4 Reasons Window Glass Cracks and Chips | Glass Repair in Hurst, TX

4 Reasons Window Glass Cracks and Chips | Glass Repair in Hurst, TX

Being a homeowner in the South, there are often times when you might need to call a contractor to get glass repairs in Hurst, TX. Since it is one of the most fragile things used in the architecture of any type of house, it is more prone to damage. This includes complete shattering and cracking to chipping and minimal scratching. Homeowners use it on their windows and doors to bring in light while blocking other natural elements to stay out.

But since they damage easy, it is common that people require glass repair in Hurst, TX. You can avoid it for a long period of time and not require their service but due to certain reasons, the need might arise. The question is that how do you know when to call the glass repair service?

This particular question might be difficult to answer, especially for new homeowners who have never faced a relevant problem. They might have a cracked window glass but might not know to have it checked out by a professional. This usually ends in the glass breaking on a slight contact.

This is the reason why it is crucial that you are aware of the reason windows crack and chip. This way you will know what caused the damage to the window glass and when to call for glass repair in Hurst, TX.

Window Cracks and Chips

Window glass repair in Hurst, TX is a frequently required service as glass cracks and chips are one of the common problems homeowners face. While you might not see the symptoms and signs immediately, over the next few days it might become apparent.

While chipping glass has less dramatic effects, cracked window glass can impact your energy bills. Meaning that glass cracks allow the inside cooling or heating to escape through to the outside and lead the HVAC unit to work harder and rake up a hefty energy bill. This is why it is important that when you see a damaged glass, call for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

To help you increase your own knowledge, we have compiled a list of most common causes of window glass cracks and chips:

1.   Extreme Cold Weather

Since Hurst, TX can get pretty cold in the winters with snow flurrying across the air, extreme cold can crack window glass. This is true especially if the glass in your window is single pane, thin cut and low quality. As the temperature change, glass contracts and expands with it continuously, with moisture catalyzing the process.

For example, if the inside temperature is 40 degrees and the outside air is 20 degrees, it contracts the glass to a point where it distorts and cracks. Also, window glass can crack if you defrost an icy one with boiling hot water. If this happens to you this winter, you might need glass repair in Hurst, TX.

2.   Natural Causes

Adverse and severe weather conditions, including the winter and monsoon season, are also another reason that causes window glass to break or chip. Since Hurst, TX can get a severe few winter weeks, there are a few possibilities of hailstorms or ice chunks that can break, chip or crack the glass.

Besides that, the monsoon season brings several hurricane warnings Hurst’s way. This means that there are chances of powerful gusts of wind blowing up debris from the road. These flying anomalies can be potentially damaging and might end up cracking or chipping the glass. While still less severe than hurricanes, thunderstorms can still have a similar effect. Such severe conditions might bring up the need for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

3.   Structural Issues

Structural weakness or other manufacturing issues are a common reason homeowners need window glass repairs in Hurst, TX. Sometimes glass sheets that are sourced from the manufacturers have faults in them that can lead to them chipping or cracking later on. A low-quality glass that has been heated and cooled down multiple times to balance the shape, the residual impact is mostly along the perimeters. This makes the corners of the glass weak and can cause it to break easily.

Besides that, the other structural issue is a faulty installation of the window glass. The responsibility for faulty installations lies majorly on the contractor. Sometimes an unskilled and inexperienced contractor might not know what they are doing and insert the glass into the frame incorrectly. This might out structural pressure on the glass indirectly and over time cause it to crack and eventually shatter. This is why it is imperative that you hire a professional glass contractor in the first place to ensure a safe and fault-less installation of the glass.

4.   Direct Impact

Well, as our common sense tells us, a big reason window glasses crack, break or chip is due to them being struck directly. Intentional or unintentional sudden blow of force can with shatter the glass completely or crack it, requiring glass repair in Hurst, TX.

For example, if you bump into the window by mistake with a heavy object or something with an edge, it can crack the glass immediately. There are some other unfortunate instances where a flying bird hitting the glass can make a crack. Besides that, kids playing near the house, whether inside or out, can send a ball or other object flying through the glass.

While there might be others, these are the most common reasons why window glass screens might break or chip. Regardless of where you live, if you have glass windows, there might be a chance that they crack or chip. In case you do find this fault in your window glass, then it is better that you call a professional for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

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