4 Common Types Of Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

4 Common Types Of Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

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Water heaters are important because they allow for water to heat up and then we have easy access to hot water. We do not notice the importance of water heaters until we have to boil water on the stove for a bath or we have to use the kettle to make hot water to wash the dishes. Water heaters like any other component in your plumbing system can be damaged and would require water heater repairs. Tioga Plumbing & Electric would like to tell you more about the common types of water heater repairs that their plumbers have to carry out regularly. If your water heater stops functioning then it might be in need of one or more of these services.

1. Fixing broken dip tubes

There are many causes of problems that prevent your water heater from running efficiently or at all. The dip tubes are pipes that allow water from the public water supply to flow through the tank to the heat exchanger. If the dip tube isn’t functional then water cannot make its way to the heat exchanger and it will not be able to heat up the water. The hot water will rise in the tank and ready for you to use it. However, if the dip tube doesn’t function then cold water will be added at the top of the tank and it will combine with the heated water. This will lead to a sudden decrease in hot water. This type of water heater repair is very simple for professionals to fix. You should not attempt to repair or replace the broken dip tubes yourself.

2. Restoring a faulty burner

A faulty burner is only a problem for gas-powered water heaters since electrical water heaters do not have burners. The burner is the component that ignites a fire that heats up the water and if it is broken then you could have no access to hot water or a limited amount of hot water. If there is rust in the burner or the surface is dirty then your burner will struggle to ignite. There might be a low gas blow or a clog in the gas line which will prevent the gas from traveling at the speed required to heat the water effectively. There are a few ways a professional plumber will go about these water heater repairs. It is dangerous to work with natural gas especially if you do not have the right tools or safety equipment to conduct the repairs. If you cause a gas leak while attempting to repair the burner or the gas lines then you are endangering your home and your family. Natural gas is toxic and will cause health problems. It is also flammable so your home is at a higher risk of burning down due to a fire starting.

3. Replacing failed heating elements

The equivalent of a burner in the gas water heater is the heating elements within the electrical water heater. There are usually two heating elements inside the tank that increase the temperature of the water. If one of the elements stops working then your water heater will not be able to produce hot water but rather lukewarm water. This can be very inconvenient in the winter or on a cold day when you want to take a nice hot shower or bath to warm yourself up. It can also make washing the dishes and cleaning the home more complicated than it needs to be. If you have started to notice lukewarm water flowing through your plumbing system then it is time to call a plumber that can carry out water heater repairs. The professional plumber will open the tank and replace the broken element. This might sound simple and straightforward but if it is done incorrectly then your heating element still won’t work or you could damage the tank of the water heater.

4. Water heater tank corrosion

This is not the most common water heater repair but it can happen especially if you have allowed an untrained and inexperienced plumber to repair your water heater. Corrosion in the tank is caused by a mismatch of materials that create an electrolysis problem. This problem will cause the water heater tank to corrode over a period of time. Sometimes inexperienced plumbers will secure a copper connector to a steel water heater and this will cause an electrolysis problem. A professional and reliable plumber will either replace the connector with one that is made from the right material. This will prevent further corrosion. In cases where the rust has affected the water heaters’ functionality then it will have to be replaced. You should always make sure that your plumber is licensed and has the experience to carry out water heater repairs. This will decrease the chances of you having to resolve a problem like water heater tank erosion. It can also increase the lifespan of your water heater.

There are so many common types of water heater repair options and that’s why you should always hire a professional plumber to conduct these types of repairs. You might have some knowledge about what to do but you do not have the training nor the experience to know how to do it. You might damage the water heater and then it needs to be replaced. Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Arlington, TX provide all these common types of water heater repair so that you do not have to fix the water heater yourself. They also have a wide range of other plumbing services that you can choose from.

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