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When you think of the electrical work in your home you likely think of an electrician. You assume that this is the professional who takes care of all of the different electrical needs that you have in your home. But that’s not exactly the case. While ‘electrician’ is generally a blanket term that’s used to describe anyone who works with electrical services, there are several different categories of professionals in the electrical field. And one of those is an electrical contractor.

What Is an Electrical Contractor?

An electrical contractor is someone who takes care of the design process of your electrical system as well as the installation and the maintenance of it. They handle the important aspects of your home and make sure that it’s going to keep running smoothly. But they’re also responsible for getting it all started. So, if you’re working on building a new house you’re definitely going to need a contractor to help you with figuring out the way your home should be wired. You want to make sure that it’s all done properly and in a way that’s going to help you get things done in your new home, right?

Working With an Electrical Contractor

When you start working with an electrical contractor for your home build you’ll need to talk with them about several different aspects. For one thing, you’ll need the basics. You’ll want to go over the different rooms of the house and where they’re located to make sure that you have the general electricity taken care of in those areas. But you’ll also want to think about any special requests or needs you may have. This can play into the way the electrical is designed in your home.

Do you have all electrical appliances rather than a gas stove or dryer? If so then you need to have more power capabilities in your home to ensure that you’re going to have no problem running those appliances. Do you have a family member with any type of special needs that requires additional equipment? If so then you may need additional outlets and power capabilities in certain rooms of your home to accommodate those things. Talking with your electrical contractor can help you and them to understand what you need and how to make sure that you get it.

If you have special rooms of your home there might be the need for more specialized wiring and electrical as well. Four-season rooms, saunas, gyms, and other types of rooms may need more electrical or different types of electrical. Bathrooms and kitchens also require special systems to make sure they follow regulations about safety. No matter what type of rooms you have in your home, or how you want them to be designed, working directly with an electrical contractor will help you to make all of the right decisions and be sure that things are going as smoothly as possible.

Making a Plan

If your home is already built and you need changes to your electrical system it’s not too late. Working with an electrical contractor can be done at any time to make sure that your home is going to fit the needs that you and your family have. This is especially necessary for families that live in older homes where electricity may not have been done properly or may not have been extensive enough for the needs of a family in modern times. Working with a professional will help you a great deal in getting your Irving, TX home to the standard you need.

Keep in mind that your electrical can be updated in sections or it can be redone entirely. Electrical outlets can be added or changed just about anywhere, and you can absolutely customize your home however you choose. It’s all about working with the right team and the right professionals to help you along the way. You want a team that knows what they’re doing and will help you get exactly what you want, and that means looking around at different electrical contractors to find out who can give you exactly that.

Of course, the earlier you are in the process of building your home the easier it is to get everything customized to the way that you want it. If you are building a brand new home everything is done before the walls even get finished, which means everything is open and ready to go. You get exactly what you’re looking for. Once the walls are finished and in place it becomes more difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. After all, most electrical work on a home is going to be done after it’s already finished being built, so don’t think that you need to sacrifice what you want.

Working With the Right Team

Take a little time to find out who the right team is for the work that you’re getting done. With Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, you’re going to have what you need to get any job done. Whether you’re building a brand new home and need someone to design the electrical from the ground up, or you’ve been living there a while and want to get the wiring upgraded to fit the needs of your family, Tioga Contractors can help.

We know what it takes to get your electrical up to code, but also what it takes to work with you to get your electrical up to the standard that you want. Your home is only going to work for you if every aspect of it is tailored to your needs. So why not call a team that can do exactly that? With Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, you’re going to be off to a great start. Our team treats you exactly the way we would want to be treated. And we get to you and the job you need quickly. No need to wait around forever to get on the schedule. You need better, and you deserve better, too.

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When it comes to building your home in Arlington, TX you want to know that you’re working with a team that knows what they’re doing and takes pride in everything that they do. How do you do that? You’re going to need to do some research on different types of contractors and how they can help you take care of building your home. That means everyone from builders to plumbers to electrical contractors taking care of the important aspects of your new home to make it exactly what you’re looking for.

What Are Electrical Contractors?

Electrical contractors are the professionals who take care of designing and installing all of the electrical within your home. They also take care of the general maintenance aspect. In fact, if it has to do with electrical they probably handle it. That way, everything is taken care of quickly and more easily for you and your home. But there are actually different types of electrical contractors that you’re going to need to work on a new build. That way, you can make sure that it’s done properly and that it’s going to look and function great when it’s done.

Inside Electrical Contractors

Indoor professionals are there for exactly what you would think, taking care of the interior aspects of the electrical for your home. They work on things like electrical outlets, light fixtures, and anything else that is electrical on the inside of your home. They make sure you have enough outlets, that all the fixtures are wired correctly, that you have GFCI in the areas it’s needed, and so on. That way, you and your family are comfortable with the way that your house functions for you from the inside.

Outside Electrical Contractors

Once again, the name here tells you exactly what to expect. These professionals are here to take care of the exterior of your home and all the electrical components that go along with that. But they may not even work on your home. They may actually work on things like the electrical lines, including telecommunications lines. These are the professionals who might work for your city or county and take care of the things in your neighborhood. But they are still an important part of getting your electrical hooked up for a new home, because they’re going to be responsible for your hookup.

Integrated Building Systems Contractors

Finally, we have these professionals. They’re the ones who work primarily in professional buildings, making sure that all networked systems are designed properly and able to function properly. In a business that might be an intercom system or lights or climate control. While they may not do much work for a home, they can definitely be an important part of the process if you’re going to be building a new business. You’ll want to make sure that everything in your business is integrated in a way that makes it easier to run.

Taking Care of Business

So, when you’re looking at getting a new house built you’ll need to think about the professionals that are going to work with you. Indoor electrical contractors are a great start and will make sure that your home is wired the way you need it. After all, they know the standards, the regulations, and a whole lot more about how your home works. But they’re also going to need your help to customize anything that you want in your home. After all, you may not want your home to be done exactly the same as everyone else.

Working with the team you want for your electrical services is extremely important. By talking with them every step of the way you can find out more about how things are going, what the general plans are, and where you may want to make requests. By the time it’s all done, you should have your dream home, and having the right electrical all the way through plays a larger part in that then you might think. So why would you want to settle for anything less than exactly what you’re looking for?

Talk to electrical contractors to find out more about your options and to find out just how your home can be designed the way you want it to. Building a new home is a big deal and you certainly don’t want to find yourself with a home that doesn’t measure up. With the right team on your side that’s definitely not going to happen. You just need to take a closer look at Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX and find out what we can do for you and your home. You’ll definitely be glad that you did when you see the end result.

What We Do

At Tioga Contractors, we can take care of any of your electrical needs. Whether you’re looking for electrical contractors for your new build or you’re planning on updating your electrical in an older home, we know what it takes and we can get the job done right. All you need to do is give us a call and we can be there for you in no time. From there, we’ll help you figure out what needs to be done and the process of getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. It really is that simple.

You don’t want to work with a team that doesn’t know what they’re doing or one that doesn’t make you feel comfortable about the end results. At Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX we handle everything so all you need to do is sit back and wait for a job well done. We know that building a home is stressful so we’re here to take some of the stress off you and make sure that you’re ready to go as soon as your new home is ready. Call Tioga Contractors to find out more about how we can help you and to make an appointment to get started now.

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When it comes to your Bedford, TX home there are a lot of things that you do to keep your home running smoothly. There are plenty of things that you do to make sure that you are taking care of your house and that it’s getting the best possible care as well. But are you taking care of your drains the way that you should? All too often people make mistakes with their drains not realizing just what damage they could be doing to their homes.

What Do You Put in the Drain?

If you’re like a lot of people you may be pouring things down your drain to get rid of them. Many people empty out their food into the drain, especially if they have a garbage disposal. They might dump out mac and cheese, sauces, and many other things. The problem with these is that they can gum up your drains. Even if you’re breaking them down slightly with a garbage disposal they can actually be a major problem. They end up getting stuck in the drains somewhere along the line and then you have a clog.

What’s even worse is if you’re putting things like grease and oil into the drains. While these go in as liquids they quickly turn to solids and they can cause large blocks in your drain. Think about the temperature of the drains throughout your home. When you pour a hot liquid into them it will only get so far before it cools from the temperature inside the pipes in your home. When it cools it starts to harden. And then it will stick to the inside of the pipes. That causes the start of a blockage.

While you may think that small amounts of grease and oil are okay, those things start to build up over time. Before you know it, you have a whole lot more stuck in there than you think. Because the grease and oil from last time don’t go away. And then when you pour more down, or some other type of food debris, it gets stuck to the old stuff. Over time, it starts to clog up your pipes. Even if it doesn’t happen all at once it definitely will happen over an extended period of time. And then you have a clog that doesn’t go away.

What’s Even More Important

But if you’re working with a drain cleaning service, there are other things they want you to avoid putting into your drains as well. Standard drain cleaners can also be a problem for your drains. If you talk with a drain cleaning expert, they will tell you to avoid harsh chemicals that can actually damage your plumbing even more than you think. While they might help to break down the clog, they’re also going to break down the pipes themselves, and then you’re going to have an even bigger problem.

Also, your drain cleaning service would definitely like you to avoid things like snakes and hoses that go into the drains to help clear them out. These things are definitely best left to the professionals. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could actually push the clog further down or make it even worse. When that happens, you end up with bigger problems that require even more specialized equipment to handle. A drain cleaning service can take care of it, but the worse the problem the harder it’s going to be, and that’s definitely not something you want.

What to Do

If you think you need a drain cleaning service make sure you call one. Don’t try to do it alone. If there is anything that you can do to help the situation then making that call will let you know what to do. The drain cleaning service that you call will be able to tell you if there’s something to try before they come out to help you. Or they can come out quickly to get even minor problems taken care of. Handling it yourself is definitely not a good idea. It only makes things a whole lot worse.

With a drain cleaning service, you’re going to have the problem taken care of fast, and that means you can get back to enjoying your home. After all, that’s what you really want, right? You want to be able to enjoy your home and take care of your family. Having clogged drains definitely doesn’t help with that. So make sure you’re not letting those drains continue to get worse and worse. Instead, make sure that you’re calling a professional in drain cleaning service right away.

What You Need

A drain cleaning service in Bedford, TX is going to be a whole lot easier than you might think. After all, when you hire someone to take care of the problem and they have the right tools they can handle it fast. And then you’ll be able to get on with things in your home. But make sure you’re paying close attention to the things that you definitely don’t want in your drains. Talking with that service about what you’re doing and how you could be improving the quality and capabilities of your drains is going to be extremely important.

When you’re ready for drain cleaning service in your Bedford, TX home make sure you know who to call. Tioga Contractors can come to you fast. We can help you understand what you need to do to take care of your drains and to make sure that you need drain cleaning as little as possible. By following our advice, you’re going to be running your home more efficiently and you’re going to be getting the best use out of it as well. Our team can help you with your current drain clogs and make sure that they don’t turn into major problems that are going to need even bigger repairs. You just need to give us a call at Tioga Contractors to get started.

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We’re big, but no job is too small for our skilled electricians at Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX. We’ve been serving the DFW area since 1953, doing everything from rough-ins for construction to lighting fixture and outlet installation. We have the skills to perform any electrical work you need in your home, and with our commercial and industrial background, we can even tackle specialized projects. Just ask what we can do for you! Our company is family-owned and run right, including background checks, extensive training, fast response times and clear communication. We’re licensed and insured, and believe in the “three C’s” in our relationships: Commitment, Communication, and Caring. Our prices are fair and our quotes are transparent, making it easy to get started on important projects knowing what they involve.

Starting Out Right with New Construction Electrical and Remodeling

Supplying electrical skills to rough-in your new construction, remodeling project, or leased space wiring, we help you stay on schedule and get the details right. Decades of experience make our electricians ideal team members, and our company’s numerous specialties can provide teams to play many roles in your construction project. Electric power, communications, security cameras, access control, anything that needs professional, reliable wiring meeting electrical codes and standards including safety and durability is better when our electrical contractor team does the job.

Practical Experience Combined with Design Excellence

With our decades of experience, as an electrical contractor, we understand the importance of quality wiring design. It supports your current needs, and provides conduits, available pairs and circuits, and other resources for expansion, relocation, and upgrades. For home theaters, state-of-the-art multifamily residences, or a workplace, you’ll appreciate the benefits of working with a highly experienced electrical services company. The design stage is where expertise really counts. Advanced design-oriented thinking also enhances home electrical services.

Skilled Wiring Installation and Related Services

Our work is usually hidden when the job is done, but we invite you to enjoy the well-orchestrated wiring and precision connections that we perform to bring it all together. Benefits from our attention to detail include safety, reliability, standards-based performance such as communication speeds and plenum-rated cabling, and durability. When the walls go up, though you won’t see evidence of our wiring installation skills and techniques, you’ll know because with our work, the walls stay up. We get it right the first time. Our practices have evolved along with modern buildings, where power access is more than outlets and lighting fixtures. We wire for data closets, local computer servers, backup generator power, home theaters and media-enhanced conference rooms. Call on us for other specialized installations including the unique marine power environment.

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential

We tailor our electrical contractor team to match your project, whether it’s upgrading a room for home office use, wiring your new restaurant or retail space, or providing for the power requirements of machinery. Our expertise extends to backup generators and automatic transfer switches from homes to essential business operations, along with UPS power for shorter-term backup power needs. Count on us for parking lot and exterior lighting for your business or commercial building, including upgrades to modern energy-efficient and long-lasting equipment. When your business requires specialized power connections for high-end computer servers, powerful motors, and HVAC equipment, our experts work from experience and provide state-of-the-art power management solutions. The right electrical wiring solutions are at the heart of your production facility, office building, multi-family property, restaurant, or home office. The design, wiring, power, data, and electrical standards professionals at our company make sure that your plans are expertly implemented.

Meeting the Expectations of Modern Building Technologies

The electrical infrastructure of modern buildings, large and small, is complex and demands significant expertise. Wiring for power, control systems, data, building automation, and other purposes requires precision. Once the infrastructure is in place, complex building operations rely on stable power and communications over years, avoiding expensive troubleshooting if the original quality is compromised. Our company has been providing electrical services for power systems that handle high current and voltage, and signaling wires that rely on proper routing, connections, and design to keep up. As increasing amounts of building automation and smart building features are installed, anything less than perfect wiring becomes visible quickly. Modern buildings are built with the future in mind, so our services also involve planning and providing cost-effective pathways to future technology. We’ve seen our electrical designs and the results of our work lasting for many decades, and we’re confident that your project will reflect our excellence as well.

Planning for Your Project’s Future with an Experienced Electrical Contractor

Get to know us as your ideas and building concepts evolve, and you’ll have the support of a winning team helping you reach your electrical system goals. Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX serves the entire DFW area with a well-coordinated electrical contractor team and the right allied services to move your project forward. We supply your needs for specific contracted work, design-build services, and other strategies. Our end goal is top-quality, standards and code-based electrical work, and your satisfaction with electrical work done right and on time. Call us today to start a conversation about your project and the many ways we can help as your electrical contractor.

A Leading Electrical Contractor Integrating Allied Services in the DFW Area From Irving, TX and throughout the DFW metroplex, we’ve left our mark of quality on homes, businesses, and industrial buildings with our versatile electrical contractor services. With our years of experience, our team contributes wisdom and a thorough understanding of the work we’re doing. We encourage project management and customers to reach out to us as they’re creating the specifications and designs to better coordinate with our stellar team. With nearly 70 years in business, partnering with our electrical contractor team is an essential step toward your building, remodeling, or other electrical infrastructure success. Call us at Tioga Contractors today and see!

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If you own a house you should at least be thinking about drain cleaning service. In fact, you should be considering it regularly. The unfortunate truth, however, is that far too many people actually don’t think about cleaning services or even about their drains in general. That’s what we’re going to talk about so you can make an informed decision and make sure that your Irving, TX home and drains will continue to function properly.

What Is a Drain Cleaning Service?

A drain cleaning service is when a professional company comes to your home to check the drains and make sure that there are no clogs, debris, or other problems going on inside the drains. They will generally look into the drains with specialized equipment and can remove any debris that already forms a clog or that might form a clog if left to its own devices. This makes sure that you and your family can continue to use your Irving, TX home the way you would expect. And often it gets rid of problems before you even know that you have them.

With a professional company you’ll get the service that you’re looking for and you’ll be able to go back to using your drains the way you want to. Though, the company that you work with will likely give you at least a bit of advice about what you should and shouldn’t be putting into your drains. That way, you can avoid having a lot of drain cleaning service done in the future. Still, it’s something that you should schedule and have done routinely. The service you hire will also be able to help you with figuring the time frame out as well.

How Often Do I Need Drain Cleaning Service?

The answer to this is going to vary based on a number of factors. If you tend to put a lot of things into your garbage disposal then chances are you should get your drains looked at more frequently than someone who doesn’t use their garbage disposal. The reason for this is that you really shouldn’t put food into the drains no matter what you’re doing to them beforehand. So that disposal isn’t really doing as much as you might think when it comes to your use of the drains.

Another factor to consider is how many people are in your home. If you have a lot of people in your home then chances are you’re going to need to get a regular drain cleaning a little more frequently. That’s because the drains in your home (and not just your kitchen) are being used a whole lot more. Then, they can cause problems for you and your ability to do things like washing your hands or the dishes. If you have a lot of people make sure they know the rules for your drains as well, and then get those drains checked out by the pros.

Finally, do you notice any actual problems? If you do then it’s a good idea to get your drains checked out immediately. It might be something minor that can be resolved quickly. But it’s also possible that it’s something major, so make sure you are getting drain cleaning service to find out for sure. The process might just be a simple cleaning, but it might be something more intense if a problem has been left on its own for too long. You want to know that you’re going to have everything you need done, when you need it.

Scheduling Drain Cleaning Service

Once you think you should get a drain cleaning service you want to know that you’ve chosen the right company to do it. And when you’re in Irving, TX you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the options. But you don’t have to. Because you can find the right team to come to you and take care of everything as soon as you’re ready. In fact, you can find out more about the ways to take care of your drains and the time frame for when you should be scheduling your drain cleanings from that professional team.

When you’re ready to get a drain cleaning service you want to know that you’re hiring the best of the best. So, make sure that you’re doing your due diligence. That means calling professionals in your area to find out what they are good at and what other people have to say about them. The same thing is true when it comes to your drain cleaning. You want to know that they can handle it properly and that they can get to you quickly. That way, you’re not going to have an even bigger clog in your drain.

What to Do

When it comes time to hire a service to take care of drain cleaning in your area make sure you call Tioga Contractors to find out what we can do for you and your drains. By the time we’re done, your drains will run better than ever. We get rid of the biggest problems entirely, and then we make sure that your drain runs smoothly. All you have to do is take a few minutes to give us a call and we can take care of all of the rest. That makes your busy schedule just a little less busy.

Tioga Contractors will come to you when it’s convenient. You schedule an appointment that will work for you and before you know it, you’ll have a team ready for you to help you with your leaky drain, clogged pipes, or anything else. We know what it takes to provide high-quality service, and that’s exactly what you’re going to expect, right? Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you’re getting ready to clear away the dishes from dinner, because if you aren’t careful you could end up sending chemicals directly into the city’s water. So make sure you talk with a professional from Tioga Contractors about your options and what you should be doing.

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There are plenty of signs that you might need an electrician, so make sure that, when it comes to your Flower Mound, TX home, you know what you’re looking for. You definitely don’t want to find yourself with a serious problem that turns into something even worse. It’s all about getting an electrician out fast.

1. You Get Shocked

If your outlets are giving off electrical shocks then that’s a problem. It means there’s something going on with the electrical going through those outlets and someone could get seriously injured. This is especially true of any older or younger people living in your home. What feels like a minor shock to you could be extremely dangerous for them. You want to make sure you’re talking with a professional quickly if you’re getting shocked by just plugging things in or flipping on or off lights.

2. You Don’t Have GFCI

Do you have GFCI outlets near the sinks and other sources of water in your home? If you do then you’re better protected against problems. If you don’t, which some older homes may not, then you absolutely need to talk with a professional electrician about getting this done. You don’t want to risk water in any of your electrical outlets and having this type of backup system is definitely going to keep your family better protected. Talk with an electrician about what you need to do to get these outlets installed.

3. You Have Damaged Wires

Any wires that you can see should be in good shape because if the ones you can see aren’t in good shape chances are the ones you can’t see are worse. If you notice damage to any of your wires contact a professional right away to have someone take a look at your wiring. Damaged wires are extremely dangerous. You may be able to see damage to the casing and think that it’s not that big of a deal. But that’s absolutely not the case. Damage to the exterior of the wire could still reflect damage to the interior as well.

4. You Notice Smoke

Smoke in your home is never a good thing. Whether it’s dinner burning in the oven or something else in the house, you always want to react quickly if you notice smoke. If you’re noticing smoking or a smell of smoke or burning from anything electrical, get your family out immediately and call a professional electrician. It’s entirely possible for your electrical system to start burning inside the walls or from inside areas where you can’t see it. Reacting quickly is important for your entire family, so get everyone to safety, fast.

5. You Keep Tripping Breakers

Do you notice that your breakers keep tripping? Over and over? Are you constantly going back and forth to the panel to reset them? That’s a sign that something is wrong with your electrical system. Working with a professional electrician will help you take care of these problems and more. You’ll want to discuss what you’re doing when the breaker trips (if it seems to happen regularly) or give examples of different things you’ve done to see if there’s an easier explanation. Working with a professional can get your home back functioning properly again in no time.

6. Your Power Fluctuates

You should have consistent power throughout your home at all times. If you’re noticing that the power seems to fade and then surge there’s definitely a problem that you need to take care of. So, make sure you’re paying attention to how the power functions in your home and whether it’s working the way you expect. If you notice flickering lights then there’s something going on with the power through your house. Talking with a professional can help you figure out what’s going on and make sure that your home is back up to standards in no time.

7. You Have an Old House

If you live in an old house you may have old electrical systems. After all, older homes typically do. But that older electrical system could be dangerous for your family. Having a professional come to your home and take a closer look can make a big difference. Not only that but an electrician can help you see how updating your electrical may even save you some money. That’s definitely going to be worth going through the upgrade as well. You’ll be able to cut down on some of those bills in your home.

8. You Notice Something Is Off

If something just seems strange to you then call a professional. You’re always going to be better safe than sorry. So make sure that you’re paying attention to anything and everything when it comes to your electrical system. Even if it seems like something small you don’t want to ignore it. You never know when even a minor problem could turn into something bigger or could be a sign of something bigger. Working with the right team from the start could save you and your family a whole lot of headache later on.

Hire the Right Team

So, what do you do if you notice a problem with your electrical? The first thing to do is call a professional. With Tioga Contractors in Flower Mound, TX you’re going to be in great hands, and you’re going to feel a whole lot better about the end result as well. Our team knows what it takes to get your home functioning great, and we’ll help you every step of the way. There’s no need to hire any other electrician. Our team can handle anything that you need. Even better, we make sure that you’re happy with the job we do from beginning to end.

When you need an electrician you don’t want to wait around and you definitely don’t want to work with someone you don’t feel comfortable with. You want someone who gets the job done and makes sure that you and your family can enjoy your Flower Mound, TX home again. Don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors today!

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Although there are other ways of softening water, a whole-house water softener system is the ultimate solution to hard water and its dampening effects. What makes water hard? The answer is simple; ‘Hard’ minerals. When it rains, water collects in rivers and lakes. Rocks embedded in these water bodies begin to react with the water, enriching it with dissolved minerals.

Water hardness levels may vary depending on where you live. The higher the concentration of calcium and magnesium, the harder your water is. Professional plumbers such as Tioga Contractors can add that soft touch to your water by installing a whole-house water softener system. Below are some benefits of a whole-home water softener for your health and property.

Healthier, Softer Skin

This is one good reason you may want a plumber to install a water softener in your home. If your water is hard, you may never know what a soft feel on your skin is. This is because you are used to feeling dry after bathing and always have a moisturizer handy to reduce irritation.

You probably think that your genetic composition, moisturizer brand, or type of soap you use are the reasons to blame for your dry and pale skin. But what if it has nothing to do with all these but your water?

If you hire a qualified plumber near Bedford, TX to install a whole-house water softener in your home, you could be surprised by what happens to your skin. Once the harsh minerals are removed from your water, your skin won’t feel dry as soft water is gentle on the body.

Stronger, Silkier Hair

For those with lots of hair, you know what it takes to care for it. You must figure out the best products to keep them in condition. But maybe you already missed it before you even reached for the soap. The reason your hair looks dry or frailty might be because you wash it with hard water. Just like the skin, your hair is very sensitive to the mineral deposits in the water.

Even with all sorts of hair moisturizing products you could be familiar with, the best way to keep your hair healthy is to wash it in soft water. Consider adding a water softener system to your home; a trained plumber can help you do that easily. It will eliminate all those minerals without compromising the quality of your drinking water.

Softer and Cleaner Clothing

What happened when you first washed your new, soft pullover? Did it feel soft again? If not, hard water might be the reason why. Just as it makes the skin and hair dry, so does it dry out your clothing, causing it to fade over time. Again, you might notice your clothes don’t look cleaner even after rinsing, and it’s easy to believe they’re still dirty.

But it could be due to the mineral buildup that prevents soap from lathering. On the flip side, soft water will leave the clothes cleaner. Your plumber can help you realize this through a whole-house water softener installation.

Helps Remove Unwanted Tastes from Your Drinking Water

Some homeowners may already know that unpleasant, ‘earthy’ taste left in your mouth after drinking hard water. Sometimes, your gums may become too sensitive because of excessive hard minerals to acidic ions such as iron and sulfur

A professionally-installed home water softener is all you need to get that acidic taste out of your water and enjoy drinking it as you would want.

Cleaner, Stain-Free Dishes

Water that contains high amounts of minerals causes films, streaks, or spots on your dishes after washing. This happens because when the water dries out on your dishes, it leaves behind mineral buildup.

If you lack a soft water system, the sediments in the water will waste away the protective coating on your cups, plates, and spoons, leaving them faded and unsightly.

Soft Water Is Gentle On Your Plumbing Fixtures

Soft water doesn’t cause lime buildup on your water heaters, dishwashers, or pipes. This improves the quality of your water. Besides, a home soft water system can reduce scale-related plumbing problems in the future.

This way, the lifespan of your plumbing system is extended greatly due to increased efficiency. Fewer plumbing issues also mean you won’t have to dial your emergency plumber in Bedford, TX frequently.

You’ll Use Much Less Water

You might not believe how much water you’ll use to wash if a plumber installed a whole-house water softener unit for you. It will be much less than when washing with hard water since with soft water, soap lathers easily as it’s scale-free. You won’t have to use much of it to rinse your clothes.

Soft Water Will Save You Money

Less soap and detergent use means you’ll save a few bucks. As already mentioned, with soft water, lather forms readily. If you had a professional plumber in Bedford, TX install a whole-house water softener, you could realize a reduction in the amount of soap used by a large percentage.

Another benefit a water softener system can bring is a reduction in your energy bill. Scale buildup in your water heater reduces its performance levels. Thus, it will strain to get the water hot as required. In the process, a lot of energy is used, which causes your electric bill to spike up. Also, you’ll experience more savings since less hot water is needed to wash your skin or hair while in the shower.

Reach Out to Tioga Contractors for Your Home Water Softening Needs

Is your water hard? Do you need a water softener installed in your home? Hire the plumbers at Tioga Contractors now and wait to enjoy the soft water you’ve been missing. Besides providing residential and commercial plumbing for customers in the DFW area, we also offer a full range of electrical services, including generator installation, seasonal lighting, fixture upgrades, and emergency repairs. Call us or schedule an online appointment. We’ll be more than glad to hear from you.

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Looking for ways to save money is definitely important for a lot of people. But when it comes to work around your home that’s definitely not the way to do it. After all, your home is extremely important to you and you want to know that it’s going to continue functioning the way that you expect. When you ‘do it yourself’ on projects you don’t know you could end up with big problems that are even more difficult to fix. That’s especially true when it comes to any electrical problems. You don’t want to try them yourself.

But, you may wonder whether you need an electrician or anyone at all to take care of something. You may be wondering if it’s even a problem. So, let’s take a look at some signs that you have an electrical problem and need a professional to help you get it resolved.

Flickering Lights

If you notice that your lights tend to flicker or that power seems to surge and fade in them then that’s definitely not a good sign. You should have consistent power throughout your house, at all times. While the rare surge or fade of power from the line is not necessarily something you can fix (that has to do with the electrical station in your area) if it’s something specifically within your home that’s definitely not something you should ignore. Instead, be aware of when this is happening and whether it happens throughout the house or only in specific areas.

By talking with an electrician and sharing as much information as possible you can get problems taken care of quickly. This could be a major problem if you’re not careful, and it could continue to get worse. So make sure you talk with a professional about what can be done and get it done fast.

Old Homes

If you live in an old home then chances are you have old electrical as well. This can definitely be a problem because older systems just aren’t built to handle all the things that you’re likely running. Not to mention older systems have been updated for a reason. Those older wires, especially knob and tube, aren’t as good at doing their job as newer options. If you have an older home you’re going to want to talk with a professional electrician about what you should do and how to upgrade your home.

Older homes can definitely use an update to make sure that they work for everything you need. You want your home to be comfortable and useful for your family, after all. Talking with an electrician can help you get things taken care of quickly and get back to enjoying your home.

Tripped Breakers

Do you occasionally trip a breaker and have to reset it? While annoying, that’s not necessarily a problem that can be fixed. It might just be about getting to know your house a little better and making sure you’re not overloading outlets. But if it happens frequently there may be something else going on. Talking with a professional electrician will definitely help you get things taken care of and will make sure that there’s not a bigger problem you don’t know about.

Even if it’s just the fact that you’re using more electricity in certain areas than your home is able to handle, an electrician can help. It’s all about updating and improving the electrical in your home so it’s ready to go when you are. No more tripping breakers just because you’re trying to live your normal life.

No GFCI Outlets

Regulations are in place for GFCI outlets in areas where they could come into contact with water. But older homes may not have these. You want to make sure that your outlets are the right type to keep yourself and your family safe. If you notice that you don’t have GFCI near water sources you’ll want to talk with a professional to find out more about your options and to make sure that an electrician is going to take care of your home and your electrical. You’ll definitely feel better once it’s done.

These outlets may not seem like a big deal, but they absolutely are. If you don’t have them and water gets into the electrical it can cause severe damage and injury for your home and family. On the other hand, having them means that your family is better protected, no matter what might happen at the kitchen sink.

Too Many Shocks

Are you getting shocked when you touch your light switches or your outlets? If you are then it could be a sign of a bigger problem in your home. You may get a shock randomly from these things, but if it happens frequently it’s not just about the static in the air in your home. It’s about something going on with the electricity. And that means calling an electrician for your Keller, TX home. You don’t want to find yourself with a serious problem or with someone getting injured in your home because of those electric shocks.

Keep in mind that what feels like a minor shock to you can also be a whole lot more dangerous for a younger or older member of your family. You definitely don’t want anyone to be injured because of electrical problems in your home.

If you need an electrician make sure you know who to call. Tioga Contractors in Keller, TX can come to your home in no time and take care of anything you may need. Whether you’re looking for minor repairs or updates, or you need an entire house done with electrical, we can take care of you. Our team is ready and able to get started whenever you are ready. That’s because we get the job done fast and we get it done right. All you need to do is give us a call and we can come to your Keller, TX home right away and get started.

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Have you ever put food and other items in the drain at your house? Chances are that you have because it’s something that most people don’t even think about. But it’s definitely something you should think about. Especially since so many items can cause problems in your drains. So, what does your plumber want you to know about the things you’re putting in your sink drain? Well, they probably want you to know quite a few things.

Grease and Oil

These are two things that nearly everyone knows you should never put in your drains. While they are liquid going in they quickly turn into solids when they reach the cold of your drain, and that’s going to cause a blockage. Also, the hot oil or grease itself could cause damage to your pipes. That’s definitely something you want to avoid because it could mean even more repairs. And more expensive repairs as well. Instead, put your used oil and grease into a jar and throw the jar out in your regular garbage. This will help you keep your drains clean and more efficiently get rid of your cooking liquids.

Rice and Pasta

These two foods are quite popular in many different types of cuisine, but they’re also really bad for your drains. After all, when you put either one into water they will expand. And what is the number one thing you’re going to find in your drains? Even more water. So when you dump either of these things down into the drain they’re actually going to continue to expand. And before you know it you have a very serious clog that can stop other things from getting through as well.


If you have old or expired medications it’s never a good idea to put them in your drain. you could end up with some serious problems with the water because of those medications and the chemicals that are in them. Those chemicals can leach into the surrounding water and before you know it you could have contamination that affects more than just your family. You want to make sure you dispose of your medications properly, keeping them out of the water supply. Talking with a professional plumber will help you figure out what to do and how to keep everyone safer.

Butter Products

For very similar reasons as we gave for grease and oil you should never put any kind of butter products in your drains. These are also soft at room temperature but quickly become solid when they get cold. As a result, they can stick to your drains, harden, and cause clogs that are difficult to get out. Not to mention they can attract other food and particles that will then get stuck and create an even larger clog. By getting rid of these products in jars or otherwise in the trash you will be able to keep your drains better protected. Your plumber will thank you for it.


This might not be something that you think about but it’s definitely something that you want to consider when you’re getting rid of food products. Oatmeal can be very sticky, which means that it attaches to your drains and also attaches to other food particles that you might put into your drain. This can create an even bigger mess and a much larger clog within your drain. Your Grapevine, TX plumber would tell you to keep the oatmeal directly in the trash instead of the sink.

Coffee Grounds

This is one that you definitely may not think of because they’re so small and they don’t seem like they could be a problem. But they absolutely can. Coffee grounds absorb water and when they are soaked with water they form a sticky, thick mess. Just think of what the filter in your coffee maker looks like when you dump those grounds out. Putting the grounds into your drain means the same thing could happen there. And then you end up with a big problem from those wet, sticky grounds clogging up your drain and attracting all the other food particles. Your plumber would tell you to avoid this one.


This one is very similar to the coffee grounds. When the flour goes into your drain it’s a fine powder. And you may think that it just drops straight through the drain. But that’s not the case. In fact, the flour becomes almost like paste as soon as it comes into contact with water, and then it can become a solid. And all of that sticks to other foods in your drain and also sticks directly to the drain. So you end up with a pasty product that will cause you some serious drain problems.

Produce Stickers

Okay, these aren’t actually food but they come on your food. And your Grapevine, TX plumber would really like you to know that they’re bad for your pipes. These stickers are quite small, but they don’t get ground up by the garbage disposal and they don’t easily go down the drain either. They can stick on the inside and then other items can easily stick to them as well. Avoiding putting these in the drain will save you a whole lot of headaches in the end.

What to Do

So, you’re ready to hire a plumber or you have some questions to ask a local plumber and you need to know who to call. Tioga Contractors of Grapevine, TX are the way to go. Our team is made up of highly qualified, stilled, and well-trained members who not only have the skills to get things done, but also have the drive to do it. Our team is ready to help no matter what, because we want to treat you and your home like we would want for ourselves. All you have to do is give us a call and we can send a plumber to you in no time.

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Do you know what you’re looking for when it comes to electrical services? You might. But then again, you might not be quite sure if you’re hiring the right person for the job. And when it comes down to the moment when you need someone to do an electrical service you don’t feel like you have a lot of time to do the research, right? So why not make sure you’re doing the research before you ever actually need someone? Check out your options in Hurst, TX before you’re going to call up an electrician.

1. Who Is Available?

The first thing you need to look at is who is actually available in your area. What electricians do you have? Making a list of all of your options to start out is a great way to get going. And you’ll be able to make sure you don’t miss anyone. This way, you can start with a long list and slowly whittle your way down until you get to the company that you actually want to work with, and you can get a whole lot more information about the companies this way.

2. Who Do You Know?

Have you ever hired an electrical service provider before? If you have what kind of experience did you have? If it was bad you may want to screen those options out immediately. If it was good you may already know who you want to work with, or you may have a few higher on your list to talk with others about. Because this is also when you should talk with family and friends about the different companies on your list. You want to know who they’ve hired and what they have to say about them.

The more good things you hear about a company the better they should appear on your list. The more bad things or even ‘iffy’ things you hear about a company the lower they should show up on your list. Or maybe you want to cross them off entirely. You want to make sure you’re going to be working with someone that you can count on and someone that you know is going to do a good job, after all. So look for the best electrical services and see what your options are.

3. What Do They Do?

Next up, look at the type of services they provide. Do they actually provide all the electrical services you could need? Some companies like to specialize and that means you may not be able to get all of the work you want done with one company. While this can sometimes be a good thing, it might be more hassle than you’re looking for. Make sure you know what they can offer and what you need, so you know if they’re going to be a good fit or if you should be crossing them off your list as well.

4. Do You Like Them?

Once you’ve started to narrow your list down you can start to actually look up more specific information about companies. Look at things like reviews online, services provided, and just the way their website and social media look. These things will give you a little better idea of the company and what you think of them. And this can be done before you actually start talking to anyone from the company. It should also happen before you even think about hiring someone for a service. You want to know what you’re getting into, after all.

5. Talk to Someone

You will want to talk with someone from the company before you actually hire someone. You may want to ask some general questions to get a better understanding of the company or just to get a better idea of the people who work there. This will help you figure out whether you’re actually comfortable with them and whether you think they’re going to do a good job for you. The more information you can find out the more certain you’re going to be when it comes time to hire someone for the electrical services you need in your home.

6. Make a Hire

This is the part where you’re actually going to hire someone for electrical service. You don’t want to hire someone too quickly because you really do want to do as much of the due diligence as you can. And the more of that you can do the better you’re going to feel when you bring someone into your home to work on electrical problems. By hiring someone you’ve actually researched you’re going to have someone you can count on, and you’re going to have someone you can call every time going forward.

If you’re looking for any type of electrical service make sure you know who to call. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX can come to you in no time. We’ll make sure that you’re ready for anything and we’ll take care of you the way we would want someone to take care of our own homes and families. You deserve the best and that’s exactly what we’re going to do for you. All you need to do is give us a call and set up a time for us to come out and get started on any electrical service you may need.

If you’re still not sure about who to hire for any projects around your home, don’t underestimate us. At Tioga Contractors we know what it takes to get the job done right. And we take pride in everything we do. When you’re ready to get started on an electrical project, you want to hire the best team in the area. In Hurst, TX, that team is going to be us. When you’ve had a chance to talk with your friends and neighbors and do all of your research you’re going to see that we’re the team you want to work with. All you need to do is make that call.

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