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Most people do not give their sewer lines a second thought in Bedford, TX. Yet your sewer line is tied to many other plumbing systems in your home, and when your sewer line breaks, bursts, leaks, or malfunctions it can cause havoc with these other systems in your home. A leaking sewer line can be an expensive project to repair if left unattended for too long. We will discuss the various problems that can occur with your sewer line, as well as the signs that it is time for sewer line replacement with your local plumbing company. A leaking or collapsed sewer line will affect your entire home’s plumbing system so it is not something that should be ignored or taken lightly, it should be addressed as soon as possible by your local plumbing professionals.

What is your home’s sewer line?

Your sewer line is a long pipe leading from your home to your sewer system. This pipe is sloped downward to allow the flow of wastewater and waste material to enter the sewer. The slope of your sewer line is the most critical aspect of your sewer line, without the proper slope, your wastewater will not enter the sewer correctly. The sewer pipe typically starts where your home’s main drain exits your home’s foundation. The sewer line is typically four to six inches in diameter. One might think that a bigger sewer line is a better sewer line but this is not always the case. You want to have the correct size for your plumbing system to ensure that wastewater is quick to flow away from your home. If you have problems with your sewer line it is not an issue you want to try and fix yourself, unless you have extensive plumbing experience. When in doubt, hire the services of a plumbing professional.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Lines?

Standard homeowner’s insurance tends not to cover the cost of a plumbing company performing sewer line repairs unless the part of the broken sewer line which is located on your property has been damaged by something sudden and unexpected. Most sewer line problems are due to things that are not covered under a standard homeowner’s insurance policy such as sewage backup, old age, or damage due to a chronic issue with your sewer line. If your sewer line backs up into your home or the sewer line damage was preventable you will not be covered for the services provided by a plumbing company. Standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover sewer line damage due to earthquakes, floods, pests, and tree roots. A sewage backup is also not covered, nor are any personal belongings that are damaged by raw sewage spilling into your home. You can call your insurance company to see if they offer sewage backup endorsement and a service line protection endorsement for your home, however, which would cover many of the things standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover.

When do sewer lines need replacement from a plumbing company?

Every sewer line’s lifetime depends on the material it is made out of. Cast iron pipes have a life span ranging from 75 to 100 years, clay pipes last up to 100 years and orangeburg pipes can last up to 50 years. The longest-lasting sewer line pipes are PVC which can last 100 years or longer. These life spans do not account for the damage done to the pipe, for example, clay pipes are prone to root damage. You will have to replace your sewer line if tree roots have penetrated the sewer line. Tree roots spread outwards when looking for water and can breach your sewer line when doing so. In rare cases due to soil conditions or erosion your sewer lines can collapse, if this happens it is time to call your Bedford, TX plumbing company. Another problem found with homes is when the sewer line has developed cracks and leaks. Lastly, extensive clogging can cause a sewer line to burst due to increased water pressure that happens when a sewer line has a severe clog. If you have any of these sewer line problems with your home it is time to call your local plumbing company for sewer line replacement.

What are the signs that you might need a sewer line replacement?

Since sewer lines are buried deep underground, it can be quite hard to determine when your sewer line needs to be replaced by a plumbing company, you can’t see any damage with the naked eye after all. Knowing when a problem has developed is the key to knowing when your home needs a new sewer line. Knowing the signs can help indicate to you when you need to make that call to your local plumbing professionals. One of the signs is having a consistently soggy yard. When a sewer line breaks or is leaking, the raw sewage has to go somewhere including seeping into the surrounding soil. One negative aspect of this warning sign is that it contaminates your soil with raw sewage. Another key warning sign that you need to call your local Bedford, TX plumbing company is when you start to smell sewage smells in your yard or worse yet coming from your drains. The last sign to look out for is slow draining drains. If your drains are draining way too slow you may have a leak or a clog in your sewer line. Each of your drains is connected to the sewer line so if all of your drains are draining slowly it might be time to call the plumbing company for sewer line replacement. While sewer line replacement is not cheap it may need to be done to secure your home’s plumbing system. If in doubt about whether or not you need sewer line replacement call the experts at Tioga Contractors and they can remotely inspect your sewer line to check for damage.

If you have any of the warning signs of sewer line damage do not hesitate to call the experts at Tioga Contractors. We are open 24 hours a day to take your call and we even offer emergency service. If you have any sewer line questions do not hesitate to call Tioga Contractors.

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If you own a home then you understand the importance of regular upkeep. Getting repairs done to your home is an important part of good house hygiene. This is especially true for your plumbing system. Plumbing helps keep your home clean and sanitary. A well-maintained plumbing system would do just that. To maintain your plumbing system properly you must hire a licensed and local plumbing company to perform regular maintenance checks and come out to repair and maintain your home periodically. Hiring a plumbing company to provide plumbing maintenance every time you need it will prevent plumbing system damage and malfunctions in the future. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your plumbing maintenance and upgrading needs.

Benefits of Plumbing Upgrades

Like all systems, plumbing needs to be upgraded and modernized. As time progresses so does our plumbing. When plumbing became a regular part of American infrastructure, the materials used for plumbing were typically cast iron. Before long, people realized just how unconventional that material was for plumbing. Cast iron becomes rust fairly quickly which leads to instances of dirty dangerous water in plumbing systems. To stop this issue from occurring, the cast iron pipes were replaced with other less corrosive metals. Metals such as steel and copper were used instead. In today’s plumbing systems, forms of plastic are used to construct the plumbing system’s pipelines. This plastic is usually referred to as PVC piping. All of the metals used for piping have different pros and cons. For example, copper metal piping is one of the most expensive and highest quality piping materials you could use for your plumbing system. The benefits of using copper piping vary from home to home. Copper piping is often used in places where the plumbing is visible. It looks neat and beautiful therefore, homeowners do not mind it showing. Hire a plumbing company to consult what changes may be needed for your plumbing system in order to make your plumbing system more functional and appealing.

Older Homes Become More Valuable and comfortable to Live in

Older homes may experience more plumbing problems and need more help from a plumbing company than most. This is especially true for homes 100 years or older. These historic properties hold memories and old plumbing systems most of the time. A total remodeling for a plumbing system that is 100 years or older is usually required if the owner of the property hasn’t been keeping up with the home repair. Plumbing systems last an average of 17 to 100 years. The longevity of an older home is directly dependent on the care and materials used on a particular plumbing system.

By making small repairs as the home grows older, your plumbing system may last a much longer time. Plumbing system piping can be replaced little by little if necessary. Therefore, updating an older home’s plumbing system doesn’t have to be done at one time. If your plumbing system is old and worn out, it must be inspected by a professional plumber to determine the scope of work needed to complete a total plumbing system upgrade.

Nicer Pipes

Upgrading your pipe system may be the single most important upgrade you can make for your home. This of course depends on the type of piping you have. Some types of pipes stay intact longer for different things. The most commonly used pipes include copper, steel, Polyvinyl Chloride pipes (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), and iron. There are many variations of the pipes previously listed. If you do decide to upgrade your pipe system it is important to do your research beforehand. Your local plumbing company service provider will be able to assist you in deciding what type of piping would be best for your household. If you live in the area and are in need of a professional plumber for pipe upgrades, schedule a visit with Tioga Contractors.

Fewer Repairs Needed

By upgrading your home’s pipes, drains, traps, and various other fixtures, you will experience fewer plumbing system malfunctions. Plumbing systems need to be refurbished and revamped every once in a while. This is because the materials used to configure your piping will eventually lose their luster. Once that happens, natural wear and tear will take place. Corrosion and rusting of the pipes can lead to major leaks. By replacing these pipes before the wear and tear can lead to a leak, you avoid the need for further repairs due to more damages.

Plastic pipes do not corrode the same as metal pipes would. Plastic piping is held together by a special, strong adhesive. This adhesive sometimes reaps the effects of natural wear and tear. If the adhesive does wear off, a leak can easily occur. If the leak is not found or noticed by the homeowner, more and more damage will happen. This will result in the needed repair of floors, walls, and ceilings. If you have plastic piping in hard-to-reach places, it may be best to simply replace that piping with some sort of metal piping. Certain types of metals will take longer to corrode and therefore will add to your investment.

Adds Value to Your Home

A home that is well taken care of and modernized will end up selling for a lot more than a home that isn’t. Upgrading your plumbing is an investment that potential home buyers will see value in. Due to the extensive lifespan of a plumbing system, plumbing upgrades can add a lot of value to the home. Making small upgrades to your plumbing system over time will help you live more comfortably and increase the value of your home.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional Plumbing Company

When considering upgrades to your plumbing system, it’s important to hire a professional and trustworthy plumbing company. Hire a company that hires licensed and background-checked plumbers only. This ensures your safety and satisfaction. Hiring individuals who do not have a license or are amateurs could result in unsatisfactory work or more damage. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX area, contact Tioga Contractors, if you are looking for a licensed and trusted professional to upgrade or repair your plumbing system.

If you own a home then you understand the importance of regular upkeep. Getting repairs done to your home is an important part of good house hygiene. This is especially true for your plumbing system. Plumbing helps keep your home clean and sanitary. A well-maintained plumbing system would do just that. To maintain your plumbing system properly you must hire a licensed and local plumbing company to perform regular maintenance checks and come out to repair and maintain your home periodically. Hiring a plumbing company to provide plumbing maintenance when you need it will prevent future plumbing system damage and malfunctions. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your plumbing maintenance and upgrading needs.

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Buying a new home is such a huge milestone in your life. It’s definitely something to be proud of. However, just because the house checks the boxes for having everything that you want, don’t rush into the sale.

Before signing the dotted lines and getting the keys to your new place, you should contact a plumbing company in Bedford, TX and have them inspect the home with you. Often, plumbing problems are difficult to detect until after you’ve moved into the new home. By then, you’re faced with costly plumbing problems that could ruin your moment of celebration.

In this article, we will look at five things that you should look for in plumbing before you make an offer.

#1. Leaks

When you’re inspecting the house or at a showing, you should make an effort to inspect all of the plumbing appliances, like the kitchen sinks and the faucets. In particular, you want to look for leaks.

The easiest way to do so is to turn on the faucet and let it run for a minute or two. Next, you want to see whether the faucet or any of the surrounding areas is leaking. You’ll also want to check underneath the cabinets as well. Often, the leaks will be hidden there.

You should ask the homeowners to repair any leaks before you move in. Make sure that the homeowners will be calling a reputable plumbing company in the area instead of attempting a DIY job.

#2. Insulated Pipes

Many people move into homes without seeing whether the pipes are insulated or not. Insulated pipes are much more energy efficient. Homes that already have insulation are ones that have been better kept. These pipes are also less prone to bursting. They’ll be able to withstand extreme weather with ease.

If the pipes are insulated, you should ask the homeowners which plumbing company they hired to get the job done. You should also ask about the type of insulation that they chose. Different types of insulation will have their own unique features, advantages, and drawbacks. You can learn a lot about the home from the type of insulation that surrounds the pipes.

#3. Type and Condition of the Pipes

Another thing that you should consider is the type and condition of the pipes. This is particularly important if you’re moving into an older home that was built prior to 1986. Many of these older homes have lead or galvanized plumbing. The main problem here is that lead is an environmental toxin. It’s best to look for a home that has either copper or PEX pipes.

You should also ask to see whether the homeowners have had any repairs in the recent past. If they have, the company that they hired should be able to provide some information on the condition of the pipes, like whether there are any areas that seem to be compromised or may need to be replaced in the near future.

#4. Type of Sewage System

Determine the type of sewage system that the home has. You want to figure out whether the home relies on a municipal sewer system or a septic tank. The latter will be a bit more problematic, as you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the septic tank. In comparison, you’ll have fewer worries if the home relies on a municipal sewer system to get rid of waste.

If the home relies on a septic tank, find out where the tank is installed on the property. You should also figure out the capacity of the tank and whether it’ll be able to accommodate the needs of your household. If possible, go inspect the septic tank yourself or ask a plumbing company to do so. You want to look for standing water near the tank or noticeable odors. Both are signs that the septic tank is failing, and repairs can be very expensive.

#5. Condition and Type of Water Heating System Installed

Last but not least, you should also consider the type and condition of the water heating system that’s present in the home. Tankless water heaters are able to provide an endless supply of hot water. Because of this, many people are now interested in this technology, and homes with this type of water heating system tend to be more attractive.

If the home still uses a traditional hot water heating system that relies on the tank, you’ll want to see how big the tank is and whether it will be able to accommodate the needs of your family. You should also see where the tank is located and how old it is. The age is directly correlated to how long it will last.

You might want to contact a plumbing company to inspect the water heating tank. In particular, you should ask them to check for rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits. A plumbing company should be able to easily tell you how much life the tank still has. This is quite important since replacing a tank can be rather costly. After spending a fortune on your dream home, you might not necessarily have the budget for these additional repairs.

Get Professional Advice

When you make an offer, you should make an offer with conditions. A condition that you should set is that you have the right to call a plumbing company to do a thorough inspection before you agree to the sale price. You should specify that you can choose whichever plumbing company that you feel the most comfortable with. A reliable and experienced professional can look for plumbing problems that are easily missed by novices.

Tioga Contractors has offered affordable plumbing services since 1953. We are a reputable plumbing company that services Bedford, TX, and many surrounding areas. We’re able to offer plumbing, electric, and glass services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Call us any time at 469-789-1292!

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As a homeowner you should always be careful when choosing a plumbing company. That’s because some plumbing companies may offer various services, some of which may be overpriced.

Choosing a plumber whose work will put a smile on your face and give you value for your money may not be as difficult as you might think. This guide will help you find a top-notch plumbing company that can resolve your plumbing-related troubles. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a good company.


You can’t just go for any company if you need plumbing services. The first thing you need to do is to assess the past business records of the company. You can do this by researching plumbing companies in terms of their experience. For instance, knowing when the company started and the number of years it has served could help. In addition to skimming through the company’s website, consider making a site visit to the company. You can also request work history from the company’s plumbers. The more years the company has operated, the more competent and experienced it may be.

Company’s reputation

This is an important consideration to make when choosing a plumbing company. Any firm of your choice should have an impressive reputation as this will assure you that they’ll deliver quality services. You can always find information on the company’s reputation by asking its previous beneficiaries of its services. Also, you can get more information by going through clients’ reviews on the company’s website. It’s always advisable to keep off from a company with too many complaints. Sometimes, what’s said might be true.


Insurance protects you from any loss or risk in case an accident occurs. When choosing a plumbing company, make sure that you choose one that’s insured and bonded. This is because a plumber may mess up during the repair. When a company is insured, the insurer will bear the liability; therefore, protecting you from unnecessary financial losses.

Services offered

There are several plumbing companies. However, when choosing the best to give you all the plumbing solutions you may need, consider the services each one offers. A good company should provide a wide range of services such as plumbing and HVAC, and emergency services whenever you are in need. So, before hiring any company, make sure that they meet all the services you demand. Settling for a company offering a wide range of services can be advantageous to you.


This is a very significant thing to consider when selecting a plumbing company in Bedford, TX. Plumbers need to be licensed and receive necessary training and vetting before being permitted to operate. Hiring a company with a valid license from a recognized trade body will give you a word of honor that the plumbers know what they are doing and will not cause further damage to your drainage systems, and even it will provide you with peace of mind. Therefore, it’s important to ask prospective plumbing companies to produce their licensing information, and if they hesitate to offer it, you can settle with the one who has what you need.


Before entering any deal, be sure of who you are about to work with so that you may not regret your plumbing choice later on. A company that delivers quality services to its customers should have a list of previous clients who are willing to support them. These are the people who will give you most of the information you need to know. Unlike you, they have actually experienced working with the particular company you want to hire. Therefore, It’s always important to ask a company to give you references before its plumbers work in your home.


Plumbing emergencies may occur unexpectedly at times. That’s why it’s better to work with a plumbing company that’s located where you reside. This may really help with fast responses. However, it might also help lower your plumbing costs since most businesses tend to factor in transportation and other costs in the plumbing bill. When searching based on geographical coverage, ensure that your residence is included within their area of coverage.

Response time

A reliable plumbing company will attend to its customers as fast as possible when contacted. This is because plumbing problems can be difficult, especially when they occur during odd hours. Delay or failure to act quickly when an issue occurs can lead to property destruction and endanger personal life.

Search to ensure that the company’s customer support picks calls and responds to messages even during late hours. Therefore, ensure you select a company that offers 24/7 services with easily accessible online support.


A company that can guarantee delivery of a perfect job gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is in safe hands. A credible plumbing company that’s willing to guarantee their work will offer you a warranty. Thus, it’s wise to inquire about their warranties and the periods they’re viable for when looking for a company. If a company doesn’t guarantee their work, look for another one that does.

Get a plumber right away.

Tioga Contractors is a leading plumbing company with skilled plumbers offering plumbing-related issues for homeowners in Bedford, TX. We provide various plumbing services ranging from shower pan repair, water leaks, tankless water heaters, washer lines, and primary service pipes. Our plumbers are knowledgeable of the latest plumbing trends and are only one call away. When in an emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us via our 24\7 emergency service line.

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Owning your own home is one of the greatest accomplishments in one’s life. Things will go wrong with your home however from time to time, and one of those things is your plumbing. Without plumbing in your home, you would not have clean drinkable water. Without plumbing, wastewater would have nowhere to go. Yet few homeowners give their plumbing any thought until something goes wrong. You want to keep your plumbing in good repair, as it works hard for you every day.

Every plumbing system has a shelf life. Plumbing systems were not designed to last forever. At some point, you may have to replace your aging plumbing system through a plumbing company. Plumbing pipes will not replace themselves. Yet how do you know when it is time to replace your home’s pipes with a plumbing company? Here are the top signs that will let you know that it’s time to replace old plumbing pipes through a plumbing professional:


1.  Leaky Pipes

This is the number one sign that you need to replace your pipes. A leaky pipe is a problem that can be costly if not taken care of promptly. Leaky pipes can affect your entire home. For one thing, the water damage that leaky pipes pose can destroy your home rather quickly. Another issue with leaky pipes to consider is mold growth. Mold is toxic and only grows where there is moisture. Not only is mold toxic, but it also destroys wood and other building materials. Mold grows easily. Do not ignore even a minor leakage, as even a minor leak can weaken the structure of your home and cause immense damage. If you have leaky pipes call your local plumbing company today for an estimate on pipe replacement.


2.  Dangerous Materials

While just about everyone knows that lead is dangerous, few people are aware that roughly 10 million homes have lead service lines, and some have lead plumbing pipes. This is true even locally. Exposure to lead pipes can cause stunted growth and learning disabilities in children. For adults lead poisoning can lead to kidney damage and reproductive problems. You should find out if your home contains any lead service lines or pipes. If you find that you have lead pipes or service lines, you should consider installing either PVC or copper pipes through a professional company.


3.  Old Age

If you have PVC pipes this will not apply to you as these pipes can last a lifetime. Some PVC pipes are designed to last indefinitely. All other pipes have a shelf life. Galvanized steel pipes can last between 20 to 50 years. Brass pipes have a lifespan of 40 to 45 years, while copper pipes can last over 50 years. At the end of the spectrum are cast iron pipes which can last between 75 to 100 years! If your pipes are old in your home it is time to call a plumbing company to see about pipe replacement.


4.  Discolored Water

You want your home to deliver crystal clear water when you turn on the taps. The last thing you expect to see is gross brown or yellowish brackish water coming from the taps. Oftentimes when water comes out brown or yellow it has some sediment in it. It could just be a temporary problem with your local Bedford, TX water supply, but it could also be that your pipes are corroding or rusting from the inside. Your local plumbing company can tell you for sure which cause is to blame for the discolored water. Avoid drinking any discolored water or brushing your teeth with it. Instead, call your plumbing professional and inquire about pipe replacement.


5.  Low Water Pressure

If your home has older cast iron pipes it could contribute to low water pressure. Iron pipes can be affected by both corrosion and mineral deposits in pipes. Corrosion and mineral deposits both can lead to a lack of space for water to flow to its proper destination. If you have cast iron pipes you may want to consider replacing them with either PVC piping or copper piping. PVC is the recommended choice from your local plumbing company.


6.  Cracks

If your pipes have cracks in them it is time to replace them. Cracked pipes are easy to spot on your visible plumbing, but some of your plumbing may lat behind walls and under flooring. Cracked pipes will leak water and damage your home. When there’s a crack in a pipe it’ll only be a matter of time before water damage and mold growth occur. This water can soak into the walls and floors of your home so it should be taken seriously. If you have cracked pipes it’s time to call the plumbing company.


7.  Corrosion

Are the pipes in your home clogging up often? You may be dealing with corroded pipes. While you may want to check your drains as well as drains can become clogged, if the water from your faucet comes out slowly and your aerator is clean, you may be dealing with corrosion of your pipes. Galvanized steel pipes are highly prone to corrosion. Once corrosion sets in your piping system, it’s only a matter of time before you will need to replace your pipes with a licensed plumbing company.


8.  Decreased Water Pressure

Decreased water pressure could be due to a problem in your area, such as a water main being out, which could result in lower water pressure. If this is not the case and you still have low water pressure, you might be dealing with pipes that simply cannot deliver the water pressure you need. This could be due to aging pipes or even corrosion. If you have lowered water pressure it’s time to call the plumbing company.


If you have any of the signs above that your pipes need replacement, call the professionals at Tioga Contractors today. We are a BBB accredited business with decades of experience behind us. We have installed new piping systems in homes across Bedford, TX, and are one of the most trusted plumbing companies in town. If you have any questions regarding your home’s pipes call us today!


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Contractors of all sorts have worst case scenarios, no matter what they are doing there are always some jobs that will be more stressful, and more time consuming, than others. Depending on the service it may cause them to get less money out of the job because they quoted an amount and something caused more problems to erupt. We’ll go through some worst case scenarios that a plumbing company may see in their day to day that would cause anything from annoyance to a shiver down the spine.


Your plumbing company will work with pipes that contain water, either clean or dirty, and all animals need to drink. Something that many plumbers experience is that a leak will attract wildlife that will try to get into your pipes. For clean water, thankfully your pipes are fairly narrow so the largest thing that could get stuck is a small rodent or a snake. Either of those would probably spook anyone when they weren’t expecting it but when a clog is a live animal you have to really wonder what happened that allowed them to get in there.

Your drain pipe, however is much larger inside especially if there isn’t as much buildup or it’s new construction and anyone working at your local plumbing company will probably have a story of a snake, flushed fish, rat or mouse, insect nest, or other animal that found it’s way dead or alive into the sewer system of a house. If they’re alive, which is possible if they haven’t been down there long, it’ll become a sort of animal rescue mixed with fixing the issue with your pipes.

Cascading Ruptures

When you call a plumbing company for a leak it is probably because you notice the leak and then call. When the company comes and shuts off your water to the affected area and starts working they don’t want to cause any more issues than what was already there. If your house’s pipes are old or damaged however that can cause a problem. When one leak turns into a whole series of leaks or breaks it not only becomes expensive for the homeowner it can be disastrous for the person working in your house.

The person who shows up to fix your leak is not someone who wants to turn a quick job into a multi day project, they’re looking to get in and get out. Older plumbing systems may have other problems lurking behind the known issue and that will only cause headaches if one issue leads into another.

The Recurring House Call

One of the more common nightmares for your plumbing company is the house that keeps calling for service. This one isn’t a nightmare that is dangerous for the people working, but it is tedious. Most people who work for your plumbing company want to move on to the next job and not have to come back time and time again. With the recurring house call the service people have episodes of deja vu where the same or a similar issue keeps coming up over and over again like Groundhogs Day being moved to Bedford, TX.

Some issues like that may be simple enough, like tree roots getting in a drainage line that needs to be rooted out every year or so and that is something many technicians will suggest be completely redone to save the hassle of waiting for an appointment each year. A few others may be more annoying like a new appliance that won’t drain properly, a toilet that keeps leaking, a drain that keeps backing up for no reason, who knows. A good plumbing company will offer a guarantee of services for a set amount of time to ensure their job was done completely. But if that’s not enough just know that they will likely ask or look for more long term solutions after the second visit.

Electricity In The Water

Something many people are told growing up is that electricity, people, and water don’t mix. Plumbing companies will definitely know that but they must be sure that every situation they get into is not full of charged water. If a pipe is for some reason close to a live electrical wire that has become damaged or the conducting material is making direct contact with a metal pipe it can send that charge down the line and if someone touches it it could cause electrocution. This is the absolute worst case scenario that a plumber could run into and can cause great harm and it hopefully never happens.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that your electric and plumbing systems are not close to each other and that they’re in good repair. Also having non-conductive pipes for your plumbing system makes it much harder for electricity to travel through water to cause a problem. Your plumbing company can help you with getting that taken care of as well.

So what can a plumbing company like Tioga Plumbing, Electric & Glass Contractors do for you so you don’t become a nightmare? Tioga is a full service service contractor that can take care of a wide range of issues you may be having with your house and will do the job you need correctly the first time for the right price. They service the Bedford, TX and surrounding area and are just a click or a phone call away from scheduling an appointment 24 hours a day seven days a week. Reach out to them at to get an appointment set.

Tioga Contractors offers full line plumbing and electrical services for single family residential, commercial, assisted living, multi-family residential, and industrial situations. Anything from a basic drain clean up to a full water pipe replacement with water softener and filtration units the professionals at Tioga Contracting can get it done for you. They also offer subcontracting for other jobs that makes them a great starting point for any construction project.

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The plumbing system in a home covers about 15% of the home’s market value. That makes water line and drainage repairs an excellent means of improving your property’s value. Having a well-functioning and smoothly operating plumbing system ensures that you have a consistent supply of clean and freshwater to the faucets and enough hot water for your morning showers. Other benefits of having an efficient plumbing system include enhanced convenience, water supply to communities during shortages, and homeowners can incorporate water-saving devices to the plumbing systems to help cut down monthly costs on water bills.

Considering the benefits mentioned above, you need to protect your plumbing system at all costs. That means creating an effective maintenance strategy to ensure that you have a constant water supply to enable you to fulfill your water-dependent duties and chores. Needless to say that you need to find a professional plumbing company that can work with you in every maintenance plan for long-lasting plumbing solutions.

Why Should You Worry About Plumbing Maintenance?

Your home’s or commercial property’s plumbing system has two parts: the freshwater supply line and the drainage section. Maintaining the plumbing system strategically ensures that you get adequate clean-water supply while effectively draining out wastewater. Unfortunately, a considerable number of households only think of calling their plumbing company when a problem occurs. By this time, the issue has become complicated and costlier.

You can avoid that by creating a plumbing maintenance plan that entails regular inspections, repairs, and replacements as preventative measures. Your plumbing professional will be able to detect the problem while still small, and you will spend less money. Besides, a plumber will restore the efficiency of your plumbing connection, saving you dollars in your energy utilities.

If you thought that calling a seasoned plumbing contractor is expensive, think of the financial implications of having a dripping faucet. One small leak can seem negligible, but water droplets’ continuous build-up can result in significant wastage of water. It only takes about 4,000 drops of water to fill a 1-liter container. A dripping faucet left unchecked for a minute adds about 1,440 drips every day, resulting in about 35 gallons of wastewater every year.

Plumbing system maintenance means that you partner with a professional plumbing company to periodically check for common plumbing issues, such as leaks and clogged toilets. You also need to have a seasonal maintenance plan to ensure you detect problems and do the repairs immediately.

Best Maintenance Practice to Protect Your Fresh Water Supply Lines

The World Health Organization issues guidelines on the quality of drinking water needed in homes from the central supply lines. To ensure you get consistent water supply from the faucets while minimizing plumbing problems, homeowners need to maintain consistent and high-standard plumbing maintenance.

1. Cleansing Your Water Tank

Your water supply typically has a water or sumo tank located on the roof. With time, debris and sediments build up in the tank, harming the quality of water. You need to call a professional plumbing company at least once in three months to clean the tank.

An expert plumbing contractor will adhere to standard cleansing procedures. These include:

Pre-Cleansing Procedures

Before embarking on the practical tank –cleansing works, your plumber will:

  • Schedule for the cleansing project during off-peak hours to not cause distractions in your home.
  • Provide a notice to the occupants of the surrounding property informing them of the location and duration when the plumber will cut-off the supply line to facilitate tank cleansing.
  • Adhere to the local laws in Bedford, TX, that govern plumbing maintenance, mainly tank cleaning.

Cleansing of the Tank

When cleansing the tank, your plumbing company will first empty it through the washout drains. They’ll then use pressure jets to clean the bottom and internal walls of the tank. The registered tank cleaner will remove the residue, followed by thorough cleaning of the tank using a chlorine product further to remove any residue, rust, or other contaminants.

Once that is done, the tank is rinsed using fresh water to rid it of the chlorine and sediments. Once the tank is clean, the plumbing company will refill the tank. Remember, after water tank cleansing, your plumber will advise you to flush the faucets for about three minutes to ensure they consume clean water.

2. Inspect Your Fresh Water Supply Lines

Regular plumbing inspections helps in ensuring that the water supply plumbing system is operating optimally. It also alleviates flow interruptions while expending the functional and service life of the water pipes by detecting and repairing plumbing issues at an early stage.

Homeowners and plumbing companies must have an updated document of the property’s plumbing layout to undertake plumbing inspections effectively. Homeowners are required to hire an expert plumbing contractor once in three months [or more frequently if need be]. The contractor from the plumbing company will inspect:

  • The condition of the water tank connected to the supply lines
  • Proper registration and arrangement of the water meter accounts
  • Water pipes, ensuring that they are correctly fitted, and
  • Water valves and pumps to ensure they are all functioning properly

While your plumbing company may be experienced and knowledgeable in plumbing works, the technician must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to properly handle preventative maintenance works regarding water pipes, valves, taps, and pumps.

3. Re-plumbing

The age and condition of your freshwater supply lines affect the quality of drinking water in your home. Properties and buildings constructed before 1995 used galvanized iron pipes, which were highly prone to corrosion. To remedy that, the use of galvanized iron was prohibited, giving way to the introduction of corrosion- and rust-resistant pipes, although discoloration remains a matter of plumbing concern.

If you have low-quality drinking water because of rusted water pipes, it would be best to partner with an experienced plumbing company in Bedford, TX, for a re-plumbing project. That entails the replacement of the corroded pipes with new rust-resistant and long-lasting water pipes and fittings.

Re-plumbing or upgrading your water supply pipes is an excellent investment. A properly functioning plumbing system offers convenience and comfort in a home. Besides, it takes your home’s market value a notch higher.

Is your residential or commercial plumbing system aging? Are you concerned about the quality of drinking water in your home? Call Tioga Contractors today. We will work together to develop the best maintenance approach to restore the efficiency and effectiveness of your clean-water supplies.

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If you plan on constructing a new property, you will need to hire a professional plumbing company for the plumbing piece of your new construction project. Constructing a home or business requires contractors, design plans, and permits. One of the most important contractors you will need is a plumbing contractor. Tioga Contractors can provide plumbing services for your home, business, or construction project. If you plan on building or owning a property in Bedford, TX, you should hire a reputable company, such as Tioga Contractors for all of your plumbing needs.

How Does It Work?

Knowing how your plumbing system works will help you understand what to expect from your plumbing company. It’s important to understand your system to also be able to tell when something is not right. Knowing when to hire a plumber will help you maintain your existing systems.


Plumbing systems work in harmony with the laws of nature to provide water, remove waste, and do various necessary things to run a proper home. Plumbing systems work with pressure, gravity, and the natural laws of liquids to function. By understanding how your system works and when to call a plumbing company for repair and maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your plumbing system and keep it running efficiently.

Plumbing systems are full of pipes, fixtures, and other appliances that help it work. If one thing plumbing component malfunctions, it can affect other ones. You need to hire a company right away if your plumbing system is malfunctioning in any way.

The main systems involved with plumbing are the freshwater system and the wastewater system. Freshwater systems bring the water in and wastewater systems lead the water out. The freshwater is more commonly known as the water supply system. The wastewater system is also known as the sewage system.

Water Supply System

The water supply system functions under pressure. Water supply systems need to work with pressure because the water will have to make turns, and travel all over the house. The pressure allows the water to be propelled into faucets and other appliances.

If anything is wrong with your water supply system, you may experience some serious issues regarding your plumbing appliances. Water can become contaminated, and your water pressure can become affected if your water supply system isn’t functioning as it was designed to. If you experience any anomalies in your freshwater system you should hire a plumbing company to inspect your plumbing and correct any errors.

The water supply system requires maintenance for optimal operation. Maintenance of your water supply system will include water quality checks, facilities care, systems program maintenance, drain cleaning, and appliance maintenance. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, you may want to contact Tioga Contractors for plumbing maintenance and installation.

Hiring a professional and licensed plumbing to construct and maintain your plumbing systems ensures your water supply systems will be installed properly, will function properly, and be safe to use.

Sewage System

Sewage systems work on the principles of gravity. The system incorporates a series of pipes, pumps, and gravitational forces to work. Sewage systems remove the waste from your home and into the sewer or septic tank. Sewage system malfunctions can be costly and property damaging. To avoid sewer system malfunctions, you should contact a professional plumbing company to repair, maintain, and install your sewage systems. The proper functionality of this system is an important component of a good build building.

How To Properly Maintain Your Already Existing Plumbing System

After installing your new plumbing system, you will need to maintain it with the help of a local and licensed plumbing company. Preventive maintenance will help prevent plumbing emergencies and common malfunctions, this will help expand the lifespan of your plumbing systems.

Your pipe system will last an average of 17 to 100 years. How long it lasts is directly related to the amount of care and maintenance it gets. The material it is made out of also plays a role in the lifespan of your plumbing system. High-quality plumbing materials will help your system last longer and more efficiently. If you need to schedule a plumbing maintenance service for your new or pre existing plumbing system, contact Tioga Contractors for assistance.

Fix Leaks

A part of proper plumbing maintenance is fixing leaks. Leaks can turn into more serious problems if left unchecked. It can lead to other damages. Leaks can cause mold and bacterial growth. It can cause floors and walls to rot and become weak. Leaks should be fixed as soon as you notice them to avoid it becoming a bigger problem. Repairing leaks helps keep the structure of your system intact. If your plumbing system has sprung a leak somewhere, contact a plumbing company to fix it for you professionally and promptly.

Clean Drains

Clogged drains are a common problem that occurs with the plumbing system. Hiring a preventive maintenance plumber to maintain your plumbing includes the cleansing of your drains. Professional cleaning your drains can help prevent slow or clogged drains from manifesting. Commercial drain cleaners will not always get the job done. Once a serious clog occurs, you will have to contact a plumbing company to clear it. If the drain is stubborn enough, regular drain cleaning methods will no longer work for you. You will be forced to fit the bill for plumbing repair.

To avoid high-cost bills and ensure proper plumbing installation, hire a professional, insured, and reputable plumbing company to help you maintain and construct your system. Professional installation and maintenance will pay off in the form of efficiency, longevity, system health, and saved money. If you live in the area and are in need of a plumbing professional, contact Tioga Contractors.

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There are plenty of options when it comes to plumbing companies that serve Bedford, TX. More than ever before, especially when the internet gives you such an excellent platform to discover more in your local area. However, more plumbing company options doesn’t necessarily make your job any easier when it comes to deciding who to work with on any plumbing repairs or projects that you have in mind. Many companies look great online, with professional websites, social media engagement, and lots of reviews to help persuade you. To help you make the right choice, we discuss ten signs that prove you’ve chosen the right plumbing business.

Sign #1: A range of services offered.

One of the crucial things to consider when trying to determine which plumber to go with is to look at the catalog of plumbing services they provide. Some plumbers might simply offer a standard range of plumbing services, while others focus on more niche repairs and servicing. If you’re likely to require someone to undertake complex plumbing projects or work with niche hardware, a plumbing company that provides a wide range of services will better fit your needs.

A plumbing service provider that offers a wide range of services is more likely to benefit you in the long run, because if you ever need something out of the ordinary, chances are they’ll have a service that can be customized to fit your requirements. Whether it’s a unique bathroom remodel, water analysis, or pipe fittings, a full-service plumbing provider can be the right choice to get it done.

Sign #2: 24/7 emergency availability.

Another key indicator that you’re dealing with a professional, desirable company is the availability of emergency servicing. If you’re dealing with an overflowing toilet, leaky sewer line, or flooding incident, you’ll want more than it being repaired right; you’ll also want a plumbing company you can rely on to look at the issue straightaway. The provision of 24/7 emergency services can help to distinguish an excellent plumbing service company from a good one, and you won’t need to keep a separate company on standby!

Sign #3: Licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers.

One of the easiest ways to identify if you’re looking at a professional plumbing company or not is to look at whether the plumbers are openly advertised as licensed, insured, and even bonded. Licensing and insurance are both equally important. There are multiple levels of certification based on experience level, and if you know the company has a master plumber or two onboard, you know your plumbing job will be in good hands. It signifies a level of professionalism and security that other plumbers may not offer. Proven insurance coverage is also vital, not only to protect you and your property but to protect the plumbers on-site. A professional company will do everything it can to look after its workers, including making sure they’re fully insured.

Sign #4: Positive reputation.

Online reviews are your friend when it comes to trying to determine if a plumbing company is one that you can trust. The beauty of the internet means that past customers can easily let others know about their experiences, whether good or bad. Plumbing company websites can often include customer testimonials, but looking at review sites will also help to get an overall picture of their reputation. If the number of positive reviews outweighs the negative, and if, more recently, the reviews have been great – you know you’re onto a winner.

Sign #5: Proven experience.

While proven experience is not the only indicator of a trustworthy, professional plumbing company, it’s certainly not a sign to ignore. Experienced plumbing companies are obviously doing something right to keep themselves in business over a long period. Checking the certifications of plumbers at the company will also give you an indicator of how professional the plumbers are. For example, to become a qualified Master Plumber, a plumber must hold a Journeyman’s license and have completed at least 8,000 hours of certified plumbing jobs. Even a Tradesman Plumber’s license requires at least two years of experience in the plumbing field. The higher the qualifications, the more experience a plumber at the company has.

Sign #6: Free estimates.

Professional plumbing companies will be eager to provide a free, honest estimate for services required. It will give you an idea of which fees and surcharges you can expect, in addition to the cost of parts and labor to complete a job. A company that offers this information for free, up-front, is typically a great choice.

Sign #7: Using the latest technology.

A company that incorporates cutting-edge technology into its plumbing services is an indicator that you’ll be working with a professional company that takes pride in offering modern, effective, and efficient plumbing services. Modern technology not only provides durability, but it enables a company to reduce their work-time and thus any inconvenience to you. Take trenchless plumbing, for example; it can be used to repair pipes with little excavation. Modern technology, such as camera inspections, can also be used to identify issues. Live feeds shown will indicate the true extent of damage before work is done. A professional plumbing company will always do its best to highlight these issues via camera inspection before undertaking further work necessary to repair plumbing in your Bedford, TX, home.

Sign #8: Discounts and financing options available.

Let’s be honest; everyone loves savings. A professional, well-established company will be better placed to offer you deals on services offered. A company that provides cheap services is something to appreciate, but you want to make sure that there is not a trade-off for quality of service.

Tioga Contractors is a full-service plumbing company that prides itself on professional, reliable, service provision. Not only do our plumbers service residential and commercial customers, but we make sure our plumbing services are available 24/7/365. Call us to schedule an inspection or find out more about what we can do for you.