7 Indications That You Need an Electrician in Hurst, TX

7 Indications That You Need an Electrician in Hurst, TX

Electricity has been one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. Since the advent of electricity, advancements in each industry and field have increased tenfold. It powers our industries, home and offices.

Thus, it is important to have a look at the electrical system in your home unless you have bought a new home. Older homes are more susceptible to malfunctioning in the face of modern day electrical demands. So if you have an old home, then there is a greater chance that you may require services of an electrician in Hurst, TX.


The common American’s knowledge about electricity and its systems is insufficient to fix electrical problems. Sometimes people identify the problems and try to fix their electric issues themselves after watching a video on internet. This must be highly discouraged. Sadly, many Americans get injured and even lose their lives yearly after tinkering with their electrical systems. At times, the tinkering may even lead to a fire in your home that can endanger your family and friends. So after identifying the fault in your electrical system, you must call an electrician in Hurst, TX.

1.  Must Check for Rust

One of the hidden signs for an electrical malfunction can be the existence of rust in your electrical service panel. Screws made of steel with the wires can catch rust. The rust inside the panel can be caused by the humid environment of the basement. Keep a regular check for any signs of water particles or rust on your service panel. It can damage your electrical system badly so don’t be late to call an electrician in Hurst, TX.

2. Frequent Bouts with Darkness

When your lights go out frequently and you have to remain in the dark, then most certainly your fuses and circuit breakers are giving you trouble. The reason for your circuit breakers tripping can be an overloaded circuit. This happens in the event of any circuit trying to generate greater electricity than its capacity. An overloaded circuit is a fire risk.

Another reason for the tripping can be a short circuit. It occurs in the event when there is a wiring issue related to an appliance or when two hot wires touch or when a hot wire touches a neutral wire. Short circuits are not easily identifiable so you will probably need the expertise of an electrician in Hurst, TX to find it.

3.  Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are a noticeable sign to denote any inconsistency with your electrical system. Sometimes bulbs flicker for a short period of time as they need some to warm up. However, if more than a single light flickers in your home then you need to be concerned. It can mean there is a loose connection which can be hazardous.

Sometimes, lights flicker in the presence of an appliance. It is not as hazardous as a loose connection but continuous flickering will disturb you and your family. If your entire home is flickering and that too without any link to an appliance then you may have a potential fire alarm so immediately call for an electrician in Hurst, TX so he can fix your electrical issues.

4.  Mild Shocks

A properly working electrical system should hold all the electricity within it confines. If even a tiny amount of electricity manages to get away then either you or someone in your home maybe subjected to a mild or strong electrical shock. It may also cause a fire in your home when you are absent. Some people make the mistake of shrugging off any mild shocks which can cause serious damage down the line.

Thus, it is recommended to have the services of an electrician in Hurst, TX in the event of electrical shocks.

5.  Outlets Are Your Friend

Many times when the appliances and devices increase in a home, there is a need for additional outlets. However, many people instead try to use extensions to save hassle. And then they attach more extensions to the existing extensions. However, this cheap remedy can trigger an overloaded circuit which as we discussed above is a fire threat. Moreover, big appliances should not be plugged on extensions. If you feel the lack of outlets in your home, then better install them using an electrician in Hurst, TX.

6.  Old House

Old homes, particularly those which are 20-30 years old are not equipped with the modern day electrical systems nor does their electrical system follow the safety regulations that are mandatory in USA. Your home may also be one without the safety regulations so you should not put yourself or your family at risk and call an electrician in Hurst, TX to improve your house as per the national regulations.


7.  Faulty Outlets

Do you feel trouble while trying to insert a plug in an outlet? There are a number of issues with outlets that require the help of an electrician in Hurst, TX. If it is not fitting correctly, then you may have a faulty outlet which is unable to connect your plug with the electricity. Sometimes the outlet is not uniformed in giving out power. One of your appliances can be working while the other may not turn on.

Be sure to check the condition of the plate on which your outlet is based. If you find it in a bad shape, then there can be some shoddy wiring. In older homes, there may be still outlets which support 2 pronged plugs. These outlets are not strong enough to support modern appliances. You will need three pronged outlets for modern day electrical equipment. If you can see any faulty wiring on your outlet then be quick to call an electrician.

If you see any of the above-mentioned signs, then quickly call Tioga Plumbing & Electric for an electrician in Hurst, TX. We will ensure that your house is saved from any potential fire and fix all your electrical problems through our certified and experienced professionals.