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Given the importance of plumbing systems in modern homes, it is understandable why a lot of homeowners tend to panic and grow frustrated when there are serious plumbing situations in their Bedford, TX homes. For instance, a malfunctioning water heater can cause serious inconveniences in your house, considering that your family relies on it greatly. Some homeowners resort to crude DIY plumbing solutions that only end up causing more problems. However, this does not have to be the case. Indeed, you can remain calm in the face of major plumbing problems in your house when you know you have a reliable plumber you can trust to help you fix any plumbing issue, no matter how simple or complex it might be. As such, instead of trying to fix plumbing issues on your own, you just have to call your professional. Below is a rundown of reasons you should always avoid the temptation to solve plumbing problems on your own unless you are a professional plumbing service provider.

DIY Plumbing Repair Could Void Your Warranties

Your Plumbing system is extremely valuable. For instance, it is believed that the value of a residential plumbing system accounts for about 15% of the value of an average home. Plumbing repairs are also known to be quite costly. Therefore, it is not surprising that some new plumbing installations and recently done plumbing repairs could be protected by warranties. However, it is worth noting that such warranties come in some conditions. For instance, they may demand that plumbing repairs be done by professionals. In such a situation, trying a DIY plumbing repair will only void your warranties. Therefore, for you to keep your warranties valid, it is imperative for you to ensure that you engage a professional plumber in all plumbing jobs in your home.

DIY Plumbing Involves a Significant Risk of Personal Injuries

Plumbing jobs are obviously physically demanding. But in addition to leaving you exhausted, trying a DIY plumbing repair might leave you with serious personal injuries. For instance, if you have to repair an overhead tank, the job will involve climbing, and therefore, it can put you at the risk of a fall accident. Similarly, if your water heater is broken, trying to fix it on your own will expose you to the risk of coming into contact with hot water at high pressure, which is extremely dangerous. Furthermore, plumbing jobs, such as slab leak repairs, might involve the use of tools that could also hurt you. In a nutshell, given the level of risk of injuries involved, it is only wise for you to pass the risk to someone else. You can do this by simply hiring a professional to help you with all your plumbing needs. In any case, professionals have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to ensure that any plumbing job in your house is done safely. Besides, professional plumbing companies prepare for such risks by taking insurance covers against them. Therefore, in the unlikely event that a plumber gets hurt while working in your house, you can rest assured that you will not be the one to be held accountable.

You Could Cause More Plumbing Problems Through DIY Plumbing Repairs

Every successful plumbing repair begins with an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, if you get the diagnosis wrong, anything you do after that will most likely be wrong. For example, a wrong diagnosis might cause you to tamper with plumbing areas that do not have any problems at all. Unfortunately, this will only damage some parts of your plumbing system without providing a solution for the initial problem. In other words, since you are not experienced enough when it comes to diagnosing and fixing plumbing issues, you might end up causing more problems, which might then cost you more time and money to fix. To prevent such an eventuality, it is imperative for you to avoid DIY plumbing repairs and instead call a professional plumber no matter how simple or complicated the issue at hand might seem to you. Professional plumbing services providers have the necessary training and tools to accurately diagnose and isolate the underlying cause of any plumbing issue you might be facing and ensure that it is fixed in a decisive manner.

You Might Not Save Money Through DIY Plumbing

A lot of people who consider DIY plumbing repairs do so hoping to save some money. However, the truth is that DIY plumbing repairs might end up costing more money than expected. This can happen in several ways. For instance, since you do not have the right tools for the job, you might have to buy them. Unfortunately, unless you are a professional plumber, these are tools you might not need again for a very long time, and therefore, buying them does not make economic sense. Besides, since you do not have the right skills for the job, you might end up doing it wrong and causing other damages. As such, you might eventually have to call a plumber in the end. The problem is that calling a plumber at this stage might cost you more if you create more problems trying to fix the initial issue on your own. To prevent such an event, you need to ensure that you call a professional plumber as soon as you notice that you have a plumbing problem.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you have a plumbing issue in your house, trying to fix it on your own could lead to several problems. Therefore, for you to be on the safer side, it is imperative for you to have a reliable plumber you can always call when you have a plumbing problem in your Bedford, TX home. If you are looking for a professional plumbing service provider in or around Bedford, TX, Tioga Contractors is the best plumbing company to consider. We have the necessary experience and technical capacity to help you handle any plumbing issue you might face. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and services.

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As you’re taking down those outdoor holiday lights or putting away decorations inside, are you thinking about how many extension cords you’re using? It’s a great starting point for taking a look at the ways you can have our electrical contractor service at Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX upgrade and expand your home’s electrical wiring to modernize it and increase your safety. The risk of electrical shock is an important concern, but homeowners often don’t realize that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical causes are among the top three origins of home structure fires, many with tragic outcomes. As your professional electrical contractor, we take your family’s safety very seriously. Our knowledge and experience can help catch electrical safety issues, even hidden ones, and our skills ensure that the work you have us do is done carefully and done right.

Start with an Electrical Inspection If You Aren’t Sure

As a top local electrical contractor, our team members have broad experience in electrical wiring and equipment, from commercial use to residential power for basic homes and large, feature-rich residences. We also know a lot about electrician practices in the area over many decades, and the different ways that they wired and upgraded local homes. When we perform an electrical inspection for you, we check wiring and connection styles and materials, capacity matches from the fuse box or circuit breakers to the wire size and outlet type, and special concerns like outdoor wiring methods.

We also make note of variations from current electrical code, many of which are quite acceptable legally due to “grandfathering,” but may be worth talking about for your family’s safety. We’ll also look for signs of damage to your home’s wiring and fixtures, from creatures living in your fuse box to water damage to the wires. When it comes time to talk about the results, we can provide information about how we can help you not only get safer electrically but also meet your family’s needs with improvements that our electrical staff can quote for you. We’re here for you.

Instead of Creative Solutions to Power Needs, How About Safe Ones?

In the past, there have been many devices available to make creative use of existing wiring, including two-prong adapters for three-prong plugs, expansion adapters that change one outlet into three, and even devices that screw into light bulb sockets to provide a two-prong outlet instead. There’s also the familiar extension cord and its cousin, the power strip, still in common use today. These are all solutions to problems that can be better addressed with permanent changes or additions to your home’s wiring and fixtures, including a larger number of outlets in your rooms to meet modern power and access needs. Electrical contractors see amazingly risky uses of these devices, including “permanently installed” extension cords stapled to the wall, combinations of adapters or extensions creating a snake’s nest of cords, and outdoor use of devices that were never meant to get wet.

Wiring Capacity and Durability Are Important for Fire Prevention

Your home’s permanent wiring is designed to carry a specific maximum amount of current, with a fuse or circuit breaker rated at that amount as protection. When a device such as a blow dryer, microwave, or space heater is connected using any available extension cords it may work, and even be drawing less than the circuit is designed for, but the weak link is often the extension cord. When high power devices are connected through these, the extension cord is often rated for less.

Multiple extension cords for greater length is an even bigger problem, as capacity is further reduced. The problem is that the wiring is likely to heat up, and if it gets worn, it could heat up a lot. Extension cords are often subject to foot traffic, vacuuming, and other potentially damaging activities. Putting them under a rug might help a little, but it might not prevent damage and it definitely will hide it so you won’t realize there’s a problem. When our electrical contractor installs the wiring you need, you can conveniently plug into the wall and use the power you need, without taking risks and creating unsightly tangles of cords.

An Improvement on Power Strip Protection

Power strips provide advantages over extension cords, in that they usually have more durable and shorter wires, built-in protection from circuit breakers to surge protection, and the convenience of a single “off” switch to help save energy when you’re not using the devices that are plugged into it. Did you know that most electronics draws power even when it’s off? The reasons include chargers that are always at the ready, AV devices that are waiting for a remote control signal, and computers that are in a “sleep” mode ready to wake up quickly without having to go through the boot process. Almost everything electronic these days has some reason to keep drawing power, and it can add up.

The power strip also may contain a surge protection device, and that’s where as an electrical contractor we can do better. Whole house surge protection is now available, covering all devices in your home whether they’re on a power strip or not. That means the electronics in your fridge and laundry appliances are protected, for example. Our electrical contractor team can also provide whole-house lighting arrester protection, with the same coverage and protection for your home’s circuits.

Your Caring, Conscientious Electrical Contractor in Irving, TX

Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX watches out for your family’s safety when we’re working on your home’s electrical wiring, fixtures, and power. We have decades of experience in protecting our community’s homes and businesses, and we hope you’ll look to us for preventive care, professional electrical contractor services, and useful information about ways you can use modern electrical system improvements to enjoy life more. Give us a call and get to know all we can do for you.

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As the holiday season approaches, many people are looking forward to spending time with family and friends. But if you’re a homeowner, you need to remember that while winter can be lots of fun, getting you and your household through it without protecting your electrical system can be challenging. HVAC systems are already very energy-intensive, and as the temperatures drop, they have to work harder to keep your home warm and toasty, consuming even more electricity.

Additionally, winter days are shorter while the nights are longer, and people tend to spend most of their time indoors to keep warm. Coupled with the uptick in heating, this usually results in a significant increase in power consumption throughout winter. If the electric system in your home isn’t prepared for this spike in power usage, you could lose power and heat in the middle of winter. As such, most Irving, TX electricians would advise you to get your electric system ready for the winter months in advance.

Start with an Electrician Safety Inspection

Even if you have some rudimentary knowledge about electricity, it is advisable not to try any DIY hacks. Instead, reach out to a professional Irving, TX electrician. The first thing they will do is inspect your electrical panel. This is the service box that connects your home to the main power line and distributes electricity to all the circuits in the home. It contains fuses and circuit breakers that regulate the flow of electrical current and ensure the circuits within your home are getting the right amount of current.

A faulty or broken electrical panel can plunge your family into darkness at any time. Have a professional take a look at your electrical panel before winter rolls, especially if your home hasn’t had an electrical inspection for a while. It could save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Test the Electrical Outlets

Every electrical outlet in your home should be providing enough power. Their wires should be grounded and properly connected to prevent any accidents or electrical fires and keep them functioning efficiently. The electrician will inspect the outlets and test them to gauge their functionality and determine whether they need repair or replacement.

Test Smoke Detectors

In the case of a home fire, smoke detectors are usually the only thing standing between everyone getting out safely or suffering burns. Carbon monoxide fire detectors are even more useful as they can alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide, which is odorless and can be fatal. In cold weather, the chemical reactions that produce energy in the batteries can slow down, causing the detector to beep every few minutes. Your electrical professional will inspect and test all the smoke detectors in your home and advise you on which ones are faulty or have weak batteries.

Consider Getting a Surge Protector

A surge detector is a device that is designed to protect other electrical appliances from voltage spikes. When power is restored after an outage, the sudden jump in current can potentially damage plugged-in appliances and devices that do not have inbuilt surge protection. In some cases, power outages can even cause damage to the HVAC system. Your electrician will most likely advise you to get a surge protector if you don’t have one already.

Check on the Thermostat and HVAC System

Your heating system will be your best friend once the cold sets. If this system breaks down in the middle of winter, you could be looking at some uncomfortable nights and hefty repair costs. Your electrical professional will check if the thermostat is calibrated correctly and determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. They will also inspect your air conditioning unit for issues like refrigerant leaks, frozen evaporator coils, and electric control failure. Inspecting the HVAC system before winter will ensure it works efficiently throughout the cold months.

Use Energy Efficiently

Electricity consumption usually spikes during the winter as people are indoors for long hours and their HVAC systems use a lot of energy to keep them warm. This will undoubtedly strain your electrical system and, in many cases, increase your energy bills. Fortunately, you can reduce the stress placed on your electrical system by being more energy-efficient. For instance, unplug any devices that aren’t being used as they still consume energy despite being used as they still consume electricity and can add an extra 10% to your electricity bill.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Invest in ENERGY STAR-certified appliances – These are appliances designed to be energy efficient and can use up to 25% less energy than non-certified devices.
  • Do your laundry less often – instead of doing several small washes with a few dirty clothes, wait until the laundry builds up and do big washes. If you use cold water, you will save even more energy, your clothes will have fewer wrinkles when they leave the wash, and their colors will last longer.
  • Turn off lights in unused rooms – This one should become a habit. Make sure the lights are turned off in every room that isn’t in use.
  • Lower the room temperature – Did you know that lowering the room temperature by just 1 degree Celcius can reduce your annual heating bill by up to 10%

Consider a Standby Generator

Winter storms usually cause an increase in power outages. Depending on how long it takes for the power to be restored, you could be looking at a few hours to a day or two of blistering cold. If you do not have a standby generator, your electrician will advise you on installing one. If you have one already, the electrician will inspect it and perform tests to ensure it is working correctly.


In a worst-case scenario, the electrician may find that a portion of your home’s wiring is defective or worn out enough to need replacing. Left alone, such wires present a significant electrical fire risk. Additionally, the electrical professional will likely recommend rewiring if your home is 50 years or older to reduce the chances of a house fire.

Electricians in Irving TX

With winter fast approaching, preparing your home’s electrical system in preparation for the increased heating needs is crucial. Having a qualified electrician take a look at your home could save you and your family money and extended durations of discomfort. Tioga Contractors offers high-quality, affordable electrical repair services in Irving, TX. We are 5-star rated on HomeAdvisor and boast great customer reviews. In addition, we are constantly adopting new technologies to ensure we can handle all your electrical problems. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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As someone who owns a home in Bedford, TX, you know the importance of a good electrical service provider. When something’s not right with the electrical system in the home, you can call the professional and get the assistance you deserve. It’s something that you can easily have taken care of by a knowledgeable and skilled expert who has spent years learning all there is to know about electricity and electrical systems.

Considering you’ve never needed to hire electrical service providers before, it’s understandable that you don’t know what to do upfront. After reading this short guide, you’ll have a much better idea of what takes place during a visit. You’ll also know what the best electricians do to secure your future business. When you feel great about your interaction with a company, you’re the first to want to tell other people all about it.

Outstanding Electricians Do Things Differently

The best electricians are ones that take your needs into account from the moment you inquire about their services. They give you their undivided attention when you speak to them and get more information about their services. When you reach out to them with a request for an appointment, they go out of their way to ensure it’s at a time and date that works well for you. That way, you’re never without a safe and reliable electrician at any point and time.

Here is how to locate good electrical service providers in Bedford, TX:

  • Ask someone that you know who has recently had electrical service done on their home for a recommendation. Getting to know companies through the eyes of your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors has its advantages. It provides you with a personal account of how the electrician performed the service. You can ask questions of someone you know well that you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking electrical providers. You feel great knowing that you’re getting help from a company that comes highly recommended by your inner circle.
  • Search the web to see who’s available to assist you with your electrical issue. Get to know the companies in the area that offer electrical service. You can find them by doing a quick web search using your favorite browser. The benefit of searching online is that you can instantly go from the listing to a company’s website. If you’re trying to find out more information about the electrician, you can without jumping through hoops. Instead, you can take a few minutes, click through a few links, and have the info that you need to hire a company to assist you.
  • Inquire about emergency services with a company you found in the phone book. If a company offers assistance during trying times, it’s one that you can use in the future. All you need to do is inquire about emergency services to see if they’re available for you to take advantage of that day. If they are, you’ll have an electrical service provider at your disposal when something goes wrong. It makes life much easier having an electrician lined up for those just-in-case moments. You can call the professional without hesitation and get your problem taken care of in a very efficient way.
  • Remember the name of a company advertised on TV, radio, or billboard you pass. It’s yet another way to locate good electrical service providers in the area. You’ll find that many companies choose to advertise their services through various means. If you interact with any of the advertisements, you can call the company placing the ad for more information. It helps you differentiate between companies that want your business and companies that don’t. You can make sure to give your business to a company that cares about you and your home.
  • Read reviews about companies you’re interested in getting to know better to see if you can find out what you can. Companies are always trying to impress their customers in one way or another. You can find out the truth about an electrician by visiting their website and learning more about the different services they provide and how well they do their job. It’s an ideal way to learn about a company that you have never heard of before and don’t have anyone to refer you to that day. A review gives you intimate details about an interaction with an electrician, so you know to work with them.

Bedford, TX, provides homeowners with electricians to choose from that make their roles easier. Keeping up with all the systems in a home and not having the knowledge to fix things independently makes them need an electrical service provider year-round. If you haven’t found a company to give your business to yet, now is the time to do so. You’ll benefit from the knowledge and skills a professional electrician provides.

The best companies in the area make your electrical problem go away quickly. They take the time to thoroughly inspect your home to make sure it’s safe before leaving. When there is more than one solution to choose from, they give you options that meet your needs.

Get the Help That You Need from a Skilled Electrician Today

Tioga Contractors takes care of your needs so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. Whenever you need help with electrical services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re committed to making your life as easy as possible for you. Our phone number is 469-789-1293. We can’t wait to hear from you and get your electrical issue resolved right away.

We’re committed to making things as satisfying as possible for you. We want to be the type of company you count on day and night for all your electrical needs. If you’re in a place where you need assistance, don’t hesitate to give one of our customer service reps a call. We want to make you feel like the valued customer you are to us when you place your first phone call to us.

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Every system in your Bedford, TX home needs routine maintenance to function correctly and efficiently. Many homeowners have their HVAC systems maintained regularly; however, many people overlook their plumbing system. You rely on your plumbing system multiple times a day; therefore, routine maintenance is essential. One great way to ensure your plumbing system always functions properly is having a drain cleaning service performed. If you are unsure whether a drain cleaning is worth the time and cost, you should consider the ways your home and family can benefit from having this service performed.

#1 Prevent Slow Drains

When grease, food, hair, and soap go down the drain, a clog can form. Small clogs can cause the water to drain slowly, causing the tub to fill with water while you shower, leaving you standing in several inches of water by the time you finish. In addition, washing the dishes can be challenging when the water drains slowly because running the water can cause the sink to overflow.

If you have a drain cleaning service performed, the clog will be removed safely, allowing the water to flow freely down the drain.

#2 Prevent Standing Water

A significant clog in the drainpipe can make it impossible for the water to go down the drain, and you won’t be able to use the tub, sink, or washing machine. A drain cleaning service can remove the entire clog safely, allowing the water to drain. In addition, having a drain service performed regularly will remove small clogs before they escalate to a major clog, preventing the water from going down the drain.

#3 Prevent Noisy Drains

Do the drains in your home gurgle when the water goes down? If so, you may have a serious problem. When large clogs build up in the drainpipe, the water will need to change directions to get through the drainpipe. When the water changes directions, it creates air in the pipes, causing a gurgling sound. It is easy to ignore this issue; however, letting it go for too long will result in a completely clogged drain, and the water won’t go down at all.

A drain cleaning service will remove the clogs in the drainpipe and will quiet your drains.

#4 Prevent Frequent Clogs

Have you noticed that the drains in your home become clogged frequently? Are you using a liquid drain cleaner only to find the clog returns? There is a reason for this. Liquid drain cleaners can break up a clog allowing the water to drain; however, there is no guarantee the entire clog has been removed. If it hasn’t, it won’t be long before the clog returns, and the water drains slowly again.

Having a drain cleaning service performed will ensure the entire clog has been removed and take care of the frequent clogs once and for all.

#5 Multiple Drain Clogs

A sink or tub drain is a frustrating problem; however, if the toilet, sinks, and bathtub drains are all clogged, you have a serious problem on your hands. When every drain in your Bedford, TX home is clogged, it can make life in your home very inconvenient.

Multiple drain clogs signify a clog in the main drainage line or the main sewer line. Fortunately, these clogs can easily be removed during a drain cleaning service. When the plumber finishes, the water will flow freely down every drain in your house.

#6 Eradicate Foul Odors

Do you smell something foul in your kitchen and cannot find the source? If so, your drains could be to blame. When food and grease clog the drain, it can start to spoil, creating a foul odor. There could also be mold growth in the pipes that not only smells bad but can also be hazardous to your family’s health.

Having a drain cleaning service performed regularly will remove clogs and mold from the drainpipe, and your kitchen will smell fresh and clean again.

#7 Rid Your Home of Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies may be tiny, but they are still a major nuisance. If you have a fruit fly problem in your kitchen and don’t have a bowl of rotting fruit or a vase of dying flowers on the counter, they could be coming up from the drain.

When food and grease clog the drain, it creates the perfect environment and breeding ground for fruit flies. There are DIY remedies to rid your home of fruit flies; however, these remedies are just temporary solutions. If you don’t use the DIY remedy daily, the fruit flies will return.

The best way to rid your home of fruit flies for good is by having a drain cleaning performed regularly. During the drain cleaning, the plumber will remove the clogs, even the smallest ones, and your drains will no longer be a hospitable environment for fruit flies.

#8 Prevent Toilet Overflows

The toilet in your home can become clogged when you flush something down the drain that you shouldn’t have. The same is true if you flush too much waste and toilet paper down the toilet.

In many cases, the clog can be removed with a plunger. The plunger will break up the clog enough that it passes through the drainpipe. If you tried the plunger and you still can’t flush without the toilet overflowing, you should schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service. The service will allow the plumber to find the location of the clog so it can be removed, allowing you to flush the toilet without worrying about it overflowing, causing a flood in your bathroom.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you are due for a drain cleaning service, schedule an appointment with Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service plumbing company, and we also provide electrical, glass, and sub-contracting services.

We have been serving customers in the area since 1953 and are a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association.

Our plumbers are professionally trained, licensed, and insured. In addition, they are required to pass a background check and a drug test before they are hired, so our customers feel safe when they let our plumbers into their homes. The plumber will arrive at your Bedford, TX home in a fully-stocked truck, allowing them to make most plumbing repairs the same day.

To schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service or any other service we provide, give us a call today.

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People have been fascinated by linear shower drains that allow new ways to design and experience your shower space, along with amazing new showerheads and other plumbing innovations that add to your enjoyment of your home. At Tioga Contractors, our plumbers enjoy creating new spaces for you and features for your Irving, TX home with our plumbing skills, while still being the plumbers you call for repairs, plumbing emergencies, and other important needs. Our versatile team of plumbers provides the area with both residential and commercial plumbing services, so we have a broader range of skills and ideas from which to pull to create the plumbing solutions that your home needs. A remodeled master bathroom or kitchen is a great way to celebrate anniversaries or even as a fresh start in a new home, and revising kids’ and guest bathrooms can help them serve you better and save more water than older fixtures.

Master Bathroom Opportunities

Many homeowners are upgrading their master bathrooms with showers and baths that go back to the old days when bathing was a luxury, not part of the morning rush. Adding space, light, and color to your shower space can help with relaxation, and there are shower systems that provide linear Infinity drains and a stone bench on which to lie down while water drizzles from above like rain and rolls away. New, efficient toilets provide comforts like built-in warmth and a bidet for cleanliness, an increasingly common option in the US and almost a standard in much of Europe. Touchless faucets let you focus on brushing your teeth, shaving, and other activities while they await your hands to dispense the water you need, then stop until you require more. They also save hundreds of gallons of water per year, just from that small difference in flow.

Outstanding Water Saving Choices

WaterSense labeling is the EPAs way of recognizing water-saving devices, which help, along with plumbing leak repairs, to reduce the hundreds of billions of gallons wasted per year. While you’re upgrading your shower, toilet, and sink faucet, you can be adding efficiency that saves on your water bill and helps reduce the water demand locally. Technology has reached the point where it’s helping to keep plumbing effectively doing its job, even when it’s more efficient with water use.

Kids’ Bathrooms that Stand Up to Heavy Use

If you have kids, the EPA says you can save thousands of gallons of water per year by replacing their toilets with newer WaterSense models. Replacing an older low-flow showerhead with one that’s more effective with less water can help speed up the morning rush, and an automatic touchless faucet might be a good idea so the water doesn’t get left running. In fact, for younger kids, many parents install a leak sensor in case there are water problems in the bathroom, so they can be remedied promptly. Don’t forget strainers or other protection for the drains, to keep the emergency plumbing calls down.

Guest Bathrooms May Have Special Plumbing Needs

Guest bathrooms are often unused most of the year, and so their plumbing tends to need attention because of disuse, which can lead to stuck faucets and dried drain traps. Our plumbers can check to make sure everything is in good shape and help you keep the drain trap in good shape so you don’t get odors backing up through it.

Kitchen Upgrades, Conveniences, and Water Conservation

A more powerful garbage disposal is a great idea, especially if you have the original unit installed by the home builder which is often underpowered. Having our plumber replace your dishwasher has more benefits than you probably realize since newer units provide many options for better cleaning and more efficient water usage. Best of all, some models are carefully engineered so that they are nearly silent when operating. When you’ve loaded the dishes after a holiday dinner, everyone can stand around and chat, and not relocate because the dishwasher is too loud. A big advantage of having our professionals install your new unit is our expert approach: we make sure the connections are correct and carefully done, and if any protective valves or air gap protection are missing, we make sure the job is finished correctly.

Remodeling and Step-by-Step Upgrades

Drain Cleaning Service as a Clean Sweep for Your Plumbing

If you’ve been calling an emergency plumber for drain problems on a regular basis, it might be time to consider preventive measures. One important one is a whole house drain cleaning service, where our plumbers use a variety of techniques to inspect your drain pipes and clear clogs, even the ones deep down that are often the root cause of smaller clogs in sinks and toilets. This can help speed your drains, avoid the growth of bacteria in sink drains and pipes, and help you enjoy your plumbing without slow-draining sinks and showers that leave your feet covered in water that’s slowly flowing out.

Hot Water Solutions

What good are great showers without great hot water? Our plumbers can make sure your existing water heater is in top shape, or install a whole-house tankless water heater that keeps on flowing and keeps your family from competing for shower time. We can also provide small tankless water heaters for quick, independently temperature-controlled hot water for your master bathroom or kitchen sink. You won’t have to wait and waste water as hot water travels up from your basement.

Taking Care of the Details

Your Creative, Experienced Professional Plumber Serving Irving, TX

Our team at Tioga Contractors helps homeowners in Irving, TX come up with ways to renew their homes with plumbing that saves water and helps the family look forward to their morning routines and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Contact us for repairs and other plumbing services as well, and let us help you get the most out of your home’s plumbing. Call today.

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Are you considering smart home devices for your house? If you’ve been struggling to plug in phone chargers, networking gear, and other new equipment for your not-so-new home, adding smart home equipment is going to make you wish you had a home designed for all this equipment, with wiring and electrical outlets planned to support your lifestyle. What you need is electrical contractors in Arlington, TX who can relate, and can design an upgrade for your home to handle these items along with home theater and other AV equipment, smart appliances, built-in control panels, and much more. Tioga Contractors are the electrical contractors you’re looking for, ready to blend your smart home and other tech equipment into your existing wiring, and run wiring for Wi-Fi access points and other support gear to make sure it all works reliably.

Electrical Outlets Versus Endless Expansion with Extension Cords, a Safety Issue

With smart devices, there’s even more of a temptation to use expansion devices to get the space you need to plug them in. The usual cautions apply, though, because extension cords and even power strips don’t provide all the protections that outlets do. They are more easily subject to damage including wear, even if the cords are routed under rugs which actually hide damage and make the risk of fire or shock harder to notice. Liquids can more easily enter these devices, they usually don’t provide the child-resistant features that modern outlets do, and of course, they make it easier to overload circuits or even their own wires if higher-powered equipment is in use.

In addition to these factors, orderly wiring is always a priority of ours as safety-oriented electrical contractors, and extension devices typically aren’t orderly or easy to handle. Our electrical contractors can install dual or quad outlets, including those with additional features such as network connections, that will last a long time without so many risks, and we can add what you need. Our expert electricians can even add additional circuits where you need them, efficiently and professionally. If you’re using power strips for their surge protection, here’s a suggestion for improving your protection: we can add whole-house surge and lightning protection that covers even that smart speaker in the kitchen or bathroom where you don’t use a power strip because of the nearby water.

Conveniently Located Power for Smart Devices

Smart speakers, lights, and displays need to be convenient, and sometimes having to plug them in leads to inconvenient locations or long wire stretches. If you’ve decided where you want them, why not have our electrical contractors put in electrical outlets right there? It gives your home a customized feel and makes it easy to upgrade your devices when the time comes. We can also install wiring for smart panels that mount in your wall, allowing you to control your home and check the weather or whatever else your devices offer, whenever you’re passing by.

If your home is older and doesn’t have all the protections that modern wiring offers, our electricians can help with that at the same time, adding GFCI outlets for kitchens, bathrooms, and outside, or on a per-circuit basis since the feature is available built-in with some circuit breakers. There’s also AFCI, offered alone or in combination on your circuit breakers, that “listens” for signs of trouble like loose and shorting wires, and shuts off power before a fire gets started from the wiring problem. Our electrical contractors can then perform a simple service of locating and fixing the fault, rather than repairing damaged wiring or worse if things get out of hand.

Networks and Other Low-Power Wiring

As electricians, we’re experienced with all types of high and lower power wiring and equipment, and artists at running wires through your walls and in other spaces, out of sight. If you need to run network cabling to support multiple Wi-Fi access points in your larger home, we can help do so effectively, with careful attention to factors that many people don’t consider, like the special ratings that cables have for walls and ceilings that affect your family’s safety in case of fire.

Smart Fixtures and Other Updates to Your Family’s Home

For smart lighting fixtures, installing smart bulbs in locations that require some skill to reach, and other smart home updates that require electrician expertise, we’re ready to help get them in place professionally, whether it’s recessed lighting, accent lighting outside your home, yard or patio lights, or smart speakers installed for a smooth, professional look with wires concealed.

When Your Smart Home, Learning, and Entertainment Technologies Merge, We Can Help

If you’ve been adapting to the existing wiring in your home, we can help. Limitations for many homeowners include standardized outlet distribution from years ago, lack of wiring for networks and AV, and a need to do more wirelessly than you are comfortable with or are able to make perform well. Let our expert team design a new wiring plan for your home and install the connections you need for the speed, security, and enjoyment that you and your family want. That includes home office features that bring your home up to the standards that we follow in commercial buildings we service.

Electrical Contractors for All Your Technology Wiring Needs in Arlington, TX

Hire the same electrical contractors that area companies, as well as homeowners, trust to keep their wiring up to date, safe, and reliable. From upgrades to support appliances and high power usage like EV charging stations, to convenient and safety-oriented home electrical circuit wiring, panel upgrades, and replacements, and low-power wiring for networks and other systems, we’ve done it all. Our electricians, planners, and other professionals work together to make sure your home’s features are just what you want and need. At Tioga Contractors, we’re the electrical contractors of choice for Arlington, TX. Give us a call today and find out all we can do for you!

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Although the water heater in your Bedford, TX home is technically an appliance, it is still an essential part of your plumbing system. The water coming into your home is cold, and your water heater heats and stores the water, so it is available when you need it.

Water heater issues are serious because they can affect the water temperature, make the water unsafe for use, and can damage your home. You rely on hot water to perform many daily activities. Your hot water-based appliances need hot water to function at peak performance; therefore, your water heater should be repaired immediately if there is a problem.

If your water heater is experiencing any of the following issues, a plumber specializing in water heater repair can help.

#1 No Hot Water

If you have no hot water, even after letting it run for a while, you may need to call a plumber specializing in water heater repair.

Before making the call, you should check a few things to prevent paying for an unnecessary service call. If you have an electric water heater, make sure that the unit has power. If you have an oil-fueled water heater, make sure there is oil in the tank. If your water heater runs on gas or propane, check the fuel tank to ensure it isn’t empty.

If everything checks out, it is time to schedule an appointment for a repair. The most common cause of a lack of hot water is a faulty heating element, making it impossible for the water to heat up. If your water heater is over ten years old, it may be nearing the end of its lifespan and can no longer function efficiently.

#2 The Water Isn’t Hot Enough

If the water coming from the faucets and showerheads in your home isn’t getting hot enough, check the thermostat setting. It is recommended to keep the thermostat set to 120 to 140 degrees. If the thermostat isn’t set correctly, adjusting it should solve the problem. If the thermostat is set correctly, you should call a water heater repair company.

There could be an issue with the thermostat or the heating element, making it impossible for the water to reach the desired temperature. A professional in water heaters can inspect the unit to find the problem so it can be resolved.

#3 You Frequently Run Out of Hot Water

The water heater in your Bedford, TX home holds enough water for at least four showers. If the water frequently gets cold mid-shower, you should call a plumber specializing in water heater repair.

The first question the plumber will ask is if someone new moved into your home. They will also ask if you recently installed your first dishwasher or washing machine. If you said yes to either question, your hot water demand would increase, and your water heater may not be large enough to keep up with your family’s hot water demand. This would require replacing the unit with a larger model or a tankless water heater that provides hot water only when you need it.

If your home situation hasn’t changed, there could be significant amounts of sediment in the water tank, and there won’t be as much space for hot water storage, causing you to run out quickly. If the sediment cannot be removed, you will need to replace the water heater.

#4 Reduced Hot Water Pressure

Inadequate hot water pressure can make simple tasks take longer than necessary, such as washing your hair and washing the dishes. In addition, your dishwasher and washing machine needs adequate hot water pressure to function at peak performance.

If the hot water pressure in your Bedford, TX home has suddenly reduced, you should schedule an appointment for water heater repair.

When sediment builds up in the water tank, it can clog the waterline, reducing the water pressure. A professional in water heater repair can try to clear the waterline, but if they can’t remove the sediment from the tank, it won’t be long before the waterline clogs again, and you will need to replace the water heater.

#5 Discolored Hot Water

The hot water coming from the taps in your home should be clear. If it has a brownish tint, schedule an appointment for water heater repair immediately.

When sediment builds up in the tank, it can break apart, contaminating the water. If your water heater is over ten years old, the inside of the tank could be breaking down, and tiny pieces of metal and other deposits can contaminate the water.

It isn’t safe to use discolored, contaminated water; therefore, you should call a professional in water heater repair right away. If you absolutely must use the water, you should boil it first until the problem has been resolved.

#6 Strange Sounds

Your water heater should be whisper quiet when it runs, and if you hear banging or clanging sounds coming from the unit, you should schedule an appointment for water heater repair.

When large pieces of sediment build up in the tank, it can bang against the sides. If you ignore the problem, the sediment can crack the water tank, causing a flood in your home.

A plumber can try to remove the sediment; however, you will need to replace the water heater if they can’t.

#7 Moisture or Water Pooling

The area around your water heater should be dry. If there is moisture or water pooling around the unit, you should call an emergency plumber.

Moisture often indicates a loose or cracked hose. While this is an easy fix, waiting to call a plumber can result in water damage or mold growth around the unit.

If water is pooling around the unit, it indicates a leak in the tank, and the unit should be replaced immediately to prevent a flood in your home.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If your water heater isn’t working correctly, call Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service plumbing, electric, and glass company, serving customers in the area since 1953.

Our plumbers are professionally trained, highly skilled and must pass a background check and a drug test before they are hired. When we send a plumber to your home, they will be in a fully-stocked truck, allowing them to make many repairs the same day.

If you need to have your water heater repaired, give us a call or book online.

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Even modern gas water heaters rely on electricity for operation, because it supplies their control mechanisms and often the burner ignition circuits as well since pilot lights are being replaced by electronic sparks. At Tioga Contractors, we know that checking the power supply can be an effective first step in water heater repair and diagnosis, no matter what type of unit your Arlington, TX home has. For those who use electricity as their primary source of heat, for traditional tank-based units, or as backup, in hybrid units, it’s important to make sure there’s sufficient power as well. For electric tankless water heaters, their reduced overall energy usage is complemented by much higher energy usage for a short period of time, and they often require special high-capacity circuits. Tracing the role of electric power in each type of water heater repair can often lead to solutions for insufficient heating or other problems. Each unit has its own unique plumbing problems as well, and symptoms of tank pressure, leaking, and other plumbing-related issues. These require careful attention to avoid water release and damage near the unit, especially for tank-based units containing 40 gallons or more of hot water.

Needing a Light

Most modern gas-fueled water heaters use electronic ignition rather than a standing pilot light to ignite the burner, and for both tank-based and tankless water heater repair, this could involve repair or replacement of the igniter assembly and its power supply. Because of this new ignition system, homeowners should not attempt to manually light their water heater as they could in the past. For water heaters with a pilot light, failure to heat the water may be because the gas supply is interrupted by a mechanism that includes a thermocouple monitoring the status of the pilot light.

Control System Problems

All but the most basic water heater systems use a control system to more efficiently operate their heating mechanism, especially for hybrid water heaters and tankless water heaters which use intelligent decision processes to optimize performance, and a collection of sensors to ensure proper operation. The hybrid water heater may switch from heat pump compressor-based operation to a backup electric heater when the primary method is not sufficient due to ambient air temperature or other problems requiring water heater repair. It’s possible that this failover mechanism might reveal that the backup heating element is not working properly, due to element, electrical connection, or thermostat trouble, and require water heater repair only when that specific situation where heat pump operation is not available occurs.

Circuit Breaker and Wiring Problems

Focusing on the water heater malfunction, customers may not realize that a problem with the electrical wiring or circuit breaker is the initial source of the trouble. It’s important not to continue to reset the circuit breaker to resolve water heater repair problems since the circuit breaker itself could be faulty and needs a replacement for safety reasons. Frequent resets could also indicate a transient electrical problem in the water heater as well, which should be addressed to avoid further damage as well as circuit breaker wear. Wiring problems could include corrosion of the water heater wiring or loose connections, both safety hazards that could result in electric shock or fire hazard. For a tankless water heater, the current involved in the operation is usually significantly higher than that for a tank-based unit, and it is even more essential to ensure that proper, clean connections are in place without corrosion or other defects, because of the high power involved. Intermittent water heater problems or failure to maintain adequate temperature may be the result of power problems in electric units.

Thermostat Controls

Problems with thermostat devices can result in low hot water temperature or dangerously high water temperature. Most electric tank-based water heaters have two sets of heating elements and thermostats, and failure to heat or shut down because of overheating on either one can leave the other one providing heat directly to only half the tank, slowly extending to the other half with the inactive heater. This can result in strange hot water supply problems, such as a long supply of cool or lukewarm water followed by a half-tank’s worth of hot water, or the reverse, hot water released first, but in a reduced quantity, followed by cooler water. This corresponds to the upper and lower sections of the tank, with hot water being drawn from the top where a shut-off valve is present. Overtemperature situations should be handled by the thermostat, with the pressure and temperature relief valve providing a backup to prevent the risk of the tank rupturing or even exploding.

Tankless Sensor Issues

Tankless water heaters last much longer than tank-based units because they have a fairly simple design without a tank holding water that can cause accelerated corrosion, especially if the anode rod is not in good condition. The tankless water heater relies on a control system and a collection of sensors that provide information such as the water flow rate, which tells the water heater to begin heating quickly when a tap is opened sufficiently, usually halfway, on the house’s hot water plumbing. Temperature sensors and a variety of safety sensors depending on whether the unit is electric or gas-powered, allow the control system to properly manage the unit’s operation. A sensor that monitors vent airflow reminds the owner when the filter has become clogged, and if the filter is not cleaned, eventually shuts the water heater down for safety. Except for basic maintenance of the filter and descaling to protect the heating elements, tankless water heaters tend to have limited repair needs, possibly sensors or heating element replacement later.

Your Expert Water Heater Repair Team in Arlington, TX

Tioga Contractors is your plumbing and water heater repair team, with access to highly skilled electricians if your water heater repair requires them in Arlington, TX. Give us a call for expert water heater service today!

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In Irving, TX, it is very common to hear a person referring to an electrical contractor as an electrician and vice versa. These two terms are often used interchangeably and may imply the same thing to a layperson.

However, there is a significant difference between a contractor and an electrician that we will later see in this blog. Most states even have different licensing requirements for a contractor and electrician.

At one point, a contractor was seen as a licensed top electrician or one registered as a contractor with master electricians working under him. But digging deep into the tasks of an electrical contractor enables you to understand that there are much more than these common assumptions.

If you enjoy working with your hands and solving technical issues, you will most likely fit in the contractor job category. The profession has massively grown, and today’s contractors play critical roles in home constructions and other large commercial projects.

At Tioga Contractors, our contractors are not left behind. We have a team of professional and highly qualified staff who will design, install, and maintain any wiring and electrical system within your home and business premises.

Let’s now have a look at who a contractor is and what their job entails.

What Is an Electrical Contractor?

The easiest and most understandable definition of an electrical contractor to a layman is a person or firm that carries out specialized electrical construction tasks. Usually, this type of work involves designing, installing, and maintaining an electrical system.

Some contractors prefer majoring in a particular electrical field, such as either construction or maintenance, while others prefer focusing on both. Whichever field they choose to settle in, what matters is their competence and workmanship.

It is the duty of a contractor to ensure that they carry out their tasks in a safe, effective, and environment-friendly manner.

A professional contractor should also be competent enough in the field to clearly read and interpret diagrams and blueprints to understand the layout for breaker boxes and wiring for the project they are undertaking.

What Does an Electrical Contractor Do?

This contractor is versatile in his field and can handle any electrical task involving installing and maintaining an electrical unit, depending on their area of expertise. The maintenance tasks include inspecting appliances, repairing or replacing worn-out parts, and restoring function to electrical systems. The contractor also has to handle heavy equipment and powerful tools and install wiring for your home.

Whenever you hire Tioga Contractors, our artisans will start the project and foresee the electrical construction till the end while giving professional input regarding the constructability of the design and offering changes to make the design workable. Providing a workable alternative plan with better details is crucial, especially before the approval of the project.

Once you approve the design and budget and provide permit and liability insurance, our electrical contractor can proceed with the work schedule and the construction process.

Aside from installing and maintaining electrical systems, our Irving, TX, contractors also offer administrative duties and serve as customer service agents. The administrative and service duties involve client consulting, appointment scheduling, and paperwork handling.

Electrical Contractor Versus an Electrician

As mentioned before, sometimes, people and businesses tend to use these terms interchangeably. Generally, an electrician is a technician trained and licensed to do any electrical work. They are versatile and may offer freelance services, work for an electrical company, or work under a contractor. Tioga Contractors is privileged to work with a team of competent electricians offering a range of electrical services for your home and business.

Therefore, while an electrician often refers to an individual entity, an electrical contractor implies a business. Most electricians always start as trainees.

Before beginning their apprenticeship program, electricians should have attended a trade school. Depending on the trainee’s state, some may need to have an apprentice license. Once they complete their electrical repair and installation training, they can now have a license and work as a journeyman. They can then choose to further their studies and become master electricians.

An Electrical Contractor’s Work Environment

At Tioga Contractors, our contractors work in different settings under diverse situations. Depending on their field of expertise, some artisans may work in home settings while others work for businesses and industries. Others also work on construction sites with heavy and powerful machines.

Like any other technical field, the contractor’s work environment may come with many challenges. Sometimes the workstation may be too small for the contractor to comfortably fit in, while in some cases, they may stand on their feet or kneel for hours to finish their electrical tasks. In other cases, they may work in offices and handle a lot of paperwork.

All licensed contractors at Tioga contractors proudly carry out their tasks in whichever condition and field they have majored in. Due to our workers’ competency and efficiency, we offer the best electrical services.

Basic Skill Requirements for an Electrical Contractor

To be a certified and efficient contractor, it is necessary to combine hard and soft skills.

Technical knowledge will enable you to work safely with any electrical unit while critical thinking makes it possible to gather information, think wisely through electrical problems, and develop suitable strategies to solve these problems.

Another essential skill for a contractor is attention to detail that quickly notices hazards and avoids dangerous situations. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are also necessary when working with other professionals and consulting with clients.

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