Electrical Service Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring Problems | Hurst, TX

Electrical Service Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring Problems | Hurst, TX

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Home electric fires in the US account for about 51,000 reported fire incidents annually, which lead to about 500 deaths, $1.3 billion in property damage, and 1400 injuries each year. One of the causes of these fires includes inappropriate or worn-out wiring systems. Homeowners living around the area should ensure their electrical wiring connections are updated and running smoothly by seeking help from a legitimate electrical service contractor. That will go a long way in preventing these frightening statistics from recurring and increasing. Discussed below are various wiring issues that homeowners can familiarize themselves with and prevent future damages by seeking immediate solutions from an electrical company.

Aluminum wiring

Some homes in Hurst, TX, especially the old ones, have wiring systems of aluminum material. With advanced technology, electrical specialists have identified copper as a better wiring material. That is because copper has a lower specific electrical resistivity, and it lasts longer than aluminum. Although aluminum is cheaper, homeowners might have to pay for rewiring services in the future to replace the worn-out wires. Therefore, it would be wise to invest in copper wiring and avoid the need for frequent replacement services.

If your electrical system has aluminum wires, both copper and aluminum, or you are oblivious to that knowledge, talk to an electrical service expert to gain insight and replacement services when needed. You would not want to have a situation whereby aluminum comes in contact with copper in the presence of an electric current and causes arcing and electric fires!

Receptacle defects

Some homeowners have probably experienced electrocutions from outlets, or their electrical appliances have burnt out due to damaged receptacles. These issues could arise from ungrounded outlets, meaning that the wiring system cannot conduct stray currents from the wires. Home occupants may get electrocuted, or their appliances might sustain damage if they use adapters to fit three-prong plugs into two-prong receptacles. If you have experienced such problems, an electrical service technician can help you resolve them by replacing existing ungrounded three-prong and two-prong receptacles with grounded three-prong ones.

Also, plugs may fall out of receptacles by themselves, and this may imply that the devices have worn out or lose contacts that may initiate arcing inside the outlet box and cause fires. Falling out plugs mean your outlets are damaged or old and need replacements. To get a new durable receptacle, look for a credible electrical contractor to perform the job.

Backstabbed wires

Backstabbing means wires are pushed into the connectors of switches and receptacles. That causes the wires to become loose, making the receptacles and switches stop working. Worse, the backstabbed wires can come into contact and start up a fire. If your switch or outlet has become defective, then it may imply that the wires were backstabbed. You would not want to get electrocuted trying to remedy the wiring problem and later on have to incur either fire damage restoration or medical expenses.

The wise thing to do is talk to a skilled electrical provider in Hurst, TX, who will examine the devices’ condition and release the backstabbed wires. They can also connect the wires to the proper screw terminals on switches and receptacles.

Flickering lights

Have you ever experienced flickering lights during a storm or when it is windy outside? If you have owned a property for a long period, you probably have. The most common reason why flickering happens is that frayed wires cause shorts when strong winds move them. The frayed wires are located in the outdoor fittings where overhead cables from the main supply line enter your home.

If you are ever dealing with flickering lights, raise complaints with your power supply company to have their experts insulate the frayed wires. However, if the issue persists, the next step to take is to consult an electrical service technician to evaluate the wiring system and later identify the exact defect and fix it.

Over-wired panels

An electric panel can have more circuits than the number it is designed to handle due to tandem breakers in one slot. These tandem breakers are not made like high-amp double-pole breakers, which can accommodate two slots with one circuit, making the panel overloaded with the wiring. That can be a cause of mistakes, especially when installed by an uncertified electrical provider.

Some complications that can arise include an under or oversupply of power in various electrical systems. If you experience these issues, talk to an expert electrical service technician to assess your panel and replace it with a bigger one that can handle your current and future electrical needs.


Overlamping is whereby a light fixture has a bulb with higher wattage than the upper limit of wattage it is supposed to handle. That could cause electric fires since the heat produced by the bulb can melt down the insulation on the fixture wires and increase the incidence rate of arcing, a major source of electrical fires.

Even after removing the bulb, the damage will still be evident on the sockets and wires. At this point, get an electrical service professional to conduct the necessary repairs and gain advice on the best bulbs that suit your light fixtures.

Need electrical services? Settle for the expert providers

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