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Most people clean their homes in Irving, TX on a regular basis. This includes wiping down common surfaces, and deep cleaning difficult-to-reach areas, such as baseboards, ceiling fans, and windows. But how often do you consider cleaning your drains or booking a drain cleaning service? Most people don’t think about cleaning any drains regularly, other than the garbage disposal that’s within easy reach.

However, clogged drains can lead to major issues for your home. Continue reading to find out about the nine most important reasons that you should consider drain cleaning.

Reason #1: You Avoid Health Impacts

Your drain can block water flow, but that’s not the only issue. It may seem trivial to put up with a slow-draining sink but clogs can trap bacteria, and make your sink a breeding place for viruses and germs. These bacteria and germs can become airborne if your sink backs up and you don’t book a drain cleaning service.

Allergies can be aggravated by these germs and bacteria, which can lead to illness in your family. Although you might not become seriously ill, you could experience a persistent sore throat, runny nose or other mildly infuriating symptoms. You can also get skin irritation from soaking your hands in bacteria-laden water to wash your dishes.

Reason #2: It Resolves Backflow Issues

Backflow is when water returns to your toilet, sink, or bathtub. This is a dangerous problem that can cause damage to your bathroom or kitchen. The water that isn’t draining properly can also return with impurities and other debris that could cause serious damage to your home that could have been prevented through a drain cleaning service.

If you suspect you have a backflow issue, shut off your water supply immediately. Tell your family to keep the water off and call a plumber to investigate and resolve the issue.

Reason #3: You Remove Bad Odors

Your drain can trap a variety of small particles, which will make clogs grow larger over time. Your drain can smell unpleasant if mold or mildew grows in it. The smell may initially only be noticeable if you place your head near the sink. However, it can become more severe and spread further. Your entire house may smell bad if there are multiple drain clogs affecting your Irving, TX home’s plumbing. A drain cleaning service can target any and all home drains to resolve unpleasant odor issues.

Reason #4: You Prevent Water Damage

Clogged drains can cause damage to your home’s structures, which is perhaps the most serious problem. Clogged drains can also add wear on the pipes, making them less efficient and more prone to leaking and breaking. Clogs can cause water to back up in your main pipes, which could lead to visible water damage and leaks in your home. Your home has pipes in its walls, ceiling, and under the floors. Any of these pipes can become blocked and cause leaks that are not visible. A drain cleaning service will help prevent water damage in the areas you can’t see, as well as the areas you can!

Be aware of dark spots on your ceilings and walls. Mold spots on your ceilings are a sign that there may be leaky pipes nearby. You can prevent future clogs by scheduling regular drain cleaning.

Reason #5: It Reduces Basement Flood Risk

If your house has a more complicated plumbing problem, or a burst pipe, the basement may also flood. If the floors are uneven or have small bumps, you will see signs of flooding in the corners and around furniture. A drain cleaning service reduces the likelihood of this happening. You should fix the problem immediately if you’re already seeing signs of basement flooding, as stagnant water can lead to mold and mildew problems. You might also find it a breeding ground for pests.

Reason #6: It Speeds Up Drainage

Slow drainage is an indication of clogged drains. This is when debris and other impurities build up in your pipes, causing minor blockages. If your faucet runs water through a drain with a minor clog, it tends not to move as fast and can lead water standing inside your sink, bath tub or shower tray for longer than necessary.

A drain cleaning service is one of the most common ways to solve this problem. The service can remove any debris that has accumulated within the pipes. To dissolve any impurities or debris, you can also pour special solutions through the drain.

Reason #7: It Fixes Low Water Pressure in Kitchens and Bathrooms

There are many factors that can cause low water pressure, including a blockage in the drain. Low water pressure can also occur if a pipe breaks. Not treating low water pressure could lead to more serious plumbing issues in the future. You don’t have to spend more money to repair a major issue when simple problems can be fixed quickly and inexpensively, through regular maintenance or a drain cleaning service.

Reason #8: It Eliminates Strange Plumbing Sounds

Houses with faulty plumbing systems can make strange or unusual sounds. You might hear strange sounds, such as gurgling, when your water runs if your pipes are clogged. While some noises are normal, others can be caused by air moving upwards due to a blockage, or the change in route of running water.

Reason #9: The Positive Effect on Water Bills

Your monthly water consumption should be proportional to your water bill. Larger families will use more water to cook, wash and shower. However, if your monthly water bill suddenly becomes excessively high, it could be a sign that there is a problem with your drain.

Call a plumber immediately to isolate and address the problem through a drain cleaning service or plumbing inspection. This can prevent you from having major water bills and other serious problems. Tioga Contractors can assist with drainage issues, and other plumbing problems, in Irving, TX. Call us now to book an appointment!

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If you own a house you should at least be thinking about drain cleaning service. In fact, you should be considering it regularly. The unfortunate truth, however, is that far too many people actually don’t think about cleaning services or even about their drains in general. That’s what we’re going to talk about so you can make an informed decision and make sure that your Irving, TX home and drains will continue to function properly.

What Is a Drain Cleaning Service?

A drain cleaning service is when a professional company comes to your home to check the drains and make sure that there are no clogs, debris, or other problems going on inside the drains. They will generally look into the drains with specialized equipment and can remove any debris that already forms a clog or that might form a clog if left to its own devices. This makes sure that you and your family can continue to use your Irving, TX home the way you would expect. And often it gets rid of problems before you even know that you have them.

With a professional company you’ll get the service that you’re looking for and you’ll be able to go back to using your drains the way you want to. Though, the company that you work with will likely give you at least a bit of advice about what you should and shouldn’t be putting into your drains. That way, you can avoid having a lot of drain cleaning service done in the future. Still, it’s something that you should schedule and have done routinely. The service you hire will also be able to help you with figuring the time frame out as well.

How Often Do I Need Drain Cleaning Service?

The answer to this is going to vary based on a number of factors. If you tend to put a lot of things into your garbage disposal then chances are you should get your drains looked at more frequently than someone who doesn’t use their garbage disposal. The reason for this is that you really shouldn’t put food into the drains no matter what you’re doing to them beforehand. So that disposal isn’t really doing as much as you might think when it comes to your use of the drains.

Another factor to consider is how many people are in your home. If you have a lot of people in your home then chances are you’re going to need to get a regular drain cleaning a little more frequently. That’s because the drains in your home (and not just your kitchen) are being used a whole lot more. Then, they can cause problems for you and your ability to do things like washing your hands or the dishes. If you have a lot of people make sure they know the rules for your drains as well, and then get those drains checked out by the pros.

Finally, do you notice any actual problems? If you do then it’s a good idea to get your drains checked out immediately. It might be something minor that can be resolved quickly. But it’s also possible that it’s something major, so make sure you are getting drain cleaning service to find out for sure. The process might just be a simple cleaning, but it might be something more intense if a problem has been left on its own for too long. You want to know that you’re going to have everything you need done, when you need it.

Scheduling Drain Cleaning Service

Once you think you should get a drain cleaning service you want to know that you’ve chosen the right company to do it. And when you’re in Irving, TX you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the options. But you don’t have to. Because you can find the right team to come to you and take care of everything as soon as you’re ready. In fact, you can find out more about the ways to take care of your drains and the time frame for when you should be scheduling your drain cleanings from that professional team.

When you’re ready to get a drain cleaning service you want to know that you’re hiring the best of the best. So, make sure that you’re doing your due diligence. That means calling professionals in your area to find out what they are good at and what other people have to say about them. The same thing is true when it comes to your drain cleaning. You want to know that they can handle it properly and that they can get to you quickly. That way, you’re not going to have an even bigger clog in your drain.

What to Do

When it comes time to hire a service to take care of drain cleaning in your area make sure you call Tioga Contractors to find out what we can do for you and your drains. By the time we’re done, your drains will run better than ever. We get rid of the biggest problems entirely, and then we make sure that your drain runs smoothly. All you have to do is take a few minutes to give us a call and we can take care of all of the rest. That makes your busy schedule just a little less busy.

Tioga Contractors will come to you when it’s convenient. You schedule an appointment that will work for you and before you know it, you’ll have a team ready for you to help you with your leaky drain, clogged pipes, or anything else. We know what it takes to provide high-quality service, and that’s exactly what you’re going to expect, right? Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you’re getting ready to clear away the dishes from dinner, because if you aren’t careful you could end up sending chemicals directly into the city’s water. So make sure you talk with a professional from Tioga Contractors about your options and what you should be doing.

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Every system in your home needs routine maintenance to ensure it’s functioning as efficiently as possible, including your plumbing system. Hiring a drain cleaning service every year to clean the drains will ensure your drains and plumbing system continue functioning correctly.

A plumber can use a drain camera to inspect the drains for clogs and other issues. Next, they’ll use a drain snake, drain auger, or hydro-jetting to clean the drains.

The average cost to have your drains cleaned is around $220. If you aren’t sure if this service is worth the price, you should consider how it can benefit your home and family.

#1 Prevent Frequent Clogs

Drain clogs cause the water to drain slowly or not at all making life in your home inconvenient. As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, grease, food, soap, scum, and hair will end up in the drain and can create a clog, and you’ll need to hire a plumber.

Fortunately, hiring a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, every year can prevent clogs from occurring. The plumber will remove any existing clogs and flush the pipes to remove any built-up debris that could cause a clog, allowing the water to flow freely until the next drain cleaning service.

#2 Prevent Standing Water

Significant drain clogs can result in standing water in your sink, bathtub, washing machine, or dishwasher, which is a problem because you can’t use the fixture until the clog is removed. Also, standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms and can make your family sick.

Having your drains professionally cleaned every year will eliminate the risk of clogs and standing water because the plumber will clear the pipes, allowing the water to flow freely down the drain.

#3 Prevent a Backup

A water backup is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The last thing you want to see when you walk into your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room are puddles of water because water damage and mold growth can occur. If there’s a significant clog in the toilet or sewer line, raw sewage can back up into your home, resulting in a nasty mess that can be harmful to your family’s health.

Fortunately, having your drains professionally cleaned can eliminate the risk of a backup. The plumber will remove even the smallest drain clog so it doesn’t escalate to a significant clog that could cause water and sewage to back up into your house.

#4 Quiet Noisy Drains

When a drain makes a gurgling sound when the water drains, it indicates a significant clog. The water will change directions to get to the clog, and the change in direction creates air pockets, causing a gurgling sound. Allowing the problem to persist will result in a completely clogged drain, and the water won’t drain, resulting in standing water.

Hiring a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, will remove the clog, quiet the drain, and you won’t need to worry about clogs if you have the drains cleaned every year.

#5 Eliminate a Fruit Fly Issue

Are there fruit flies in your kitchen that buzz around your face? If you don’t have a fruit bowl or a vase of dying flowers on the counter, the kitchen drain is likely to blame. Grease and food buildup in the pipes create a hospitable environment for fruit flies, which will continue multiplying in the drain. There are hundreds of home remedy recipes online to help with the problem, but home remedies will only mask the problem. If you don’t use the treatment several times a day, the fruit flies will return, and a drain cleaning service is a permanent solution to the problem.

A plumber will clean any food, grease, or gunk from the drain, making the pipes a less hospitable environment for fruit flies, and when they’re done, the problem will be resolved.

#6 Eliminate Foul Odors

Is there a nasty smell in your kitchen and you can’t find the source? Have you tried scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom, and nothing seems to help? If so, the odor could be coming from the drain.

When food, grease, and gunk clog the drain, it will start to spoil, leaving a rotten smell in your kitchen. Also, clogs can result in mold growth in the drain, which leaves a moldy smell and mold exposure can be harmful to your family’s health.

A drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, can clear everything from the pipes in your home, eliminating the nasty smell in your home.

#7 Detect Damage to the Pipes Early

Most of the pipes are hidden; therefore, you won’t know there’s any damage. Old or damaged pipes can cause a leak in your plumbing system, resulting in water damage, mold growth, and high water bills. The last thing you want is for a disaster to strike with an expensive repair bill.

A plumber can use a drain camera during the drain cleaning service to get a good look at the hidden pipes to inspect them for damage. This will allow them to detect minor issues before escalating to something significant that could cause a flood in your home. The cost of a yearly drain cleaning service is much less than the cost of cleaning up after a flood, so it’s more cost-effective to have the drains cleaned regularly.

Call Tioga Contractors Today

If you’re due for a drain cleaning service or have never had the drains cleaned, Tioga Contractors can help. We’re a full-service plumbing, electric, and sub-contracting company, serving customers in the area since 1953. We’re members of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association, and our plumbers are professionally trained and have the skill and experience to handle any plumbing job.

If you have a plumbing issue that can’t wait until we have an available appointment, don’t panic. We provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we’ll get a tech to your home to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

To schedule an appointment for any plumbing service, give Tioga Contractors a call or book online at https://tiogacontractors.com/schedule-an-appointment/.

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Like most homeowners, your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and basement drains have fallen far into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category until something goes wrong. Suddenly, your home’s drains are at the forefront of your mind, and you need to find a qualified cleaning service to address the problem ASAP. However, with many different drain cleaning companies in Bedford, TX, to choose from, it can be challenging to determine the best one for your needs.

Tioga Contractors is one of the leading and trusted drain cleaning service providers serving Bedford, TX, and the surrounding areas. We have the experience and expertise to handle any drain cleaning problem, no matter the size or scope of the issue! We’re licensed, insured, bonded for your protection, and dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

Causes of a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains may start as a minor issue but can quickly escalate into a bigger problem. It can cause slow drainage, flooding, corrosion, and, in extreme cases, sewage backup and expensive repairs. Preventing them begins with recognizing the causes of clogged drains. Below is a list of the most common causes of drainage system clogs and blockages:

  • The buildup of soap- Over time, soap can build up on the interior walls of your pipes, blocking your pipes.
  • Hair- Like soap, hair can accumulate with time and cause clogs.
  • Oils and grease- It’s easy to assume that water washes everything along; however, oil and fats are sticky and can coat the walls of your pipes, making it hard for water to flow freely.
  • Excess and hard to disintegrate toilet paper: Some types of toilet paper do not dissolve easily and hence can block drains. You should also avoid flushing down non-flushable items such as feminine hygiene products, wipes, cotton swabs, and paper towels.
  • Mineral buildup: If you have hard water, the mineral deposits in the water can accumulate on the interior walls of your pipes, leading to clogs and corrosion.
  • Damaged pipes: Cracks, leaks, and breaks in your pipes provide the perfect opportunity for clogs to develop.
  • Poor drainage system workmanship: If your drainage system wasn’t installed correctly, there could be several weak spots just waiting to collapse and cause clogs.
  • Foreign objects like jewelry and toys: It’s not uncommon for small children to flush toys and other objects down the toilet. Unfortunately, these items can block your drains.
  • Tree roots intrusion: Tree roots are attracted to the water and nutrients that they can find in your pipes. Once they’ve infiltrated your system, they can cause severe blockages.

Signs a Drain May Be Clogged

You don’t have to wait until your bathroom is clogged to call a drain cleaning service professional. A properly fitted drainage system will always show some signs before it becomes completely blocked. Here are a few of the most common indications that your drain needs cleaning:

  • Water is draining slowly from the sink, tub, or toilet
  • Funny noises like gurgling from your sinks and toilets
  • Foul smells emanating from the drains
  • Backing up water – for instance, water backs in the bathtub when you flush the toilet
  • The drainage system is frequently getting blocked
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Flies and drain flies around your sinks
  • Wastewater is coming up through floor drains
  • Water is overflowing from gutters or downspouts

Benefits of Letting a Professional Clean Your Drains

If you’re a homeowner you know that maintaining a clean and well-functioning home is vital. That’s why keeping your drains clean and free of debris is so important. However, drain cleaning is not a job for amateurs; it requires the expertise of an expert. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a professional drain cleaning service:

Improved drainage system functionality

Accumulated gunk can slow down the drainage in your sink, tub, or toilet. That often leads to clogs, which can cause more extensive damage, such as pipe bursts. Drain cleaning service will help clear blockages from your plumbing system using advanced technology and equipment you can’t get your hands on.

Furthermore, an expert can assess the severity of the blockages you’re dealing with. Otherwise, it’s hard to gauge the extent of the problem, which can make it difficult to find a solution.

Detect leaks early

When you hire a professional drain cleaning service to clean your drains regularly, they’ll be able to detect and fix any leaks in your plumbing system that you may not have noticed. You’ll also be extending the lifespan of your pipes since professionals can identify any potential problems and rectify them before they escalate into major, costly repairs.

Better smelling home

Clogged drains tend to produce bad smells that permeate your entire home. Regrettably, the sources of these awful smells are usually blockages that have been sitting in your pipes and are typically untouchable without professional tools and assistance.

However, a professional plumber can easily and quickly locate and remove the stench-producing gunk in your drains, leaving you with a fresher, smelling home.

Preventative maintenance

Drain cleaning service is not only important when you’re already dealing with a clogged drain, but it’s also a form of preventative maintenance.

It’s always better to nip potential problems before they become costly and time-consuming. Routine drain cleaning will help keep your plumbing system running smoothly and prevent future blockages from forming.

Protects floors and walls from damage

What happens when you ignore all the signs of a clogged drainage system? You’ll be dealing with leaky pipes and flooding, which can cause extensive damage to your floors and walls. An overflowing sink or toilet can also leave unsightly water stains on your ceilings and walls. Sometimes, you may even have to replace your flooring if the flooding is severe enough. However, regular drain cleaning service will go a long way in preventing this damage.

Contact Tioga Contractors for Quality Plumbing Service

Drain cleaning is an essential home maintenance task that you shouldn’t neglect. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional drain cleaning service in Bedford, TX, look no further than our team of experts at Tioga Contractors. Over the years, we’ve helped countless homeowners keep their drains clean and functioning correctly. Our professionals take a holistic analysis of your system, clear clogs and blockages, and offer preventative maintenance tips to avoid future problems.

Contact us today at 469-789-1293 to schedule a professional drain cleaning service!

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At some point, most drains are going to need drain cleaning service. Either the drains become slow or they actually become clogged. Property owners can take measures to prevent drain problems, of course, by keeping certain items out of drains like food debris and grease. However, as drains age, they can corrode and deteriorate, which can also lead to slow drains and leaks. Sometimes cleaning or performing service on old or extremely damaged drains can lead to line breaks and further damage. DIY drain cleaning solutions can also pose risks for plumbing systems. If you live in Bedford, TX, and want to reduce risks to your drains, always choose Tioga Contractors for our professional drain cleaning service.

How Do Plumbers Perform a Drain Cleaning?

Today’s plumbers have access to a wide array of useful plumbing equipment and tools that make jobs like drain cleaning service more effective and efficient. Plumbing technicians rely on hydro jetting equipment, snakes, and drain-cleaning machines to carefully clean drains and remove any clogs that may be present in the line. In the hands of a properly trained plumber, these tools work well to clean drains. However, an uncertified plumber or a do-it-yourselfer could seriously damage their drains by using these types of equipment.

How Do Plumbers Choose the Best Tools?

Clogs differ in terms of where they’re located and what they’re composed of. Of course, professional plumbers don’t always know what’s causing a clog, but they often have an idea of what type of equipment is likely to work best for each type of slow drain or clog situation. For instance, slow shower drains are often caused by a combination of hair, biofilm, and soap residue. Kitchen drains are frequently clogged by a combination of food and grease. Floor drains that lead to the sewer line are sometimes clogged by tree roots.

Depending on the drain in question and what is likely to be causing the clog, plumbers will choose a tool and technique for performing drain cleaning service. Using the right equipment as intended does not pose an inherent risk to drains in most cases. So, in the case of suspected tree roots in the line, a plumber will choose to use a router machine that features cutters on the end of the long mechanical snake that’s attached to a drum. The plumber turns the machine on and runs the router (mechanical snake) into the line. When it reaches the tree roots, its cutters swivel to cut them away. Then, they can be washed into the main sewer system.

Can Plumbing Equipment Break a Line?

In most cases, plumbing equipment will not break a line. However, even a clog on its own poses a rupture risk. As water pressure builds behind a clog, it can weaken the pipe, causing a leak or even a break to occur. With proper plumbing maintenance like drain cleaning service, this type of issue is less likely to occur because the drains are in well-maintained condition.

Plumbing equipment can also cause problems for the line if it’s already deteriorating or in a dilapidated state. Drain cleaning removes clogs and fixes slow drains, but it doesn’t solve corrosion problems. If your plumbing system is old and corroded, a drain clog and subsequent repair could necessitate the need for replacing sections of pipe. If the pipe is extremely corroded and the plumber machine catches on a bad section of the pipe, it can worsen the problem.

It’s also possible that a drain snake can get caught in the line. Even an experienced plumber can make a mistake. However, when you rely on a skilled drain cleaning service provider like Tioga Contractors to tackle your drain clogs, you can rest easy, knowing that mistakes of this nature seldom occur when we’re on the job.

Why Do Broken Lines Happen?

A broken pipe is a hassle to say the least. However, plumbing equipment is not typically the cause of a line break. Usually, line breaks occur because the plumbing system is old, corroded, or an inexperienced operator attempted to fix the problem themselves. Certified plumbers fix plumbing problems; they don’t cause them. Even so, it’s important to contact a plumbing company that is known for its experience and highly trained technicians. Tioga Contractors features skilled plumbers who offer outstanding drain cleaning service as well as other related plumbing solutions.

Reduce Risks to Your Plumbing System with Preventative Maintenance

You don’t have to wait until there’s a stubborn clog to schedule a drain cleaning for your Bedford, TX, home. You can call our company to schedule an annual drain cleaning service to keep your drains free of debris. You should also have your drains cleaned at the first sign of a slow drain. Slow drains are good indicators of pending clogs. Also, consider having your plumbing system inspected from time to time so that any problems can be dealt with before they lead to plumbing disasters.

Remember, too, that professional drain cleaning is always best. Avoid DIY solutions or commercial drain cleaning products. These products can damage your pipes and don’t always work to unclog drains. Instead, let a professional plumber tackle the job for you. A licensed plumber has the know-how needed to clean your drains and maintain your plumbing system.

If you need drain cleaning service in or near Bedford, TX, call Tioga Contractors. We have a reputation for our outstanding workmanship and highly trained plumbing pros. Our plumbers can also provide inspection, repair, and replacement services. We’ll bring all the tools and equipment needed to safely service your plumbing system. Contact us to schedule your routine plumbing maintenance like professional drain cleaning today.

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It’s the worst when it happens. You’re taking a relaxing shower after a long day at work, and then suddenly, you hear that dreaded gurgling noise from your toilet. You know what’s about to happen – it’s time for another unpleasant plunger session. But why does this keep happening? What can you do to prevent your toilet from clogging up? Keep reading to find out!

If you’ve noticed that your drains clog more frequently, it’s time to consider professional drain cleaning services. Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, offers professional drain services to take care of the blockages in your drains and leave them working like new. Our experienced team uses the latest technology and equipment to clear any clogs in your pipes, so your plumbing system remains in peak working condition.

Why Do Toilets Clog?

There are various reasons why your toilet might be experiencing frequent clogs. These include:

Foreign Objects

Children love to flush anything down the toilet, but unfortunately, not everything is meant to be flushed. Toys, diapers, paper towels, and sanitary products can all cause a toilet to clog. While other drain types, such as kitchen sinks, can be easy to snake, trying to remove an object from a toilet without the right tools and experience can result in an even bigger mess.

Build-up in Your Sewer Line 

Like any other drain in your home, toilets can become clogged with build-up. This includes a combination of human waste, toilet paper, hair, and mineral deposits from the water that accumulate in your sewer line. When this build-up gets too thick, it restricts the flow of waste, causing your toilet to clog. Professional drain cleaning services can remove this build-up so that your sewer line is clear and your toilet can flush properly.  

Too Little Water in the Tank

When you flush the toilet, water in the tank rushes into the bowl and carries the waste down the drain. When the tank doesn’t fill up enough water for a powerful flush, it may cause clogging. The tank may fail to fill for various issues, including a leak in your flapper valve, toilet’s float (a bobbing device that signals the fill valve to turn off when the tank is full), fill valve, or a problem with your water pressure.

Blocked Vent Pipe

Your home’s plumbing system requires a vent pipe to function correctly. This pipe releases sewer gasses and allows fresh air to enter the system so liquid waste can flow freely. Occasionally, things on your roof may block the main vent pipe, such as a bird’s nest, a dead animal, or a ball. These blockages can cause pressure in your system to drop, making it difficult for waste to flow and eventually causing a toilet to clog.  

Old Plumbing

Old homes are especially susceptible to toilet clogs because the pipes are often narrower than today’s standards. Pipes that are only two or three inches in diameter are not adequate for the amount of waste and water that today’s toilets flush. If your home has old plumbing, you may need to have the pipes replaced to avoid frequent clogging.

How Can I Prevent My Toilet from Clogging? 

You can take some preventative steps to reduce the risk of your toilet clogging. These include:

Don’t flush foreign objects- As tempting as it is to flush your child’s toy down the toilet when they’re done playing with it, don’t do it! This is one of the leading causes of toilet clogs.

Dispose of hygiene products properly- You should never flush down sanitary products, cotton balls, and swabs. They can cause clogs and sewer line backups. Instead, dispose of them in the trash.

Don’t use too much toilet paper- When it comes to toilet paper, more is not better. Using too much can cause a clog, so only use as much as you need.

Consider upgrading to a newer toilet- If you have an older home with narrow pipes, you might want to consider upgrading to a newer toilet. 

Schedule regular drain cleaning services– One of the best ways to prevent clogs is to schedule routine maintenance. Professionals will clean your drains and inspect them for any potential issues.

Benefits of Using Professional Drain Services 

Drain cleaning service affords you the following benefits:

Preventative maintenance- By scheduling a regular drain cleaning service, you can prevent clogs before they happen. That will save you time and money in the end.

Improved Drainage- Drain cleaning service will improve the drainage in your home so that waste can flow freely, and you won’t have to worry about clogs.

Use state-of-the-art techniques- Pros use advanced techniques such as hydro jetting to clean your drains. This is the most effective way to remove clogs and build-up without damaging your pipes.

Environmentally-friendly- Drain cleaning services are environmentally friendly because they reduce the need for harsh chemicals.

Better air quality- When your drains are clogged, it can cause sewer gasses to build up in your home. This can lead to health problems and a foul odor. Professionals will remove the clog and improve the air quality in your home.

Long-lasting results- When experts clean your drains, the results will last longer than if you try to clean them yourself.

Warranty- Many plumbing companies offer a warranty on their services, so you can be sure they’ll do the job right.

Customer satisfaction- Professional drain cleaning is focused on customer satisfaction, so you can be sure you’ll be happy with the results.

Having Drain Issues in Your Home? Contact Tioga Contractors

If you’re looking for a reliable drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, look no further than Tioga Contractors. Over the years, we have offered top-quality drain cleaning services to Irving, TX residents. We use advanced technology and equipment to finish the job quickly and efficiently. In addition, our experienced plumbers are certified, licensed, and insured, so you can rest assured they’ll do the job right the first time.

Call us at 469-789-1293 today and let us help you keep your drains flowing freely!

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When you have a drain clog at your Bedford, TX, and it has your kitchen or bathroom sink / tub stopped up, it can be oh-so tempting to run up to the supermarket where it sells chemical drain cleaners. For about $5, you can get a product that says it will clear your clog without damaging your pipes. Although $5 is much cheaper than calling a professional drain cleaning service, you could be doing your plumbing system no favors by using those chemical products. No matter what their labels say, these products are not safe for your pipes–or you! Plus, they often don’t work. If you have a stubborn drain clog, call Tioga Contractors instead. 

Chemical Drain Cleaners and Your Plumbing System

Chemical drain cleaners rely on chemical reactions to shift clogs, loosening them so they’ll flow out of your drains and into the main sewer system. These chemical reactions create heat and aren’t good for your pipes whether they’re made of metal or PVC. Using these heat-producing products on metal pipes can cause corrosion, which does far more damage to a pipe than a clog. The heat produced from chemical drain cleaners can also soften and weaken PVC. What seems like an expedient solution, using these drain cleaners to rid yourself of a drain clog, can actually severely damage your plumbing system; repairing and replacing parts of your system is much more expensive than calling for professional drain cleaning service.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Products and Safety

Drain cleaning products, unlike a drain cleaning service, come with extremely long labels with loads of fine print. Using them is never as simple as just pouring the product down the drain. Use of drain cleaners is associated with injuries that can lead to serious health emergencies. Many drain cleaners rely on powerful and dangerous chemicals like sulfuric acid. If these chemicals get onto the skin, and often do because of splash-backs that can occur without warning, they can burn skin or seriously injure eyes. 

That’s not all. The fumes from these products can also be dangerous to breathe in, which is why they come with warnings that remind consumers to use them only in well-ventilated areas. If you’ve introduced bleach or other cleaning products into your drain along with drain cleaners, you can cause poisonous fumes to develop. The same can occur if you use different drain cleaning products together. 

Additionally, keeping these types of products around your home is a safety risk if you have children or pets. Highly toxic, drain cleaning products can be injurious and even deadly if ingested. The surest way to protect your kids and pets from them is simply never to bring them in your home. 

Drain Cleaners and the Environment

Commercial drain cleaning chemicals aren’t good for your Bedford, TX, plumbing system–and they’re not healthy for the environment. Most people suppose that the municipal water treatment centers spread across the country can effectively remove these chemicals during the water treatment process. However, each year as many as 36,000 sewer system overflows occur. That means that those chemical drain cleaners get into the ground water or local water systems, contaminating the water, killing good bacteria, and harming wildlife. Households that prioritize environmental concerns are choosing to avoid products like these in liu of a drain cleaning service. 

Chemical Drain Cleaners: They Just Aren’t That Effective

Another problem with dumping drain cleaner down your sink or tub–it often just doesn’t work. The heat-producing reactions associated with these over-the-counter drain cleaners simply can’t always clear the clog the way your drain cleaning service can with their professional equipment. The main problem isn’t that consumers are out the $5 for the cost of the product. When you dump that drain cleaner down the drain and the clog doesn’t clear, you then have a compounded problem. You have those chemicals just sitting there inside your pipes. Those corrosive chemicals are doing your plumbing system no good.

Trying to plunge the clog after pouring drain cleaner down the sink or tub is never a safe idea as this can lead to injurious splashbacks. Drain cleaning products are often ineffectual for removing clogs, which is why it’s better and safer to contact Tioga Contractors for our professional drain cleaning service.

Drain Cleaning Service Is Best for Clogged Drains and Slow Drains

Instead of purchasing a chemical drain cleaner, call Tioga Contractors and let an inexperienced plumber tackle the problem. Your drain clog might be due to common types of debris in the line like hair or grease, but sometimes a pipe can be damaged or even collapsed. Your plumber will be able to determine what’s causing the clog and provide the ideal solution. 

Most of the time, simply draining cleaning service suffices to clean your lines and remove even the most stubborn grease clogs. During our drain cleaning service appointment, we might use hydro-jetting to clean the lines of your plumbing system or we might snake the drain using a manual or mechanical auger. Our plumbers are certified and have access to the best draining cleaning service equipment available to service our customers. 

It’s never a good idea to attempt a DIY drain cleaning, especially when a clog has already. You could do more damage to your plumbing system. Instead, let a professional evaluate the clog and provide the ideal cleaning solution. Plus, if there’s something more serious going on with your pipes, we’ll be able to tell you–and offer the ideal repair.

Contact Tioga Contractors if you need drain cleaning service in Bedford, TX. We know that those supermarket or hardware store drain cleaning products are cheap, but they’re more costly than people think–and now you know why! Protect your plumbing system and let our plumbing experts carefully clean your drains and remove any clogs or develop clogs from your pipes. Call for a service appointment today.

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The drainage system is one of the critical parts of the plumbing system at your Irving, TX commercial or residential property. While the water line supplies your home with clean water, the drainage system eliminates the wastewater from your home to the sewer system or septic tank. The bathroom drains are also essential for your home since they dispose of the black water.

A properly maintained bathroom drainage system can have a long service life. This is important because it averts many other plumbing problems that might cost you a fortune when you hire a drain cleaning service professional to address them. Smoothly running and proper drains can also improve your home’s value when you plan to resell your home in the future. However, failing to have an effective drain maintenance plan might result in issues.

Leaking Drain Pipes

High Water Pressure

The drains allow wastewater to flow freely into the septic tank buried in your yard or the municipal sewer system. The bathroom drainage pipes are prone to wear and tear, while their joints can become loose because of high water pressure. When the tubs and sinks drain wastewater, the drains can spring some leaks. The water zipping through the pipes at high speed might make the drainage system begin leaking or even burst, prompting a need for a drain cleaning service.


Corroded galvanized steel or copper pipes are the other cause of leaking drain pipes. The two are prone to corrosion, leading to huge or minor cracks developing from the interior of these pipes. This causes the drains to spring leaks from the tiny holes in the pipes. If the wastewater mixes with clean water, that is an immediate health hazard to your home.

Extreme Temperatures

The other reason the drain pipes connected to your bathroom might rupture is the extreme temperatures. This especially happens during winter. The wastewater from your home to the drains might freeze within, exerting pressure on the pipes, making them fracture. Although detecting leaks in your bathroom drains may prove difficult, you don’t have to do it yourself. It is highly discouraged by professionals as it might result in a more severe problem. Instead, enlist a drain cleaning service provider who can complete the job efficiently and promptly. They use their advanced equipment and tools to check for cracks on your pipes and identify any leaks.

The plumber will also look around for other signs of drainage system leaks, such as lush patches in your backyard or even molds on the flooring or walls. Sometimes, the toilet and bathroom drains are joined at some point. Hence, if you notice a stinky smell in your bathroom, that can be a sign of leakage in your drains.

After the plumber identifies the leak in your toilet or bathroom drains, they take the necessary steps to resolve it. This might include replacing the leaky part if it is damaged to a large extent or just patching the leaks. Hence, you get to avert a potential disaster that might have damaged your valuable personal property or even lower the resale value of your home.

Overflows and Clogged Drains


The Pipes making the drainage system are susceptible to blockages and clogs that result in stagnation and overflows in your bathroom sinks, tubs, floors, toilets, and floor. Blockages are some of the most common bathroom problems that most homeowners experience. The toilets, shower drains, bathroom sinks, and bathtubs can become blocked because soap scum, toothpaste, toilet rolls, and other small objects have accumulated.

They hamper the wastewater flowing freely within the drains into the septic tank or the main sewer line. The blocked toilets might also overflow and result in water damage in your Irving, TX home. Hence, you must enlist drain cleaning services from a professional plumber.


The other thing that might cause flooding within your bathroom may be leaking or burst pipes below your tubs, bathroom sink, or toilets. The wastewater leaks onto your bathroom floor rather than draining the wastewater to sewer and septic tanks. The sinking, dirty water might also flow to the other parts of your home.

If you do not take a quick step to enlist a plumber, the level of flooding at your home can become uncontrollable. Hence, whenever you notice your bathroom sinks and stagnant water in your bathroom drainage system, you should immediately enlist a drain cleaning service to address the issue.

Floods arising from bathroom drains and blocked toilets compromise the indoor air quality, making them unbearable for you to stay at your home. Thus, you might have to vacate the premises until water damage restoration services from a reliable plumbing service provider. Hence, when you realize standing water after you shower or brush your teeth, then ensure you call a plumber to have a drain cleaning service fix the issue promptly. The plumber will resolve the issue quickly, ensuring that your drainage system is clear of any blockages and running smoothly. Hence, your home will be free from the destruction of sewer floods and backups.

Corroded Pipes

Corrosion of drain pipes is a common problem that you may encounter in your bathroom drains. It especially happens if the drainage system has served you for an extended time. Whenever you notice stains and discolorations in your bathtub or bathroom sinks, that is a sign that your pipes are rusty. If your Irving, TX home is old, you should hire a plumber for a drain cleaning service. The plumber will inspect the drain pipes to ensure that they are in good condition.

Replacing the rusty pipes is ideal to ensure that the problem doesn’t recur. The plumber will repipe your home with CPVC or PVC pipes that are corrosion-resistant. This effectively deals with any leaks from your drainage system for good. Further, the drain cleaning service provider can also recommend other methods of protecting the drainage pipes from corrosion, such as anodization.

Professional Plumbing Services

A bathroom is among the critical rooms plumbing areas in your home. Having a smoothly running drainage system is vital as it promotes the hygiene and sanitation of your home while also increasing the value of your home. Do you need a drain cleaning service to ensure wastewater flows smoothly to the drainage system or sewer lines? Call us at Tioga Contractors today.

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No one wants to deal with a clogged toilet, shower, or sink. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. But it can happen, even if you’re careful. Your first thought might be to grab the drain cleaner or plunger. However, that might not be the best option. Instead, consider how a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX can help. Here are eight ways a plumber can help.

1) Stop Overuse of Drain Cleaners

You’re not alone if you grab the bottle of drain cleaner when your notice starts to clog. These are a popular way to clear a clogged drain, but they can also damage your pipes. These are corrosive chemicals that can eat away at your pipes.

Overuse of the products can cause your pipes to corrode and eventually leak. A drain cleaning service can cost less over time than buying drain cleaners and related products monthly.

2) Avoid a Mess

If you try to clear a drain yourself and it doesn’t work, you could end up making a colossal mess. Goo and water can splash all over, and you might not even get the clog out. When you choose a drain cleaning service in Irving TX, the plumber has the tools and knowledge to clear the drain quickly and efficiently. Save yourself the extra expense and work of dealing with a mess and hire a professional.

3) Fix a Clogged Drain

If your drain is clogged, it can be a significant inconvenience. You can’t use the sink, shower, or toilet until it’s cleared. Trying to unclog a drain on your own can take hours and might not even work.

Save yourself time and aggravation by calling a professional. A drain cleaning service in Texas can clear the clog and get your life back to normal again with minimal downtime and effort on your part.

Also, if you’re experiencing this problem frequently, it might be a sign of a more severe problem with your drain. A plumbing expert can diagnose and fix the issue, so it doesn’t continue to cause frustration and cost you money.

4) Stay Safe

Clearing a drain yourself can be dangerous. You could easily get chemicals on your skin. These products are damaging to your pipes and body.

Even if you don’t get chemicals or sludge from the clog on your body, it can ruin your floors and any belongings it touches. Never try to use a plunger after pouring a drain cleaner. This combination can create a backsplash that could hit your face, causing permanent damage to your skin and eyes.

5) Prevent a Serious Problem

If you don’t clear a drain soon, it can become a serious problem. A clogged drain can cause water to back up and overflow. The uncontrolled water can damage your flooring, furniture, and other possessions. In extreme cases, the water can seep into the walls and cause structural damage.

Water is destructive. If it’s not cleaned up quickly, the damage can become extensive and expensive, leading to mold and mildew growth. Remediation services can be pricey, so it’s best to prevent the problem.

Sewage and wastewater backups can also occur, which can be dangerous and costly to clean up. You don’t want to deal with any of these problems, so call a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, today.

6) Extend the Life of Your Pipes

If you take care of your pipes, they will last longer. A drain cleaning service in Irving TX can help you do that. They will clear the drain of any built-up gunk, which can wear down your pipes over time.

In addition, a plumbing professional can identify any potential problems with your pipes and fix them before they become a bigger issue. The longer your pipes last, the less money you will have to spend on replacements.

7) Clean Out a Drain

If you’ve ever cleaned out a drain, you know how gross it can be. The drain cleaning service can take care of this for you. They have the tools and knowledge to clean out the drain quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to deal with the icky mess.

Also, they can install traps and drain covers to help keep the drain clean in the future. A few simple steps can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

8) Get Rid of Bad Odors

If your drain is clogged, it can cause foul odors to emanate from it. This can be unpleasant and embarrassing. A drain cleaning service can take care of the odor for you. They will clear the drain and get rid of the smell. In addition, the plumbing professional can help you prevent clogs and eliminate problematic smells.

9) Improve Drainage

You don’t have to have a clogged drain to call a cleaning service. A slow drain can also be a sign that there is something wrong. A drain cleaning service can come out and look at your drainage system.

They can diagnose and fix the problem, so you don’t have to deal with a drain that doesn’t work properly. Improving the drainage can help prevent future clogs and improve the flow of water.

If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, it’s time to call Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX. They are experts in drain cleaning and can help you get your life back to normal again. They have the tools and knowledge to clear the drain quickly and efficiently. In addition, they can install traps and drain covers to help keep the drain clean in the future. Contact them today for a free estimate!

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