Electrical Contractor: Why Electrical Inspections Are Vital For Commercial Properties | Irving, TX

Electrical Contractor: Why Electrical Inspections Are Vital For Commercial Properties | Irving, TX

Electrical inspections are mandatory in businesses to ensure the safety of residents, employees, and clients. The evaluations are a thorough assessment of the entire electrical system in a commercial property. An electrical inspector certified by the International Code Council or International Association of Electrical Association is in charge of the inspections to ensure the electrical components comply with the electrical codes. The codes are standards that an electrical contractor should comply with when installing the wiring system in commercial buildings in Irving, TX.

Electrical inspections are essential when purchasing new business premises and building a new commercial property. The evaluations are also vital for renovated buildings to ensure the electrical system is safe to prevent electrical accidents for employees and clients.

Business property owners or managers can schedule the electrical assessments when buying a new heavy appliance for the company to assess the risks and eliminate them. Most commercial property owners overlook inspections when bringing new machinery for their business until they suspect an imminent issue arising from using it.

The evaluations by licensed and certified electrical contractors include:

  • Checking the wattage of bulbs and security lights
  • Inspecting the outlets in terms of condition and functionality
  • Checking switches and ground systems
  • Testing the functioning of protectors such as ground fault circuit interpreters, surge protectors, arc fault circuit interpreters, and circuit breakers.
  • Examining carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Inspecting the electrical panels, wiring system, and outdoor electrical systems

Why Inspections Are Vital

It might seem like a long process to include electrical inspections after completing your new commercial building or acquiring one. But, the electrical system evaluation in your business property is something you should not skip for any reason whatsoever. It is wise to schedule an inspection for the following reasons.


All 50 States in the United States comply with the National Electrical Code for safety reasons. The standards ensure the electrical designs and installations are safe to protect offices and other commercial premises from electrical hazards such as fires, shocks, arc faults, and ground faults.

Inspections of the installed wiring system are essential for the electrical inspector to identify any wrong wiring problems that might pose a threat to stock, clients, properties, and employees. The electrician in Irving, TX, checks the safe operation of all the electrical components in the office to pinpoint electrical mistakes in time.

In old buildings, the inspectors inspect the entire electrical system to identify outdated, fraying, loose, and open wires for rewiring to prevent shocks, electrocutions, and fires. An electrician should install new and advanced electrical wiring in an old building if the detailed report recommends it before new employers and employees move the building.

System Efficiency

Having a qualified and skilled electrical contractor inspect the electrical system in your commercial premises is also important because it identifies malfunctioning parts of the electrical system. Electrical components might be failing, outdated, or damaged, affecting the peak efficiency of the electric system.

After the evaluations, the electrical professionals use the report to replace and repair the faulty components of the electrical system, keeping arc faults, electricians, surges, and electrical fires at bay.

The contractor can also advise you to change or increase the outlets if you have many heavy pieces of machinery running in your company to avert overloading circuits that can start a fire.

Compliance with the Codes

An electrician installs the electrical system with the guidance of the national electrical code and state and local standards. The professionals follow the building codes in Texas that describe safety standards with specifications for electrical systems.

Electrical inspections of your commercial building ensure the wiring, conduits, outlets, and protective devices installed are the ones the National Fire Protection Association recommends for offices and commercial buildings. The codes keep changing or evolving because of technological advancements and electrical needs.

An electrical contractor should always know of the new code and standards. The professionals can access the updated set standards online before installing the electrical systems in business premises to ensure the electrical materials reflect the evolving technologies in line with research and development.

Save Money and Property

Another reason electrical evaluations are essential for commercial buildings is cost-related. Bad wiring, outdated electrical panels, and systems, and frayed and loose wiring systems are dangerous in any building because of the electrical hazards they attract.

A certified electrician carries out thorough inspections to save money by saying prevention is better than cure. With extensive evaluations of all the electrical components in a commercial building, your company is safe from fires that can burn everything and cause severe burns and deaths.

Therefore, identifying the problem early and hiring an electrical contractor to fix them is better than waiting for an electrical fire that will leave you without a company to run or suffering from the aftermath of a fire.

Protect Appliances from Malfunctioning

Commercial buildings also experience surges and electrical issues due to heavy storms, lightning strikes, and down power lines. Having a certified electrical contractor check the functioning of the whole house surge protectors during inspections is one way of protecting your appliances and machines from damages that will be costly to repair.

In a nutshell, electrical inspections can be smooth when a professional electrician skillfully installs the wiring and the electrical system, which is not the case with a quack. The final report of electrical work done by an unprofessional and unskilled electrician can have recommendations for work to be re-done for the safety of your commercial property.

Your Reliable Electrical Contractor in Irving, TX

If you want an electrical contractor to carry out electrical inspections in your office or commercial property, call Tioga Plumbing & Electric. Our family-owned and operated business services commercial and residential clients in Texas and the surrounding areas.

We work with trained and certified electrical contractors who have the expertise in addressing all your electrical problems. Our electricians are also available 24/7, 365 days a year, for prompt emergency services.

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