If you are like most Bedford, TX homeowners, you don’t think about your plumbing system very often. As long as you have clean, treated water coming into your home and the water and waste exits, you have other things on your mind. It isn’t until issues arise that you start to worry.

There are plenty of videos online today that teach you how to make home repairs. While these videos are great for certain projects, you shouldn’t rely on them to make plumbing repairs. The plumbing system in your home is very complex. If you make a small mistake or miss a step during the repair process, you could end up doing more harm than good.

If your plumbing system is experiencing any of the issues listed below, you should call a licensed plumber.

#1 Dripping Faucets

Many people don’t think that a dripping faucet is a major issue because it is just dripping. Also, after a day or two, it is easy to tune out the dripping sound. What you may not know is that a dripping faucet is more serious than you think. If the faucet is dripping, it is a sign that there is an issue with the faucet’s mechanics. If you ignore the problem, eventually, the dripping will worsen, and you will be dealing with a steady stream of water. Also, a dripping faucet wastes more water than you think. If your faucet drips one drop per second, you can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water over the course of a year. This is the equivalent of 180 showers.

A licensed plumber will be able to find the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs. They may need to replace the faucet. It is best to call a plumbing company as soon as the dripping starts.

#2 Running Toilet

If the toilet in your home is functioning properly, it will run after being flushed. When the toilet tank is full, the toilet should stop running. If it doesn’t, you should contact a licensed plumbing professional. There are a few issues that could be causing your toilet to run continuously:

  • The float height is off
  • The flapper needs to be replaced
  • The refill tube is too long
  • There is an issue with the tank’s seal

If your toilet is running, you shouldn’t wait to call a plumber. A running toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water per month, which will cause a significant increase in your water bill. It is best to call a licensed plumbing professional as soon as the issue begins.

#3 Slow Or Clogged Drains

If your drains are slow, it can make daily household tasks take longer than they should. If the drains are completely clogged, you won’t be able to use the sink or shower at all.

Many homeowners try to remove the clog themselves with a liquid drain cleaner such as Drain-O. If you use this product and the water flows down the drain, it could just be a temporary fix. If the entire clog wasn’t removed, it would be just a matter of time before the problem occurs again. Also, these products contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the pipes.

If your drains are slow or clogged, you should call a licensed plumber. A professional will be able to remove the entire clog safely, which will prevent another drain issue in the future.

#4 No Water

If there is no water coming into your Bedford, TX home, it is an emergency, and you should call a plumber immediately. Without running water, you cannot perform many household tasks. There are a few issues that could be causing the lack of water, and it would take a licensed plumbing professional to find the source of the problem.

  • An issue with the water main
  • Damaged or aging materials
  • A clogged connection

Before you call a plumber, check with your neighbors to ensure there is no widespread water outage. You should also check with the water company to make sure that your bills have been paid. If everything checks out, call a plumbing professional.

#5 Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure in your home can be very frustrating. If your water pressure isn’t strong enough, it can make simple tasks like washing dishes and washing your hair take longer. Also, poor water pressure can affect the way your water-based appliances function.

The issue could be something simple like a clogged aerator, which is an easy fix. You could also have a leak in the waterline, which is more serious. If there is water leaking behind the wall, it can cause structural damage to the area. The pooling water can also promote mold growth. A leaking water line can also waste a significant amount of water, causing a spike in your water bill.

It is best to call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice a change in your water pressure. A professional will be able to find the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you have plumbing issues in your Bedford, TX home, don’t waste your time on a Google search. Instead, call Tioga Contractors. We are a licensed residential and commercial plumbing company that has been serving customers in the area since 1953.

When one of our plumbers arrives at your home, they will be in a fully stocked truck. This allows us to make most repairs on the same day. After inspecting your plumbing system, we will give you an accurate quote, which will avoid any unexpected surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

Tioga Contractors understand that plumbing problems can arise at the most inconvenient time. This is why we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you call for plumbing repairs at night or during the weekend, we will get a plumber to your home as quickly as we would if you had called during normal business hours. It is our goal to get your plumbing system up and running again quickly.

To schedule an appointment for plumbing service, give us a call today.

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If you own a home then you understand the importance of regular upkeep. Getting repairs done to your home is an important part of good house hygiene. This is especially true for your plumbing system. Plumbing helps keep your home clean and sanitary. A well-maintained plumbing system would do just that. To maintain your plumbing system properly you must hire a licensed and local plumbing company to perform regular maintenance checks and come out to repair and maintain your home periodically. Hiring a plumbing company to provide plumbing maintenance every time you need it will prevent plumbing system damage and malfunctions in the future. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your plumbing maintenance and upgrading needs.

Benefits of Plumbing Upgrades

Like all systems, plumbing needs to be upgraded and modernized. As time progresses so does our plumbing. When plumbing became a regular part of American infrastructure, the materials used for plumbing were typically cast iron. Before long, people realized just how unconventional that material was for plumbing. Cast iron becomes rust fairly quickly which leads to instances of dirty dangerous water in plumbing systems. To stop this issue from occurring, the cast iron pipes were replaced with other less corrosive metals. Metals such as steel and copper were used instead. In today’s plumbing systems, forms of plastic are used to construct the plumbing system’s pipelines. This plastic is usually referred to as PVC piping. All of the metals used for piping have different pros and cons. For example, copper metal piping is one of the most expensive and highest quality piping materials you could use for your plumbing system. The benefits of using copper piping vary from home to home. Copper piping is often used in places where the plumbing is visible. It looks neat and beautiful therefore, homeowners do not mind it showing. Hire a plumbing company to consult what changes may be needed for your plumbing system in order to make your plumbing system more functional and appealing.

Older Homes Become More Valuable and comfortable to Live in

Older homes may experience more plumbing problems and need more help from a plumbing company than most. This is especially true for homes 100 years or older. These historic properties hold memories and old plumbing systems most of the time. A total remodeling for a plumbing system that is 100 years or older is usually required if the owner of the property hasn’t been keeping up with the home repair. Plumbing systems last an average of 17 to 100 years. The longevity of an older home is directly dependent on the care and materials used on a particular plumbing system.

By making small repairs as the home grows older, your plumbing system may last a much longer time. Plumbing system piping can be replaced little by little if necessary. Therefore, updating an older home’s plumbing system doesn’t have to be done at one time. If your plumbing system is old and worn out, it must be inspected by a professional plumber to determine the scope of work needed to complete a total plumbing system upgrade.

Nicer Pipes

Upgrading your pipe system may be the single most important upgrade you can make for your home. This of course depends on the type of piping you have. Some types of pipes stay intact longer for different things. The most commonly used pipes include copper, steel, Polyvinyl Chloride pipes (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), and iron. There are many variations of the pipes previously listed. If you do decide to upgrade your pipe system it is important to do your research beforehand. Your local plumbing company service provider will be able to assist you in deciding what type of piping would be best for your household. If you live in the area and are in need of a professional plumber for pipe upgrades, schedule a visit with Tioga Contractors.

Fewer Repairs Needed

By upgrading your home’s pipes, drains, traps, and various other fixtures, you will experience fewer plumbing system malfunctions. Plumbing systems need to be refurbished and revamped every once in a while. This is because the materials used to configure your piping will eventually lose their luster. Once that happens, natural wear and tear will take place. Corrosion and rusting of the pipes can lead to major leaks. By replacing these pipes before the wear and tear can lead to a leak, you avoid the need for further repairs due to more damages.

Plastic pipes do not corrode the same as metal pipes would. Plastic piping is held together by a special, strong adhesive. This adhesive sometimes reaps the effects of natural wear and tear. If the adhesive does wear off, a leak can easily occur. If the leak is not found or noticed by the homeowner, more and more damage will happen. This will result in the needed repair of floors, walls, and ceilings. If you have plastic piping in hard-to-reach places, it may be best to simply replace that piping with some sort of metal piping. Certain types of metals will take longer to corrode and therefore will add to your investment.

Adds Value to Your Home

A home that is well taken care of and modernized will end up selling for a lot more than a home that isn’t. Upgrading your plumbing is an investment that potential home buyers will see value in. Due to the extensive lifespan of a plumbing system, plumbing upgrades can add a lot of value to the home. Making small upgrades to your plumbing system over time will help you live more comfortably and increase the value of your home.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional Plumbing Company

When considering upgrades to your plumbing system, it’s important to hire a professional and trustworthy plumbing company. Hire a company that hires licensed and background-checked plumbers only. This ensures your safety and satisfaction. Hiring individuals who do not have a license or are amateurs could result in unsatisfactory work or more damage. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX area, contact Tioga Contractors, if you are looking for a licensed and trusted professional to upgrade or repair your plumbing system.

If you own a home then you understand the importance of regular upkeep. Getting repairs done to your home is an important part of good house hygiene. This is especially true for your plumbing system. Plumbing helps keep your home clean and sanitary. A well-maintained plumbing system would do just that. To maintain your plumbing system properly you must hire a licensed and local plumbing company to perform regular maintenance checks and come out to repair and maintain your home periodically. Hiring a plumbing company to provide plumbing maintenance when you need it will prevent future plumbing system damage and malfunctions. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your plumbing maintenance and upgrading needs.

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Making sure the drains in your home don’t get clogged should be a top priority, even if it doesn’t seem like a very big deal. Slow or clogged drains get worse with time, and you can eventually end up with a sewage backup or corrosion that leads to expensive repairs. If you want to save money on drain cleaning service calls and prevent expensive plumbing repairs, here are some tips for keeping the drains in your home clean.


There are a few different things to watch out for when it comes to bathroom drain clogs. In most bathrooms, you have to deal with potential drain clogs in the sink, the shower and the toilet. Because of the way many homeowners treat their bathrooms, however, this can be a tough task.

Toilet clogs are usually a result of flushing things other than toilet paper down the toilet. Even if the wipes you buy are marketed as “flushable,” they’re not designed to break down in water the way toilet paper does. Instead, these products lead to massive clogs that only a drain cleaning service expert can remove.

Sink and shower clogs are usually caused by a combination of hair and soap, which can be a natural result of taking a shower or washing your hands. If you’re shaving in the bathroom, however, you need to do what you can to keep that hair from going down the drain and causing clogs. One of the best things you can do to avoid expensive drain cleaning calls as a result of hair and soap is install a drain catch in your shower.


Kitchens are another hot spot for clogs because so many homeowners don’t understand how to use a garbage disposal properly. While it might be tempting to scrape a plate full of food into the sink and run it through the garbage disposal, that’s not what garbage disposals are designed for. Instead, your disposal is meant to grind up any leftover bits of food that you couldn’t get off a plate or pan before rinsing it in the sink.

Before you rinse your dishes off, use a spatula or spoon to scrape as much food into the garbage as possible. You can install a drain catch in your kitchen sink to catch any leftover food before it goes down the drain. In particular, you should avoid putting the following things in your disposal:

  • Animal bones
  • Vegetables
  • Fats, greases and oils
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds

Liquid Drain Cleaner

If you want to help keep your drain clean in between drain cleaning service calls, the best thing you can do as a homeowner is use a liquid drain cleaner from time to time. The problem is, using the wrong liquid drain cleaner could cause more problems, leaving you with a massive plumbing bill when you could have simply paid to have somebody clean your drains.

Make sure you avoid chemical-based drain cleaners. While Drano might be a popular name, this chemical-based cleaner can cause damage to pipes as a result of a chemical reaction. Eventually, corrosion can get bad enough that you can have leaks in drain pipes in your home, which is a problem no homeowner wants to deal with.

Using an enzyme-based liquid drain cleaner is the best way to go, since they break down clogs without damaging pipes. You can ask a drain cleaning service company about their preferred drain cleaner if you need help choosing one.

Cleaning Your Own Drains

One way to avoid expensive drain cleaning service calls is to clean your own drains, but you need to know what you’re doing. Cleaning drains can lead to serious pipe damage, which is a lot more expensive than the cost of a simple drain cleaning service. When it comes to cleaning your own drains, make sure you use the right drain cleaner and take extra care not to damage anything.

In addition to using an enzyme-based liquid drain cleaner, you can also use a plunger to unclog slow drains. Simply place the plunger over the drain to create suction like you would in a toilet, then plunge away until the clog starts to loosen. If you’re not able to get a clog out with a plunger and a good liquid drain cleaner, make sure you call a drain cleaning service company instead of trying to dive deeper.

When to Call an Expert

While you can do a pretty good job of cleaning your own drains, you don’t want to cause any massive drain pipe damage that leads to more expensive repairs. When in doubt, it’s always best to call an expert.

The most important reason to call a professional for drain cleaning services is the fact that tools such as snakes and augers are dangerous to run. You can cause serious pipe damage by running a snake in your drain lines, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. A plumber knows the layout of your plumbing system and how to be delicate while removing clogs, so you don’t have to deal with the risk of busting a drain pipe in your Irving, TX, home when you get professional help.

Give Us a Call

Keeping your drains clean is a lot of work, but it’s well worth it when you consider the alternative. Clogged drains can lead to major problems, which is why Tioga Contractors works so hard to help you keep your drains clean. If you need drain cleaning services for your Irving, TX, home, we’re always a phone call away. Not only will we get your drains unclogged quickly, but we’ll also do it without damaging pipes or costing you a fortune. Next time you have a clog you can’t remove, call Tioga Contractors at 469-789-1292.

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Buying a new home is such a huge milestone in your life. It’s definitely something to be proud of. However, just because the house checks the boxes for having everything that you want, don’t rush into the sale.

Before signing the dotted lines and getting the keys to your new place, you should contact a plumbing company in Bedford, TX and have them inspect the home with you. Often, plumbing problems are difficult to detect until after you’ve moved into the new home. By then, you’re faced with costly plumbing problems that could ruin your moment of celebration.

In this article, we will look at five things that you should look for in plumbing before you make an offer.

#1. Leaks

When you’re inspecting the house or at a showing, you should make an effort to inspect all of the plumbing appliances, like the kitchen sinks and the faucets. In particular, you want to look for leaks.

The easiest way to do so is to turn on the faucet and let it run for a minute or two. Next, you want to see whether the faucet or any of the surrounding areas is leaking. You’ll also want to check underneath the cabinets as well. Often, the leaks will be hidden there.

You should ask the homeowners to repair any leaks before you move in. Make sure that the homeowners will be calling a reputable plumbing company in the area instead of attempting a DIY job.

#2. Insulated Pipes

Many people move into homes without seeing whether the pipes are insulated or not. Insulated pipes are much more energy efficient. Homes that already have insulation are ones that have been better kept. These pipes are also less prone to bursting. They’ll be able to withstand extreme weather with ease.

If the pipes are insulated, you should ask the homeowners which plumbing company they hired to get the job done. You should also ask about the type of insulation that they chose. Different types of insulation will have their own unique features, advantages, and drawbacks. You can learn a lot about the home from the type of insulation that surrounds the pipes.

#3. Type and Condition of the Pipes

Another thing that you should consider is the type and condition of the pipes. This is particularly important if you’re moving into an older home that was built prior to 1986. Many of these older homes have lead or galvanized plumbing. The main problem here is that lead is an environmental toxin. It’s best to look for a home that has either copper or PEX pipes.

You should also ask to see whether the homeowners have had any repairs in the recent past. If they have, the company that they hired should be able to provide some information on the condition of the pipes, like whether there are any areas that seem to be compromised or may need to be replaced in the near future.

#4. Type of Sewage System

Determine the type of sewage system that the home has. You want to figure out whether the home relies on a municipal sewer system or a septic tank. The latter will be a bit more problematic, as you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the septic tank. In comparison, you’ll have fewer worries if the home relies on a municipal sewer system to get rid of waste.

If the home relies on a septic tank, find out where the tank is installed on the property. You should also figure out the capacity of the tank and whether it’ll be able to accommodate the needs of your household. If possible, go inspect the septic tank yourself or ask a plumbing company to do so. You want to look for standing water near the tank or noticeable odors. Both are signs that the septic tank is failing, and repairs can be very expensive.

#5. Condition and Type of Water Heating System Installed

Last but not least, you should also consider the type and condition of the water heating system that’s present in the home. Tankless water heaters are able to provide an endless supply of hot water. Because of this, many people are now interested in this technology, and homes with this type of water heating system tend to be more attractive.

If the home still uses a traditional hot water heating system that relies on the tank, you’ll want to see how big the tank is and whether it will be able to accommodate the needs of your family. You should also see where the tank is located and how old it is. The age is directly correlated to how long it will last.

You might want to contact a plumbing company to inspect the water heating tank. In particular, you should ask them to check for rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits. A plumbing company should be able to easily tell you how much life the tank still has. This is quite important since replacing a tank can be rather costly. After spending a fortune on your dream home, you might not necessarily have the budget for these additional repairs.

Get Professional Advice

When you make an offer, you should make an offer with conditions. A condition that you should set is that you have the right to call a plumbing company to do a thorough inspection before you agree to the sale price. You should specify that you can choose whichever plumbing company that you feel the most comfortable with. A reliable and experienced professional can look for plumbing problems that are easily missed by novices.

Tioga Contractors has offered affordable plumbing services since 1953. We are a reputable plumbing company that services Bedford, TX, and many surrounding areas. We’re able to offer plumbing, electric, and glass services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Call us any time at 469-789-1292!

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By the time that you notice a leaky drain pipe or a significant water stain on your walls or ceilings, the damage to your home is quite severe. In order to avoid costly repair jobs, you should regularly do an evaluation of your plumbing. This can help you identify whether there is a need to call a plumber to your home. It’s always better to replace an old plumbing system or part at your convenience than to have to call an emergency plumber to bail you out of a dire situation.

Evaluating your plumbing by yourself only takes several minutes. It’s definitely something that you can easily do. When you do an evaluation, you should consider not only the plumbing system in your residence but also the main water supply and the sewer lines that connect your home to the city’s utility system. Here are several things that you should look at when you’re evaluating your plumbing.

#1. Rust Stains

One of the first things that you should look for is resting on the surface of your plumbing appliances, like your sinks and your toilet bowls. This is an indication that there might be severe corrosion inside your plumbing. This is particularly important if you have iron supply lines.

If there are rust stains on the plumbing appliances, there’s a good chance that the water supply system or the plumbing system will fail in the near future. If you can call a plumber before the system fails, you’ll be able to save yourself from a huge headache.

Another reason why there may be rust stains is because of the water heater. The water heater tank might be facing some severe problems. The anode rods inside the tank might be failing, causing the tank to rust, or there may be too much mineral in your water. Either of these problems can be fairly easy to fix if you call a professional as soon as possible.

#2. Low Water Pressure

Another fairly obvious plumbing problem that you can easily notice by doing a simple evaluation is low water pressure at the fixtures. This can be caused by many different reasons. However, the most common reason is that the supply lines are clogged with either rust or mineral deposits. It’s a sign that you need to call a plumber for drain cleaning services.

During the drain cleaning service, the plumber will be able to do a more thorough video inspection within your plumbing. This video inspection can give you a better idea of the condition of your plumbing, as well as whether there are any leaks or cracks. If there are leaks or cracks, the inspection will offer more insight into the location of the problem, as well as the severity. Depending on how severe the leak is, you can either patch it up or replace that section of the plumbing.

#3. Backed-Up Floor Drains

When doing an evaluation of their plumbing, many homeowners forget to look at the main sewer water line or the sewer line. One of the easiest things that you can do is to look at the floor drains. If the floor drains are backed up, it may be an indication that the main sewer line is clogged.

This can be a tricky situation. It can be difficult to determine whether the clog is temporary or whether there is a more serious problem that needs to be addressed. This is definitely something that you should call a professional to inspect.

#4. Check for Leaks

Go around your home to all of the plumbing fixtures and check for leaks. It’s not unusual for many homeowners to not notice that their faucets are leaking. You should also check underneath the cabinets in order to see whether the plumbing underneath is leaking.

Even minor leaks can waste a lot of water throughout the years. If you leave the leaks alone, You could end up spending an extra several hundred dollars every year on your water bills. Fortunately, most leaks are fairly easy and cheap to fix. All you might have to do is replace a seal or a certain part.

If you do not have any experience tinkering with plumbing appliances, you can always contact a plumber and get them to do the repairs for you. It’s definitely worth it. The cost of the plumbing will easily be significantly less than the cost of your water bills.

You should also look for leaks outdoors as well. If the main water line is leaking, you should see puddles on the ground even if it’s sunny outside. Typically, this means that the plumbing underneath the puddle is damaged.

#5. Noisy Pipes

Last but not least, you should turn on the faucets and other plumbing appliances to see whether you hear any weird sounds coming from your walls. Noisy plumbing can be an indicator of the presence of an underlying problem. These problems are often difficult to detect unless you know what to look for. This is because the plumbing is hidden behind the walls.

The noise could be attributed to anything from a lack of air chamber within the pipes to high water pressure. The bottom line is that you want to contact a professional as soon as possible when you notice weird sounds. If you don’t, your plumbing could be at risk of bursting or leaking. The cost of not taking action will be a lot more than being proactive.

Get the Help You Need by Calling a Reputable Plumber

If something appears amiss, you should contact a plumber in Hurst, TX at your own convenience. Naturally, the sooner that you can call a plumber or the sooner that you can schedule an appointment, the better your situation will be. The longer that you wait, the more likely it is that an emergency situation might appear.

Tioga Contractors offers emergency plumbing services in Hurst, TX. We offer affordable plumbing, electric, and glass services. Call us at 469-789-1292 to schedule an appointment.

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As a homeowner you should always be careful when choosing a plumbing company. That’s because some plumbing companies may offer various services, some of which may be overpriced.

Choosing a plumber whose work will put a smile on your face and give you value for your money may not be as difficult as you might think. This guide will help you find a top-notch plumbing company that can resolve your plumbing-related troubles. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a good company.


You can’t just go for any company if you need plumbing services. The first thing you need to do is to assess the past business records of the company. You can do this by researching plumbing companies in terms of their experience. For instance, knowing when the company started and the number of years it has served could help. In addition to skimming through the company’s website, consider making a site visit to the company. You can also request work history from the company’s plumbers. The more years the company has operated, the more competent and experienced it may be.

Company’s reputation

This is an important consideration to make when choosing a plumbing company. Any firm of your choice should have an impressive reputation as this will assure you that they’ll deliver quality services. You can always find information on the company’s reputation by asking its previous beneficiaries of its services. Also, you can get more information by going through clients’ reviews on the company’s website. It’s always advisable to keep off from a company with too many complaints. Sometimes, what’s said might be true.


Insurance protects you from any loss or risk in case an accident occurs. When choosing a plumbing company, make sure that you choose one that’s insured and bonded. This is because a plumber may mess up during the repair. When a company is insured, the insurer will bear the liability; therefore, protecting you from unnecessary financial losses.

Services offered

There are several plumbing companies. However, when choosing the best to give you all the plumbing solutions you may need, consider the services each one offers. A good company should provide a wide range of services such as plumbing and HVAC, and emergency services whenever you are in need. So, before hiring any company, make sure that they meet all the services you demand. Settling for a company offering a wide range of services can be advantageous to you.


This is a very significant thing to consider when selecting a plumbing company in Bedford, TX. Plumbers need to be licensed and receive necessary training and vetting before being permitted to operate. Hiring a company with a valid license from a recognized trade body will give you a word of honor that the plumbers know what they are doing and will not cause further damage to your drainage systems, and even it will provide you with peace of mind. Therefore, it’s important to ask prospective plumbing companies to produce their licensing information, and if they hesitate to offer it, you can settle with the one who has what you need.


Before entering any deal, be sure of who you are about to work with so that you may not regret your plumbing choice later on. A company that delivers quality services to its customers should have a list of previous clients who are willing to support them. These are the people who will give you most of the information you need to know. Unlike you, they have actually experienced working with the particular company you want to hire. Therefore, It’s always important to ask a company to give you references before its plumbers work in your home.


Plumbing emergencies may occur unexpectedly at times. That’s why it’s better to work with a plumbing company that’s located where you reside. This may really help with fast responses. However, it might also help lower your plumbing costs since most businesses tend to factor in transportation and other costs in the plumbing bill. When searching based on geographical coverage, ensure that your residence is included within their area of coverage.

Response time

A reliable plumbing company will attend to its customers as fast as possible when contacted. This is because plumbing problems can be difficult, especially when they occur during odd hours. Delay or failure to act quickly when an issue occurs can lead to property destruction and endanger personal life.

Search to ensure that the company’s customer support picks calls and responds to messages even during late hours. Therefore, ensure you select a company that offers 24/7 services with easily accessible online support.


A company that can guarantee delivery of a perfect job gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is in safe hands. A credible plumbing company that’s willing to guarantee their work will offer you a warranty. Thus, it’s wise to inquire about their warranties and the periods they’re viable for when looking for a company. If a company doesn’t guarantee their work, look for another one that does.

Get a plumber right away.

Tioga Contractors is a leading plumbing company with skilled plumbers offering plumbing-related issues for homeowners in Bedford, TX. We provide various plumbing services ranging from shower pan repair, water leaks, tankless water heaters, washer lines, and primary service pipes. Our plumbers are knowledgeable of the latest plumbing trends and are only one call away. When in an emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us via our 24\7 emergency service line.

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The condition of the plumbing system in your Bedford, TX home is essential in the way it performs. Because you rely on water to do so many things in the home, you should do what you can to maintain your plumbing system’s health. One thing that you can do to ensure the health of your drains and pipes is to have an annual drain cleaning service performed.

A plumber will use a few methods, depending on how long it’s been since you have a drain cleaning performed and the severity of the issues. These include:

  • Motorized drain auger
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Video pipe inspection to check for clogs and pipe damage

There are several reasons why you should make an annual drain cleaning a priority.

#1 Prevent Clogs

The main reason that homeowners have a drain cleaning service performed every year is to prevent slow and clogged drains, which can be very inconvenient and frustrating. When the water isn’t flowing down the drain properly, it can make the simplest daily tasks difficult or impossible. As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, eventually, food, grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris will end up in the drain, which can build up over time, causing a clog.

When you have an annual drain cleaning performed, even the smallest clogs will be removed, which will prevent a serious issue later.

#2 Quiet Your Drains

If the plumbing system in your home is functioning properly, the water should go down the drain quietly. If you hear a gurgling sound when the water goes down the drain, it is a sign of trouble to come.

If there is a clog that makes it difficult for the water to go down the drain, the water will need to change directions to find an alternate route. When this happens, it creates a gurgling sound.

When you have a drain cleaning service performed, the clog in the drain will be removed, and the drains will be quiet. If you don’t have this service performed, it is only a matter of time before the drain becomes completely clogged, and the water won’t go down at all.

#3 Keep the Kitchen Smelling Fresh

When food, grease, and other debris build up in the drain, it can start to spoil. When this happens, a foul smell will waft up from the drain, leaving a foul smell in your kitchen.

When you have a drain cleaning service performed, anything built up inside the pipes will be removed. Whatever has spoiled will be pushed down the drain, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

#4 Rid Your Home Of Fruit Flies

If you have a fruit fly issue in your kitchen, but there is no fruit, uncovered food, or dying flowers in the room, the problem likely stems from inside your drains.

When food, grease, and other debris build up in the drains of your Bedford, TX home, it creates the perfect breeding ground for fruit flies. When an infestation has begun inside the drains, the fruit flies will fly up into the kitchen. There are DIY home remedies that you can make and pour down the drain, but this is a short-term solution to the problem. A new infestation will begin within a few days, and you will need to repeat the process.

If you want a long-term solution to your fruit fly issue, you should have a drain cleaning service performed. When the plumber cleans the drains and the food, grease, and other debris are all removed from the pipes, they will no longer be a hospitable place for fruit flies, and your problem will be solved.

#5 Prevent Your Toilet From Overflowing

It is not uncommon for toilet paper, waste, and anything else that has been flushed down the toilet to clog the sewer drain. Over time, this can cause a clog. In severe cases, the clog can cause the toilet to overflow, causing a nasty mess in the bathroom.

When you have an annual drain cleaning performed, the sewer drain will be cleaned, preventing a clog, allowing you to continue using the toilet.

#6 Prevent a Water Backup

Over time, clogs can cause water to back up in the sinks, washing machine, and toilet. When this happens, it can cause a major flood that can cause extensive damage.

The best way to prevent water from backing up into the house is to have a drain cleaning service performed every year.

#7 Save Money On Plumbing Repairs

When you have a drain cleaning service performed, the plumber will charge you a fee; however, it will cost a lot less if you neglect to have this service performed, and you need to have the plumbing repaired. Clogged drains can result in burst pipes, contaminated water, a corroded drainage system, and higher water bills than normal.

When you have an annual drain cleaning performed, clogs will be removed, and the plumber can inspect the pipes to catch any damage early before it becomes a bigger problem.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you plan to have a drain cleaning service performed in your home, contact Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service plumbing company that has been serving customers in the area since 1953.

We understand that plumbing issues can arise at any time of the day or night, which is why we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a plumbing issue at night or on the weekend, we will get to your home as quickly as we would if you called during regular business hours.

Each of our plumbers is licensed, insured, and highly-skilled, which should give you peace of mind that we can handle any job you have, whether it is big or small.

If you want to schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service or any other plumbing service, give us at Tioga Contractors a call today.

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Not being able to tell when you need drain cleaning service can lead to bigger problems with your plumbing system. Your drains are an important vital part of your home’s plumbing system. When your drains are slow to drain or blocked, further plumbing problems can arise. As a homeowner, you need to maintain your drains regularly. It can be difficult for some homeowners to know when to have their drains cleaned.

Even if the drain is somewhat draining, the drain likely still needs to be cleaned. You should avoid doing it yourself methods like draino, as these cleaners tend to damage the very pipes they are meant to help. As soon as you suspect a problem, you need to call a professional plumber for drain cleaning service. Tioga Contractors has been cleaning out drains for decades. If you need a drain cleaning look no further than Tioga Contractors.

What are some of the signs you need a drain cleaning?


1.  Slow Draining

Are you tired of a slow draining sink after you shave or wash your hands? A slow drain is the number one sign that you need drain cleaning. If you notice that the water in your sinks and tubs is draining slower than normal, you’re likely dealing with a blocked drain that is hindering the flow of water. A slow draining sink is much more than an annoyance, it’s a sure-fire sign that you’re dealing with a clog somewhere in your plumbing system. If only one sink in your home or business is draining slowly your clog may not be too serious. Yet if multiple sinks fail to drain properly, you’re dealing with a major clog. A professional drain cleaning service can remove the stubborn clog or clogs.

2.  Your Sinks And Pipes Back Up

If water comes up from your drains, you have a serious drain cleaning issue. Water is only meant to go down drains, so if the water is flowing in the opposite direction, you have a problem. When water travels the opposite way it is meant to, you have a drain blockage. This results in sewage spilling into your sinks and bathtubs. This sewage is unsanitary and toxic, posing a threat to you and your family. It could also point to a problem with your sewer line so a professional drain cleaning service should be called immediately. The longer you wait to fix a sewer line clog, the more expensive the repair will be. Clogged sewer lines have been known to cause pipes inside of the house to burst, causing a major repair on top of an already major repair. When you call a professional drain cleaning in Bedford, TX, they can fix it before even more damage occurs.

3.  Your Home Smells Of Sewage

This foul odor is most likely caused by a break in your sewer line. If you have a break in your sewer line, toxic gases can be released into your home. Breathing in this gas is hazardous to you and your family’s health. No amount of candles in the world can mask this unpleasant odor. It is a health hazard to have this problem unattended. If you have this sign, it is time to call for a professional drain cleaning.

4.  Standing Water Accumulation

If you have standing water that won’t drain in your sinks, tubs, or washing machine you have a clogged drain. You need a drain cleaning service to locate the source of the clog and remove it. The longer you wait with this issue the worse it will be over time. Luckily the fix for this issue is rather easy. Most times your local plumber can simply snake your drains and free you of the problem.

5.  Black Gunk

If your drains have black gunk around them or coming out of them, you need drain cleaning. Apart from being utterly disgusting, this black gunk is basically sewage. Sewage is unsanitary and a health risk. Black drain gunk is unhygienic and potentially harmful to your health. Drain cleaning service can remove this unsanitary black gunk with ease.

6.  Foul Smells

If your drains start to have unpleasant odors that is because there is a clog. It may only be a partial clog, but you have a clog. The unpleasant smell is from debris such as food, hair, and other materials. Not only is this unpleasant, but it’s also bad for your health. If you have foul smells coming from your drains it is time for a drain cleaning.

7.  Pests Are In Your Pipes

Fruit flies are one type of pest we often see coming up from drains. Yet other types of bugs and even rodents can come up from your pipes if you have a crack in your sewer line. If you find rodents in your sink it might not be time to call an exterminator but instead a plumber for drain cleaning service.

8.  Too Much Drain Cleaner

Have you been using drain cleaners for a year or more for a stubborn clog or clogs? Not only are you burning through money quickly on drain cleaner liquids and gels, but you’re also damaging your pipes. Drain cleaners can also be dangerous in households with children or pets. Do yourself a favor if you find yourself resorting to expensive drain cleaning products time and time again, and call in a professional drain cleaning service instead. They will get to the root of the problem, removing even the most stubborn of clogs better than any commercial over the counter drain cleaning solution ever will. What’s more, is your pipes will be thankful since over the counter drain cleaning products damage most pipes!


If you find any of these above signs in your home, it is time to call a professional drain cleaning service today! Tioga Contractors has been cleaning drains for decades and is accredited with the BBB. Don’t delay when it comes to drain issues, as the problem could quickly spiral out of control. If you have clogged drains, put your mind at ease and call Tioga Contractors of Bedford, TX, today!

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Sometimes we take many things in our lives for granted. Indoor toilets and safe, accessible drinking water seem like a given for many of us in Hurst, TX, and the United States in general. Approximately 2.6 billion people around the world don’t have access to safe, clean water or indoor plumbing. That is nearly 1/3 of the entire human population. Indoor plumbing and clean water are essential for a healthy modern lifestyle, and we certainly need plumbers to help us maintain this precious resource.

Plumbing Origins

The earliest known plumbing pipes were discovered in Egypt. Egyptian plumbers, or an equivalent profession, made pipes with baked clay and straw. Egyptians also had the first copper pipes and invented water wheels. Wells dating back to the days of Ancient Egypt are up to 400-feet deep, and bathrooms and plumbing features were discovered in several pyramids.

Greece and Rome had plumbers in their empires too. Greek bath houses contained hot and cold running water. Rome built the extraordinary aqueducts across massive distances, and used underground lead pipes to transport water in some places. Scattered segments of the aqueducts remain intact to this day.

Poor Sanitation and Disease

Plumbing, and concern for clean water and waste management in general, declined drastically after the ancient empires fell. Unfortunately, humanity lost a great deal of knowledge between the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian empires and the Middle Ages. The link between contaminated water and disease was completely forgotten. Occasionally, individual physicians and people of other professions made a tentative connection, but it did not become a recognized fact again until the 1800s.

The black plague is the most famous illness of the Middle Ages, but heavily populated areas experienced almost constant outbreaks of various diseases. City dwellers often threw chamber pot waste right into the streets, and an almost complete lack of sanitation meant most people in cities and large towns lived in filth.

Cholera, diphtheria, and dysentery were rampant. Some large cities, such as London and Paris, devised sewers of a sort. Channels were cut into streets to give wastewater a path to natural water sources. These channels were eventually covered to lessen the terrible odor, but that was not the biggest problem.

Bodies of freshwater were sources of drinking water and waste disposal. Sewer channels guided human and animal waste into the same rivers and streams that provided drinking water. Most cities and towns didn’t even have sewer channels. Waste accumulated in the streets until rain washed it away. Stepping stones were often used so people could walk through streets without slogging through filth.

Several nations in Europe and Asia set up sewage farms around cities. Human and animal waste could be gathered off the streets and transported to soil beds to create richer soil with more nitrates. A similar practice collected wastewater and used it to irrigate fields. Human waste is not used for fertilizer now because we know it can be a source of illness.

Early Clean Water Measures

London’s water was so contaminated that it caused waves of cholera epidemics. The National Public Health Act of 1848 was passed to improve sanitation in London and other cities in the United Kingdom. It eventually became the framework for plumbing codes around the world.

The industrial revolution triggered construction of plumbing infrastructure on a massive scale across Europe and the United States. Cities filled with additional workers and streets became so polluted that the problem could not be ignored or put off.

The first integrated sewer system in the United States was built in Chicago in 1856. It was necessary to stop the flow of sewage into Lake Michigan, which also provided drinking water throughout the city. Construction of Chicago’s sewer system began after an epidemic of water-borne illnesses killed almost 75,000 people.

New York’s first water main was built in 1830, although the first sewers in New York were built in the 1660s. The city’s population grew by leaps and bounds from the early 1800s onward. New York’s water was infamous for its foul, tepid taste until construction of water and sewer mains caught up with demand.

Sewer systems, and eventually water and sewage treatment plants, were rapidly built in cities across the United States. Many rural areas relied on well water and septic tanks until the mid-1900s. Some people in Hurst, TX, still use well water and septic systems, although they must adhere to strict regulations. Installing or upgrading a septic system is a job for professional plumbers.

Plumbers installed pipes and fixtures made from copper, iron and steel until the US entered World War 2. Both ferrous and nonferrous metals were needed for the war effort, so plumbers switched to newer materials, such as plastics and glazed clay.

Plumbers and Human Civilization

Civilization is dependent on relatively large numbers of people living in close proximity. A close-knit population center is necessary for working together and exchanging information regularly. Humanity has made a great deal of progress in modern times. Communication between nations on opposite sides of the world is instantaneous, and information travels vast distances in seconds.

There are still many aspects of modern infrastructure that depend on people living and working together. It is very difficult to create new technology and achieve scientific breakthroughs while worrying about basic needs. Modern life in developed nations solved that problem. People have access to essential resources without spending daily labor hours fulfilling basic needs.

No resource is more essential than water. We absolutely must have water to survive. Plumbers manage public and private infrastructure that delivers clean water to our homes and commercial buildings. In fact, plumbing has such a vital role in health, safety and daily life that it is not an exaggeration to say plumbers are essential to advanced civilization. Call Tioga Contractors for any of your plumbing issues or questions.

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Here’s a new way to look at your drain cleaning service: pest control for the microscopic ones. As long as your drains are flowing, and you probably have more than you realize, nothing gets a chance to stick around and cause harm. Once your drains back up, you’ve got who-knows-what in your sink, overflowing onto your floors and beyond, and even filling up your basement. Tioga Contractors plumbing technicians help homeowners avoid these nasty images and keep their homes healthy and clean.

Different Drains Have Different Problems

Each of your drains has different characteristics, from the pipes and joints that carry waste to the types of waste that pass through. Aging, corroded pipes and tight joints can provide places for material to accumulate. Kitchen waste can be bulky, greasy, and often needs a lot of water to keep it moving down the pipes. If it doesn’t get this push, clogs build. Bathroom sinks get hair, grease, soap, and often objects that speed the formation of clogs. Toilets, much of the same. Showers and tubs backup from hair and thick soap residue. Your drain cleaning service has experience keeping each of these drains, and others in your home, clear and clean so they not only keep flowing, but avoid future build-up.

The Difference Between Maintenance Drain Cleaning Service and Emergencies

When you call for a slow or backed-up sink or toilet, you’re getting one fixture flowing again. It may be an acute case of things falling down the drain, or the accumulation of material in the pipes may have finally narrowed to the point where it needs a thorough cleaning. It’s an urgent, disruptive situation. You may have standing water in the sink, or an overflow from sinks and toilets that’s spreading bacteria and contamination and seeping into your floors and walls. Our people will auger, plunge, hydrojet and use other techniques to make sure you’re all set. You may need remediation services to ensure that the contamination is cleaned and mold or mildew doesn’t grow. Meanwhile, your other sinks, toilets, and other fixtures may be building up to the point where another emergency arises.

Maintenance cleaning helps prevent the damage and health dangers of drain emergencies. It also ensures that your home’s drain system gets a thorough treatment, including drains you don’t think of, like your laundry drain, utility sink, and even the drain in your basement floor. We make sure that your pipes have been cleaned to prevent build-up, getting you ahead of the game. We also make sure that your main drain pipes are in good shape, ensuring that a clog between floors doesn’t result in backups in all your upstairs drains. We’ll also check for sewer line issues, using video inspection if appropriate, helping avoid one of the biggest homeowner challenges you can face. After all, knowledge is power, and scheduling a routine sewer line cleaning or repair beats the alternative.

It All Flows Downhill — Except When It Doesn’t

Your home’s waste plumbing is a system, with smaller pipes from sinks and toilets joining larger pipes to carry your wastewater to your sewer and out to the street or septic tank. Clogs in the larger pipes do happen, and they are often harder to locate and clean. We have the inspection and cleaning technologies to do the job, and to make sure that you don’t have to deal with multiple backups because of a clog in a common line. When you find that you’re getting slow draining in several places, or your basement drain is suddenly backing up and making a mess, chances are there’s a traffic jam on the pipes leading your waste on its way. Our drain cleaning service can make quite a difference when we clear out one of these lines.

Drains You Don’t Think Of

Frequent use helps keep drains clear and allows material to flow on its way. Some of your drains may not see as much action, and if you suddenly start using them you could be surprised by a clog or backup. Your utility sink is one example, and what you pour down could make quite a mess if it overflows instead. Your basement drain is also critical, and needs to be ready to handle emergencies such as water heater leaks or large spills even when it’s been unused for years. You may also have guest bathrooms, basement restrooms, or other plumbing that doesn’t see much activity that could use an inspection and a visit from our drain cleaning service to ensure that the plumbing is in good shape.

The Big Pipe Has Problems, Too — Sewer Drain Cleaning Service

Our drain cleaning service personnel can provide you with critical information that can help you plan and budget for major repairs, if they might be necessary. One of the most significant is your Irving, TX sewer or septic pipe. With video inspection, we can help you avoid the mess and cleanup that sewer backup can involve, and we can let you know about the condition of the line and what might be needed now or in the future. In many cases, we can actually help you relax about major expenses, because there are so many ways that sewer lines can be maintained and repaired these days without doing a total pipe replacement.

When Maintenance Isn’t Enough, We’re Ready

People often get to know us first when they’re reacting to an emergency plumbing situation. Our people are knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful in turning a tough situation into a quick recovery and peaceful repair.

Trust Your Drain Cleaning Service Needs to Tioga Contractors

It makes a big difference when you can turn to people you trust no matter what your home repair and maintenance needs. Tioga Contractors serving Irving, TX provides drain cleaning service, general plumbing, and contractor services, letting you relax and enjoy your home. Give us a call and get to know us.