Electrical Service Tips: Common Electrical Panel Problems | Hurst, TX

Electrical Service Tips: Common Electrical Panel Problems | Hurst, TX

Also known as a distribution board, an electrical panel connects the main power supply line to your home, and it’s responsible for the supply of electric currents to all the circuits inside your house. Usually, electrical panels are located in your home’s garage, basement, and the pantry adjacent to your kitchen. Like any other appliances and gadgets in your home, electrical panels are susceptible to damages.

Such defects require prompt electrical services from well-known companies in Hurst, TX. Delayed repairs can lead to advanced problems. These can include electrocution, home fire, and a damaged wiring system that requires replacement. Therefore, you should know some of the issues your electrical panel may have to know when to seek prompt solutions from an electrical company before things get out of hand.

Tripped Breakers

Tripped breakers should not be a concern because, in most cases, they occur when you plug excess electrical appliances on one circuit breaker. This problem is also referred to as overloading the electrical panel. Additionally, power surges caused by lightning and defects in the power supply from your energy company could make your panel’s circuit breakers trip.

In most cases, all you need to do is turn on the breaker switches. Before doing so, ensure you unplug some of the electrical appliances, especially the high energy-consuming ones. However, frequent breaker tripping incidents could indicate there’s a problem within the distribution box. At this point, all you can do is look for a certified technician for professional electrical services.


One of the major problems of distribution boards is corrosion. It’s because most of the metal casings that cover the contents of the electric panel are made of iron. Any moisture source, including water dripping inside the electrical panel from the main power supply cable, is enough to trigger corrosion.

Corrosion can also spread to metallic components on the circuit breakers and fuses, and this only means your home’s electrical connections will get compromised. If you notice any signs of corrosion on or inside your distribution panel, it’s high time you get a provider of electrical services to rescue the situation before it worsens.

Sometimes corrosion affects all components in the electrical panel. The electrician you get should recommend a reliable electrical store where you can get a tightly sealed panel. After purchasing a suitable distribution board, the expert should install it nice and clean.

Outdated Equipment

Some homes in Hurst, TX, are old. It means some of the equipment and systems installed in them are old and defective. Old electrical panels usually have ceramic fuses. Traditionally, the particular electrical panels were considered safe for homes. However, since technology has advanced, almost all appliances inside homes require electricity hence the increased need for electricity.

Homeowners consider machines such as refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers as power guzzlers. It, in turn, makes it hard for the old panels to work efficiently, causing the fuses to break often.

Although you may opt for bigger fuses, it isn’t guaranteed they won’t burn out since your electric panel is small for its job. The best solution is to purchase a sizable distribution board suitable for your home. Later on, you should seek installation solutions from a reputable electrical company.

Oversized Breakers or Fuses

This problem is usually referred to as over-fusing by electricians. It happens when a wire carrying electric currents is smaller than the recommended size required by the breaker or fuse it’s connected to. It’s a dangerous electrical panel problem that can burn down the investment you saved during your working years in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, it’s necessary to visit a reliable electrical service company and get a skilled professional offering electrical panel maintenance services. The electrical specialists should recommend the best solution for your panel, either fuse or whole panel system replacements.

Improper Wiring

A wiring system is the foundation of your home’s electrical supply system. If there are wiring defects in your house, you should be prepared to face multiple inconveniences such as blown-out fuses, light fixtures, and jammed electrical appliances. Also, you may be at risk of being electrocuted, and your house can catch fire.

Always ensure you get a verified electrician to install wiring in your new construction or rewire your existing residential building. DIY repairs done by previous residents could have messed up things in the electrical panel of your house. The common wiring problem inside distribution panels is double-tap connections. It’s an electrical issue that involves two or multiple live wires connected to the same lag.

Double-tap connections usually arise because a particular electrical panel has no more slots for new circuit breakers. The best thing to do is look for a reliable company that offers quality electrical services and the best technician for electrical panel repairs if you identify double-tap connections in your electrical panel. The professionals will recommend the best size for your home and install it perfectly, eliminating all double-taped connections.

Defective or Missing Handle Ties

Handle ties are parts found in the distribution board, and they connect breaker switches on a 2-pole breaker. The breakers should only be connected by handle ties and not any other component. Sometimes the handle ties get misplaced.

When this happens, you should consult with a professional offering electrical services to install new hand ties. If the nail or short wire-looking materials aren’t replaced quickly, you may experience prolonged electrical issues in the future, costing you more on replacement and repair expenses.

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