water from the Faucets

The reason behind the red, orange or brown discoloration of water might be the corrosion of metallic parts of the water heater. Minerals and gases in water heater tanks are responsible for making the anode rod rust faster. Faulty valves also contribute to corrosion inside the storage tanks because they let in oxygen that speeds up the rusting process.

Once you notice the discoloration in your water, do not hesitate to call the most reputable plumbing company for the best plumber to identify the corroded parts and replace them as soon as possible. Water heating tanks have a coating, which slows corrosion, but it is still prone to corrode as the system gets older. Once the coating begins to wear off, rust starts forming fast.

The rusty water from the hot water tank is not harmful to your health but has foul taste and damages appliances by destroying vital parts. The hired plumbing company will replace the anode rods to extend the life of your unit. The expert can also flush the tank and fix loose valves to prevent corrosion in the future.

Unusual Noises

Strange sounds coming from the water heater point out that the system may fail and require a plumber to fix the problem. The noises can arise due to breaking heat exchanger or heating element, build-up of sediments and minerals blocking the unit, poor water flow, loose valves and connections, or changes in water pressure.

Getting a professional to flush the system and carry out thorough inspections helps identify and diagnose the root cause of the sounds. The skilled technician will repair the damaged parts, tighten loose valves and connections, and service the unit to ensure adequate water flow and steady pressure.

Inconsistent Hot Water Supply

Imagine running out of hot water in the middle of your shower. It is a nuisance that will leave you cursing your water heater. The insufficient supply of hot water might be due to a lack of routine maintenance, where a plumber flushes the hot water from the unit and clears out the accumulated sediments in the water.

Failure to remove the clog leaves less or no space for hot water to pass through to the faucets or shower because of clogged or corroded valves. When it comes to the point where the plumber cannot flush the water heater tank to remove the blockage in the valves, replacement of the system is the only option.

Changing Water Temperature

Homeowners in Bedford, TX, can also experience inconsistent water temperatures while using hot water, evidence of a failing water heating unit. A qualified plumbing professional might track the problem to the thermostat, which will need a replacement for the smooth running of the system.

However, the issue might be a faulty heating element in the water heater, which is costly to repair. The plumber might recommend a replacement if the unit is old for an energy-efficient water heater.

Lower Water Pressure

The last symptom of the water heater breaking down is low water pressure due to the accumulation of sediments in the unit. The build-up of minerals can be faster depending on the water. If the water you receive in your home is full of magnesium and calcium ions, the sediment build-up will be faster than soft water.

Once you realize the hot water from the faucets is low, you should reach out to a licensed professional to check your system, find the problem, and fix it to prolong the life of your water heater.

Is Your Water Heating Unit Failing?

If you encounter problems with your water heater, you should call Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX, to get a qualified plumber specializing in water heating systems. We are a family-owned and full-service plumbing and electrical service company providing quality and prompt services since 1953. Our experienced plumbing contractors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Most of us don’t think about the plumbing in our homes in Irving, TX, very often, but we notice when something isn’t right. The cause of a problem isn’t always obvious. A licensed plumber can identify and fix a problem much faster and more efficiently than those of us without any training or experience. The kitchen sink and the dishwasher are used nearly every day, so it isn’t surprising that problems arise from time to time. A small problem can also turn into a larger issue if it isn’t dealt with in a timely manner. Catching problems early can prevent aggravation and property damage later.

Backups and Overflow

Water from the kitchen sink isn’t supposed to drain into the dishwasher, but this does happen occasionally. An overflowing dishwasher or water backing up in the sink can flood the kitchen, leaving you with a lot of clean-up to do. This isn’t just an inconvenient issue though. Water from the sink can be dirty and filled with old food scraps, bacteria, soap scum, and anything else that went down the drain. The dirty water has a terrible odor, especially if it sits in the dishwasher for any length of time. Bacteria in the water is also a potential health risk. This situation warrants a call to your plumber.

The sink and dishwasher share a water source. Any clogs, breaks, and other issues in the main line can cause a backup. Preventative maintenance from a licensed plumbing company and routine cleaning may lower the risk of a problem or catch it early enough to avoid back-ups and overflow. Clogs are the most common reason for sink water draining into a dishwasher. Fixtures that are prone to clogs include the dishwasher drain hose loop or air gap, the sink drain, the dishwasher line, and the garbage disposal.

Drain Hose Damage or Displacement

The drain hose usually originates at the bottom of your dishwasher then it loops to a higher point above the sink drain. A pump forces water out of the dishwasher and up through the drain hose loops. The other end of the hose connects to the sink drain or the garbage disposal. A drain hose is at risk if it wasn’t installed correctly or if the hose is pulled down too far. Contact your plumber to install new appliances to avoid installation errors.

Some drain hoses have an air gap to block dirty sink water so it can’t flow into the dishwasher. The hose needs to be replaced if the air gap is damaged. Your local plumber can identify and install a replacement hose. However, the problem isn’t always the air gap itself. A clog deeper in the line can create enough pressure to overwhelm the air gap. After the clog is removed, the hose should function normally again.

Clogged Sinks and Drains

Kitchen sinks are prone to clogging if a lot of food scraps, grease, and fiber go down the drain. A clogged line may increase water pressure and force water from the sink into the dishwasher drain line. You can try plunging the sink drain to break up clogs. Plungers work the same way whether they’re used with a toilet or a drain. However, plunging can increase pressure in the line and cause backflow into the dishwasher. Take precautions to avoid triggering the flood of dirty water that you wanted to fix in the first place. Clamp the dishwasher drain shut at the point where it meets drain pipes from the sink before plunging the drain.

Sometimes disconnecting the sink trap, or P trap, underneath the sink can let you access the clog. If the clog isn’t near the sink trap, it may be in the waste pipe. Running a snake into the waste pipe behind the sink may successfully clear the clog, but there’s a good chance that water and materials caught in the clog may pour out of the line. It’s best to call a plumber in Irving, TX, for this job.

Dishwasher Clogs

A clog can also form in the dishwasher drain line itself. Food scraps from dirty dishes may slip through the strainer on the bottom of the dishwasher. The wet food debris combined with soap can create sticky clumps that clog the drain line. Instead of draining into the main line, water from the dishwasher just hits the clog and flows right back up into the dishwasher.

Food debris and grease from dishes can pass through the strainer at the bottom of the dishwasher and form sticky clumps that jam the drain line. Waste water pumped out from the dishwasher hits the clog and then flows back into the dishwasher.

You may be able to fix this problem by loosening the drain hose clamps and removing the hose. This lets you run a strong stream of water through the drain line until the clog is gone. Contact your plumber if you’d rather have a professional handle dishwasher clogs. A plumber familiar with large appliances can do the job efficiently and in a timely manner. In order to prevent future clogs, always check the strainer and pick up any pieces of food that slipped through during a wash cycle.

The frequently debated question of whether or not to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher may come up after a clog. Although rinsing the dishes first may keep food scraps out of the dishwasher, the same scraps are just going down the sink drain instead. There isn’t any reduction in debris, it’s just moving through a slightly different path. Arguments over rinsing or not rinsing are often light-hearted and don’t seem very important. The question may not be trivial in areas dealing with droughts and water shortages. Rinsing dishes then putting them into the dishwasher uses more water than just running the appliance.

Call the professional plumbers at Tioga Contractors for help with your dishwasher, sink, drains, and any other pipes and fixtures in Irving, TX. The licensed plumbers at Tioga handle routine maintenance, repairs, and even emergency services for urgent situations.

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Water is essential for various activities in your home, hence you must have a constant supply of clean water to avoid inconvenience and discomfort. Look for a professional plumber to conduct maintenance practices regularly, including water line repair, to ensure your supply curve is constant.

Water line repair helps to prevent pipes from bursting, which could lead to leaks and water loss. Some homeowners conduct the repairs by themselves. However, DIY has its consequences, including an increased risk of worsening the problem. It could, in turn, lead to hiked long-term repair costs. Read on to get some insights regarding the importance of investing in regular water line maintenance services.

Helps You Identify Water Problems Early

The water line in your home is prone to damage throughout its lifespan. Multiple factors contribute to its degradation, including the age of the pipes, extreme temperatures, and soil erosion. Some of the damages on water lines may start as minor and advance if a professional doesn’t fix the problem promptly. It may be next to impossible to diagnose problems like rusty pipes and clean water mixing with sewage without proper water line inspection.

Plan with your reliable plumber for regular maintenance of your home’s water line. During the inspection, the technicians will identify parts likely to incur damage soon and recommend replacement. Additionally, they’ll conduct a water line repair averting future breakdown of the whole piping system of your water line.

Prevents Water-Borne Diseases

When water pipes burst, the water may come into contact with burst sewer lines or dirt and debris. Additionally, the water may be exposed to bacteria and other microorganisms in the soil. This exposes the water flowing into your Euless, TX, to disease-causing organisms, putting you at risk of diseases such as Cholera, Bilharzia, and Amoeba.

Cracks may also emerge in the water line, increasing the risk of water-borne infections coming into contact with water meant for human consumption.

To avoid putting your health at risk, let your plumber conduct regular inspections that’ll encompass frequent repairs for the damaged parts. They’ll also perform preventive maintenance procedures to avert future possibilities of the contaminated water flowing into your home.

Reduced Water Bills

Whenever there are cracks or leaks within your residential water line, the water bill could also increase. This is due to unaccounted water that sneaks through the cracks and holes into the soil. The municipal water supplier will not want to know if you used the water or not. The bill that comes will also include the spilled water.

Studies suggest that household leaks arising from pipe bursts and cracks account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year.

Consider investing in water line repair and maintenance services promptly if you’re looking to lower your water bills. The technician you get will inspect the entire water line and appliances using specialized equipment and skills to identify defects precisely. Upon identifying the problem, the plumber should recommend repairs or replacement of worn-out parts. Once the water line is in tip-top condition, you will notice a positive drop in your water bills at the end of the month.

Saves Time And Money

Massive repairs cost money. When they come in unexpectedly, they may put a dent in your pockets. Moreover, you might have to bear a few days without adequate water in your Euless, TX, if the damage is extensive. Conversely, with regular inspection and maintenance encompassing a repair, you may avoid these unexpected costs and inconveniences as the water line will be working efficiently.

If you’re tight on budget or experiencing excessive water bills, notify your plumber for prompt water line repair services. The plumbers will conduct preventative repair services to eliminate the cracks and leaks increasing your water bills. Regular preventative maintenance is necessary to avoid the inconvenience of a broken water line.

Prevents Damage To Your Home

When leaks occur, water may sip through the soil into the structures around, putting them at the risk of destabilization. Additionally, a leak onto wooden structures, including roofs, attics, and drywall, may lead to mold infestation and wood rot. It tampers the structural integrity of your home, and without immediate plumbing services, you may be looking at a possible house collapse in the future.

The mold that grows on the walls and floors in your home due to frequent water leaks can lead to respiratory problems. Other than paying your plumber to repair the leaks, you’ll also need to seek mold remediation services immediately.

Reach out to the nearest plumbing company for periodic water line repair, inspection, and maintenance to prevent water damage issues in your home. The plumbers will identify potential risks and negate their impact on the structures in your home.

During an inspection, your plumbing technician will identify damaged accessories that need repairs or replacement to prevent leaks from spreading further.

Increase Its Lifespan

When you take good care of things in your home, including waterlines, they’ll last for long. Regular inspection and preventative maintenance will likely increase the expected lifespan of the water line because the plumbers will identify the damaged parts and suggest water line repair solutions or total replacement of the line.

This makes the entire water line last longer. It also increases its efficiency in delivering adequate water to your plumbing appliances. Request a certified plumber to conduct regular preventative water line maintenance services, including water line inspection and repair. The water line will not only guarantee a longer lifespan but also boost water flow efficiency in your Euless, TX, home.

Tioga Contractors: Water Line Repair Specialists You Can Trust

Now that you know the importance of regular water line maintenance, why not try it out? It’s time to schedule a water line repair appointment, especially if you’ve been having water supply issues in your home.

You can trust us, Tioga Contractors, for a full-service experience. We have operated since 1953, providing plumbing solutions including installation, repair, and maintenance of all brands and models of plumbing appliances.

Our technicians are well-trained, ethical, and certified to answer your plumbing queries and provide personalized solutions. We also respond to plumbing emergencies.

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Ceiling fans have remained popular among many households in the United States because of their affordability. It’s not uncommon to see ceiling fans whirring away in millions of porches, bedrooms, and family rooms. Approximately 80 million homes in the United States have at least one ceiling fan.

When it comes to cooling your home in Irving, TX, ceiling fans are the ideal energy-efficient cooling since they circulate indoor air to create a draft throughout the room. With ceiling fans, you are assured of comfort all year round, whether during summer or winter.

In the summer season, you operate the fan in a counterclockwise direction to achieve the cooling effect, while in winter, you set off the ceiling to move clockwise and ensure it’s on a low speed so that the warm air can move from the ceiling to the living levels of the space.

Deciding on the type of ceiling fan for your home in Irving, TX, can be among the most difficult things since there are many options available in every color and style. Also, the fans are designed for specific functionalities, whether residential, indoor, or outdoor.

Don’t sweat it; in this article, your reliable electricians from Tioga Contractors will inform you more about the types of ceiling fans available and how to determine the one that’s suitable for your house.

Standard Ceiling Fans

Standard ceiling fans are trendy and readily available. Chances are that most of the ceiling fans you’ve encountered in someone’s house or seen in an electronic shop were a standard option. They come with prominent features such as a built-in light, installation on a download, and a five-blade design.

Standard ceiling fans are usually in demand because of their versatility. You’ll always find one that fits your budget regardless of what material, color, or finish you want the fan to come in.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

If you want to go green, then you can go for this type of fan. These fans qualify for the “Energy Star” status because they comply with the strict rules outlined by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star ceiling fans have also passed stringent testing by accredited labs and have earned their stripes by passing the third-party certification. When you invest in these fans, you’ll not only lower the amount of electricity consumed with a traditional fan, but you’ll also earn the approval of Greenpeace.

Energy Star certified ceiling fans are 40 percent energy-efficient and provide superior functionality due to the advanced blade and motor designs. To lower your greenhouse gas emissions and cut utility bills, you can have an electrician in Irving, TX, install this type of fan.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Also known as a hugger or flush-mounted ceiling fan, a low-profile ceiling fan is attached directly to the mounting brackets. These fans are perfect for individuals with a room height of fewer than eight feet as they still allow the blades to be at the recommended seven feet above the floor.

However, these fans may not allow the same amount of airflow as other options because they are close to the ceiling, thus reducing their cooling abilities. On the flip side, these fans will reduce pressure on your HVAC system.

Since they are available in various materials, colors, and finishes, you can have an electrician help you select and install the type that suits your particular preferences. Despite their downside, they remain popular among some homeowners because of their elegant appearance, compact form, and suitability for small spaces.

In this digital era, most homeowners opt for these types of fans because they provide excellent usability. Remote-controlled ceiling fans save you the hassle of adjusting the fan’s settings, especially if you are not tall enough.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

These fans offer a remote-controlled option, allowing you to change anything from blade direction, lighting, and fan speed by simply pressing the button. An electrician will recommend this fan if your home in Irving, TX, has a high ceiling height or if you want to install it in your bedroom. Most designs of remote-controlled ceiling fans are adjustable, allowing a wall control to be added, making it simple to control and change settings.

Homeowners enjoy the unparalleled convenience that comes with these types of fans as they offer the option to set the timer, activate and deactivate the fan, and dim the lights.

With fast-paced smartphone technology, some brands have introduced fans that can be integrated into smartphones, making it convenient to control the fan’s settings. Remote-controlled ceiling fans also offer plenty of choices when it comes to design, style, and finishing. To enjoy these benefits, you can reach out to a professional electrician in Irving, TX, to help you with installation.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can make a significant difference to your outdoor space, whether a patio, porch, or deck. This could be the vital element that could make your outdoor ceiling fan complete. Many ceiling fans come with various options of lights, thus you can light up your outdoor space and cool it simultaneously.

When decorating your outdoors, you won’t have to compromise on style since there are many available options for outdoor ceiling fans, from traditional, modern, rustic to contemporary designs and exotic styles. For instance, if you prefer a fan with lights, you can choose a globe, branched, or schoolhouse light kit. An electrician will recommend an outdoor fan with an integrated LED light to save you money and the environment.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Dual motor ceiling fans offer both style and substance. They feature two adjustable fan heads balanced by sturdy horizontal bars that extend from the compact motor housing.

Dual motor ceiling fans are of the utmost elegance and make a bold design statement in your home in Irving, TX. Since double motors power them, they provide a superior level of functionality compared to traditional ones. Their adjustable blades can be easily turned vertically or at an angle, depending on the model, thus homeowners can achieve a customized look.

Also, the double motors make it possible for airflow to be directed in various ways across the room, thus its effects can be felt across a much larger space than traditional options. If all you’ve ever wanted is a stylish, modern fan with superb functionality, then a licensed electrician in Irving, TX, can help you make an installation.

Ceiling Fan Installation By a Certified Electrician in Irving, TX

Ceiling fans not only ensure comfort in your room all year round but can add style and glam to your home. After selecting a ceiling fan, you can contact Tioga Contractors for installation. Our trained electricians will assess your room to determine the best ceiling fan size for your needs before handling the entire project, from installing the ceiling fan mounting box to connecting the electrical wiring needed to power the fan.

You can also depend on us for service upgrades, electrical remodeling, and additions, appliance hook up, and replacing fuses and breakers. Our Irving, TX, electricians are available any time to help.

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Power outages, although rare, still do occur. They’re inconvenient and disruptive, leaving you in darkness from anything between a few minutes to a few hours. Without adequate preparation, a regular power outage can quickly become hazardous. Given how unexpected power outages can be, here are a few guidelines from our Euless, TX electricians on preparing for the next time you lose power.

What Causes Power Outages?

Power outages may be caused by a variety of reasons. Among them is a power network failure. If the electricity main is overloaded or the network is broken down, it could lead to a power outage. Natural calamities such as earthquakes and hurricanes are among the main reasons for extensive power outages and are hard to resolve until the weather improves. When your utility company is running routine maintenance on their network, you may also experience a temporary power outage.

In most instances, the utility company will inform you before the maintenance of the expected power interruption. Power companies also adopt ‘rolling blackouts’ when experiencing low supply to conserve energy. Usually, they cut off the power or reduce it for a short period to keep other parts of the network running.

How Are Power Outages Fixed?

A power outage can be fixed by an electrician depending on the cause. The cause determines how long it will take to fix it. Catastrophic situations such as earthquakes and hurricanes often take longer to repair as an electrician needs to wait for the weather conditions to improve. The health and safety of the public is the main priority for the power company.

For this reason, they focus on restoring power to hospitals, water treatment facilities, and police departments. They then examine the power grid to determine the problem then work on fixing it. Power grids tend to be complex systems with moving parts; therefore, it may take a while to figure out the cause of the outage, taking into account external factors such as falling trees on distribution lines.

How to Determine Your Power Is Out

If you notice the power is out, first take a peek at your breaker box and confirm with your neighbors. This helps ensure that the outage is not only at your Euless, TX, property and can be easily fixed with the flip of a switch. Look to see if there are any lights on in your neighborhood. It is also a good idea to check your utility company’s website for any updates on planned outages.

The website will also inform you on when they expect to send an electrician to repair the issue and what caused the power outage. If you have any concerns, contact the power company on their emergency number, which should also be available on the website.

Safety Comes First During a Power Outage

During an outage, you need to ensure the gas stove and other gas-powered equipment are turned off as you wait for an electrician. Unchecked gas can quickly fill up your home without your knowledge and get easily ignited when the power comes back on.

The next step is to unplug all the electronics in your home and turn off the light switches to protect them from power inconsistencies. Surge protectors are instrumental in protecting your equipment in the face of power surges.

Avoid using charcoal grills and camp stoves indoors in the event of a power outage. They present a fire hazard and could potentially fill your home with toxic fumes that could jeopardize your health and safety.

Tips For Preparing for a Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, you need to be ready for anything. Here is a list of a few things you need to keep handy as you wait on your electrician to fix the problem.

  • First Aid Kit

You probably already own a first aid kit as it is helpful in many instances around your home. It is essential to have an extra supply of hygiene products. If any of your family members have long-term medical problems, have at least a seven-day supply of medicine with you.

  • Food

It is important to keep all the food you have as fresh as possible. To ensure the food in the fridge remains fresh, avoid opening it unnecessarily. This will allow cooled air out and warm the temperatures inside, putting your food at risk of becoming spoiled. Ideally, if you experience power outages often, invest in non-perishable foods that do not need cooking. The food in your freezer can remain frozen for at least two days if the door isn’t opened often.

  • Flashlights

It is important to put flashlights around your home in easy-to-find places. Some smart spots to leave your flashlights would be in the kitchen, near the front door, and in your bedside drawer. Every now and then, check if the batteries are still working. Other light sources such as candles are great but should always be observed as they are fire hazards when put near curtains or towels.

  • Water

A power outage may also mean a water outage, as extended blackouts can put the quality of your water at risk. It is a brilliant idea to have drinking water stored in your home. The ideal recommendation is for at least a person to have a gallon of water per day and for the storage to cater for at least three days of a power outage.

  • Evacuation Plan

You are advised to stay home whenever there is a power outage until your power company or electrician can fix them. The roads aren’t likely to be safe since the traffic lights won’t be working, thereby causing chaos on the road. With your family, come up with an ideal evacuation plan so that everyone knows what they should do. All important documents need to be put in an easily reachable place, including birth certificates, passports, and proof of address.

At Tioga Contractors, we are the leading electrical service in Euless, TX. Our electricians are widely known for their professionalism, round-the-clock availability, friendliness, and punctuality. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we guarantee you will receive quality services using quality material. Get in touch with us today for any electrical emergencies and more information about our electrician’s services.

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There are plenty of reasons why a new circuit breaker panel upgrade and related electrical services should be performed for your home, most of all to ensure your family’s safety by replacing outdated or unreliable equipment. At Tioga Contractors, we can help you upgrade your equipment in Hurst, TX, and install a new circuit breaker panel. It’s an important feature to have in your home if you decide to put it on the market, indicating that the buyer is less likely to face outdated electrical equipment and wiring and the concerns they can pose. You may need more circuits to support your tech-heavy lifestyle, your hobbies, home theater, equipment or other gear. A new circuit breaker panel, combined with upgraded electrical service capacity, provides the room to grow that you need. It also makes it possible to add enhancements that you may find valuable in your home, such as new protective devices, specialized circuits, and updated wiring to protect your family and your home.

More Power!

You may have put some plans on hold in your home because you didn’t have enough power coming in through your electrical service to meet your overall needs. This is usually because you have an older home that was built before heavy modern electrical usage developed, but you may already have the modern standard 200 amp service and need even more. When you upgrade your incoming power and electric meter, it makes sense to have an updated, expanded way to distribute that power.

Increased Safety Just From the Panel Upgrade

While fuse boxes are overdue for replacement, older circuit breaker panels also need replacement because of age and the problems that typically develop including corrosion, aging components, and even damage from small creatures intruding. In some cases, the older circuit breaker panel and the breakers themselves have been subject to a recall because they didn’t perform as well as they should, and our electrical service technicians will identify this issue and discuss your options for replacement.

Adding New Safety Features: GFCI and AFCI Circuit Breakers

GFCI protection, a feature found in kitchen and bathroom outlets and other water-related locations, can also be provided in a circuit breaker. AFCI protection in circuit breakers help reduce the risk of fire from bad or loose connections, bad wiring and bare wires, and other electrical risks that may be hidden in your home’s walls. Dual function circuit breakers are available that can provide both protection for the same circuit. We also offer whole-house surge and lightning protection.

Foundation for New Wiring

If your home has older wiring, you may want to start with your electrical service installing a new electrical panel and start running new wiring to replace aging, cracked, or worn wires, and wiring that doesn’t support modern grounding standards. Aluminum wiring replacement may also be a good idea, and starting with a new electrical panel will help you build a new foundation for your home’s essential electrical system. These days, you need home wiring that can handle high power even from hair dryers, and provide reliable power without fail, since a flickering light fixture and intermittent power to your computer are two different issues.

Organize Your Home’s Wiring and Reduce Shared Circuits

In older homes, circuits were often shared between rooms, resulting in surprise power failures when someone plugs in a space heater in one bedroom and someone else is using a hair dryer in another. With the new space for circuits that your new electrical panel provides, you can organize your home’s wiring to correspond to individual rooms and even parts of rooms such as separate power for your home theater system and general purpose outlets in your family room.

It’s Time for a “Heavy Up”

If you’ve bought an affordable home that has an older electrical system, you may find that there are few modern upgrades to your home that you can perform with your existing electrical service. From a hot tub to a full HVAC system, there are items that make you a heavy user of electricity and your electrical service team calls upgrading to support that a “heavy up.”

Backup Generator

Power failures are more common these days, and many families are installing backup generators to provide convenient, often automatic replacement power until commercial electric service is restored. It’s much easier and safer to install the backup generator connections to a newer electrical panel than to count on older equipment meeting all the power handling, wiring, and safety needs of this major addition to your home’s electrical system.

Solar Electric

As with a backup generator system, adding solar electric power generation to your home involves making connections to your home’s incoming power, and sometimes outgoing as well if you’re going to sell power back to the utility. You want these connections to be solid, and a modern electrical service is an excellent way to have confidence in your new power generation system.

EV Charging

While slow, all-day charging for electric vehicles can sometimes use standard circuits, rapid charging, even for overnight use, requires specialized high power connections that are better added to your modern electrical panel. Our electrical service team can help you evaluate your existing equipment for EV charging if you like, and also do the math to see if your home’s incoming electric service is going to have the spare capacity for EV charging. You might very well find that this upgrade is an excellent opportunity for capacity and panel upgrades.

Tioga Contractors in Hurst TX, Your Electrical Experts

We provide total electrical care for your Hurst, TX home, including panel upgrades and home wiring improvements, for your family’s safety and enjoyment. Our experts can arrange the services you need and make sure important electrical code considerations, permits, and safety precautions are covered, and offer new ideas to help you live better with electricity from smart home features and amazing new light fixtures to specialized wiring. Give us a call.

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An electrical panel is a crucial component of the electrical system, and it works to provide electricity and enhance safety. But, It’s usually the last thing you would think of since you only turn on or switch off the lights then resume your daily activities.

The average lifespan of electrical panels is about 40 to 60 years, but corrosion due to humid conditions and dust may shorten its lifespan. Age should not always be a determining factor to know when to hire electrical contractors to make replacements. Some electrical panel models may be faulty, and you may need to replace them with modern ones that comply with the current safety guidelines.

If your electrical panel is undersized, cannot handle your energy demands, or lacks safety standards, you need a replacement, regardless of the age. Whichever the case, electrical panels may not serve you forever. You will need to replace them eventually. In most cases, you may never know the perfect time to contact an electrical professional to update faulty or failed panels. But, if you notice any of the following signs, you should consider replacing your current electrical panel.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

The most common sign your electrical panel is faulty and needs a replacement is when you constantly experience breaker trips. Circuit breakers are designed to trip on detecting a difference in the flow of current, thereby protecting the system from overheating or damaging your appliances.

The breaker only trips if the energy demands in your home are higher. If this happens, you can reset it to restore the power in your home. But, if you notice that the breakers trip frequently, it could be a sign that you need to upgrade your electrical panel.

It could also indicate that your current household appliances demand more volts than the capacity the existing electrical panel can handle. So, if you have issues with circuit breakers, consider consulting with professional electrical contractors in Arlington, TX, to inspect the electrical system. An expert can identify the cause of the problem and make necessary upgrades to ensure your home gets sufficient electricity.

The Panel Feels Hot or Warm to Touch

You do not need to see a burning fire to know you have an electrical problem. Some homeowners take the issue lightly. Most of them think that just as the bulbs often feel warm, it makes sense to have an electrical panel that feels hot to touch.

But you should be aware that light bulbs are not similar to electrical panels. Excessive heat can turn into a big flame. So, if the system feels hot, consider that a red flag, and you may need to seek help from an electrical contractor near you.

With a system that’s up to its task, you can never have hot electric switches, panels, and receptacles. Your electrical panel should handle the energy needs of your home. If it fails, heat may build up and can melt the wiring insulation. When that happens, it can put your home at risk for electrical fires. Consult electrical contractors to troubleshoot the issue right away.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Unless you have a dimmer switch, you should never have an issue with dimming lights in your home. When you have dimming or flickering lights, it could indicate a problem with the electrical panel or the utility company. It can happen when there is a lightning storm or heavy rain, but the problem can go away once the rain or storms stop.

However, if the lights dim when you plug in some appliances such as TV, microwave, or a toaster, that’s a sign of a faulty electrical panel that needs an upgrade. Ignoring the issue can result in overheating and may even cause fires.

Also, when the lights flicker, check to confirm if it’s a single bulb or multiple bulbs. If it happens in all rooms, then you’re dealing with a severe problem. In any case, you notice flickering or dimming lights in your home, do not ignore it. Get in touch with an experienced electrician to rectify the issue.

Reliance on Extension Cords

Extension cords are common in most, if not all, homes in Arlington, TX. Although they are convenient, they are not always safe. They can scatter all over the room, especially when you have too many energy users. Also, it can create a safety hazard if you have children around.

Over-reliance on extension cords to power many appliances can overload the system, resulting in breaker trips. Consider asking electrical contractors to upgrade your home’s current electrical panel.

Electrical contractors can also install extra sockets and circuit breaks in areas that require more power. By doing so, you can minimize the risks associated with power strips and excessive use of extension cords.

Rust or Corrosion on The Electrical Panel

Another sign you may need to contact electrical contractors is when you spot rust or corrosion outside the electrical panel. The presence of rust in the system can disrupt the current flow and may even result in overheating.

In worst scenarios, overheating can occur inside the electrical panel and can cause fires. So if the system has rust on the outside, be sure to reach out to electrical contractors to inspect the interior parts of the electrical panel. Corrosion can make the system inefficient, so it would be wise to seek help sooner.

Burning Odors and Sparks

Burning smell or sparks is never a good sign, especially if it concerns electricity. Therefore, do not delay if you can see sparks or notice a burning smell coming from the panel; that’s a red flag.

Experienced electrical contractors in Arlington, TX, can offer you a remedy. A malfunctioning electrical panel can cause fire, putting your family, property, and your neighbors at risk. A burning smell can also be a sign of melting wire insulation behind the walls. Talk to a certified electrician to replace your electrical panel.

Get an Electrical Panel Upgrade Today

If left unresolved, electrical issues may not just be inconvenient but can also put you and your family at risk. Don’t ignore if you observe any of the above signs in your home.

For your electrical upgrades, work with electrical contractors at Tioga Contractors. We are a family-owned company that’s been operating since 1953. If you ever need to upgrade your electrical panel, our trained technicians can help you. In addition, we provide prompt, 24/7 emergency electrical services. Get in touch with us.

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Most homeowners turn to electricians for this question, Do I need to update my electrical wiring system during a home renovation? Whether you need to remodel your existing home or update your old house, it would be wise to consider getting electrical updates.

Electrical upgrades not only enhance safety but also boosts the resale value of your home. They also bring a good feeling and reduce expenses on electricity bills. In addition, these upgrades can ensure your home complies with the current codes and revised safety guidelines.

A home with faulty wiring can be a safety hazard and can put your family and property at risk for fires. In the United States, an estimate of 51,000 fires occur yearly due to electrical faults, resulting in about 500 deaths and more than 1400 injuries.

Also, it can cause electric shocks to anyone coming in contact with exposed wires. Don’t be left out. Consider the following electrical upgrades, and you can rest assured knowing your property and family is safe.

More Outlets

Some old homes in Irving, TX, could have outdated outlets or no grounding wire. Also, homes built long ago did not have many outlets since there were few electrical appliances at that time. Choosing to update them can protect your home from power surges, fire, or electric shocks.

A home renovation is a suitable time for an electrician to install additional sockets in their rooms. You may need to consider the size of your family and the power demands in some years to come. If you have a big family, then the power needs will probably increase over time.

Also, it can be beneficial to have adequate sockets in your home, especially if some members are working remotely. An electrical professional can add extra sockets in home offices, outdoor spaces, kitchens, and children’s rooms. If you still use many extension cords for your daily tasks, then you need electrical upgrades. With adequate outlets, you can avoid the need to unplug some appliances as you plug others.

Electrical Wiring Updates

In most cases, vintage homes have old electrical wiring, and for this reason, there are greater chances of power surges, shocks, and fires. The power demands of modern appliances and gadgets require a certain amount of power. So, if your home still has ancient wiring, it can become overloaded, hence tripping the breakers.

If the remodeling project involves bringing down the walls, it gives an electrician access to the wiring and can make necessary upgrades and replacements. Also, a professional can do rewiring if you decide to expand some rooms. It could be the best time to replace old and exposed wires. By doing so, you will not have to worry about electrical fire destroying your rooms.

Adding GFCIs

Your home’s electric demands are higher when there are many energy users and appliances needing energy. During this time, the amount of power idling is more and can be a potential safety hazard.

Adding ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) can keep track of the electricity and turn off the power if it detects a difference in current flow. GFCIs can be essential in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoors. They can protect your expensive appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators from damage.

Instead of tripping the breakers, GFCIs immediately turn off the power when the plugged-in device comes in contact with moisture to protect against shocks or fire. These safety features are an easy task for your electrician and are inexpensive to install. Consider working with a qualified electrician to ensure your home gets the right amount of GFCIs in the correct rooms and outdoor areas.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Old panels may be inefficient or may stop functioning, thus requiring an upgrade. In the olden days, most appliances did not require much energy compared to the current ones. Although manufacturers claim that their products are energy-efficient compared to standard ones, they still consume more power.

Most homes feature ovens, dryers, microwaves, and dishwashers, which need more energy to operate effectively. So, if you plan a home renovation, keep in mind that each room requires a certain level of energy.

You will need an electrical professional to replace the existing panels to meet the power needs of your home. Updating them can save you from flickering lights, constant circuit tripping and protect your appliances from fire hazards.

Turn to A Smart Home

When renovating your home, you may consider smart home options. Electrical companies are developing ideas that can make your life easy, with most activities in your home being operated and controlled remotely. It makes it easier to manage your home, and you can access what you want by command.

A smart home can tell you which doors are unlocked, lights left on, or groceries you need to purchase. So, if you’re remodeling your home, consider talking to an electrician to install some of these features.

Light Switches

Nowadays, homeowners are switching to innovative lighting technology. Smart switches can give you a perfect feel in certain rooms and enhance energy savings.

They allow you to control the lights or change the color of the lighting. The light switches available in the market include sensor lighting, 3-way panel sliders, and dimmer switches. You can ask a certified electrical professional near Irving, TX, about available options suitable for your home.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors can protect your gadgets and appliances from damage due to a power surge. You can experience this when there is a circuit overload or lightning storm.

In the event of severe storms, power strips may not offer sufficient protection to your household appliances. The only way to protect your devices from harm is by investing in a whole-house surge protector. Home remodeling can be a perfect time for an electrical professional to do the project.

Contact a Licensed Electrician Today

Electrical upgrades are usually unavoidable when renovating a home. If you’re planning a home remodeling in Irving, TX, ensure you work with certified electricians at Tioga Contractors.

Our experienced electricians inspect your electrical wiring system and make the upgrades that you may need. In addition to electrical remodels, we can also install security lighting, backup generators, and replace faulty wiring. Call us today; we are available 24 hours a day.

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