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A regular person could wonder if there’s any actual difference between an electrical contractor and an electrician. This is mostly because the work each professional performs may seem similar to them. Below, we will point out the differences between each one and their importance to the electrical and construction industry in Irving, TX. So, if you’re curious about the differences between each one of these pros, read on and find out what they are and what they do.

Defining an Electrical Contractor

In a few simple words, an electrical contractor is a company or businessperson that carries out specialized electrical tasks for the construction industry. Oftentimes, these tasks are directly related to the design and installation of electrical systems, including their maintenance and repair. These professionals are also tasked with the responsibility of making sure these electrical installations work appropriately in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, their primary responsibility is that all state and federal safety requirements are followed in each installation.

What Is the Most Important Task of an Electrical Contractor?

As we have already mentioned, an electrical contractor can carry out a large number of tasks, some of which will depend exclusively on the area they have specialized in. Some of the most important tasks performed by these professionals start with the design of a certain project, which includes making plans that are highly detailed. This work is possibly one of the most important tasks that must be performed before construction even begins. Once the design and the budget are approved, they must get all the necessary permits and required insurance policies in order to start working on the project.

What Is the Main Difference Between an Electrical Contractor and an Electrician?

The main difference between these two professionals can be hard to distinguish, but an electrician is usually trained in the performance of electrical work and has obtained a license to do so. In many cases, an electrician will work independently or can be hired by a construction company or a contractor. On the other hand, the term “contractor” almost always refers to an Irving, TX company or business itself, while the term “electrician” refers to a person.

For an electrician to become licensed, they must study at a trade school and then become an apprentice. Once their hands-on training in the repair and installation of electrical systems is finished, they can become licensed and start working as journeymen. At this point, an electrician can continue their formal education in order to become a master of the trade. They can also choose a specialty, which means they have to decide whether they will work with high voltage or low voltage systems and installations, among other things.

With this in mind, it becomes easy to differentiate between an electrician and an electrical contractor because the first is a person and the second is a company.

What Skills and Traits Does an Electrical Contractor Need?

In order to become a successful contractor, there are several necessary skills an electrician working for a contractor company must have, including the following:

  • Healthy color vision – Because the majority of electrical systems require color-coded wires, contractors and electricians must be able to distinguish between them in order to be able to work safely while producing high-quality results. This doesn’t mean that electricians and contractors can’t be color-blind, especially because there are ways to make up for the lack by using labeled wiring and relying on numerical values. Even so, having a healthy color vision is one of the most important physical requirements to be able to work in the electrical field, so color blindness can be an almost impossible barrier to cross when an electrician is looking to become a contractor.
  • Excellent communication skills – Contractors in all fields should be good communicators. This is especially true in the electrical sector, where communication skills are necessary in order to convey instructions and expectations in a clear and professional manner. Whether they are talking to clients or giving instructions to their employees and colleagues, communication skills are a must-have for contractors.
  • Physical fitness and a high endurance capacity – One of the most important characteristics of contractors is they must be physically fit, strong and able to spend long hours standing on their feet. They must also be able to lift heavy objects and equipment while moving around to work in places that are hard to reach, as well as constantly climbing up and down ladders, so their physical capacity should always be in optimal condition in order to perform their tasks adequately and safely. This makes physical health one of a contractor’s biggest assets.
  • Great attention to detail – Being able to pay attention to all types of details will ensure a contractor performs high-quality work, as well as perform safely. Keep in mind that electrical work involves the use of equipment that can be dangerous, so contractors should pay great attention to any issues that can create hazards at job sites.
  • General understanding of business management – Because many electricians choose to run their own contracting business, a general understanding of business management is one of the most important traits they should have. This includes having basic knowledge of accounting, management of human resources, budgeting and estimating the cost of projects. To the layman, this trait may not seem to be related to electrical work, but to a contractor, they can be the turning point between a highly successful business and a failing company.
  • Fine motor skills and a high level of dexterity – Because of the very nature of electrical work, contractors should have good motor skills and a high level of confidence to be able to handle their tools and equipment in a safe manner, including wire strippers, pliers, power tools and much more.

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The plumbing system in your Irving, TX home consists of three parts. The first is the water delivery system, which brings clean, treated water into your home. The second part is the drainage system, which is responsible for removing water and waste from the house. The third part is the fixtures and appliances, including the pipes, fittings, and water-based appliances.

The plumbing system is essential for your daily life; therefore, you should do whatever possible to ensure it remains healthy and functions properly. One way to do this is by having a drain cleaning service performed every year. There are several benefits of having the drains cleaned regularly, and if you aren’t sure if this service is worth the time and money, read on.

#1 Prevent Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are one of the most common plumbing problems, and clogs can affect the way you perform daily household tasks in your home.

Small clogs cause the water to drain slowly, which can be a hassle when you do something that requires the water to run, such as taking a shower. When the shower runs, the clog will prevent it from draining quickly, and when you finish, you’ll find yourself standing in several inches of water.

Large clogs are an even bigger problem because the clog can prevent the water from draining, and you can’t use the sink or tub until you can schedule an appointment with a plumber to remove the clog.

Multiple drain clogs aren’t caused by small clogs that occur simultaneously in every sink and faucet. The most common cause of numerous drain clogs is a clogged sewer line. When toilet paper and waste clog the sewer line, the water will drain slowly into every other drain in your home.

Clogs are a significant inconvenience, and an annual drain cleaning service can prevent small and large clogs and clogs in the sewer line between cleanings.

#2 Quiet Noisy Drains

When running the water in your Irving, TX home, it should flow freely and quietly down the drain. If you hear a gurgling sound when the water drains, it indicates a significant clog. Even though the water still drains, there is likely a clog in the drain.

When a large clog forms and the water cannot pass the clog, it will change directions to find another route to pass the clog. The change in direction creates an air pocket in the pipe that causes a gurgling sound.

A yearly drain cleaning service will eliminate clogs and gunk build-up in the pipes, quieting the drains while preventing clogs.

#3 Prevent Toilet Overflows

If something is flushed down the toilet in your home that shouldn’t have been, it will cause the toilet to overflow if you continue trying to flush. However, if the toilet overflows for no reason, there’s likely a drainage issue.

When toilet paper and waste create a clog deep down in the drainpipe, a plunger won’t be effective, and the toilet will overflow when you flush, causing a nasty mess all over your bathroom floor. An overflowing toilet can also cause significant water damage and mold growth in the bathroom, which can be expensive to fix.

An annual drain cleaning will prevent clogs like this from occurring, ensuring the toilet won’t overflow when you flush the toilet.

#4 Eliminate Fruit Flies

Do you have a fruit fly problem in your home and can’t figure out where they’re coming from? If you don’t have fruit or a vase of flowers in the kitchen, your drains are likely to blame.

When food and grease build-up on the inside of the pipes, it creates a hospitable environment for fruit flies. They will create a home in the drain and are a nuisance when they fly out in your face.

There are thousands of home remedies online that claim to rid your home of fruit flies; however, home remedies just mask the problem, and if you don’t treat the drains daily, the fruit flies will return.

The best way to eliminate the problem for good is by having a drain cleaning service performed. A plumber will remove the food and grease buildup inside the pipes, and your drains will no longer be a hospitable environment for fruit flies.

#5 Eliminate Nasty Odors

Is there a nasty smell in your kitchen and you can’t find the cause? If so, the drain could be to blame. Any food and grease built up in the pipes will start to spoil, creating a foul odor. There could also be mold in the drain, creating a nasty smell.

An annual drain cleaning service will ensure everything is removed from inside the pipes, keeping the kitchen in your home smelling clean and fresh between yearly cleanings.

#6 Saves Money

Having an annual drain cleaning service performed can save you money in the long run. Plumbers charge between $45 to $200 per hour, and many also charge a trip fee. The plumbing bills will add up if you have to call a plumber two or three times a year to remove a clog.

A yearly drain cleaning service ranges from $250 to $500, which is less expensive than hiring a plumber to remove a clog a few times a year.

Call Tioga Contractors Today

If you’re overdue for a drain cleaning service or have never had the drains in your Irving, TX home professionally cleaned, call Tioga Contractors. We are a family-owned and operated plumbing and electric company, serving customers in the area since 1953, and are members of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association.

Our plumbers have thousands of hours of professional training and are highly skilled and qualified to handle any plumbing or electrical problem, regardless of how complex.

Plumbing issues can arise at the most inconvenient times, so we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have a plumbing issue that can’t wait until we have an available appointment, we’ll quickly get a plumber to your home to resolve the problem.

We have an excellent reputation in the community and the industry. We have a 5-star rating on Google, and are an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. In 2017 Home Advisor named us the 2017 winner of their Best Of Award, and we are a Screened & Approved business on the platform and are listed as an Elite and Tip Rated Service.

If you need to schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service or any other service we provide, give Tioga Contractors a call today.

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Have you ever thought of how a plumbing system would work without a properly functioning drainage? How would you manage all the wastewater generated from the various activities in your Bedford, TX home? If you think about it, you will agree with us that it drains from one of the most important sections of your home’s plumbing system. However, it is worth noting that drains are exposed to more dangers than other sections of your plumbing, and this explains why most plumbing repairs involve the drainage system. The good news is that you can avoid most drainage problems by subjecting your drains to regular maintenance. Most importantly, you need to work with a professional drain cleaning service to keep your drains in good shape for your plumbing system to continue working as it should. But since many people rarely think about their drainage systems unless there is a problem, they end up neglecting their drains. But what can happen if you fail to work with a drain cleaning service to keep your drains in good shape? Below is a rundown of the main dangers of neglecting your drains.

Foul Odors in Your House

Neglected drains provide an excellent environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. This is because neglecting your drains causes the wastewater to stay in the drains for much longer, providing bacteria with enough food and water. Unfortunately, as bacteria break down the organic matter in the wastewater within the drains, they can produce a foul smell that will eventually find its way into your home. A lot of homeowners try to respond to this issue by keeping their doors and windows open or applying air fresheners, but the truth is that unless the source of the problem is addressed, the foul odor tends to persist. The only decisive solution is to work with a professional drain cleaning service to ensure that your drains are cleaned regularly. This way, you can get rid of the conditions that allow bacteria in the drains to thrive and consequently keep your house smelling nice and fresh.

Poor Health

Dirty drains are known to harbor a wide variety of microbes and drain pests. Examples of microbes found in dirty drains include Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, and Staphylococcus aureus. Dirty drains are also known to harbor pests such as cockroaches, sewage flies, fruit flies, and moth flies, among others. Unfortunately, if some of these pests and microbes find their way into your house, they can contaminate your food, water, or air, and put your family at the risk of getting ill. Therefore, neglecting your drains and failing to work with a professional drain cleaning service to keep them clean can pose a serious health hazard in your home. Therefore, for you to keep your family healthy, it is advisable to work with a professional drain cleaning service to keep your drains clean and unfavorable for the survival of drain pests and pathogens.

Your Home Might Get Damaged

Dirty drains can also take a toll on the structural integrity of your Bedford, TX house. This is because dirty drains are quite susceptible to clogs and leaks. Unfortunately, leaks and clogs can create dampness that might encourage the growth of mold and consequently weaken your home’s structure. If the leaking drain pipe is below your home’s slab foundation, the consequences can even be direr. This is because the leak will weaken the ground on which your home stands, meaning that your home’s slab foundation might shift and crack. If the issue is not resolved promptly, the walls of your home might also crack and crumble. To avoid such a devastating situation, it is imperative for you to work with a professional drain cleaning service to keep your drainage system in good shape. This way, you will minimize the rate of pipe corrosion to prevent the development of leaks. You will also prevent the occurrence of drain clogs that might put your home at the risk of getting flooded.

The Plumbing System Might Get Damaged

Modern plumbing systems are quite reliable. They can last for up to 70 years or more. However, for your plumbing system to last as long as the manufacturer projected, it must be subjected to regular maintenance. For instance, for your plumbing system to continue serving you for many years to come, you will need to work with a professional drain cleaning service to keep your drainage system in good shape. If you fail to do this, several things might go wrong. For instance, the drainage system will become more exposed to more corrosive elements, which will significantly increase its rate of wear and tear. Therefore, neglected drains will wear out more rapidly, meaning that if you fail to work with a professional drain cleaning to keep your drains in good shape, you might be forced to replace your plumbing system sooner than expected. Unfortunately, repiping your house is extremely expensive, and therefore, you need to do everything possible to add more years to the life of your plumbing system.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that for your drains to continue working efficiently and optimally, you need to work with a professional drain cleaning service to take good care of them. This is because neglecting your drains can lead to many severe consequences. For instance, neglected drains can damage your house and put your family’s health at risk. Besides, dirty drains can bring a foul odor to your home and reduce the longevity of your plumbing system. Therefore, the consequences of failing to keep your drains clean can be extremely expensive. If you are looking for a dependable plumber providing drain cleaning in or around Bedford, TX, Tioga Contractors is an excellent plumbing company to consider. We have been taking care of drains for many years, and we are a household name in our community. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and drain cleaning services.

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Owning a home in Keller, TX, is a tremendous investment. You have to worry about the mortgage and repairs and renovations necessary to keep your home in top condition. Many homeowners choose to take on these projects themselves to save money. However, some jobs are best left to professionals – like plumbing. Here are several home renovation projects that you should hire a plumber to complete:

Install a New Water Heater

If your water heater is over ten years old, it’s time to upgrade. A new water heater can improve your home’s energy efficiency and provide hot water on demand. Plumbers can help you choose the right size and type of water heater for your home and then install it correctly to avoid any leaks. This minor home update can significantly save you on each month’s energy bill.

Replace Old or Damaged Pipes

Is your home over 50 years old? There’s a good chance that the pipes show their age. Plumbing made from lead is especially prone to deterioration and should be replaced as soon as possible. Even if your lines aren’t lead-based, they may still be outdated and need replacement. A professional plumber can help you determine if your pipes need to be replaced and then do the job quickly and efficiently.

Install a New Faucet or Sink

A new sink or faucet can make a big difference in your Keller, TX, kitchen, or bathroom. It can update the look of the room and improve function. If you’re unsure which style would work best in your space. Another popular consideration is touchless faucets to reduce the spread of germs. A plumbing professional can help you choose the perfect option and install it properly.

Add a Bidet

A bidet can be a great addition to any bathroom. It provides a more thorough clean, but it can also save you money on toilet paper. This home update is becoming more popular in the US, and a plumbing contractor can help you install your bidet quickly and easily. If you’re happy with one, consider adding one to every bathroom in your home.

Renovate Your Entire Bathroom

Don’t like the way your bathroom looks? A complete renovation may be in order. This project will require the expertise of a plumber to ensure that all the fixtures are installed correctly and that there are no leaks.

A jacuzzi tub or walk-in shower can add a touch of luxury to your space. You can choose to update just the tub, shower, or sink or do a complete makeover of the entire room. Many homeowners are also choosing a rainfall showerhead that requires a special installation.

Add a Second Bathroom

If your home only has one bathroom, you may add a second. This is a significant home renovation project that will require the help of a professional plumber. They can help you determine the best location for the new bathroom and then install all the fixtures.

This update will not only be convenient for your family but can also boost your home’s resale value. Another idea is to add a primary bedroom suite with a full bathroom and jet tub.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Like your bathroom, your kitchen may also need a complete renovation. You can update your appliances, cabinets, countertops, and flooring to create the kitchen of your dreams. A plumber can also add a line for an ice maker and filtered water feature on your refrigerator to make your life easier.

Another excellent addition to your kitchen is a garbage disposal. This will make cleanup a breeze. A plumbing contractor can help you choose and install the perfect model for your home.

Move Your Basement Washroom Upstairs

If your Keller, TX home has a basement washroom, you might move it upstairs. This will require the expertise of a plumbing contractor to determine if it’s workable and then do the job. This improvement can make your life more convenient, increasing your home’s resale value.

No one wants to lug their laundry up and down the stairs, so current owners and future buyers will appreciate this update. Also, you can add a slope sink and counter to the new laundry area.

Complete Home Repiping

If your home is over 50 years old, it may be time for a complete repipe. This job requires the expertise of a professional plumber. They will replace all the pipes in your home, which can improve your water quality and pressure. It will also reduce the chance of leaks and flooding.

This is a significant home renovation project, but it can pay off in the long run. You and your family will enjoy improved water quality and peace of mind, knowing that your home plumbing system is safe.

Eliminate Hard Water

If you have hard water, you may notice that your dishes and laundry don’t come out as clean as they should. This happens because hard water leaves spots and streaks. A filtration or softening system will eliminate these problems and leave your dishes and laundry looking sparkling clean.

Hard water can also damage your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Over time, the mineral buildup from hard water can clog pipes and reduce water flow. Improve water quality with water filtration or softening systems. A plumber can install this home improvement and improve your water quality, making it safer for drinking and cooking. It will also extend the life of your appliances and plumbing fixtures.

If you need any home renovation projects, contact Tioga Contractors. We have a team of licensed, insured, and experienced plumbers who can help you with your needs. We’re here to help you make your home more comfortable and stylish. Call us today!

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The plumbing system is an essential component of every house. But like any other system, it can develop issues that can negatively affect its performance, put your home in danger, or even affect the safety of your family. But given the complexity of your plumbing system, most plumbing issues need to be handled by trained plumbers. Therefore, whether you need to fix a broken plumbing system or install a new plumbing system, the importance of having a good plumbing contractor cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, although there are many plumbing services providers in Hurst, TX, finding a good one is not easy. Therefore, you need to do your due diligence to ensure that you pick the best plumbing service for all your plumbing needs. Below is a rundown of the top qualities that characterize a good plumbing contractor.


Given the importance and the value of plumbing systems in buildings, plumbing is a highly regulated trade. As such, a person cannot just wake up one day and decide to start providing professional plumbing services. This is because plumbers need to be licensed by local authorities to legally offer their services. For them to receive their licenses, they have to receive relevant training and pass a series of tests. Therefore, a good plumbing services provider needs to be properly licensed and must also be willing to show you their license. If a plumbing services provider is not willing to show you their license, then they are probably not licensed, and hiring them could lead to several problems. For instance, if you have home insurance, you might lose it if your water heater is installed by an unlicensed plumber. To avoid such problems, you need to ensure that your plumbing contractor is adequately licensed.


Some plumbing jobs can involve serious risks. For example, if your water heater is broken, repairing it can expose the person doing the job to the risk of sustaining severe burn injuries. Besides, repairing or installing an overhead tank might involve the risk of fall injuries. Furthermore, if there is a slab leak that needs to be fixed, the process of accessing it might cause extensive damage to some sections of your Hurst, TX home. Good plumbers prepare for such risks by taking insurance covers against them. This shields them and their clients from the financial burden that might arise in the event of property damage or a personal injury. Therefore, before you can decide to settle for a particular plumbing contractor, you have to ensure that they are insured and bonded. If a plumber is uninsured, you should never allow them to lay their hands on your plumbing system.


Plumbing jobs are quite technical in nature. Therefore, in addition to having the necessary training, plumbers need to be experienced enough to handle the most complex plumbing issues. In any case, more experienced plumbing contractors are more familiar with a wide variety of plumbing situations, meaning that they are in a better position to handle even the most complex plumbing issues more efficiently and decisively. On the other hand, inexperienced plumbing contractors might struggle to fix some plumbing issues due to a lack of familiarity. Unfortunately, such issues might end up costing you more time and money if you pick a plumber without adequate experience. To avoid such problems, you need to ensure that you pick a plumbing services provider who has been in the industry for more than a few years.


Given the value and importance of your plumbing system, you cannot afford to hire a plumber whose track record cannot be verified. In addition to having many years of experience, a good plumbing contractor needs to have a solid track record. In other words, a good plumbing services provider should be willing to refer you to the projects they have delivered in the past for you to assess the quality of their work before you can commit yourself to hiring them. Besides, a good plumbing contractor should have a positive online reputation, meaning that their reviews on online reviews sites such as yelp should be positive. If the credibility of a plumbing services provider is in doubt, then you should not trust them with your valuable plumbing system since choosing them might leave you frustrated.


Some plumbing fixtures can be quite expensive. Besides, the cost of hiring a plumbing company can be very high. Therefore, you do not want to frequently replace your plumbing fixtures or call your plumbing service every few weeks or months. Therefore, before you can hire a plumbing contractor to do some plumbing job in your house, they need to assure you that they will do a quality job. While almost all plumbing services providers will promise you to do a fantastic job, only the best plumbing professionals will be willing to back their word of promise with their own money. In other words, a good plumbing service will be willing to offer a warranty for qualified services. If you hire a plumbing contractor who does not offer warranties, you might be forced to pay for their poor workmanship if something goes wrong. Therefore, before you can settle for any particular plumbing professional, you need to ensure that they will give you a quality guarantee for the job to be done.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that finding a good plumbing service can be quite difficult. Therefore, for you to settle for the best plumbing contractor, you need to be prepared to do your due diligence and ask the hard questions. The good news is that the above-discussed qualities of a good plumber can serve as an excellent checklist as you shop for a plumbing service. If you need the services of a reliable plumbing contractor in Hurst, TX, Tioga Contractors is the answer. We have been in the plumbing industry for many years, and our credibility is above board. Feel free to call us today to learn more about our company and the services we are best known for.

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The drainage system is one of the critical parts of the plumbing system at your Irving, TX commercial or residential property. While the water line supplies your home with clean water, the drainage system eliminates the wastewater from your home to the sewer system or septic tank. The bathroom drains are also essential for your home since they dispose of the black water.

A properly maintained bathroom drainage system can have a long service life. This is important because it averts many other plumbing problems that might cost you a fortune when you hire a drain cleaning service professional to address them. Smoothly running and proper drains can also improve your home’s value when you plan to resell your home in the future. However, failing to have an effective drain maintenance plan might result in issues.

Leaking Drain Pipes

High Water Pressure

The drains allow wastewater to flow freely into the septic tank buried in your yard or the municipal sewer system. The bathroom drainage pipes are prone to wear and tear, while their joints can become loose because of high water pressure. When the tubs and sinks drain wastewater, the drains can spring some leaks. The water zipping through the pipes at high speed might make the drainage system begin leaking or even burst, prompting a need for a drain cleaning service.


Corroded galvanized steel or copper pipes are the other cause of leaking drain pipes. The two are prone to corrosion, leading to huge or minor cracks developing from the interior of these pipes. This causes the drains to spring leaks from the tiny holes in the pipes. If the wastewater mixes with clean water, that is an immediate health hazard to your home.

Extreme Temperatures

The other reason the drain pipes connected to your bathroom might rupture is the extreme temperatures. This especially happens during winter. The wastewater from your home to the drains might freeze within, exerting pressure on the pipes, making them fracture. Although detecting leaks in your bathroom drains may prove difficult, you don’t have to do it yourself. It is highly discouraged by professionals as it might result in a more severe problem. Instead, enlist a drain cleaning service provider who can complete the job efficiently and promptly. They use their advanced equipment and tools to check for cracks on your pipes and identify any leaks.

The plumber will also look around for other signs of drainage system leaks, such as lush patches in your backyard or even molds on the flooring or walls. Sometimes, the toilet and bathroom drains are joined at some point. Hence, if you notice a stinky smell in your bathroom, that can be a sign of leakage in your drains.

After the plumber identifies the leak in your toilet or bathroom drains, they take the necessary steps to resolve it. This might include replacing the leaky part if it is damaged to a large extent or just patching the leaks. Hence, you get to avert a potential disaster that might have damaged your valuable personal property or even lower the resale value of your home.

Overflows and Clogged Drains


The Pipes making the drainage system are susceptible to blockages and clogs that result in stagnation and overflows in your bathroom sinks, tubs, floors, toilets, and floor. Blockages are some of the most common bathroom problems that most homeowners experience. The toilets, shower drains, bathroom sinks, and bathtubs can become blocked because soap scum, toothpaste, toilet rolls, and other small objects have accumulated.

They hamper the wastewater flowing freely within the drains into the septic tank or the main sewer line. The blocked toilets might also overflow and result in water damage in your Irving, TX home. Hence, you must enlist drain cleaning services from a professional plumber.


The other thing that might cause flooding within your bathroom may be leaking or burst pipes below your tubs, bathroom sink, or toilets. The wastewater leaks onto your bathroom floor rather than draining the wastewater to sewer and septic tanks. The sinking, dirty water might also flow to the other parts of your home.

If you do not take a quick step to enlist a plumber, the level of flooding at your home can become uncontrollable. Hence, whenever you notice your bathroom sinks and stagnant water in your bathroom drainage system, you should immediately enlist a drain cleaning service to address the issue.

Floods arising from bathroom drains and blocked toilets compromise the indoor air quality, making them unbearable for you to stay at your home. Thus, you might have to vacate the premises until water damage restoration services from a reliable plumbing service provider. Hence, when you realize standing water after you shower or brush your teeth, then ensure you call a plumber to have a drain cleaning service fix the issue promptly. The plumber will resolve the issue quickly, ensuring that your drainage system is clear of any blockages and running smoothly. Hence, your home will be free from the destruction of sewer floods and backups.

Corroded Pipes

Corrosion of drain pipes is a common problem that you may encounter in your bathroom drains. It especially happens if the drainage system has served you for an extended time. Whenever you notice stains and discolorations in your bathtub or bathroom sinks, that is a sign that your pipes are rusty. If your Irving, TX home is old, you should hire a plumber for a drain cleaning service. The plumber will inspect the drain pipes to ensure that they are in good condition.

Replacing the rusty pipes is ideal to ensure that the problem doesn’t recur. The plumber will repipe your home with CPVC or PVC pipes that are corrosion-resistant. This effectively deals with any leaks from your drainage system for good. Further, the drain cleaning service provider can also recommend other methods of protecting the drainage pipes from corrosion, such as anodization.

Professional Plumbing Services

A bathroom is among the critical rooms plumbing areas in your home. Having a smoothly running drainage system is vital as it promotes the hygiene and sanitation of your home while also increasing the value of your home. Do you need a drain cleaning service to ensure wastewater flows smoothly to the drainage system or sewer lines? Call us at Tioga Contractors today.

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The drainage system in your home is an internal part of your plumbing system. It is responsible for disposing of all the waste that flows through your plumbing system. Sometimes foreign objects make their way into your plumbing system without your knowledge. These things can cause clogs. There are a few other things that can cause your draining system to stop working. Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX would like to give you a couple of reasons why it would be beneficial to hire a professional to conduct drain cleaning services instead of doing it yourself. You might think you will save some money but this is a common misconception. Here are five reasons why you should hire professional drain cleaning service providers.

1. Extend the Life of Your Pipes

If you have your pipes inspected regularly then you can prevent serious problems from occurring. The plumbers will be able to identify any faults that might cause blockages or leaks before they impact the functionality of your plumbing system. While the plumbing service provider is conducting the drain cleaning services, they will be able to inspect your pipes using a small camera that is also used to locate the blockage. They will be able to advise you if your pipes are in need of an upgrade. This way the professional can also choose the best method of drain cleaning that will not negatively affect the integrity of your pipes. Professional plumbers also do not use harsh chemical drain cleaners to remove clogs. These harsh drain cleaners could be detrimental to your pipes.

2. No Harsh Drain Cleaners

When homeowners experience blocked drains, they opt to buy harsh chemical drain cleaners at the supermarket. These drain cleaners can be effective when they are used on clogs that are caused by grease, soap, or hair but they are not effective against tree roots and foreign objects that have made their way into the plumbing system. You do not have the correct tools or knowledge to determine what the cause of the clog is or how deep it is in your drainage system. If your clog is caused by tree roots then you need to hire a professional drain cleaning service provider to remove them for you. They might use pressurized water or air to dislodge the tree roots and push them further down your pipes. The plumbers will use their professional judgment to determine which method could be most effective. Chemical drain cleaners are not only bad for your pipes if they are used incorrectly but it is also bad for the environment.

3. Prevents Serious Problems

When your drainage system starts experiencing problems then you should hire a professional to conduct drain cleaning services. The longer you leave drainage-related problems the worse it will get. If you have a clog in your toilet drain and you continue to use the toilet then you will experience the sewage backing up. If your sewage backs up then it could overflow the toilet or it might push out of other drains that are in the same circuit. This will lead to waste flooding your bathroom which can be costly to clean up. As soon as you notice that your drainage pipes are not functioning as well as they once had, then you should hire a professional plumber like Tioga Contractors. They will be able to help you with all plumbing-related problems.

4. Makes Your Home Safer

Many homeowners think that it would be cheaper and easier if they tried to remove the blockage themselves. This could be quite dangerous. Homeowners tend to use chemical drain cleaners to remove the clog and this could be effective. The homeowner has to use the chemical drain cleaner correctly otherwise he could suffer from some serious health risks. If the homeowner inhaled the fumes from the drain cleaner then it could damage your airways and lungs. If you get any of the chemicals on your body then it can cause severe burns. Plumbers use less harsh products to remove the clogs in your drain. They also know which procedures to follow in order to avoid getting hurt while conducting the drain cleaning services. This is why it is recommended that you hire a professional plumber instead of doing it yourself.

5. Improve Drainage

You might be thinking of drain cleaning services as the service that you use when you experience a blockage in your drainage pipes but this is not the only time you can make use of the services. You might use the drain cleaning method hydro jetting in order to clean out your pipes so that clogs do not occur in the future. Hydro jetting is also very effective if your water supply pipes are experiencing clogs due to tree roots or mineral build-up. If your water pressure has slowly decreased over time then you should call a plumber to inspect your system.

These are some of the reasons why it is better to hire a professional plumber to conduct drain cleaning services instead of doing it yourself. Now that you know why you should hire a plumber, you should find a reliable plumber in your area that will provide excellent services at affordable prices. If you live in Bedford, TX then Tioga Contractors is just the company for you. They provide a wide range of plumbing services as well as electrical services. This way you do not have to look around for multiple service providers to keep your home functional.

If you are looking for drain cleaning services in Bedford, TX then you should give Tioga Contractors a call at 469-789-1293 to set up your inspection.

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A bathroom is the most important room in a house. It is not renovated much because most fixtures and floors are designed to last years. However, it is good to update its floors and fixtures – including toilets. Maybe your toilets are faulty, and you are tired of calling a plumber to fix the piping or flush. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom or want a new toilet, here are different types of toilets you may consider installing:

The Standard Toilet

The standard toilet is the most commonly used type of toilet, and it is typically found in homes and businesses. This type of toilet consists of a bowl connected to a water supply and drainage system. When the handle is flushed, water from the tank flows into the bowl, and this water then carries waste away through the drainpipe.

The standard toilet is a reliable and effective way to dispose of waste, and it is also relatively easy to maintain. However, this type of toilet can be difficult for some people to use, especially if they have a disability or limited mobility. In addition, the standard toilet can be noisy when it is flushed, and it may require frequent cleaning to keep it fresh-smelling. However, a plumber in Grapevine, TX, can help you if you’re experiencing any difficulty with your standard toilet.

The Dual-Flush Toilet

A dual-flush toilet is a type of toilet that uses two different flush settings: a low-volume flush for liquid waste and a higher-volume flush for solid waste. The dual flush technology can save a significant amount of water over traditional toilets, which use a single flush setting for all waste. In addition to being more water-efficient, dual flush toilets can also help reduce the amount of pollutants released into the environment.

When using a low-volume flush setting, less water is used to transport waste through the sewer system. This can reduce the amount of sewage overflow and associated environmental contamination. As a result, dual flush toilets provide both economic and environmental benefits. You should engage a plumber to help you install your dual flush toilet.

Smart Toilet

A smart toilet is a type of toilet that offers additional features beyond the traditional function of a toilet. These features can include a self-cleaning bowl, a heated seat, and a hands-free flush. Some smart toilets also come equipped with a bidet function, providing a more thorough clean than toilet paper alone.

While smart toilets may initially seem like a luxury item, they can provide many benefits, including improved hygiene and increased water conservation. For instance, self-cleaning toilets can help reduce the spread of bacteria, and hands-free flushing can help conserve water.

Finally, the smart toilet can also provide information about your bathroom habits, such as how often you use the restroom and how long you spend in the restroom each day. This information can help you make changes to your bathroom routine that may improve your overall health. As such, smart toilets are becoming an increasingly popular option for both residential and commercial bathrooms.

While smart toilets may cost more than traditional toilets, they offer many benefits that make them worth the investment. In addition to being more comfortable and convenient, smart toilets can also help save water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, only a qualified plumber in Grapevine, TX, should install a smart toilet in your bathroom.

Upflush Toilets

Upflush toilets are a type of toilet that uses a small pump to move wastewater up and out of the bowl, rather than relying on gravity. This can be a great solution for homes with limited space or poor drainage, as it allows the toilet to be installed almost anywhere.

Upflush toilets work by using a pump to create a small “burst” of water that lifts the waste up and out of the bowl. The pump then continues to run, circulating the water through a small pipe that leads to the sewer or septic system.

Upflush toilets are typically used when gravity-based toilets are not feasible, such as in RVs or boats. When properly installed and maintained by a professional plumber, upflush toilets can be a reliable and effective way to dispose of waste. However, clogs can occur if the system is not maintained properly, and the pump may need to be replaced over time. Nonetheless, upflush toilets offer a unique solution for those who need an alternative to traditional gravity-based toilets.

Tankless Toilet

Tankless toilets are toilets that do not have a storage tank for holding water. Instead, they rely on a water supply line connected directly to the plumbing system. Water is sent through the supply line and into the bowl when the toilet is flushed, flushing waste away. Tankless toilets have several benefits over traditional toilets.

One advantage is that they take up less space since there is no need for a storage tank. They also typically use less water per flush, saving both water and money over time. In addition, tankless toilets tend to be more reliable since fewer moving parts can break down.

Finally, tankless toilets are less likely to develop leaks. Because there is no water tank, there is nothing for the water to leak out of. As a result, they can be an excellent choice for home and commercial applications. A plumber can help you determine if a tankless toilet is the right option for your needs.

Two-Piece Toilet

A two-piece toilet is a type of toilet that consists of two separate pieces – the bowl and the tank. The bowl is usually installed on the floor, while the tank is mounted on the wall above it. Two-piece toilets are generally less expensive than one-piece toilets, and they are also easier to install.

However, this type of toilet can be more difficult to clean since there is a seam between the bowl and the tank where dirt and grime can accumulate. Two-piece toilets are available in a wide range of styles and designs, so you should be able to find one that will suit your needs. You should consult with a professional plumber to find the best option for your home or business.

Let Our Team Help You in Choosing and Installing the Right Toilet For You

A toilet is an essential bathroom fixture that will make your life simple. The best models offer simplicity and easy installation. If you need a toilet for your bathroom, hire a plumbing professional to do the installation for you. Tioga Contractors is an excellent plumbing company with certified plumbers who install and maintain toilets in Grapevine, TX.

Other than helping you choose the best toilet type, our plumbers can help with plumbing issues or emergencies to make your life easy. We do installations and repairs with expertise and precision to ensure everything is done to your liking. Give Tioga Contractors a call today for all your toilet installation and plumbing needs.

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The electrical system in your home is one of the most essential systems because it provides power to your home and powers your HVAC and plumbing equipment. If there’s an issue with your electricity, it can affect the amount of energy going to the home, and the other systems in your home won’t function. Your home’s electrical system is also the most dangerous. Ignoring electrical issues can quickly start an electrical fire, and DIY electrical repairs can result in you being electrocuted; therefore, it’s best to hire a licensed professional.

Licensed electricians undergo years of training to work with electricity safely and diagnose and repair issues correctly.

If your electrical system experiences any of the following issues, it’s best to hire an electrician as soon as the problem starts.

#1 Flickering Lights

Do the lights in your Keller, TX home flicker every time you use an appliance? If this happens all the time, it’s time to call an electrical services provider. The lights are flickering because your electrical system can’t handle the electrical demand. If you plug in something new, the system can become overloaded, which can cause a fire.

A licensed tech can upgrade the system so it can handle your family’s energy demand, preventing a disaster from occurring.

#2 Your Light Bulbs Aren’t Lasting As Long

Incandescent light bulbs last around 750 hours. If you’re using these bulbs, you should switch to LED. LED lights are more energy-efficient, can last as long as 100,000 hours, and typically don’t have to be replaced for three to five years. If a bulb in one of the lights in your home burns out much sooner than it should, you can keep replacing the bulb, but it’s better to call a licensed electrician.

The problem is likely due to an issue with the circuit or the socket, and it’s best to have a professional fix it. Ignoring the problem could result in the socket or circuit failing or starting to spark, creating a hazardous situation.

A licensed professional can inspect the light to determine whether it’s the socket or a faulty circuit to solve the problem. When the repair is complete, you won’t have to replace the light bulb sooner than necessary, and you can prevent a disaster from occurring.

#3 The Circuit Breaker Trips Constantly

It’s not uncommon for a circuit to trip occasionally. If the circuits trip frequently, it’s best to call a licensed electrician right away.

The most common cause of this problem is an electrical overload. The breaker box in your home is designed to handle a specific amount of energy. If the circuits cannot handle your family’s electrical demand, the circuits will trip and could start an electrical fire. There could also be an issue with the circuit wiring, which is also a serious and hazardous problem. Fortunately, a licensed professional can upgrade the circuit breaker.

A licensed professional can inspect the breaker to determine why the circuit trips often. If they determine it’s due to an overload, they can upgrade the electrical system to handle the electrical demand. If the wiring is the issue, the technician can fix that as well, ensuring the safety of your home and family.

#4 A Burnt Smell

Is there a burning smell in your Keller, TX home, and you can’t find the source? If so, it’s likely coming from behind the wall. There are several possible reasons for this, such as short circuits or old wiring.

If possible, you should try to track the smell. If it leads to the breaker box or an electrical outlet, you should cut the power in your home and call an electrical services provider immediately. These serious problems can quickly start an electrical fire, so it’s best not to keep the power on until the issue is resolved.

#5 Visible Signs Of Deterioration In the Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is the heat of your home’s electrical, which safely distributes power to every room of the house. If you see visible damage, such as loose circuits or rust, you should hire an electrician as soon as possible.

An electrical services technician can determine if the panel can be repaired or if it’s best to replace it.

#6 You Need Extension Cords

If you live in an older house, you may not have the number of outlets you need. Decades ago, people didn’t need as many outlets because they didn’t have multiple TVs in their homes, and they didn’t have to charge cell phones, laptops, and other devices, so there was no need for multiple outlets in every room.

If you’re using extension cords and power strips in every room in the house, you should consider calling an electrician.

Extension cords aren’t meant to be used permanently and could create a tripping hazard. Power strips are great for certain areas, such as behind the TV, where you need to plug in many other devices. Older homes weren’t designed to handle a significant amount of power, so there are minimal outlets in your home, and using power strips and extension cords could overload the system.

A licensed professional can install more outlets in your home and upgrade the electrical panel to ensure it can handle the load.

#7 An Outlet Is Warm To the Touch

If an outlet in your Keller, TX home is warm to the touch, it indicates faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit, and both problems can start an electrical fire. An electrician can inspect the outlet and the wiring to make the necessary repair.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you need to hire an electrician, call Tioga Contractors. We are a family-owned and operated electric and plumbing company, serving customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1953.

Our entire team is professionally trained, certified, and qualified to handle any electrical problem.

When our tech arrives at your home, they will be in a fully-stocked truck, so many repairs can be made on the same day.

The tech will give you an accurate quote before they start working, so you’ll know exactly what the job costs ahead of time.

If you have an issue that can’t wait until our regular business hours, we provide emergency service and will get an electrician to your house as quickly as possible.

To schedule an appointment for an electric or plumbing problem or service, give Tioga Contractors a call or book online.

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The kitchen sink is undoubtedly one of the most used areas of any household. Whether you want to fill a kettle, fetch a glass of water or clean the dishes, the sink is your go-to. Due to its versatility, it can be very frustrating to realize that your kitchen sink is leaking.

At Tioga Contractors, we are a renowned plumbing company that deals with this sort of issue all the time. In this piece, we share with you the common causes of kitchen sink leaks and what can be done to fix the problem.

Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Leaks

Drain Leak

One of the leading causes of a kitchen sink leak is the drain. Usually, a plumber seals the drain using putty to prevent any leaks. However, the putty may dry out over time or have a layer that is too thin. Over time, the drain may also become old and worn out, causing constant leaks. You need to consult a plumbing company to replace the drain entirely in such cases.

If you aren’t sure whether your drain is the cause of the leak, a great way to determine this would be to plug your sink and fill it with water. Unplug it, then check under the sink around the drain. In some cases, simply tightening the nuts at the point where the pipes meet may fix the leak. In other cases, a plumbing company may replace the plumber’s putty and reattach the drain.

Loose Water Connection

Are you still experiencing constant leaks? The problem might be your sink water supply connections. A standard sink has two or three water supply connections. Any of these three supply connections may cause a leak. Usually, the connections are hidden, and you may only notice the leak when your cabinets are soaked. Two solutions that are often effective include either tightening the connection or replacing the gasket can help get rid of the leak.

Faucet Leak

Faucet leaks are often easy to spot and are another cause of kitchen sink leaks. An easy way to determine if your faucet is leaking is if water puddles at the top of the sink when you turn on the faucet. Sometimes, the faucet leak may run under the sink and can only be spotted if you take a look under the counter.

Some of the main causes of a faucet leak are worn-out gaskets or failed washers. You need a reputable plumber to replace them. If the leak is severe, the plumbing company may have to replace the entire faucet.

Damaged O-Ring

An 0-ring is a small disc with a stem screw that holds the faucet in place. The O-ring is a common source of kitchen sink leaks. Over time, it can wear out due to regular use resulting in the faucet leaking near the handle. If your O-ring is damaged, having a plumbing company replace it should fix the problem.

Clogged P-Trap

A P-trap refers to the curved section of a pipe under the sink. Its core purpose is to prevent bad smells from seeping from the drain and back into your kitchen. Normally, the P-trap is hidden from sight hence it’s difficult to determine if it’s the cause of a leak. Food may get trapped in the P-trap, blocking proper drainage and thereby causing a leaking problem. If your sink is made of metal parts, such a clog may cause erosion which will eventually cause a leak.

If any of the above is a problem, you need a plumbing company to replace the P-trap completely.

Worn-Out Washers

Often one of the leading causes of a kitchen sink leak, a washer presses against the valve seat whenever you use the faucet. This constant friction may cause your washer to wear out, causing leaks around the spout. A worn-out washer can be fixed by having a plumbing company around Bedford, TX replace it.

Corroded Valve Seat

Designed to connect the faucet and spout, the valve seat is used for the compression mechanism. When water accumulates at the valve seat, it can cause corrosion around the area leading to a leak. Regular cleaning by an expert from a reputable plumber can help deal with corrosion.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Leak-Free

Regular maintenance of your kitchen plumbing is a great way to ensure it lasts long and prevents leaks. Here are some steps you can take to prevent your Bedford, TX kitchen sink from leaking:

Conduct Routine Checks

You may not know what to look for, but a plumber from a reputable plumbing company such as Tioga Contractors can carry out routine checks to determine if there are any issues. Occasionally taking a look at your pipes is one of the most effective ways to spot a problem before it becomes a major problem.

Wrap Your Pipes

Exposed pipes are prone to damage, and without proper care, they could easily cause a leak. If you aren’t using your kitchen during the cold weather, the pipes may freeze. An excellent way to avoid such an eventuality is by wrapping your pipes before the cold weather to prevent any cracks.

Avoid Pouring Everything Down the Sink

While pouring almost anything down your garbage disposal may seem like the proper treatment of waste, there are some things you should avoid. You shouldn’t pour oils and non-degradable items down your sink. Also, avoid putting plastics and hard stuff in your garbage disposal as it may cause costly damage.

Consult Tioga Contractors

If you would like to know more about how best to maintain your kitchen sink, get in touch with Tioga Contractors. We are a reputable plumbing company based in Bedford, TX, and our job is to ensure your home’s plumbing system runs smoothly. Get in touch with us today for any repairs or issues with your kitchen sink or any other part of your plumbing system.

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