7 Signs That It Is Time To Call A Professional In Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

7 Signs That It Is Time To Call A Professional In Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

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All of the appliances in your home are essential in handling everyday tasks and making your life more convenient. While you need each of your appliances, your water heater is one of the most essential. If your water heater isn’t functioning properly, you won’t have hot water to shower and wash dishes. Also, your water-based appliances won’t function properly. Also, a poorly functioning water heater can affect the quality of your hot water.

The best way to prevent a complete water heater breakdown and be sure that your hot water is safe for use is to recognize the signs that you need to call for water heater repair. The sooner you realize that your water heater needs to be repaired, the better. Fortunately, there are signs that you can look for that will tell you that it is time to call a professional in repairs.

#1 No Hot Water

The most obvious sign that it is time to call for water heater repair is if your hot water comes out cold. When this happens, the heating elements could be malfunctioning. Traditional water heaters have two heating elements, one on the top and one on the bottom. If the heating elements aren’t working properly, the water in the tank won’t get hot, and the water will come out cold.

The problem could also be with the thermostat. The thermostat tells your water heater how much to heat the water. If the thermostat isn’t working, the water won’t get hot.

If you turn on the hot water and it comes out cold, you should call a professional in water heater repair right away.

#2 The Water Isn’t Getting Hot Enough

If you turn on your hot water and it comes out lukewarm, you should first check the thermostat. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should set your thermostat no higher than 120 degrees. If the thermostat is much lower than that, try turning it up. There is a good chance that this will solve your problem.

If the thermostat is set properly, there could be an issue with one of the heating elements. If only one is functioning properly, it will be impossible for the water to get hot, and you would need to call a professional in repair. The sooner you call a professional, the sooner you will have hot water again.

#3 You Are Running Out Of Hot Water Quickly

If you find that you are running out of hot water in the middle of a shower often, you should first consider your family size. If a new person has recently moved into your home, your hot water demand will increase, and your existing water heater may not be able to meet your family’s hot water needs. If this is the case, you should consider installing a larger water heater or a tankless water heater that provides hot water on demand.

If your family size has remained the same and you are still running out of hot water, one of the water heater’s heating elements could have failed, and only half of the tank will be heated. IF there is a large amount of sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank, it will reduce the space that you have to store hot water, reducing the amount of hot water in the tank.

It would take a professional in water heater repair to find out why you are running out of water so quickly so they can make the necessary repair.

#4 Rusty Hot Water

If you turn on your water and it comes out rusty, you have a problem. If the hot and cold water is coming out rusty, your pipes have likely corroded and need to be replaced. If just the hot water is coming out rusty, the issue likely lies with your water heater. When sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank, it can cause the hot water to come out rusty.

Because rusty water is dangerous for bathing, cooking, and drinking, it is essential that you call a professional in repair as soon as you notice that there is a problem.

#5 Poor Hot Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be incredibly annoying. If the water pressure is poor, it can be difficult to rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. Poor water pressure can also make it difficult to wash your dishes, and your water-based appliances might not work properly.

If the hot and cold water pressure is poor, the aerator on the faucet or showerhead could be clogged. You could also have a leak in the waterline, which can cause water damage and promote mold growth and should be repaired immediately.

If just the hot water pressure is poor, the problem is likely with your water heater. If sediment and mineral deposits have built up in the water tank, it can clog the pipes, causing poor hot water pressure. As soon as you notice a problem, you should call for water heater repair immediately.

#6 Moisture Around the Water Heater

There should never be moisture or water pooling around your water heater. If there is, you need to call for water heater repair immediately.

The problem could be something simple like a clogged, broken, or poorly connected hose. It could also be something more serious like a crack in the water heater tank, resulting in a major flood.

Any standing water or moisture can cause damage to the structure of your home and promote mold growth; therefore, you should call for water heater repair immediately.

#7 Strange Sounds Coming From the Water Heater

When the water heater in your Arlington, TX home runs, you shouldn’t hear anything more than a low-level humming. If you hear a banging or clanging sound, you should call a water heater repair professional immediately.

When large pieces of sediment and mineral deposits build up in the water tank, they can move around and clang against the sides. This can put the integrity of your water tank at risk and can result in a flood.

As soon as you start hearing strange sounds, you should call a professional in repair.

If you have any issues with the water heater in your Arlington, TX home, contact Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service plumbing and electrical service company that has been serving residential and business customers in the area since 1953.

We understand that water heaters and all other plumbing and electrical emergencies can occur at any time, which is why we offer emergency service 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year.

To schedule an appointment for water heater repair or any other service, give us at Tioga Contractors a call today.

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Zach Boatwright

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Willie M.

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Pat M.

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Kimberly M.

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Mary L.

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Allison White