8 Valuable Tips to Prevent Shower Door Glass Repair in Southlake, TX

8 Valuable Tips to Prevent Shower Door Glass Repair in Southlake, TX

Not many people realize that shower doors with large glass panes add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. A glass shower door creates a more open and seamless space that adds visual appeal. They help make your bathroom look sleek and stylish. Glass showers are always preferable over shower curtains according to an interior designer, Jessica Helgerson. Furthermore, by installing a glass shower, you can add value to your property.

However, the bad news with glass doors is that the soapy and hard water buildup on the shower door can  deteriorate the glass’s condition. The sediment buildup on the galls can result in etching that can permanently damage the glass. The best option is to hire an expert for a glass repair in Southlake, TX. The only way to avoid the glass repair in Southlake, TX is to clean the glass regularly using safe cleaning technique. Here are some eight tips from the exeprts:

1. Use a Magic Eraser

A Magic eraser can be used if the shower door has been neglected and require deep cleaning. You can use the eraser for cleaning mineral deposit and soap scum from the shower door. It quickly eliminates buildup of minerals on the glass door. You can also use it to give the facet and sink a shine. Cleaning the glass door on a regular interval can greatly reduce the risk of a glass repair in Southlake, TX.

2. Squeegee the Glass Door

One of the most effective ways to prevent glass repair in Southlake, TX is to squeegee the shower door. This is not a time intensive task as it takes just a minute to squeegee the door. Consider performing the task every day for the best results. The extra effort and time in performing the task will be well worth it in the end as it will minimize the need for a glass repair in Southlake, TX due to the glass becoming etched and cracked on account of mineral buildup.

3. Clean with Bar Keepers Friend – Cleanser & Polosh

While the product is named Bar Keepers Friend, it is better known as the housewives’ companion. The product will keep any surface including cookware, ceramic, stainless steel, fiber glass and much more. To use you must wet the surface and shake the cleaner on a sponge. Then scrub the glass surface, and finally rinse with warm water. Cleaning the glass door with the product is another great way to prevent the need for glass repair in Southlake, TX.

4. Use Dryer Sheet

You can also clean the shower door using a dryer sheet. Just lightly damp the dryer sheet taken from the laundry room and then scrub the shower glass door. The ingredients of the sheet will lift soap scrum right off the door that will ultimately prevent costs of glass repair in Southlake, TX.

5. Pine-Sol Treatment

Another great way to knock out the shower scrum is by using a Pine-Sol cleaner. You can mix the solution with water inside a spray bottle. Just spray the mixture on the shower door and then wipe using a soft cloth. Apart from shower doors, you can also scrub dirty drains, shower heads, and baskets. The product can easily clean even the toughest of mineral deposits that if not addressed will result in cracking, which will require a glass repair in Southlake, TX.

6. Natural Remedy for Cleaning the Glass Door

A natural remedy to clean the shower glass door is to apply a mixture of baking soda and water. Scrubbing the glass door with a nonabrasive sponge dipped in the mixture can easily clean sediment deposit on the glass. The amount of the mixture will depend on your needs. You can get started by mixing half-cup of baking soda and water required to make a thick paste. After cleaning the glass door, you can rinse it with sugar.

7. Clean Glass Door Frame

Jill Schoff, author of Green Up Your Clean, recommends an effective way in her book to clean the buildup of hard-to-clean grime that accumulates in the frame. Just plug the crevices and the drainage holes in the metal tracks and fill it up with vinegar. Let the vinegar stay there overnight and then clean in the morning.

8. Use Non-Talc Soap

The last advice to clean the glass door and avoid cracks that would require a glass repair in Southlake, TX, it’s recommended that you should avoid using bar soap. All bar soaps contain talc that accelerates sediment buildup.  Instead, you should use a non-talc soap such as Dove or other natural soap. Also, you can opt for a liquid soap. While this will not eliminate the need for a cleaning the glass door, it will reduce the need for cleaning the door significantly.

The whole idea of cleaning the glass door is to avoid damage to the glass. Repairing the door can be costly so it’s best that you take preventive actions that avoid damage to the door. Soap scrum and hard water can do major damage to the door if they are not regularly removed from the shower glass door.

Contrary to what many people think, cleaning the shower door after the buildup of sediments will not prevent reverse etching of the glass. So it’s important that you clean the glass regularly if you want to avoid costly shower door glass repair in Southlake, TX.  

A dirty shower glass can more than damage the door. It can also lead to health problems. For instance, not cleaning the shower area could lead to fungi formation that can exacerbate allergies and asthma.

Regular cleaning and care of the shower door glass can prevent major repairs. However, in case you need repairs, you should consider calling Tioga Electrical, Electric and Glass for professional glass repair in Southlake. We have a team of expert professionals who can carry on the repair work using special tools.