Electrical Contractors You Can Trust | Arlington, TX

Electrical Contractors You Can Trust | Arlington, TX

If and when you run into electrical issues, you need to put your trust in a company that has a track record of fixing problems, both big and small. Our licensed and certified team of electricians has seen a little bit of everything and is skilled and experienced when it comes to resolving these issues. We are proud to extend our electrical services to our residential, commercial, and industrial Arlington, TX customers. We aim to be the Electrical Contractors you can count on time after time. Our Electrical Contractors always aim to get the job done right for our customers.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Our customers come first, plain and simple. We look at each and every one of our customers as family, and family always comes first. We will always take care of family first. If you’re experiencing electrical issues at 3 AM, on Christmas eve, or a Sunday morning, call us. We’re here for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our licensed and skilled electricians quickly adapt to new technologies by using cutting-edge technology, up-to-date tools, best practices, and a commitment to top-notch customer service. We take pride in providing second to none customer service. Our electricians show up, assess the situation, and take steps to resolve your electrical issues. Our Electrical Contractors show up to provide the best electrical services for our customers. We understand that not all Electrical Contractors are equal. This is why we aim to continue our legacy of stellar service to our customers.

Electrical Wiring of All Types

We provide a full range of electrical services to our Arlington, TX customers. Our Electrical Contractors install lighting, both exterior and interior. We also replace and repair electrical outlets, switches, AC, and heat circuits. Fuses and breakers are also an area of expertise for our electricians. If you have a home or office that needs appliance hookups and doesn’t have them, our electricians can get the job done. We even provide Electrical Remodeling and Additions for both residential and commercial customers. Overhead & Underground Services are also no problem for our electricians. Our team of electricians installs, replaces, and repairs many other electrical issues for our customers.

Install Backup Generators and Auto Transfer Switches (ATS)

Our Electrical Contractors are well versed in a wide variety of different electrical issues both big and small. Our customers can count on us to install backup generators to keep their homes and businesses powered. If you’re a business owner, power outages can throw a real monkey wrench in your normal operations. This is one of the many reasons why our round-the-clock service is part of our commitment to second-to-none customer service. Our electricians can install backup generators to prepare for those unpredictable power outages.

We also install Auto Transfer Switches (ATS) as well. Our Electrical Contractors understand that automatic transfer switches are the brains of your entire electrical system. Once we install these automatic transfer switches, your electrical system can switch between your utility to generate consistent power. However, when there is a power outage, an ATS will automatically switch or toggle to your backup generator. Our customers deserve the best. They also deserve access to service when they need it most.

Commercial and Industrial Service

Our commercial and industrial services are a great help to our business owners. Our electricians do it all. We can perform ground-up construction, remodels, and additions for electrical work. If you’re building new office space, our electricians can install the wiring and anything else electrical that you may need for additions and remodels as well. We also cater to the needs of our industrial customers as well. We can provide wiring and electrical services for automotive and paint booths, food distribution set-ups, the electrical needs for marine, and airport concessions. We can provide electrical service for a wide variety of different situations. You can trust our team of expert electricians with all of your needs.

Security and Emergency Services

Regardless of whether you run a business or own a home, security lighting is important. If you work late at the office you need to know that there is adequate lighting when you walk out to your car. Seasonal lighting may also be a focus for both home and business owners. Some residential customers may enjoy putting up exterior lights for Christmas. We are well versed when it comes to seasonal lighting as well. Some businesses decorate their exterior business premises with seasonal lighting as well. We do it all for our customers. Our electricians can also provide emergency power services, service upgrades, and code corrections. We are troubleshooting specialists. Our skilled and experienced Electrical Contractors have the experience and know-how to resolve a variety of different electrical issues in different kinds of spaces and places. When you’re facing an electrical emergency, you need to trust the services of tried and proven Electrical Contractors. Our electricians uphold our level of excellence for our customers.

Code Corrections

We take pride in our electrical services. Even if you’re a business owner who’s leasing space, we can provide electrical service for leased space as well. We can take care of all of the wiring issues for leased space as well. Our design and build projects are helpful for both business owners and residential customers as well. We can provide motor controls as well. Our electricians can provide a wide variety of different services regardless of the space. We help with new builds for homeowners and business owners. Our customers don’t have to want for anything. Our electricians will be your Johnny on the Spot and take care of any electrical issue you may be having. Many of us have had work done by shade tree electricians who may not have known exactly what they were doing. Faulty wiring and an array of other electrical issues and problems may have ensued. No worries, we can perform code corrections for faulty or unsafe wiring dilemmas. As we’ve said before, we do it all. Entrust the care of all your electrical services to our electricians. We want nothing less for our family.

Regardless of what your electrical issues are, big or small, our Electrical Contractors can take care of you. Our electricians show up for our customers. Business owners and homeowners alike can take pride in trusting all of their electrical issues to a company with a proven track record of excellence. If you need a backup generator for your home or office, or simply want to install lighting on your backyard deck. We can do it. Give us a call. Remember, no electrical issue is too small. Our Electrical Contractors show up and show out for Arlington, TX customers. Give us at Tioga Plumbing & Electric a shout. We’re ready to handle all of your electrical needs.

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