5 Issues That Require A Licensed Plumber | Grapevine, TX

5 Issues That Require A Licensed Plumber | Grapevine, TX

You rely on your Grapevine, TX home’s plumbing system all day. Many daily household tasks require running water, which must flow freely down the drain. A DIY repair is not the solution if there’s a problem with your plumbing system. Licensed plumbers undergo years of training and apprenticeship to learn their craft, and if you aren’t a licensed plumber, you shouldn’t attempt plumbing repairs.

If your plumbing system experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to hire a professional.

#1 Drain Issues

Drain issues in your home can be frustrating because simple daily tasks can take longer than necessary. In severe cases, when the water doesn’t drain, you won’t be able to use the sink or tub until the problem is resolved.

  • Slow drains: Small clogs cause the water to drain slowly, which is a problem when you do something that requires the water to run. Many homeowners will try liquid drain cleaners to help the water drain faster, but you can’t be sure if the entire clog was removed. If part of the clog remains, it won’t be long before the water starts draining slowly again. Also, these products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the pipes.
  • Clogged drains: Significant-sized clogs can prevent the water from draining, resulting in standing water in the sink or tub.
  • Multiple drain clogs: Multiple drain clogs indicate a clog in the sewer line that has to be removed to allow the water to flow freely down the drain.
  • Noisy drains: A gurgling sound occurs when the water drains indicate a significant clog. The water will change directions to get past the clog, creating air pockets that cause the gurgling sound.

A licensed professional has the equipment and tools necessary to remove the entire clog safely, ensuring the water flows quietly and rapidly down the drain.

#2 Clogged Toilets

It’s not uncommon for a toilet in your Grapevine, TX home to clog occasionally. A clog can occur when too much toilet paper and waste are flushed, and plunging the toilet will usually break up the clog enough to be flushed. If the plunger isn’t helping, the clog is likely too large, solid, or located too far down the drain pipe for the plunger to be effective, and you’ll need to hire a plumber.

A licensed professional can use a drain auger to break up the clog and may need to remove the toilet if the clog is located too far down the pipe.

It’s best to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible because you can’t use the toilet until the clog is removed.

#3 Water Heater Problems

Although your water heater is technically an appliance, it’s also an essential part of your plumbing system. You rely on hot water throughout the day, and if the water heater isn’t working, it can affect the temperature, the water pressure, and quality.

If your water heater experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to call a plumber immediately.

  • You have no hot water.
  • The water doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm.
  • You frequently run out of hot water.
  • Reduced hot water pressure
  • Brown or rust-colored hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit
  • Moisture or water pooling around the unit.

A licensed plumber can inspect the unit to make the necessary repair or replace the water heater if necessary.

#4 Plumbing Leaks

Rusted and corroded pipes cause leaks in the plumbing system. The same is true if the joints and connectors have come loose, and leaking pipes can reduce the water pressure, cause your water bills to increase, and can cause water damage and mold growth.

Leaks under the sink are easy to detect because you’ll see a puddle of water when you open the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity. Leaks behind the walls are more challenging to detect and often leave wet spots on the walls. If there’s a pipe under the house leaking, it can cause puddles in the yard and can make the basement floor feel warm. In severe cases, the leak can damage your home’s foundation.

A licensed plumber can use leak detection equipment to find the leaking pipe and replace it before further damage occurs.

#5 Frozen Pipes

Winter days in Grapevine, TX, are relatively mild, but the temperature can drop below freezing at night or during a cold snap, causing the pipes to freeze. If you try to turn on the water when it’s freezing outside, and nothing comes out, your pipes have likely frozen, and you will need to hire an emergency plumber.

When the pipes freeze, the water inside will freeze and expand, causing the pipes to burst, resulting in a significant flood in your home. A licensed professional can quickly thaw the pipes to prevent a disaster. They can also give you helpful tips to prevent the pipes from freezing, such as allowing the water to drip from the faucet when there’s cold weather in the forecast. The plumber can also wrap the pipes in heat tape to prevent the pipes from freezing again.

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