Drainage Problems: When Is The Right Time To Call In The Professionals? | Drain Cleaning in Bedford, TX

Drainage Problems: When Is The Right Time To Call In The Professionals? | Drain Cleaning in Bedford, TX

Dirty drains in your house can greatly affect the health of your entire family. Sewer lines and drains harbor bacteria and rotting meats, fruits, and vegetables. Such materials could be decaying in places you can’t see and emitting germs and diseases that can prove harmful for you and your loved ones. Therefore, it is essential to get professional drain cleaning in Bedford, TX.

Moreover, dealing with clogged, slow moving and overflowing drains can be frustrating! If this happens then you clearly need to get the drain pipes cleaned before the situation get worse. If not cleaned in time, the buildup would keep on increasing and eventually completely block the drainage pipe and ultimately damage them. This buildup can also get to your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater. The buildup is caused by heated sediments in water which is not just harmful for the appliances but is unhealthy to digest if left behind on your dishes through the dish washer.

It is important to hire professional drain cleaning in Bedford, TX if you notice anything unusual with the drains in your house. Without proper cleaning, more drain issues can occur like rusting of the pipes which can result in costly repairs or replacement.

Six Signs Your Drainage Need Professional Cleaning

Following are the most common six signs that indicate there is a need for professional drain cleaning:

1.    There is a Backflow

If there’s water bubbling to the sink, bathtub or shower back from the drain, it means there isn’t any clear path for the water to drain out. This is a sign of clogged pipes. There might also be a backflow in a completely unconnected drain, for instance, flushing results in water bubbling in the bath drain. It is essential to get seek professional drain cleaning in Bedford, TX.

2.    Drains Get Blocked

Another major sign that your drain needs cleaning is when you notice standing water in any of your appliances. This standing water shows there might be a clog near a drain entrance, which decreases the ability of the pipe to drain out the water completely. The clog needs to be properly cleared out to clear the path for water to drain.

3.    Toilet is Empty or Keeps Overflowing

If there are any blocked pipes in the plumbing then there won’t be adequate water supply to all the appliances. This means the storage of water in the toilet would be completely or almost empty. If the outgoing pipes of the plumbing are blocked then there won’t be any place for the water to go. As a result, there would be constant overflowing of water. This means it is time for you to call in the experts for drain cleaning in Bedford, TX.

4.    Odor in the Drain

Aside from few cases, most of the causes of clogs results in a localized and distinct odor coming from the drain. The stench would mostly be around the drain where the clog has occurred. Materials like hair, organic waste, food and other materials can cause the odor.

5.    Water Pressure is Low

Typically the clogs in the drain happen in the outgoing pipes. However, some can happen in the source pipes like a sink faucet or showerhead. This occurs due to the natural buildup of water minerals. If this happens, you would start noticing the water pressure dropping drastically.

6.    Drainage is Slow

Before there is a complete blockage of pipe, the clog would gradually start slowing the flow of water in the drains. While the water will still be draining, the process would be slow and you will notice a pooling of water in the sink or bath drain before it drains.


If you notice any or all of these signs then you need to immediately contact an expert for drain cleaning in Bedford, TX to clear out the drain pipes.

Importance of Annual Maintenance

If you haven’t noticed these clear signs with the drains in your house that surely doesn’t mean the drains don’t require cleaning. Most of the drain issues are rather subtle and require experts for professional drain cleaning in Bedford, TX even if there are no warning signs.

The best way of avoiding any issues with the drains in your house is to get annual maintenance conducted by a professional which includes drain cleaning in Bedford, TX. Yearly maintenance is a great way of ensuring the drains are in good condition while also preventing any potential problems that can lead to costly and lengthy repair work.

An expert will utilize two main drain cleaning procedures to clean out the drains – drain snaking and hydro jetting.

  • Drain snaking – in this method, an auger would be placed on a long cord which would be pushed into the pipes to unblock any possible clogs.
  • Hydro jetting – in this method, water is blasted in high pressure in the pipe to unblock any waste clogging the pipes.

Both of these methods of drain cleaning in Bedford, TX are highly effective in clearing out any clogs in the pipes. Some plumbers might use both these methods if one doesn’t resolve the issue.

Many homeowners try to clean out the drain pipes themselves which might not always be a good idea, especially if the clogging is severe. This is because inadequate or short term solutions are utilized as a result of lack of knowledge and tools. While minor clogs might successfully be removed, you would need professional drain cleaning in Bedford, TX to completely eradicate the issue.

If you are looking for an expert for drain cleaning in Bedford, TX, then call in Tioga Plumbing & Electric. Our expert team of plumbers would detect the problem and determine where exactly the problem has occurred. Whether it is collapsed pipes, cracks, residue blockage or other issues, we would ensure the pipes are completely cleaned and unclogged in no time! This will save your time and money. Our experts can also conduct annual maintenance to ensure your drainage system runs smoothly all year long.