Backflow in Plumbing System: Causes, Consequences, Prevention | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Backflow in Plumbing System: Causes, Consequences, Prevention | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Backflow is a normal phenomenon of fluid dynamics where any fluid reverses its direction of flow when there is a change in pressure gradient, but when we talk about backflow in our houses then it becomes a plumbing issue, and a serious one

House plumbing systems generally have various cross connections and that makes the phenomenon of backflow dangerous to the well being of you and your family. Due to cross connections, the backflow can pollute your clean water supply from the contaminated and used water. In case you are witnessing a slight color change or stinky smell in you water supply then you should contact the plumbing services in Fort Worth to check whether your plumbing system is experiencing a problem of backflow.

Events that lead to backflow

A broken water main

If a distribution pipe of water supply in your municipality gets wrecked or broken due to any reason it can reduce the water pressure in your water supply and that can cause a backflow in your plumbing system. If you get the information that water main is broken near your house then you should call a plumbing service in Fort Worth which can help you in any possible backflow issue you would experience.

Long power breakdown

If your area is subjected to a rare power breakdown due to any unusual reason then there are chances that the pressure in your water supply drops to induce backflow. If your home is already installed with a backflow prevention system from a reputed plumbing service in Fort Worth then you don’t have to worry about the problem of backflow.

Plumbing overhauling

Some plumbing overhauls require the draining down of water supply of the whole house and building. This temporary pressure difference can cause a momentary backflow in your plumbing system but it can be prevented if the plumbing overhauling is done by a professional plumbing service in Fort Worth.

Emergency water consumption

Backflow can also be created if somewhere in your neighborhood there is an emergency water usage, i.e. fire fighters are extinguishing a fire by using big chunk of water supply. If your house plumbing system is already having a backflow prevention system then you will not face the consequences of the mentioned situation.

In house pressure difference

If any home equipment which uses water is generating more pressure than the pressure in water distribution lines then it can cause backflow in your plumbing system.

All the above discussed reasons that can lead to the negative pressure generation which causes contaminates to seep back into the clean water supply. That is why it is necessary to have an upgraded plumbing system with backflow prevention. With professional plumbing services in Fort Worth, you can get it.

Potential sites of Back flow

We have already mentioned that backflows are likely to occur in those places where there are cross connections in your plumbing system. You should know that those sites in your house where backflow can occur. Plumbing apparatus which is prone to backflow should be installed with backflow prevention devices form an experienced plumbing service in Fort Worth.


Bathrooms are packed with various faucets and tapes that have cross connection and can experience backflow. Threaded faucets are very vulnerable to have a problem of backflow


The kitchen is one of the most likely sites to have a backflow because dishwashers and garbage disposals are fitted with cross-connections.
Other than that, every other faucet and tape inside or outside the house which is attached with plumbing system through a cross connection will take the burn of backflow.

Consequences of Backflow

  • If a garden hose is also used to clean draining lines and rain downspouts then in the event of backflow the harmful waste can be drawn back in the clean water supply of your house. You should be very careful especially if your garden hose is also supplied with insecticides because in that case backflow will have very lethal consequences. Thus it is very imperative to have backflow prevention in your plumbing system.
  • If you are facing the problem of backflow and flush valve in your toilet doesn’t has an anti-siphon mechanism then you can face the problem of bad odors, vapors and if this condition persists for a long time then it can reach your house’s clean water supply.
  • Small swimming pools in the backyard of your house are usually connected to the water supply of the house and if your water distribution is experiencing a decrease in pressure then contaminated water can flow back to your water supply.

Backflow can result in very dangerous outcomes if not addresses timely and that is why the best way to prevent your plumbing system from backflow is to use backflow preventers which can be installed from any professional plumbing service in Fort Worth.

Mostly following are the types of backflow preventers which are used in house plumbing systems.

Hose bib

Hose bibs are the oldest and most reliable backflow preventers used in plumbing system. Every water outlet or faucet is needed with one hose bib apparatus to prevent backflow with the help of spring assembly which only allows unidirectional water flow in every pressure situation.

Atmospheric vacuum breaker

This is another type of backflow preventer gathered in a 90 degree assembly with a cap on its top which drops when there is a slump in pressure in the water main to suck in the atmospheric air to compensate the drop in pressure which can cause back siphon.

Pressure vacuum breaker

This backflow preventer is usually used to stop the backflow from the underground water sprinkling system to the potable water source. It is loaded with check valve which prevents the reverse flow in case of pressure drop.

There are other backflow preventers also available in the market. The type of preventer which is needed in the plumbing system of your house will be recommended and installed by a professional plumbing service in Fort Worth.

Tioga Contractors plumbing service in Fort Worth, Dallas and neighboring area not only facilitate you with the installation of new backflow prevention systems, it will also repair the already installed prevention system with their expert team of plumbers. Tiago contractors have a BBB membership with A+ rating so it is given that with us, you will be provided with the quality plumbing services in Fort Worth.