Electrical Service: How To Deal With Electrical Emergencies | Hurst, TX

Electrical Service: How To Deal With Electrical Emergencies | Hurst, TX

Electrical emergencies can become a catastrophic issue if not addressed immediately. Annually, electricity is responsible for more than 51,000 fires, resulting in $1.3 billion in property damages, 1,400 injuries, and nearly 500 deaths. Electrical hazards are estimated to lead to economic losses worth over $4 billion every year.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2012 and 21016, electrical malfunctions were the second common cause of fires accounting for 13% of home fires after fires caused by unattended equipment. Electrical distribution and lighting equipment take third place with 10% of home-based fires.

In the wake of these statistics, it would be best to call an electrical service provider if you are experiencing an electrical emergency. This post looks at other additional options available for residents of Hurst, TX when it comes to electrical emergencies.

Types of Electrical Emergency

A typical electrical service provider is accustomed to dealing with; electrical shocks, electrical fire, power outages, and fallen power lines. Each has specific guidelines for dealing with the issue. For instance, how you approach a plumbing and electricity emergency is not the same as how you would deal with fallen power lines.

Power Outage

Also known as a blackout or power failure, it is the most common type of electrical emergency. Power outages can be caused by many reasons such as a storm, fallen power line, shortage of energy, among other factors. Apart from being highly irritating, blackouts can also be very dangerous. If there is a power outage, here is how you should deal with the situation.

  • Turn off the main source: Start by turning off the main power to any appliances that receive power through the circuit breaker. Ensure that you also turn off the branches before the main circuit breaker to ensure that all devices are protected when you turn off the power.
  • Check the source: Inspect the electrical system to confirm if any tripped circuit breakers often trip when an outlet is overloaded. Check if there is an outlet or extension with too many appliances plugged in.
  • Look for damaged wiring or breaker: You can check for wiring wear and tear if the blackout is not due to a tripped circuit breaker. However, if that is not the case, it could be due to voltage fluctuations or complications with the circuit breaker itself. To be sure, you should call the local Hurst, TX electrical service provider to inspect the system and reset the circuit breaker.
  • Call your power supplier: Once you are confident that the problem is from the distributor’s end and not your home, give them a call to check if they are addressing the issue. Sometimes, the power outage can last for several hours, so you need to be prepared just in case.
  • Reset safely: After the power outage issue has been addressed and power has resumed, you need to wait for a short while before turning on your home appliances because the energy changes can damage them. You can start by turning on the breaker first. You can also have an electrical service provider contact on hold to help you reset the power supply.

Electrical Fire

They usually happen due to overloading, exposed or faulty wiring, or when flammable items are placed near a source of electricity. In case you experience an electrical fire in your home, you should first cut the power supply from the primary source if possible. This can stop the fire before it causes any damage and reduces the risk of electric shock when putting out the fire. While an electrical service provider can help shut down power, there is not much they can do. Here are some other steps you can take to deal with an electrical fire.

  • Use a fire extinguisher: For electrical fires, you should only use a fire extinguisher rated Class C. Once the power supply is cut, you can now use a water-based Class A fire extinguisher. Point the fire extinguisher at the source and spray until the fire is completely put out.
  • Call the fire brigade: Even if you manage to put out the fire, make sure you call the fire brigade in the event of an electrical fire. Some objects can still catch fire, especially if you cannot cut the power from the main supply source.
  • Leave the premises: If the fire seems uncontainable, it would be safe if you evacuated the site as soon as you could and contacted the local authorities. If your clothes have caught fire, stop, drop and roll to stop its spread. Remember to stay close to the ground and avoid exhaling the smoke.

Electrical Shocks

An electric shock is an electrical impact on the body due to direct contact with a high-voltage source. It usually happens when wires are frayed, unchecked outlets, or damaged cords expose the voltage to human contact. If you are not the one being electrocuted, like every other electrical emergency, ensure you turn off the power supply before trying anything else or use an insulated item like a PVC pipe or wooden rod.

  • Don’t touch the electrocuted person: Avoid touching the person in direct contact with the electricity because the human body is made of water. The electric shock will travel through their body to yours.
  • Call the local emergency services: Electric shocks are life-threatening, which is why you should call 911 in case there has been such an electrical emergency. If you are trained in CPR or first aid, you can administer it to the affected person, and if you have no prior training, the 911 operator will guide you through until responders arrive.

Fallen Power Lines

Fallen power lines pose a greater risk to life and property, and it would be best if you let professionals handle the situation. If you are close to a fallen power line, follow these three steps to maintain safety.

  • Stay at least 40 feet away: The fallen power line could still be live even if there are no sparks, sounds, or lights. Stay at least 40 feet away from the fallen power line to avoid being in a dangerous position.
  • Don’t touch anything in contact with the fallen line: You should also check if there are any fallen limbs, metal fences, vehicles, or puddles that could act as conductive materials posing an electrical hazard.
  • Contact the Local Authorities: If you come across a fallen power line, you should notify the local authorities or power distributor immediately so they can address the issue safely. But if it has fallen near your home, you can also contact the local electrical service provider who can arrive before the power distributor to help you out.

Expert Electrical Service Providers

At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we offer electrical services that deal with all kinds of electrical emergencies for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our skilled electrical service techs are proficient at electrical wiring, installing TV and phone jacks, installing lighting and ceiling fans, replacing or installing electrical switches and outlets, and repairing A/C and heating circuits. Our electrical service technicians are highly trained and offer unrivaled customer care. Contact us today if you are looking for an electrical service provider within Hurst, TX, for any electricity-related emergencies.

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