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The water heater in your Bedford, TX home is technically an appliance; however, it is also an essential part of your plumbing system. Water coming into the home will go into the water tank, where it is heated and stored until you need it. Water heaters hold 50+ gallons of water, depending on the size of the water heater in your home.

You need hot water to perform many everyday household tasks; therefore, it is essential that your water heater is always functioning correctly.

If your water heater is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to call a plumber specializing in water heater repair right away. Some water heater issues can cause a lack of hot water, and others make the hot water unsafe for use. In addition, some problems can cause the water heater to flood your home; therefore, you shouldn’t wait to make the call.

#1 Moisture or Water Pooling

The area around the water heater in your home should always be dry. If there is moisture on the wall or the floor around the water heater, you should schedule an appointment for water heater repair as soon as possible.

The moisture indicates a loose, disconnected, or cracked hose which is a simple fix; however, waiting too long to make the call can result in water damage and mold growth in the area. Repairing the water damage and eradicating the mold can be difficult and expensive; therefore, it is best to call a plumber specializing in water heaters right away.

Water pooling around the unit is a more serious issue and will require an appointment for emergency water heater repair. The water pooling signifies a leak in the water tank, and allowing it to persist can result in 50+ gallons of water flooding your home, causing severe water damage and mold growth.

#2 The Unit Is Making Strange Sounds

The water heater in your Bedford, TX home should be whisper quiet when it runs. Strange sounds coming from the water heater indicate an issue that should be checked by a repair specialist.

A banging sound indicates large pieces of sediment in the water tank, and the banging sound occurs when the sediment bangs against the side of the tank. This issue can be easily ignored, especially if the water heater is installed far from the main living area; however, ignoring the issue can result in additional problems. Over time, the sediment can crack the water tank, causing 50+ gallons of water to flood your home.

A popping sound also indicates sediment in the tank. When water gets trapped under the sediment, it will boil, causing a popping sound.

When you call a plumber specializing in water heater repair, they can try to flush the sediment from the water tank. If the sediment pieces are too large and cannot be removed, you will need to replace the water heater.

#3 Poor Water Pressure

Sufficient water pressure is necessary to perform everyday tasks in your home and your hot water-based appliances to function at peak performance. If the hot water pressure in your home is suddenly reduced, you schedule an appointment for water heater repair.

Sludge can build up at the bottom of the water tank, clogging the waterline, reducing the water pressure. A plumber specializing in water heaters can clear the water line and try to remove the sludge. If the sludge cannot be flushed, you will need to replace the water heater. If you don’t, the sludge will keep clogging the waterline, which can cost you a fortune in frequent plumbing bills.

#4 Discolored Hot Water

The hot water coming from the taps in your home should be clean and clear. A brown tint in the water indicates a serious problem requiring an emergency water heater repair appointment.

When sediment builds up in the tank, the hot water can cause it to break apart and contaminate the water. A plumber specializing in water heater repair can try to flush the sediment, allowing the water to come out clear.

If your water heater is over ten years old, the inside of the tank could be breaking down. This can result in small pieces of metal and mineral deposits contaminating your water and would require a water heater replacement.

It is best to call a plumber as soon as the problem starts. It isn’t safe to use contaminated water; therefore, you shouldn’t wait to make the call. It is best to avoid using hot water until the problem is resolved. If you have to use the water, it is best to boil it first.

#5 You Have No Hot Water

A lack of hot water is the most obvious sign of a problem with your water heater. Before making the call, make sure there isn’t an issue that caused the circuit to trip or that there isn’t an issue with the fuel source. If everything checks out on your end, you should call a plumber.

A lack of hot water could be due to a faulty heating element, or your unit may have reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

#6 The Water Isn’t Getting Hot Enough

If the water coming from the taps in your Bedford, TX home isn’t getting hot enough, make sure the thermostat is set to 120 to 140 degrees. If it is, you should call a plumber.

If your unit has two heating elements, one may have failed, and the functional element isn’t powerful enough to heat the water in the tank to the desired temperature. In addition, if your unit is over ten years old, it may not be able to function as efficiently as it used to, and a water heater replacement will be necessary.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you need to schedule an appointment for water heater repair and want to work with the best plumbing company around, call Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service plumbing, electric, glass, and sub-contracting company, serving customers in the area since 1953.

We are a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and are an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. We also have a 5-star rating on Google and won Home Advisor’s Best Of award in 2017.

Our plumbers are professionally trained, skilled, and qualified to handle all plumbing issues, regardless of how complex the repair is.

To schedule an appointment for water heater repair or any other plumbing issue, give us at Tioga Contractors a call today.

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Your Hurst, TX home’s plumbing system consists of two parts, the water delivery system and the drainage system, and each of these is essential to your daily life. If either part of your plumbing system isn’t functioning properly, life in your home can be very inconvenient.

If you are tempted to perform a DIY plumbing repair to save on the cost of hiring a plumber, you should understand that it is better to hire a professional. Without professional training, it can be challenging to diagnose the problem correctly. In addition, if you make one mistake during a DIY repair, you could cause more damage or a flood.

If your plumbing system is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to leave the job to a licensed plumbing company.

#1 Discolored Water

The water coming from the taps in your home should run clear. If the water is brown, you should call a licensed plumbing company.

If just the hot water is discolored, it indicates sediment in the tank that has broken up and contaminates the water. If the water heater is over ten years old, the inside of the tank could be breaking down, and small pieces of metal and mineral deposits are contaminating the water.

If the hot and cold water is brown, the issue is likely with the pipes. Aging pipes can become rusted and corroded, which can contaminate the water.

It isn’t safe to use contaminated water; therefore, you should avoid using it until a plumber has resolved the problem. If you have to use the water, it is best to boil it first.

#2 Reduced Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your Hurst, TX home has suddenly weakened, you should call a plumber right away. Poor water pressure can make simple everyday tasks like rinsing a dish and washing your hair take longer than necessary. Also, your water-based appliances need adequate water pressure; therefore, it is best to call a professional right away.

If only the hot water pressure is reduced, the issue is with the water heater. When sludge builds up at the bottom of the tank, it can clog the waterline.

Several issues can cause poor hot and cold water pressure, including;

  • A problem with the main water line
  • A significant clog in the pipe that delivers water to your home
  • Faulty pressure regulator
  • A leak somewhere in the plumbing system

A plumber can easily figure out why the water pressure has weakened suddenly so that they can resolve the problem.

#3 Leaks

A leak in your plumbing system is a serious problem. Leaks can cause water damage, mold growth, and waste a significant amount of water, causing your water bills to increase. These issues can be expensive to resolve; therefore, it is best to call a licensed plumbing company if you have a leak.

Leaks under the sink are easy to detect because you will see a puddle of water when you open the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity. Leaks behind the walls or above the ceiling often leave water spots. If the leak is underground, it can cause pooling water in the yard or a warm basement floor. If the leak is significant or the pipe has been leaking for a while, it can cause damage to your home’s foundation. Finally, some leaks will show no signs except for an expensive water bill.

A plumber can use leak detection equipment to find the leak’s location so the pipe can be tightened or replaced.

#4 Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are the most common plumbing issue. When food, grease, hair soap, or other debris create a small clog, the water will drain slowly. Slow drains are frustrating because when the water runs, the sink or tub will fill with water, which can be frustrating when you shower or wash the dishes.

Over time, small clogs can increase in size, and a significant clog can prevent the water from draining at all. When this happens, you can’t use the bathtub or sink until the clog is removed.

A plumber can use a drain camera to find the clog and will have the necessary equipment to remove the entire clog safely.

#5 Clogged Toilet

A clog in the toilet will make it impossible to flush; therefore, you cannot use the toilet until the clog is removed. This can be annoying, especially if you only have one bathroom in your Hurst, TX home.

Many toilet clogs can be removed by plunging the toilet. The plunger can break up the clog enough that it can be flushed. However, if the clog is too large or located too far down the drainpipe, the plunger won’t work, and you will need to call a plumbing company.

A plumber can use a drain camera to find the clog and determine the size. They will use this information to determine the best way to reach and remove the clog.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you have an issue with your plumbing system, call Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service plumbing, electric, glass, and sub-contracting company, serving customers in the area since 1953. We are a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, and our plumbers are professionally trained and highly qualified. Before we hire a tech, they are required to pass a drug test and a background check, which will make you feel safe when you allow our plumbers into your home. Finally, our techs drive fully-stocked trucks, allowing them to make most repairs the same day.

We know how problematic plumbing issues can be and that emergency issues can occur at any time of the day or night. This is why we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have served thousands of satisfied customers over the years and have a 5-star rating on Google. In addition, we are an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. In 2017, we won Home Advisor’s Best Of award.

To schedule an appointment for plumbing service or any other service we at Tioga Contractors provide, give us a call or visit us online.

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According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, electrocutions associated with large appliances were 15 percent, those related to small appliances were 14 percent, and those related to lighting equipment were 7 percent.

These electrocution report figures are an indication that electrocutions are often caused by electricity mixing with water or mishandled electricity. Electricity can cause electric shock, psychological impairment, neurological damage, and electrical fires if not well handled.

As a homeowner, if you need to engage the services of an electrical contractor in Irving, TX, for electrical issues. Below are some things you can do while waiting for the electrician to arrive at yourself, your family, and your house

Switch Off Main Power Supply

Electricity can be a deadly and invisible risk if mishandled. As you wait for your electrical contractor to arrive you can disconnect the main circuit breaker that connects all wiring in your home.

Terminating the electrical server stops the movement of energy from the power source to your home’s electrical panel. The disconnect can help you lower the risk of injuries or electrocution as a homeowner.

Tidy Up the House and Remove Obstructions

A tidy house provides a safe working space for your electrician. Tripping over wobbly objects on the floor, skidding on greasy wet surfaces, or striking against poorly piled materials can trigger electrical mishaps.

Poor housekeeping cultures can easily cause electrical accidents for homeowners. Clear traffic from corridors, floors, and access routes before your electrician arrives.

Did you know that pets often become excited and unruly when they see strangers? In case you have a pet, lock it. Dogs are especially notorious for chewing cables and can cause severe electrical fires and electrocution if left unattended during electrical routine checkups.

Your furry cat can trigger static shock if it has the habit of hopping about when excited at the sight of visitors. Kittens are fond of curling up on warm electrical appliances and can cause electrical accidents.

Crawling babies love to explore and occasionally get into the wrong places and spark poorly secured working sites. Keep them away from electrical environments, as this will make work easier for your electrical contractor.

Track the Exact Electrical Fixture

Spotting electrical issues can sometimes be a daunting task for homeowners in Irving, TX, especially when the electrical issues do not happen regularly. Periodically checking wiring and connections can proactively avert serious issues.

Just before your electrician arrives, be keen to check on the electrical damage that has occurred. Don’t just look ignorant and oblivious of the electrical issues in your house.

Prepare a coherent, detailed explanation regarding the electrical installation or repair work. If you have no idea of basic electrical wiring issues, then at least have some basic records of the last repairs and installations that were done on your worn-out electrical appliances.

Prepare psychologically by asking the right questions. This you will only do if you have spoken to several other electrical experts. Always get at least two different bids and quotations before hiring a final electrical contractor.

Have Emergency Cash for Unanticipated High Electrical Payments

The cost of electrical repairs for most homeowners varies, but the average is $75 per hour. Several factors contribute to what your electrician will charge, for instance, extended working hours, strenuous work, or distance covered to reach your site.

Before your electrical contractor arrives, give them their job description and request a quotation. Have some emergency cash at hand that will handle any unexpected electrical repairs and costs.

Be Organized

Before your electrical contractor arrives, prepare a detailed list of what you want them to install, repair or maintain. To save resources and time on electrical repair work, batch all installations, repairs, and maintenance together. Other than fixing your electrical repairs, remind your electrical expert to check for any electrical upgrades that need attention.

Also, plan your day well. If you need to use the electricity for lighting, warming food, ironing, or showering, do these chores in advance. Organize yourself not to be disrupted when the main power supply is switched off during the electrical repairs.

Remember to alert your neighbors of any inconveniences. Electrical repairs can occasionally cause loud buzzes and hums, which could irritate your neighbors. Your neighbors might experience random shutdowns and networks, be polite and warn them.

Ensure that you have backup tools and equipment on-site if your electrical contractor forgets theirs. Having a ladder on-site in case your electrician has to navigate through heights can be ideal. It should not be aluminum or steel as these can pass an electric current through your electrical expert’s body.

Instead, opt for wooden or fiberglass ladders, which are not good conductors of heat. Have some spare insulated rubber gloves for your electrical expert to ensure their protection against arc flashes and electric shocks.

Power needs to be available when the contractor is working for testing purposes. Avoid power blackout days and contact your electrical contractor only when the electricity will be available.

Be well-versed with the nearest electrical supply shops that are in your locality. Your electrician might need to purchase some last-minute electrical ware spares from an electrical shop. Be prepared in case this happens.


It sounds funny and even weird, but you should be calm and composed before your electrical contractor arrives. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when facing a serious electrical emergency. But, it’s important to find ways to relax so that you can coherently speak to your electrical specialist when they arrive.

Relaxing before your electrician arrives is also important because your electrical worker can easily pick on your nonverbal cues. If you are stressed, it may be difficult for your electrical contractor to diagnose your electrical issues quickly.

Tioga Contractors: Your Electrical Expert

For over 30 years, Tioga ContractorsIrving, TX has grown from a small business into the area’s premier choice for electrical services. We have trained and certified electrical experts who can help you with electrical installations for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

We boast of a strong niche, a sturdy market penetration, an extensive customer base, the most contemporary technology, and a good reputation in the industry. Call us today for your electrical and wiring issues. Our qualified emergency electricians are available 24 hours.

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The process of hiring an electrician can seem daunting especially if you have never needed to do it before. If you are a first-time homeowner and you are experiencing an electrical problem then you can follow these steps to make the whole process a lot easier. It is important to get as much information as you can during this process so you can be sure that you will hire the best electrical service provider out there. Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX would like to share with you the steps you should follow when hiring an electrical service provider. These steps will save you a lot of frustration and stress.

1# Find Different Options

The first step in the hiring process is to determine which options are available to you. You could ask your colleagues, friends, and family for any recommendations. You could also get valuable insight as to what their services are like. You can check the local newspaper or listen to radio adverts for possible electricians in your area. You can also check online to see which service providers are in your area. IF you look at the companies website then you can see what type of services they offer as well as read online reviews to see how others have experienced the service. If you have found four or five companies that look promising then you can move on to the next step.

2# Find Information

The next step is to find as much relevant information as you can about the companies that you have chosen. You could check the website for the services, years of services, area they operate in and see what their availability is like. If there is any missing information that you cannot find on the website then you should contact the electrical company so that they can provide you with it. You should also look at the reviews on a third-party website. Some companies will only have positive reviews on their website because they delete the negative reviews. A third-party website will give you the most accurate depiction of what the service is like. You can also ask companies for proof that their electricians are certified so that you do not hire unqualified people to work on your electrical system. Once you have enough information you can decide on two or three companies that seem the best and move on to the next step of the process.

3# Contact the Electrician

After you have gathered sufficient information and excluded the companies that did have enough information or had bad reviews, you should contact the service providers. You can describe the electrical problem and one of their customer service agents will arrange for an electrician to come to your home to inspect your electrical system. It is best to evaluate the customer service that you receive before and after the electrician has done the inspection. This will give you a good indication of what you will have to deal with when you hire them for a large project. You should look at how thorough the inspection was carried and how much information the electrical service gave you regarding the repairs or installation. After the inspection, the customer service agent will send you the quotation so that you can see what the cost will be for the repairs.

4# Inspect the Quotes

After you have received the quotes from the two or three companies that have done the inspection, you can look at how they differ. There are a few important things that you should take notice of. You should make sure that the quotes are detailed and itemized. If there are just general terms and estimates on the quotes then this is a good indication that the company will charge you extra when the work has been completed. They also might not complete certain things since it was not specified in the quote. Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX know that price is usually the most important factor when hiring an electrician but quality services will not be the cheapest option out there. You might also pay a little for better-quality parts or materials.

5# Insurance

if you are happy with the quote of one of the companies then the next step would be to confirm their insurance compliance. It is important for an electrical company to have insurance as it projects the worker and your home from injuries and damages. The electrical service should have workers’ compensation insurance so that the homeowner is not responsible for any medical bills that might occur due to injuries onsite. The electrical company would also have liability insurances so that if they are neglectful, they will be able to pay for the damages that occur to your property. You could ask for a copy of the policy to make sure that they have adequate coverage.

6# Finalize the Contract

The last step in the process of hiring an electrician is to receive the contract and read through it. You should read it carefully and make sure that you understand all the clauses and conditions in the article. If you agree with everything that is discussed in the contract then you can sign it. This contract is a legally binding document that projects you. You should have a copy of the contract. Once the contract has been signed then a date can be set for when the repairs should commence.

These are the six steps that you should follow when hiring an electrician. Once you have done these six steps, you will only have to repeat steps four, five, and six when there is an electrical problem. If you are looking for an electrical service in Irving, TX then give Tioga Contractors a call. They provide a wide range of electrical services that you could benefit from.

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Most people think that your home’s electrical system just consists of a bunch of wires that transport electricity for the city supply to various parts. While that is true, the electrical system is not just wired. There are various components that work together to supply your home with electricity as well as protect your home from the dangers of electricity. It is often difficult to know which services you might need if you do not know anything about the different types of electrical services. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX would like to inform you of the different electrical services that you might need when something goes wrong with your electrical system. There are more services but these are the four main ones that electricians will be able to do.

General Electrical Services

There are many smaller components in your electrical system that do not have their own category of repairs thus they fall under general electrical services. These services consist of installing outlets, light fixtures, and connecting appliances to the electrical grid, Inspecting and repairing the wiring also falls under this type of service. Electricians will often work with other contractors such as plumbers or security companies to connect various appliances to your electrical system. If you feel like your electrical system needs some maintenance like replacing old wires or faulty components then you should hire a professional to conduct the services for you. Electricity is dangerous and you could sustain serious injuries.

Emergency Electrical Services

This is probably one of the most important services that your electrician could provide. You will make use of emergency electrical services when there is a big problem that cannot wait until the next business day. These problems could be a power outage during the cold winter months or scorching summer. Electricity can cause a fire in your home if it is not contained and there are flammable materials close by. If you notice any smoke coming from outlets or your circuit board then you should contact a service provider that can assist with emergency electrical services. If you smell smoke and you haven’t been cooking then it is best to contact an electrician immediately. You should also confirm if your go-to electrician has emergency services. If they do not provide emergency services then you should find another electrician that can provide emergency services. It is best to find this before there are any emergencies so that you do not have to deal with the added stress of not being able to find a service provider when you need them the most. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX provide emergency electricians so that you are never left without power or fearing for the safety of your home and family.

Generator Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

The generator is not a part of your electrical system but it does connect to your electrical system to supply it with power when there is a problem with the municipal supply. Generators are great to have when you live in an area that experiences many power outages due to storms or other factors. Generators are complex and they have to connect to your electrical system properly in order to supply your home with electricity. A professional electrician will install the generator for you but it is also good to inquire if they will be able to help you with maintenance and repairs. Generators are expensive and they need to be maintained regularly to increase their life span and to keep them as energy-efficient as possible. Regular maintenance is also great at detecting problems that could render your system useless if you left it for too long. You need to make sure that your electrician will be able to install the type of generator that you want. They will also help you to choose the best brand and size for the needs of your home. The electrical service provider will also determine the best place for the generator. It is recommended that you do not install a generator yourself as you could damage your electrical system your the generator and you could also void the warranty on the generator.

Surge Protection

Another service that most electricians provide is surge projection. You might be wondering what surge protection consists of. First, let us look at what an electrical surge is. The electricity in your home travels through your home at a certain voltage which is the most optimal for most appliances. An electrical surge occurs when there is a sudden rise in the voltage. This could lead to the electrical system to short circuit and appliances can be damaged. Power surges can also lead to electrical fires since sparks can occur. You should have surge protectors installed on your circuit board so that your electrical system shuts down as soon as the power surge is detected. These power surges can be caused by faults in the electrical supply or when lightning strikes the power cables. The surge projection should be installed by a professional to make sure that it is fully functional when you need it.

These are just some of the services that electricians can provide. Not all electricians provide the same services thus you have to make a list of the services that your electrical service provider can assist you with. You should never attempt any of these services yourself as you could sustain serious injury or degrade the integrity of your electrical system. If you are looking for an electrician in Hurst, TX then have a look at Tioga Contractors. They provide a wide range of electrical services as well as emergency services. Their electricians are qualified and have many years of experience.

Call Tioga Contractors to schedule an appointment today.

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Expert design and installation of your new or upgraded electrical service provide a foundation for change that’s convenient and efficient. Our Tioga Contractors team of electricians serving Bedford, TX, and the DFW metroplex has extensive experience with planning, digital design, and implementation of electrical service configurations. Our projects range from basic residential power panels to larger homes, multifamily systems, and complex commercial electrical power distribution. When our team designs and installs your new electrical service panel and wiring, you’ll benefit in the years to come from careful design and wiring that makes future electrical changes to your home simpler. These changes could include circuit additions, remodeling with electrical changes, and addition of devices with unusual power requirements such as EV charging stations, tankless electric water heaters, or workshop equipment, or even further upgrades of your home’s electrical capacity. Our experience pays off in the quality of your home’s electrical service installation.

Design for Usability

It’s important that your breaker box provide easy and organized access to your electrical service connections for emergency shutoff when needed, clear circuit disconnection when repairs are being done, and also for future circuit breaker and other device installation. It should be designed to be usable by anyone, homeowner or electrical service professional, who needs access, carefully wired and positioned in a logical place. If added features such as a subpanel are needed, it should be easy to make the addition without compromise, thanks to planning by the original designer. Our team of electricians strives to keep high standards, because after all, years later they may very well be the people making the upgrades then, too!

Skilled Wiring and Implementation

Professional tools and techniques for electricians may seem foreign to the do-it-yourselfer because they’re designed for efficient work that they can count on. It’s important to arrange the wires carefully so another electrician can easily understand the wiring, and to perform basic tasks like wire stripping and connecting so that they will last safely for a long time without getting loose or providing a poor connection at the intended voltage and current. As the wires are run throughout your home, electricians will also follow additional wiring standards to avoid interaction between power and various signal-carrying wiring such as cable TV, internet, or phone. Usually, well-done wiring looks good too, but in some cases parallel wires are problematic, and electricians will choose other arrangements.

Calculated Capacity and Breaker Space

When our electricians are discussing your power requirements with you, they’ll also be calculating the right amount of space in your circuit breaker panel for current circuits and future expansion. These days, the availability of outlets in older homes reflects the limited power usage of the time, and fuse boxes of the day were also pretty compact, with little room for expansion. Now, everyone needs plenty of access to power, especially in home offices and teen’s rooms where lots of electronics are in use. Features like home theater may require a significant addition of power capacity, and it can make a big difference in time and cost involved in adding your media room when your breaker box has room for a quick addition of a few circuits versus having to replace the box or add a subpanel because no one thought you’d need so many breakers. Of course, your incoming electrical service has to be factored into these plans, too, so you’ll have the available current to support the circuits in use.

Careful Location Choice

The internet offers plenty of frightening photos of circuit breaker panel locations that are inconvenient, unfortunate, or downright dangerous. Sometimes furniture or appliances are placed or installed so that they block access, other times the power panel is located so that water is likely to leak or be sprayed onto it, and sometimes it’s just in an odd location that would be difficult to locate in an emergency unless you knew already where it was. In some cases, the drawback of a location is simply that it is an attractive nesting place for creatures, or in a moist environment where corrosion is more likely and the risk of fire grows with it. Location choice should also provide for other concerns such as grounding to provide the best protection for your circuits in an efficient manner.

Anticipating Your Future Needs

How do you plan for the future with your electrical circuits and capacity? The spread of electric vehicles is a good example of needs that weren’t on many homeowners’ lists even a decade ago. Now, in some areas, there’s talk of adding a building code requirement to provide for EV charging stations. How do you make a reasonable estimate of what you’ll need in the future, or even what a future homeowner might want? Our electricians can help with informed calculations based on typical growth patterns over the years for your area and type of home.

Providing Appropriate Protective Devices

An important benefit of an upgraded circuit breaker panel is the ability to install modern protective devices including AFCI, GFCI, and combination breakers. AFCI protects against arcing wires, especially in the walls, while GFCI capability is familiar from outlet-based protection, now available for whole circuits, that removes power when it senses current flow that could indicate someone’s about to receive an electric shock. Additional whole-house protection is available in the form of surge protectors and lightning arrestors that protect your electronics throughout the house from a single point.

Your Skilled, Versatile Electrical Service Installation Team in Bedford, TX

At Tioga Contractors, our electricians perform their work to exacting standards, whether they’re adding outlets for your family room in Bedford, TX, or wiring industrial equipment to high-power circuits. We’re proud of the work we do, and we think that you will be also, now and in the future when it’s time to make further upgrades or additions, safely and conveniently. Plan ahead by calling us today for your electrical service work.

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The importance of your home’s electrical system cannot be overstated. Indeed, the electrical system ensures that your electrical appliances and electronic devices are adequately and safely powered. It also ensures that your house is adequately lit. Therefore, when your electrical system has a problem, it can cause serious inconveniences and even losses. For instance, when there is a power outage in your house, your refrigerator will go off and if nothing is done to restore power quickly, your refrigerated food might go bad. To prevent such an eventuality, you need to ensure that electrical problems in your house are fixed as soon as they have been noticed.

However, considering how dangerous handling electricity can be, it is imperative for you to avoid the temptation to try DIY electrical repairs or installations. As such, you need to be in touch with a professional electrician you can call when you have electrical problems in your house. However, although there are many electrical service providers in Arlington, TX, finding a good one is not easy. As such, if you are looking for a good electrician, you need to do your homework well to ensure that you settle for the best one. Below are some tips you can count on as you shop for an electrical services provider.

Search the Internet and Ask Around

If you have never dealt with an electrical service provider before, you probably do not even know where to start. Fortunately, you can always ask your workmates, relatives, and friends to refer you to the electricians they know. You can also search for electrical services near you on the internet. This way, you will create a comprehensive list of the electrical services you can consider hiring. However, it is important for you to remember that the fact an electrical service provider has been recommended by a person you know does not mean that they are reliable. Therefore, you still have to critically analyze the suitability of each electrical service on your list for you to improve your odds of settling for the right one.

Check Online Reviews

Once you have created a list of potential electricians you can consider hiring, you need to find out what others have to say about this. To this end, you can go to online review sites such as Yelp to read customer reviews. Of course, customer reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt, but they can give you a rough idea of what you can expect from any particular electrical service provider. However, it is hard to find a business that has not attracted any negative reviews. However, if an electrical service has an extremely poor customer rating, then it means that hiring them will most likely leave you disappointed. As such, you will have to eliminate electrical services with extremely poor ratings.

Confirm That They Are Licensed

Electrical jobs are quite sensitive, and therefore, electricians are strictly regulated by local authorities. As such, for professional electrical service providers to legally offer electrical services in Arlington, TX, they need to be properly licensed. If you make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed electrical service provider, several things could go wrong. For instance, the job done by an unlicensed electrical service will not have legal protections, and therefore, you might end up breaching the terms of your home insurance. Furthermore, if you have some service warranties, hiring an unlicensed person to do some electrical job on your home might end up voiding the warranties. Furthermore, if you are planning to sell your house in the future, hiring an unlicensed electrical service provider might make it harder for your home to get a favorable home inspection report. To prevent such eventualities, it is imperative for you to ensure that your electrical service provider is properly licensed.

Confirm That They Are Insured

As mentioned above, electrical jobs can be quite involved, and therefore, many things can go wrong as electricians work to resolve an electrical issue in your house. For instance, the job might lead to property damages that can be quite expensive for you to repair. Besides, the people doing the job might get hurt while working in your house. If you make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed electrical services provider, you might be held financially liable for such issues. The good news is that good electrical service providers prepare for such risks by taking insurance covers against them. By hiring an insured and bonded electrician, you can rest assured that their insurance will cater for any property damages or personal injuries that might occur.

Ask for Warranties

Calling an electrical repair service can be quite expensive. Therefore, you do not want to do it every few weeks or months. Therefore, you need to ensure that you pick an electrical services provider that is most likely to do a quality job and solve your electrical issues decisively. The problem is that every electrician you meet will tell you that they offer quality services. However, if an electrical service provider is not willing to back their claim of quality with their own money, you should avoid them completely. In other words, you should only consider the electrical service providers that are willing to guarantee quality through a warranty.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, although there are many electrical service providers, finding a good one is not easy. There are many things you need to consider, and you should be prepared to ask the hard question for you to settle for the right people for the job. If you are looking for a reliable electrician in or around Arlington, TX, Tioga Contractors is an excellent choice. We have been in this business for many years, and we are conversant with most electrical problems that homeowners face. Therefore, it is easier for us to diagnose most residential electrical problems and come up with the most appropriate solutions for them. Feel free to contact Tioga Contractors today for more information about our company and electrical services.

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