Glass Repair

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Glass Repair for the House

There are several things made of glass within your house that can break and will be in need of  repair.  So, what are the things in your house that might need glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX?


Windows are essential features of the house. They provide ventilation and insulation. They tend to be aesthetically pleasing, especially if they are designed as particular architectural features like bay windows. Windows can extend the space of the indoor room and they can let in sunlight.

Windows can also provide security, that is closed and unbroken windows do. If a window is broken a window might not be able to provide the functions it promises. A broken window will leave your Fort Worth house open to home invasions and will let in rain, snow, cold, humidity and dust constantly.

A cracked window can be even more dangerous, since it can break anytime and spray glass everywhere inside the room. This can be especially dangerous if there are children in the house who can be in the path of the shattering glass.

If a neighborhood game of catch shatters your window, you might need a window replacement or glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX. This can happen often in Fort Worth neighborhoods. Glass can also need fixing and maintenance if you have overheated windows in the summer.

Fort Worth can get very hot and if you have low quality or inefficient glass, you might need some glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX at one point or another.

If your houses are old and have regular, outdated glass quality, you might need to update and replace your window glasses with more energy efficient and advanced options to update your house.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be a great addition to any Fort Worthhousehold. They can open out to the patio, backyard, terraces or other house feature. Sliding doors can be easy and efficient ways to let in air and sunlight in the entire room and can make the house seem more vibrant.

They can also be useful to watch over children or pets in the backyard while the door is closed. Now while there are many advantages to sliding doors, there can be problems with sliding doors.

Sliding doors can need glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX if someone walks into it or an object slams into and shatters the glass. Sliding doors can also break if someone slams the door too hard and does not take care to be gentle with the glass.

If there are cracks in the glass, please do not ignore the issue since the entire glass can shatter at once. You should immediately look into glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX and maintenance options if this is the case.

Glass Tables

You might glass tables in the living room, in the dining room, in the bedroom and even in the kitchen. They can be side tables, coffee tables, dining tables and even just regular old small tables for decorative purposes.

Glass tables can be an essential feature of your house and can pull your interior design together to give it a more polished look.

There are numerous benefits of glass tables, however there is a catch. Glass tables are fragile. This is because these tables are fragile and are prone to problems like glass shattering, cracking and even unsticking from the wood or plastic skeleton of the table.

It is because of this that Fort Worth homeowners with glass tables will need a lot of glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX, especially if there are busybodies in the house that endanger the glass tables.

If you have children in the house or if there are accidents, glass tables can break easily even if they are made of hard glass.

In these cases, you should get glass repair options immediately because it is not safe to have broken or cracked glass surfaces in the house, especially in populated areas ofFort Worth. Tables that are cracked can break at any point and possibly even break everything placed on them.

Broken glass tables can also be extremely inconvenient for the people living with them since they cannot be used anymore for the purpose they were made.

Glass Ceilings

Glass ceilings can be used as aesthetic design features that will let in a lot of sunlight and naturally light the house during the day. They can be fitted with energy efficient glass that can help you cut down energy costs.

Glass ceilings are usually made from more viable material; however, they can have problems and can break or crack. The glass will then need adequate repairs. You should have the glass ceiling repairedand inspected on a regular basis to avoid accidents and possible injuries.

This is because a glass ceiling can possibly collapse on the person below or shatter and spread glass everywhere. Glass ceilings, if broken, can also be a serious security hazard because they provide the perfect openingsfor home invaders.

Contact Us!

The servicemen at Tioga Contractors will be more than happy to assist you with your glass and windowproblems and perform glass installation and glass repair servicesin Fort Worth, TX at reasonable prices.

We provide emergency and regular repair services to everyone in the Fort Worth, TX, area. If you have broken glass features in your home, you should contact us for installation, repair and maintenance services and consultations.

Dealing with the broken glass yourself can be a very dangerous endeavor. Broken glass can cause bodily harm like cuts and need to be handled by professionals who are trained to handle their repairs.

So if you need to repair windows or sliding doors, you should call us for glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX.

We employ efficient and well-trained professionals to examine and correct any glass-related issue you require. Our staff can fix your windows, replace your glass sliding doors, and fix your glass ceilings.

If you are in the Fort Worth, TX, area, you should give us a call if you need an emergency glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX or other maintenance issues for your homes. We are available for services at all times and can be contacted through this number: 817-484-5356.

Cracked or broken glass clearly means that you need window repair, but there are other not-so-obvious reasons necessitating glass repair in Fort Worth, TX. For instance, water or air entering through the windows or windows that make a creaking sound when you try to open them are some of the other important signs that you might need a glass repair service for your house.

But when it comes to trouble with the home windows, most homeowners are unsure whether they need to get the windows repaired or replaced altogether. If this all seems familiar and you too are facing the same confusion, then read the following blog that discusses the top signs that you need to consult a glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX.

It Is Difficult to Open or Close the Windows

Opening or closing a window should not be a big deal, but if you are having trouble doing so because the windows are jammed, then you must take the necessary steps instead of trying to force your way through every time.

Wipe the edges of the windows clean and add a few drops of oil or any suitable lubricant near the hinges or the sliding panel as it will ease movement. However, if this still doesn’t solve the problem, then it is a sign that you need to call in professionals for glass repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Your Windows ‘Protest’ Every Now and Then

Nothing can be more annoying (or scary depending on the person) hearing the creaking sound of windows at night. Whether it’s a windy outside or not, windows that squeak even when moved slightly tend to disturb your sleep and are likely to frighten your kids as well. Contact the best glass repair company in Fort Worth, TX as their servicemen can thoroughly clean the windows and make any and all their necessary repairs to get rid of the bothersome noise.

Rainwater Is Entering Through Your Windows

It goes without saying that water entering the room through the windows is one of the most obvious signs that you need to immediately call in a glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX.  If water enters your house through the windows even though you close them tightly when it rains outside, then it means there are hidden damages or gaps near the edges. Rainwater that seeps in through the window is not only inconvenient as you have to clean the resulting mess and puddles, but it also gives rise to more serious problems in the future.

Damp walls and window panes can result in the growth of fungus and mold as well as weaken the structure of your house. So, if your windows are not sealed properly, then call a glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX without any further delay!

An Unusual Rise in Electricity Bills

Did the last utility bill you received from the electric company come as a huge blow? Were you shocked to see the high amount although there wasn’t any drastic change in your energy consumption habits?

Old or damaged windows that don’t shut properly and no longer do a good job at closing the room properly are bound to lead to high electricity bills. This is because when there are cracks in the glass or gaps in between the window frame and the wall, then, needless to say, they become inefficient in separating the outside environment from the indoor environment. The air inside the room will be continuously exchanged with the air outside. Whether you blast the air conditioner at the maximum setting during summer season or you keep the heater on doing winters, if the windows are faulty then neither the cold nor the warm air will stay inside. As a result, the indoor temperature cannot be effectively maintained, and the thermostat/ heater will be continuously on. This ultimately leads to a higher energy bill.

So, if you want to avoid paying extra dollars for wasted electricity, then remember to get your windows inspected and fixed by calling a reputable company for glass repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Windows Frequently Become Foggy

Windows getting foggy during the extremely cold season is normal. But if you notice them becoming hazy, foggy or stained every now and then due to variations in the humidity level, then you might need to replace the present windows with better (possibly energy-efficient) ones.

The Best Stop for Glass Repairs in Fort Worth, TX

If you notice any of the above signs in your house or face similar problems with your residential windows, then it is a clear indicator that you need help from professionals. And if you are wondering where to look for the best glass repair service in Fort Worth, TX, then look no further than your local pioneers, Tioga Contractors.

Consult Tioga Contractors for a glass repair in Fort Worth, TX. From repairing and maintaining to replacing and installing, we handle all the challenges that you might face when it comes to windows. Our team of skilled technicians comprises of people who are also an expert in electric and plumbing tasks. This means they can cater to a variety of house repairs and make sure everything works well together. Unlike many other servicemen who damage the electric lines in the wall when fixing a damaged window, our technicians ensure harmony between all related systems because they are trained in all aspects.

Our stellar record of serving for over 20 years in the industry, and helping locals solve their house troubles speaks for itself. Always on time and efficient in solving house window issues, Tioga Contractors is your best stop for glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX.


Do you have a cracked window in your house and want to get it repaired? Here’s everything that you need to know about glass repair in Arlington, TX.

Glass is an important building material. It is used in building doors, windows, and partitions. Having glass windows allows sunlight to enter the house. It helps in saving energy and adds to the beauty of the house.

Due to its fragile nature, glass needs to be handled carefully. A minor chip in your glass door will destroy its beauty. You need to be extra vigilant with glass doors and windows. Major damage like breaking of glass windows may lead to injuries as well. Thus, you need to contact a reliable person for glass repair in Arlington, TX. Tioga contractors offer the best glass repair service at your doorstep. We have skilled professionals who are equipped with proper tools for repairing glass.

Every person has a different need for glass repairs. It depends on the number of cracks and chips in the glass. Apart from that, there are different types of glasses which need repair. Some households have double-glazed glass windows while others have single-glazed windows. Our professionals consider the needs of every customer individually and, provide them glass repair services according to their requirement.

There are different glass products in a household which might need repairs. Some of them include windows, doors, tables, and shelves. Let’s look at each of them individually to find out why you need glass repair in Arlington, TX.

1. Glass Windows

Glass windows in your house are most vulnerable to damage. When your kids are playing with a ball outside, chances are they might damage the glass window by hitting the ball on it. That’s when you need to call a professional for glass repair in Arlington, TX.

Other factors such as temperature can cause your glass windows to chip. One side of the glass faces outside the house while the other side is facing inside. The temperature outside your house might be much greater than the temperature inside. This creates a difference in temperature on the glass surface, causing it to break.

Extreme weather conditions weaken your glass windows over time. They might start chipping after a severe hurricane. You should always look out for signs of glass damage after extreme weather conditions. If you find any damage, immediately hire a technician to repair your glass windows.

2. Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures and tubs make your bathroom look elegant. The most important reason why you need a glass repair in Arlington, TX is to repair your shower enclosure. Frameless glass shower panels and doors are prone to damage due to mishandling. If your glass shower enclosure is damaged, do not ignore it. You need to get it fixed immediately to prevent further damage. You can contact Tioga Contractors for glass repair in Arlington, TX.

3. Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops might shatter due to different reasons. If you place extremely hot or cold items such as a hot frying pan directly on the glass tabletop, the extreme temperature will cause the glass to break or chip. Mishandling of the table while you are moving out into a new house may cause the glass tabletop to shatter. Other reasons such as poking the glass with pointed objects or using the glass table as a cutting board may lead to damage.

If you have a glass tabletop in your house, you need to take care of it. Use table mats and coasters to place extremely hot or cold objects and never mishandle the tabletop. If your glass tabletop is cracked or broken, you should hire a professional to fix it. You can contact Tioga Contractorsfor glass repair in Arlington, TX.

4. Custom Repairs

Glass is all around us. There is a wide variety of objects present in our house, which are made of glass. If any of the glass items at your house need repair, you can contact us. We, at Tioga Contractors, provide glass repair in Arlington, TX. Our specialized staff members will fix your glass items with perfection so that no one can guess that you got it repaired.

5. Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are prone to damage. If you have kids running all around the house, you need to take extra care of the glass doors and partitions present inside your house. In case of an accident, the glass door will be damaged and, your child will suffer from injuries. Sliding glass doors are fascinating for children and, they might just keep on sliding them for no reason.

In case of an emergency, you can call Tioga Contractors for glass repair in Arlington, TX. You can definitely count on us for glass door repair.

6. Mirrors

Looking at our own reflection in the mirror is what we all love to do. We look at ourselves to make sure that we look good. Mirrors are really an integral part of our lives.

If you have a damaged or stained mirror on your vanity, would you like looking at yourself in it? The answer is a big NO. Looking at your reflection in a damaged mirror sounds unpleasing. If you have a chipped or broken mirror at home, get it repaired as soon as possible. A skilled professional will repair your mirror with utmost perfection. We, at Tioga Contractors, offer the best glass repair in Arlington, TX.

If you find any of the signs mentioned above that require glass repair in your house, you should hire a technician for it. Repairing glass can be a tricky task. You need to hire a specialized person for glass repairs. Tioga Contractors offer the best professionals for glass repair in Arlington, TX. If you need more information related to our services, you can visit our website.

There are a lot of things that need to be maintained around the house to keep it perfect. It’s your corner of heaven, after all. It’s where you go to relax, where you can have a wholesome meal with your family and where you can breathe a sigh of relief after a hard day’s work. In doing so, the two things that you may not readily think of maintaining are the glass in your windows and the drains that lead in to and out of your home.

It’s a stretch to think of both those things sporadically over the course of many days, let alone at the same time. However, they do need to be maintained to make sure that the air and water entering and leaving your home are as per your requirements.

More than air conditioners and filters, these things help ensure that you can block or allow the access of the air and the water that is always seeping in and out of your home. Hence, there is a genuine need for you to have someone on standby for Glass Repair in Euless, TX or Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX. There’s just no way around it!

There are a lot of problems that can arise if you don’t.

Glass Window Problems in the Home

Foggy Windows

If your windows constantly fog up and cleaning them does not make much difference then you may have a structural problem on your hands. Most often, the fact is that the insulated seal of your window breaks and moisture keeps seeping in and getting trapped. This means that you won’t be able to get rid of the moisture just by wiping down your windows or washing them.

However, this doesn’t require a huge overhaul or the replacement of the entire window. It just requires a bit of Glass Repair in Euless, TX. The insulated glass needs to be replaced and that can be done in a jiffy when a trained professional is doing the job. It’s all about removing the window sash and having it repaired.

Faulty Glass Windows

If your glass windows have been acting up like not staying open or getting stuck incessantly no matter how hard you try to position them at a certain angle, it means that your hardware has either grown old or has been weathered or damaged badly. There could also be a large build up of debris in the window; hence it may get stuck from time to time. Either way, you probably need a replacement.

Any professional, experienced in Glass Repair in Euless, TX, will help you with this. Cleaning with lubricants and cleaning out different parts of the windows will do the job quickly.

Leaking Glass Windows

Ever shut the windows during a storm or a particularly rainy night, only to find the floor drenched from corner to corner in the morning? We’ve all been there! This is a result of the windows not shutting tightly enough. It means that the seal of the window has been affected.

Trained professionals can easily get to the bottom of this. It may just be a problem of debris stuck in the window and may also be an issue with the existing hardware.

Drafty Windows

Sometimes window frames will begin to show leaks again and again. This may mean that your weather stripping has been affected. If it is, some chunks will be missing noticeably. Any professional that you call, who is experienced in Glass Repair in Euless, TX, will help you quickly deal with this problem.

Broken Windows

This is a problem that requires no explanation. Pieces of glass on the floor, glass flying everywhere and shards of glass sticking out of the window — all pose several hazards. Better to just call someone from Glass Repair in Euless, TX immediately to get it out of the way as quickly as you can.

Drain Cleaning Problems in the Home

What’s great about drains is that you really don’t have to think about them that much. However, we do demand quite a lot from them, over and over. Every single day they flush out different types of waste, water and food that we discard. Over time, this takes a heavy toll on them and their upkeep is required every few months or so. Till then, they keep functioning and don’t give us any trouble.

Here are a few problems that you may encounter with drains and how Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX can help you get rid of them.


This is a problem that affects sewer lines and outer drains where they run under your property. Usually, they are affected with roots when they run to your sewer main or a septic tank. Tree roots can spread far beyond the tree and can sneak up on you when you don’t suspect them to at all. Even if your house is several yards away from a tree of any significant size, you can still find that your plumbing has been compromised.

Better to let the experts at Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX handle this one.

Lime Scale

When you’re washing your hair and you feel like the shampoo just isn’t making the lather that it should, it’s one of two things. You’ve either used the conditioner by mistake, or the water from your shower is really, really contaminated.

This is called hard water and it is composed of various mineral salts like calcium carbonate, various sulfates, nitrates and hydroxides. It’s really bad for your health to continue with it so you should definitely call an expert for Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX.

Drains truly need to be sanitized and cleaned up so they can work properly. Don’t be one of those who leave it to the last second!

If you want the best drain cleaning services in Euless, TX or Glass Repair in Euless, TX, then contact Tioga Contractors for the best deals.

Glass can be found in every house. Whether it is on your coffee table, your dressing table mirror, or your windows, it can literally be found anywhere. Glass has its own charm; it’s delicate and appealing, but it can also be equally dangerous, especially when there are children in your home.

Because glass is fragile in nature, it is can break when there is too much pressure exerted on it. Glass can break if you place heavy-weight objects on it or if there is a collision. This can result in broken shards that can lead to serious injuries.

And on top of that, if the broken glass is left untreated, it is bound to collect dirt, debris, dust, and other pollutants that increase the levels of toxicity in your home environment. If such infected pieces of broken glass come in contact with your skin and somehow make way to your blood stream, they can spread serious diseases that require extended periods of medical care and treatments.

The Perils of Glass

As mentioned before, the broken shards of glass can be super dangerous to you and your family. In particular, if glass pierces through anyone’s skin upon contact, it results in lacerations. Lacerations are also inflicted by skin damages caused by unsterilized needles or cuts from blades and knives.

As glass is found in your home, there are high chances of mishandling, which results in the glass breaking. Remember, a broken glass is one of the leading causes of accidents and injuries. Mishandling not only occurs from placing heavy objects on the glass or collision, it also happens from improper installation of glass surfaces, which results in cracks.

If you have to work with glass on a daily basis, or if you have plenty of glass surfaces at home, there are certain measures of prevention that you must ensure to guarantee the safety of you and your family. If there is a broken glass at home, do not waste a single second in cleaning the remnants of broken glass with a broom or a mop. More importantly, if there are children around, keep them as far from the broken shards as possible to prevent any injuries. You must wipe the floor and dust out the carpet to eliminate even the tiniest glass shards that could be tucked in the fibers of the carpet.

If there are any injuries involved in the accident of glass mishandling, or someone experiences skin piercing, get them to the nearest hospital or clinic as soon as possible. They will need a shot of tetanus to prevent the infection from spreading in the blood stream. So, if an injury does take place, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Risks Associated with the Use of Glassware:

  • Glassware is extremely vulnerable and even a slight wavering of your attention can result in broken glass
  • If there is any broken glass or any accident that happens, you could get injured
  • If you mishandle glass, you might end up cutting yourself
  • Glass is expensive and mishandling can end up costing you a lot
  • If you mishandle hot glass, you could end up getting irreparable skin damage from the burn
  • If you are a little lazy with cleaning the glassware, it will end up collecting dust, dirt, and debris that contaminate your environment, making your living conditions toxic
  • If you are not a professional, you can actually give yourself serious cuts
  • If there are children involved, they might be at a great risk of getting injured from broken glass shards

Important Things to Consider:

To ensure maximum safety, take a good look at and around the glass to see if there are any broken pieces or shards hanging out. If there are any broken or protruding glass shards, do not touch it. You must also prevent carrying the glass shards or a broken glass surface in your pockets or anywhere close to your body to minimize the risks of injuries. If you must, wear gloves for protection when carrying the glass. Hold the glass surface very delicately to prevent exerting too much pressure and breakage.

What to do When You Need Glass Repair in Hurst, TX?

If there are any cracks or fractures in your glass surfaces such as tables, windows, or mirrors, you must instantly seek assistance for glass repair in Hurst, TX. The only way to go about this is to contact expert contractors for glass repair in Hurst, TX who are well-learned and trained in this aspect and would carry out the repairing process as safely as possible.

But before you hire a professional service for glass repair in Hurst, TX, consider the following things:

  • Make sure to check the certification or education of the professional service you hire. This is important as glass is vulnerable and should only be handled by trained professionals who are well-acquainted with the process of glass repair in Hurst, TX.
  • Another important aspect to keep in mind when hiring a professional service for glass repair in Hurst, TX, is to check their license. Any professional that you desire to seek assistance from must have a legal right of carrying out their practice. This is important to not only ensure that the whole process is legalized but also to prevent any chances of consumer frauds, theft, or exploitations.
  • Always look up online to check whether or not the contractor for glass repair in Hurst, TXyou plan on hiring is registered with the authorities. The online listings offer the names of all those contractors who have the legal right to practice in the business.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a topnotch contractor for glass repair in Hurst, TX, contact us at Tioga Contractors. We offer a vast variety of promising services and even cater to your emergency needs.


Glass is an important element in the constructions of our homes, offices and other structures. Windows, doors, frames and tables all make use of glass in some shape or form. We often use glass to beautify our homes but along with its various qualities there is also the risk of it breaking or forming cracks with use. In such a situation, or in case you are just remodeling your house, you might need to get a glass repair in Bedford, TX.

Using the service of an expert company like Tioga Contractors for glass repair in Bedford, TX is the best route to go when a delicate and often expensive item such as glass is concerned, but oftentimes people attempt to try and fix such issues by on their own. You should be informed about certain things before you attempt to do it yourself.

Services for Jammed Windows

Many of us have sliding windows installed at our homes. It is a real nuisance when such windows get stuck midway on their track, especially when the weather outside is in extremes and you can’t bear the cold air flowing freely and the temperature is really high so you have to bear the hot weather because of your stuck window. In such situations, people tend to make use of oil but that too sometimes doesn’t work.

Stuck windows can also be a big problem when you have to keep insects and pests outside but cannot do anything about it. They also pose a threat to the security of your house and can downgrade the image of your home. To solve this issue properly you would have to call the services of a service providing glass repair in Bedford, TX.

The main reason why the windows are jamming is because the external window surface is starting to rust or if they are made up of wooden frame then the moisture in the air has caused it to swell. To get to the bottom of the jam and to propose a viable solution you need to seek help from professionals such as Tioga Contractors who use trained personnel to perform glass repair in Bedford, TX.

Repairing Broken Glass

Households often experience accidents that cause cracks to appear inglass windows, doors or frames. Leaving them in the same depleted condition is dangerous as it can cause cuts to your skin if it rubs against the cracks. It also doesn’t look good and can deteriorate the beauty of your house or office. While it is a common occurrence there aren’t any reliable home-based quick fixes that you can employ to solve the problem yourself.

Even if you decide to replace the glass completely instead of repairing the crack, there are many variants of glass that you should be able to distinguish between before you can attempt to do such a thing. Glass comes in different qualities, and few people apart from professionals would be able to completely fix the broken glass. That is because they are often not aware things like single or double glazed glass, and its various qualities such as Low E glass and Argon glass.

Professionals glass repair in Bedford, TX employ techniques and equipment specifically made for the particular type of glass that is used in your home and since they are trained in the best and most efficient practices to replace and repair glass you should only consider hiring professionals who do glass repair in Bedford, TX as they would be able to handle the cases better.

Repairing Glass at a Height

Glass repair and replacement jobs can be required to be performed at windows and exterior panels that are installed at high places on tall structures. Performing such jobs by themselves can be quite dangerous for any person who is not trained and equipped to do such a task.

For glass work at high places, instead of putting your life in danger it is better to delegate the job to a qualified professional for glass repair in Bedford, TX.

Small Issues That Are Connected to Bigger Problems

Every structure faces one problem or the other. Some seemingly small issues are often linked to an underlying bigger problem causing it. For instance, a jammed window could be a symptom of a crack in the panels, or a hint to the extra pressure put by the false-ceiling downwards.

By hiring professional services for glass repair in Bedford, TX you can avoid the extra costs that could crop up if you attempt to solve the problem yourself and end up worsening the situation or not identifying the underlying problem. Hiring the experts of the industry such as Tiago Contractors is necessary here as they can perform the job better than anyone else.

Take Advantage of Glass Repair Services

Companies for glass repair in Bedford, TX such as Tioga Contractors allow you to relax as they have qualified and experienced service people who can tackle the issue without causing any damage to your property. They come equipped with the latest technology and are trained to safely perform their jobs. The business is well reputed to perform glass repair in Bedford, TX efficiently and effectively and offer the best prices of anyone in the glass industry.



Being a homeowner in the South, there are often times when you might need to call a contractor to get glass repairs in Hurst, TX. Since it is one of the most fragile things used in the architecture of any type of house, it is more prone to damage. This includes complete shattering and cracking to chipping and minimal scratching. Homeowners use it on their windows and doors to bring in light while blocking other natural elements to stay out.

But since they damage easy, it is common that people require glass repair in Hurst, TX. You can avoid it for a long period of time and not require their service but due to certain reasons, the need might arise. The question is that how do you know when to call the glass repair service?

This particular question might be difficult to answer, especially for new homeowners who have never faced a relevant problem. They might have a cracked window glass but might not know to have it checked out by a professional. This usually ends in the glass breaking on a slight contact.

This is the reason why it is crucial that you are aware of the reason windows crack and chip. This way you will know what caused the damage to the window glass and when to call for glass repair in Hurst, TX.

Window Cracks and Chips

Window glass repair in Hurst, TX is a frequently required service as glass cracks and chips are one of the common problems homeowners face. While you might not see the symptoms and signs immediately, over the next few days it might become apparent.

While chipping glass has less dramatic effects, cracked window glass can impact your energy bills. Meaning that glass cracks allow the inside cooling or heating to escape through to the outside and lead the HVAC unit to work harder and rake up a hefty energy bill. This is why it is important that when you see a damaged glass, call for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

To help you increase your own knowledge, we have compiled a list of most common causes of window glass cracks and chips:

1.   Extreme Cold Weather

Since Hurst, TX can get pretty cold in the winters with snow flurrying across the air, extreme cold can crack window glass. This is true especially if the glass in your window is single pane, thin cut and low quality. As the temperature change, glass contracts and expands with it continuously, with moisture catalyzing the process.

For example, if the inside temperature is 40 degrees and the outside air is 20 degrees, it contracts the glass to a point where it distorts and cracks. Also, window glass can crack if you defrost an icy one with boiling hot water. If this happens to you this winter, you might need glass repair in Hurst, TX.

2.   Natural Causes

Adverse and severe weather conditions, including the winter and monsoon season, are also another reason that causes window glass to break or chip. Since Hurst, TX can get a severe few winter weeks, there are a few possibilities of hailstorms or ice chunks that can break, chip or crack the glass.

Besides that, the monsoon season brings several hurricane warnings Hurst’s way. This means that there are chances of powerful gusts of wind blowing up debris from the road. These flying anomalies can be potentially damaging and might end up cracking or chipping the glass. While still less severe than hurricanes, thunderstorms can still have a similar effect. Such severe conditions might bring up the need for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

3.   Structural Issues

Structural weakness or other manufacturing issues are a common reason homeowners need window glass repairs in Hurst, TX. Sometimes glass sheets that are sourced from the manufacturers have faults in them that can lead to them chipping or cracking later on. A low-quality glass that has been heated and cooled down multiple times to balance the shape, the residual impact is mostly along the perimeters. This makes the corners of the glass weak and can cause it to break easily.

Besides that, the other structural issue is a faulty installation of the window glass. The responsibility for faulty installations lies majorly on the contractor. Sometimes an unskilled and inexperienced contractor might not know what they are doing and insert the glass into the frame incorrectly. This might out structural pressure on the glass indirectly and over time cause it to crack and eventually shatter. This is why it is imperative that you hire a professional glass contractor in the first place to ensure a safe and fault-less installation of the glass.

4.   Direct Impact

Well, as our common sense tells us, a big reason window glasses crack, break or chip is due to them being struck directly. Intentional or unintentional sudden blow of force can with shatter the glass completely or crack it, requiring glass repair in Hurst, TX.

For example, if you bump into the window by mistake with a heavy object or something with an edge, it can crack the glass immediately. There are some other unfortunate instances where a flying bird hitting the glass can make a crack. Besides that, kids playing near the house, whether inside or out, can send a ball or other object flying through the glass.

While there might be others, these are the most common reasons why window glass screens might break or chip. Regardless of where you live, if you have glass windows, there might be a chance that they crack or chip. In case you do find this fault in your window glass, then it is better that you call a professional for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

Tioga Contractors have been serving Hurst and other regions in Texas for many years. We have an expert team highly-skilled and trained to deal with various sorts of glass repairs. The teamhas the knowledge and right tools to ensure that you get effective and efficient results at an affordable rate. Contact us now to get a free estimate for your project and find out more about glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

Glass is used in some form or the other in every household whether it is in windows, door frames, or even beautiful French doors. Such a precarious element can result in every house experiencing an accident or even a break in, which can result in a need for repairs. Even if you are just remodeling your house, you may need expert glass repair services.

Using the service of glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX is the best route to go where glass is concerned, but often people attempt to try and fix such issues by themselves. There are some things you need to be informed about before trying to attempt to do it yourself.

Services for Stuck Windows

Windows around the house may get stuck midway or may not open or close completely which can be a real annoyance if it’s cold outside. Trying to oil the windows yourself may not be a good idea since it can stain the glass and make the situation worse.

You can’t really use cloth or other objects to block out cold air or the heat, as well as annoying pests, as a long-term solution.  This is because it can really downgrade the image of your house as well as be a damper on the security of your house. You would really need the window repaired immediately and calling glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX would be a good idea.

The main cause behind stuck windows could be that the exteriors of the windows have started fading, have developed moisture that causes problems, or become leaded. Such problems can only be solved by professionals such as Tioga Contractors who use trained personnel to execute glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX.

Repairing Broken Glass

It is normal that glass windows, doors or frames can break due to accidents. Leaving them broken is not really an option as you can’t really maintain a good image for the house by just covering the hole with a cloth or some other object. While it is a common occurrence you shouldn’t try to fix this yourself either.

Glass comes in different qualities, and nonexperts would not be able to completely fix the broken glass if they are not aware of things like single or double glazed glass, quality glass like Low E glass from lower quality glass, or Argon glass from ordinary glass types.

Since the glass around your house can consist of different types, the same method of fixing it may not work; hence, being informed about such things is important to effectively repair the glass. While the method you are aware of is great for a certain glass, it is not necessarily a good idea for another type of glass. Professionals have different techniques and equipment to repair glass which is designed for the specific glass type that you have.

Since they are trained with the best possible equipment available to repair glass, they can also fix the broken glass in a matter of minutes, while it would probably take you hours to complete the task. Therefore, trained professionals who do glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX would be able to handle such cases better.

Repairing Glass at a Height

Fixing broken glass at a considerable height like windows can be quite dangerous for any normal person. Risking wounds or even your life just to repair a broken window is not a great idea. Even if you think you are generally good at fixing such glass repairs, doing it at a height is another feat altogether.

For such dangerous tasks, it is best to just rely on professionals who adhere to and know all the safety protocols. Hiring them from glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX can be a really great idea to avoid getting hurt from attempting to fix glass at a height.

Small Issues Connected to Bigger Problems

Every house comes with some issues or the other; however, some seemingly small problems can be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. For example, a stuck window could be the result of the exteriors of fading away or even damage in the structure of the house like excessive moisture.

By hiring a professional you can avoid the additional costs that could crop up if you attempt to do the glass repairs yourself and end up worsening the situation.  Hiring the right contractors such as Tioga Contractors is necessary here as they can execute the job better.

Auto Glass Repairing

In the case of auto cars, glass repairs such as a broken or cracked windshield or window can be a true nuisance as there is no method by which you can fix this issue yourself. Driving around with cracked windows or windshields can also be a hazard as it may result in an accident so there is an immediate need to hire services for glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX.

Trained professionals who have the right equipment can also ensure that the interior of your car remains clean and undamaged. Since glass is a sharp object, it can injure you or any passengers; hence, it is necessary to keep any glass debris from falling into the car.

Take Advantage of Glass Repair Services

Glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX like Tioga Contractors also allow you to relax as they often take care of any dangers of the job and even expenses. Since they are a family owned business, they treat their customers with the utmost care even going as far as to adjust prices for you according to your budget.


Taking advantage of their expertise when concerned with such technical and precise tasks like glass repairing is a good idea as they can do the job in an efficient, effective, and organized manner. Since glass repairing isn’t a service which is needed often, such experts should be hired to ensure that you save in the long run.


Glass hazards in your home

When you have glass in your home, you have to be extra careful, especially when there are toddlers around. When it comes to glass, you have to take proactive measures for protection. You could have glass surfaces such as tables and of course windows that are likely to get broken if they come into contact with heavy objects or if extreme pressure is placed on them. Broken glass shards impose serious health hazards for everyone in the family.

Not only that, if broken glass is left lying around, it accumulates dust and other environmental pollutants that increase its toxicity level. If they come into contact with the skin accidentally, those toxic chemicals and infectious substances could enter your blood stream, in which case you would be required to take medical treatment.

Physical hazards of glass

In case broken glass enters your skin, it could cause lacerations, which also happen due to other sharp objects, such as knives and needles. Since you and your family live in close proximity with glass surfaces, you would be the most likely accidentally mishandling glass. In some cases, when you have to properly place the glass in a given place, you may lack prior knowledge on its proper management and the glass could sustain cracks.

For anyone who needs to handle glass on a daily basis, they need to take precautionary measures to prevent risks of injuries. In case you have broken glass, keep the young ones away and using a mop, clean the area. Do not handle broken glass with bare hands. Use a dust tray to remove broken shards. Clean the area properly because it may look like that there is no broken glass lying around anywhere but tiny pieces of glass shards tend to get stuck in rugs or carpets.

In case glass enters the skin, the affected person needs a tetanus shot before it becomes septic or toxic chemicals spread in the blood stream. When it does happen, seek medical attention immediately.

Risks of using glassware

  • You could get accidental cuts from flying glass
  • You risk cutting yourself from broken or damaged glass.
  • Handling heavy glass is risky.
  • You could get burns from heated glass.
  • Glassware accumulates dirt and environmental toxins, which could be poisonous when they come in contact with skin.
  • An untrained person has a higher chance of being injured.
  • Anyone in the house in prone to getting injured from broken class since they have to come into contact with glass everyday


Before handling glass, make sure that it is not broken, especially at the corners, and is free from scratches or cracks. If it needs to be carried, do not stuff it into your pocket. Do not apply forceful pressure to the glass. Care should be taken to not apply pressure where the glass is most likely to snap. Do not grip it too hard.

Checklist for hiring the right services

You might want to get your windows, windshields or other glass surfaces repaired. Rather than handling sophisticated glass surface on your own, it is better to hire glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX, for your own safety. Glass repair services have the tools and equipment to handle glass. They have experience and specialized training in handling certain types of glass.  Here’s what you need to take care of in choosing the right services:

  • The glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX company needs to be certified in handling certain glass surfaces. The workers need to have experience, knowledge and training in the type of glass that you would be asking them to handle.
  • The industry needs to be regulated by the federal government so that you know you are dealing with an accredited company. The company should follow the rules, regulations and ethical code of handling glass, preventing injuries and being careful in not breaking any type of glass.
  • The company that you should work with needs to have conducted a background check on its workers to make sure that they refrain from intoxicants and are capable of handling luxurious glass.
  • If you are hiring workers for windshield replacement, they should be trained in handling windshield of that specific car.
  • Before hiring glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX, it is better to consult a few contractors and ask about their prices before making the final decision. Have them come to your house for examination and request their charges. You could also ask for references of their customers and contact those people for a review of the company’s services.
  • Check for the company’s accreditations.

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What could go wrong?

There are obviously several places around your house that are made out of glass and glass is something that can simply not be neglected. It needs to be maintained with regular cleaning to prevent ugly stains and care needs to be taken in not throwing heavy objects near or on glass surfaces as they could shatter into pieces and seriously injure someone. Why would you possibly need glass repair services? For one, the windows could get broken or stuck. Oiling the stuck parts beneath the windows may not always be effective in the long-term as that could stain the glass. There might be chips on the exterior. You may think that there is no need to hire glass repair services.

If you do that you are just neglecting the quality of glass. Repairing windows by yourself is a safety hazard and could take you hours. What takes you hours can easily be fixed by glass repair services in Euless, TX within minutes. Professional services utilize suitable equipment to handle glass carefully and return it to its original condition.

If you talk about repairing glass windows that are at a considerable height, it is a big no-no to climb all the way up by yourself and risk your life. You may think that you have a general idea of repairing glass but you should just listen to your instincts and leave repairs to professional glass repair services in Euless, TX.

How can you tell when you have to repair home windows? The windows could be stuck mid-way or you could be unable to open or close them. That could increase the effort of having to place stuff between windows to block the cold or hot air and other pests from coming in. Professional services can help fix that. The window panes could develop moisture or become leaded and the exteriors may start fading over time. Tioga Contractors have skilled employees to perform the necessary glass repair services in Euless, TX.

Your windows could get broken if a ball went through it. While it is fine to cover the hole temporarily to prevent insects or cold or hot air from coming in, it wouldn’t exactly give the house a good image. It would look unsightly to anyone looking at it from the inside or outside. It is better to get them repaired by professional services that hardly take much time to get the task done.

These little things can give away a lot about your house and how well-maintained it is. Apparently, there are many structural problems that could happen in the house and unless you are an expert in them, you are better off hiring professional services. You can save costs provided that you hire the right contractors. Even if there are minor glass problems, they could have a big affect on the house. Professional services utilize up-to-date equipment and innovative techniques to repair glass. There could be different types of glass around the house and you can’t just use the same method to fix them. That is why you leave that job to glass repair services.

You should also consider hiring professional services for auto glass repair. In case your windshield is broken, there is no way you use DIY methods to fix it. That is out of question. You need to hire glass repair services in Euless, TX as soon as possible. If you delay or neglect it, the crack will only spread and increase risks of injuries and accidents. You may not be able to determine the road conditions ahead. Tioga Contractors can provide you with the right technicians at your earliest convenience.

By hiring professional services, you can prevent accidents and protect the interior of your vehicle from dirt and damage. It will not only help ensure your safety but protect other passengers as well because you know once you are on the roads you are not just responsible for your life. Even the slightest crack could become a distraction on the road or affect your visibility scope.

Once you hire the right glass repair services in Euless, TX, you wouldn’t have to be worried about expenses and dangers because professionals have it all covered for you and can adjust prices within your budget. Professionals have technical know-how, skills and experience to deal with these issues. That is why they are there. Take advantage of their services. Once you get your glass repaired, you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring services for a long time, which in fact helps you save in the long-term.

Benefits of hiring Tioga Contractors for Glass Services


  • Trusted. Always on time.
  • Prompt emergency services – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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  • When you enlist our services, you can be confident that you have made the right choice.
  • We guarantee our work. We test our staff, technicians, plumbers and electricians for the backgrounds, criminal records and drugs before accepting them on board our team.
  • Our trucks are always properly maintained, cleaned and stocked with upgraded equipment.
  • We provide customers with accurate price quotes before starting our work to ensure that the costs of our services fit our customers’ needs and budget.


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Here’s what our happy customers have to say:

‘’We have had business dealings with Tioga and the Carter family for both residential and commercial jobs. They are very professional, they always clean up well after each job performed, and have very competitive pricing. They are the only contractor we would use for plumbing or electrical service.’’

‘’Tioga and the Carter family have worked on several homes of ours over the past 20 plus years. They always show up on time, no matter what the weather conditions are. They always give up-front and fair pricing. They are excellent contractors for both electrical and plumbing service.’’