Electrical Service Safety: Stay Safe During A Storm This Winter | Hurst, TX

Electrical Service Safety: Stay Safe During A Storm This Winter | Hurst, TX

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Winter storms are common and hazardous in many parts of the United States. Many homeowners worry about how they’ll cope during a power outage but have you thought about how floods or lightning can affect your electrics. How you act and react during a storm will determine how safe you and your family are. Don’t risk putting yourself at risk this winter; follow these simple tips to keep yourself safe whatever the weather.

If you live in Hurst, TX, or the surrounding area and are searching for an electrical service, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric. The company is available for all types of electrical installation, maintenance, and repair and can also provide an emergency electrical service.

When Lightning Strikes

Lightning kills and injures many people each year. For this reason, it’s essential to take electrical storm safety seriously. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer from a lightning strike, the event could be fatal. Many people do survive but are left with lasting physical or neurological damage.

Lightning can also strike trees, bring down power lines, and damage electrical equipment. Sometimes there will be a power outage during a lightning storm, or homes will suffer from power surges, affecting electric circuits and appliances. If your homes have been affected call a local electrical service for help and advice.

What Is A Power Surge?

Your electrical system will suffer from a power surge during a storm when there’s a sudden, unexpected increase in voltage. During a power surge, your home and electrical appliances will be supplied with an intense amount of energy that exceeds the standard 120 volts that circuits have been designed to handle. Your home may suddenly be supplied with thousands of volts of electrical charge. This is very dangerous and can also cause electrical appliances to break. After a power surge, you may find that your home has no electricity or that computers, TV, and HVAC systems no longer work.

The most common cause of a power surge is a strike of lightning nearby. If the lightning strikes a powerline or utility pole, it may bring it down or cause a jolt of electricity to be fed into your home and neighboring properties. This high voltage electricity will burn your wiring and circuitry and can even cause a fire to start.

If your home is unlucky enough to experience a severe power surge, you’ll need to call in the help of an electrical service. If you live in Hurst, TX, contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric. The company can also install a surge protector, which will help protect your electrics. It’s best to install a surge protector if you live in an area that’s prone to winter storms. It’s also a wise idea to insure your property and personal belongings in case your home is damaged due to electricity.

Stay Indoors During A Storm

When a storm is raging outside, it’s best to stay indoors, whether there is thunder or lightning or not. Don’t go outside to try and stop things blowing away or to try and fix any damage. Wait until the storm has passed before assessing damage to your land or property.

If a storm hits before you’ve reached home, it may be a good idea to stay in the nearest sheltered area. You may need to remain in a shop or cafe or could remain in your car until it’s passed. Always remember the ‘30-30′ rule. If you hear thunder, lightning will strike within thirty seconds. It’s a good idea to remain where you are at least thirty minutes after you’ve heard the last clap of thunder.

You should also keep away from water if an electrical storm is forecast. Don’t go out in a boat or walk near a river. Water is dangerous as it is the best conductor of electricity. When lightning strikes, it’s attracted to the tallest object in the area, which is likely to be a person or tree. It’s, therefore, a good idea to stay away from trees.

Avoid Hazardous Areas

Even if you stay indoors, certain things should be avoided during an electrical storm. Keep away from metal and water. Windows can be hazardous, as they are particularly vulnerable to damage. Stay in the central area of your home, or during a bad storm, retreat to the basement. Ensure that all your doors and windows are properly closed, including the garage door.

As water is a powerful conductor of electricity, you should avoid taking a bath or shower or doing the dishes during a thunderstorm. If lightning strikes an outdoor plumbing fitting, electricity will travel through the metal pipes into your home. It’s also wise to avoid using metal objects such as stoves, or electronics including washing machines, entertainment systems, or computers. Instead, use a wireless device such as a cell phone or unplugged laptop.

What To Do After A Storm

Electrical storms can be hazardous and cause considerable damage. After a storm has finished, you can assess the damage to your home, yard, and neighborhood. If you’ve noticed any damage to your electrical circuits, wires, or appliances, don’t attempt to fix these yourself as this is dangerous. Instead, call a professional electrical service to deal with such problems.

If any power lines have come down near your home or in your neighborhood, don’t approach these. They could still have an electrical charge running through them and will be very dangerous. Keep other people, especially children, away from fallen power lines and report the problem to the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

If you’re driving and notice that wires from a fallen power line are spread over the road, don’t drive over these. Stop and call the authorities as the cables may electrocute you.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric, Electrical Service

If you live in the area and are looking for an electrical service to repair your home’s electrical system and appliances after a storm, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric. The company is available for all types of electrical service including, installation, maintenance, and repair and can also provide an emergency electrical service.