Drain Cleaning Service: Tools And Technologies Plumbers Use To Clean Drains | Irving, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: Tools And Technologies Plumbers Use To Clean Drains | Irving, TX

Nearly every homeowner in Irving, TX, has experienced a clogged drain line. Causes of drain line clogging include blockage by solid materials such as grime, soap, and waste food. Infiltration by tree roots in the sewer line can block the system, making it back up. This begs the question of what you’ll do if the drain line keeps on backing up, inconveniencing your comfort, or putting your health at risk if mold develops.

Additionally, if the sewer lines are broken, the contaminated wastewater may seep through to the nearby structures, weakening them and interfering with your home’s structural integrity.

You should schedule a drain cleaning service with a reliable plumber when you have a backed-up drain line. The technician will use the necessary techniques and equipment to perform an exemplary job of restoring your sewer line to its optimum working conditions. Keep reading to know the tools your plumber should show up with for a drain cleaning job.

Pipe Cameras

Unlike leaks and bursts that are easy to identify to the naked eye if the pipes are exposed on the ground, plumbers may not diagnose the root cause of a backed-up drain line by just looking. They need to utilize specialized cameras to inspect the whole drain line to establish the clogged part. Inspection cameras allow the technician to see the internal view of the drain pipes, pinpointing the exact spot where the blockage has occurred. The cameras relay video footage from inside the drain pipes.

A cable connected to a computer or electronic device on the outside makes it possible for the drain cleaning expert to see the visuals. The camera will assist your plumber in deciding on which techniques and tools are appropriate for clearing the blockage.

Schedule a drain cleaning service appointment with a well-equipped plumber to get state-of-the-art services. A specialist that shows up with a camera gives an accurate and quick diagnosis of the clogged pipes.

Manual Drain Snake

The drain snake resembles a long cable with a cock-screw end attached to its front end. At the back, there’s a handle used to crank the cable through the drain pipes. To begin, the technician places the front end of the snake into the pipe’s opening and cranks it until they reach the blocked part. Upon reaching the blocked part, they maneuver the cable, eventually unclogging the drain line.

Reach out to a reliable plumbing company near you to get a technician that uses specialized equipment, including the manual drain snake. The drain snake is essential for effective drain cleaning. Without it, the plumber will have to rely on uncouth and ineffective means and techniques.


This tool is essential for stubborn drains that don’t get unblocked with a drain snake. It sends water at high pressure down the drain line to clear the blockage. The equipment helps plumbers conduct drain cleaning services faster and more efficiently. The pressure exerted by the hydro-jet combines with the strength of the water to eliminate residues from the internal walls of the drain pipes.

Hydro-jets are essential in preventing clogging issues from repeating in the future. The appliance also helps curb pipe damage, unlike the manual snake that can break or burst the pipes.

Schedule a drain cleaning service with a certified plumber with all the necessary tools if your drain line experiences frequent clogging issues. The technician will use the hydro-jet to eliminate your drain line problems once and for all.

Hair Snake

The average person loses between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day. Some of the hair may end up in the drain line when homeowners shower. When this hair accumulates in the drain line over a long time, it can clog it, causing it to back up.

Needless to say, the larger the size of dwellers in your home is the higher the risk of clogged drain line issues due to hair knotting and blockage. Luckily for you, there’s specialized equipment for getting rid of this menace; the hair snake. It comes in different sizes and multiple materials such as plastic.

Reach out to a reliable plumbing company for drain cleaning if you suspect the clogged rain to be a result of hair blockage. The company will dispatch plumbers equipped with a hair snake and cameras to restore your drain line to its optimum working condition, eliminating odors and discomfort.


Plungers may be used to get rid of clogs in toilets, sinks, and showers. However, plumbers may also use them to initiate drain cleaning service if the suspected blockage isn’t extensive. If the plunger doesn’t complete the job, a more severe clog may be present in the drainage pipes. Such a clog requires more specialized equipment.

If you schedule a drain cleaning, the plumbers will likely show up with a plunger to begin the unblocking process. It is an essential tool to achieving a clean and efficiently working drain line.

Motorized Drain Snake

This drain snake operates with the same principle as the manual drain snake, only that it relies on a powered motor to clear the blockage. Technicians often use motorized drain snakes to unclog more stubborn drainage lines. The appliance may either feature a cord or lack it altogether.

The motor powers the device to push through the pipes, eliminating any solid materials that may be clogging the drain line. The plumber pushes a button that engages the drain snake to go through the pipes and come out upon finishing the job to the satisfaction of you and your plumber.

Talk to your plumber for a drain cleaning service if you suspect the drains in your Irving, TX, home are clogged.

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