Are Your Electrical Outlets Getting Hot? | Electric Service in Bedford, TX

Are Your Electrical Outlets Getting Hot? | Electric Service in Bedford, TX

Life without electricity is unimaginable for all of us. Electricity runs our lives. However, though it is a blessing for us, it requires a lot of attention while we use it. Even a little negligence in terms of safety procedures can prove detrimental. There are several indicators that you need to be mindful of. A few are burning smells, sparks, flickering lights or electric outlets getting hot.

While you shouldn’t neglect any of the indicators, an electrical outlet getting hot is something you should never ever overlook. Some might think that it is nothing to worry about, but in fact, many house fires start due to overheated appliances or short circuits in the appliances or outlets.

When you go to unplug an appliance and notice that the particular outlet feels warm, there could be many reasons for this. Some of them, you might be able to fix yourself (like ensuring it was not covered by something). Other more severe factors require immediate attention from an expert electrician in Bedford, TX.

So how do you know the reason behind the outlets getting warm, or whether or not it requires an inspection by an expert electrician in Bedford, TX? The key is to call an electrical service in Bedford, TX as soon as you notice such a sign as it could lead to major disasters in the future.

However, if you want to be sure about the reason behind this, we have listed a few most common factors that lead to your electrical outlets becoming hot.

Loose Connections

While it is obvious that loose electrical connections are dangerous, many still fail to recognize the hazards that these can cause. What’s more dangerous is the fact that most of our electrical connections are hidden behind our walls.

When an electrical connection is loose, current jumps between the loose parts (the gaps) and causes sparks. These continuous sparks can cause the nearby wiring to become hot too. Heat produced due to loose connections is the reason we see melted wires and de-formed electrical outlets.

What could cause a loose connection? If you ever tried to do a DIY electrical installation rather than hiring an electrician in Bedford, TX, there are chances that you might have left the connections loose. This is because we are not as experienced as most of the professionals at an electrician service in Bedford, TX.

Experts have the knowledge and equipment that ensures all the fixtures and connections are long lasting and safer. Therefore, while it might sound costly to hire an electrician service in Bedford, TX, it will save you money in the long term and ensure the safety of your family and of the house.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum is mostly the reason for overheating in appliances. Same holds true for wires too. Aluminum wires heat up more quickly than copper wires. This is because aluminum metal has more resistance. The reason why it is mostly used in the households and other applications as conductors, is the fact that is a lot cheaper than copper. Aluminum also weighs lesser.

Therefore, whenever you notice a wire or an electrical outlet heating up, an expert electrician in Bedford, TX will replace it with a copper wire as a safer alternative. Aluminum wires also have an interesting problem. They require a special paste to be connected with a copper connection. This makes it an expert’s job, which only a professional electrician in Bedford, TX can carry out.

What can you do to eliminate this problem? It might sound like a costly idea to opt for copper wires, but it is a matter of a lot more than just money. Threfore, use copper wires at least at outlets where you plan to install heavy appliances. A good electrical Service in Bedford, TX can guide you better upon assessing your needs.


A short circuit happens when two exposed wires touch. It takes long before a short circuit can happen inside an electrical outlet. However, a poorly installed outlet can cause a short circuit too. If it is a minor one, it might take you long before you notice it. Otherwise, short circuits are quite evident and would leave a scorch mark on the outlet.

Once there has been a short circuit in a particular outlet, you must stop using it immediately. Turn the switch off with an insulated object and call an electrician in Bedford, TX at your earliest.


This is the most common reason why most of our outlets get warm while usage. Overload is also sometimes a reason why we see deformed outlets or plugs.

All outlets have a maximum power load rating, which is defined by the wiring used to power it. An electrician in Bedford, TX would install these outlets according to the needs. However, if you continuously exert more loads on an outlet with lower rating, it will start getting hot.

Therefore, if you plan to install a heavy appliance on an outlet where you have never used it before, it is important that you get an inspection done by an electrical Service in Bedford, TX.


What to Do

Electricity is important, but what’s more important is the safety of your family and your house. Similarly, the many appliances that run on electricity cost too much. Even a little negligence in the safety precautions related to electricity can cost you expensive repairs or may even require you to replace the appliances.

Therefore, it is important not to neglect a symptom such as electrical outlets getting hot. You should immediately seek help from Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Bedford, TX. It is also important that you keep getting regular inspection of the electrical fixtures from them. While it might seem costly in the beginning, it will save you a lot of money in the long-run.