Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Leaking And You Need A Plumber | Bedford, TX 

Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Leaking And You Need A Plumber | Bedford, TX 

The toilet is the most reliable and commonly used fixture in most homes. In most cases, it works as it should, but sometimes it may develop issues that cannot be ignored and must be handled by a professional plumber

Toilet leaks are among the common problems some folks may have encountered at some point. A leaky toilet can be a nightmare; if not fixed for a year, it can waste about 3000 gallons of water. Some of these leaks are not a quick fix; thus, you may have to involve a professional.

Most of these leaks occur at the tank, but at times you may encounter a puddle of water in your bathroom, especially around the base of your toilet. This could indicate that your toilet is leaking at the base. Most of these leaks need to be fixed by an experienced plumbing provider since they require sophisticated tools to ensure they are done right. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to identify a toilet leaking at the bottom and contact a professional promptly to minimize the damage. 

Pipe Leakages

Since pipes distribute water, the possibility of having water leakages is very high, especially at the base of your toilet bowl. If such an issue arises, you need to contact a professional plumber within Bedford, TX, to examine the issue.

There could be many reasons behind a pipe leakage, including high water pressure that causes wear and tear on the pipes. This poses an imminent threat to your life and those around you because the pipes can burst at any time. A professional can inspect and help you out find an immediate solution. 

Additionally, a plumber will check for signs of corrosion during inspections. Corrosion is a serious issue that requires immediate attention to avert irreversible damage to an otherwise properly functioning water pipe.

Therefore, if the water pipe is not in good condition, you can arrange to replace them by scheduling repair services with a professional plumber.

Loose Bolts

Bolted joints are crucial to the effective performance of numerous plumbing fixtures. The toilet is usually fixed to the floor with two bolts. When you notice a leakage at the toilet’s base, it could mean that you have loose bolts.

Loose bolts pose a danger in the house and need a plumber to use the right tools to retighten them to stop the water leakage.

Taking the DIY approach is not advisable because the bolt may break or cause catastrophic accidents when water escapes under pressure, especially when flushing. If you notice the bolts in the toilet have become loose, you should consult an experienced plumber from Tioga Plumbing & Electric to help you sort out this problem.

Worn Out Wax Ring

The wax ring creates a waterproof seal between the drain pipe and the toilet. At all times, this wax ring should be placed and compressed down to prevent water or toilet contents from oozing out.

You don’t have to worry about the wax ring because it rarely cracks or dries. But if your toilet shifts out of place due to problems such as loose bolts, then the seal may break. When this happens, you’ll need to remove and replace the wax ring because it cannot be repaired or reused. This is a messy job, and it would be best to involve an expert equipped with the proper tools to fix the issue. 

Porcelain Potty

Some toilets are made of porcelain. Although porcelain appears clean and attractive, it is an inferior material; thus, the toilet bowl may contain tiny sand holes. Therefore, you may notice a leak every time you flush the toilet. This can be challenging since it could be coming from the sink basin. To avoid the problem from escalating, you’ll need a plumber to inspect the toilet.

Leaking Water Shut-off Valve

This is the little tap that connects your toilet to the water supply. It’s just like any other tap or valve, and it may start leaking over time. To check a dripping shut-off valve, you can hold a small bowl or cup under the shut-off valve and turn off the water after the toilet has been flushed. 

Your bathroom won’t refill, and you’ll hear the water shut off if the tap is working. There should be no leakage whatsoever if the valve is properly sealed. Water may trickle if the seal is compromised or the joint or connection has become somewhat loose. If your toilet has these issues, you should contact a professional plumbing company.


Bedford, TX, experiences a wide range of weather conditions; hence, you may encounter condensation problems at one point. Sometimes you may think you have a leaking toilet, only to discover the water is a result of the toilet’s condensation.

This happens when cold water enters your toilet’s water tank and lowers the temperature of the tank’s outside. If the indoor temperatures are warm, condensation may form on the tank’s exterior, causing the condensed water to collect at the base of the toilet. This should not cause any worry as it means your toilet is in good condition. 

Hire a Licensed Plumber in Bedford for Professional Plumbing Services

It’s no secret that everyone fears experiencing a leak when they flush the toilet. Luckily this blog has pointed out some of the causes of a leaking toilet to make your next toilet emergency less traumatic.

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Bedford, TX we understand that toilet plumbing repairs are beyond control; that’s why our plumbers work around the clock to relieve your worries about plumbing repairs.

For all your plumbing problems, whether drain cleaning, leak detection, back-flow prevention, or pipe replacement, our professional technicians got you covered. Don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric today for all your plumbing needs.

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