Electrician Tips: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Problems In Homes | Irving, TX

Electrician Tips: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Problems In Homes | Irving, TX

Most households in Texas use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) in their homes to protect property owners and tenants from electrocution or electric shocks. The National Electrical Code recommends the installation of GFCI devices in areas of the house susceptible to shocks, such as kitchens, bathrooms, crawl spaces, swimming pools, garages, and outdoors.

The gadget has an in-built sensor that acts fast after detecting an electric current change flowing to and from electrical equipment. GFCI shuts off the power in seconds after it detects a ground fault. Like other electrical appliances and devices, GFCI is prone to have problems that require the urgent services of an electrician to prevent impending shocks. The following are some of the issues faced by homeowners with GFCI.

Frequent Tripping

The GFCI outlet can trip more times than usual, an indication of a problem. One of the causes of regular tripping is using one ground fault circuit breaker to protect many appliances. The cumulative effect of the electrical devices and equipment can trip the GFCI over and over again.

Another cause of the frequent tripping can also be due to long circuit lengths, leading to capacitive leakages. A qualified electrician will use their knowledge and experience to install the GFCI receptacle close to the appliance to stop the regular tripping. An unqualified electrical technician can install the GFCI incorrectly, making the device trip repeatedly. Poor installation of the gadget can compromise the smooth running of the GFCI. Overloading the circuit can also make the GFCI trip continuously.

In addition, the nuisance tripping of the ground fault breaker might be due to a lot of condensation and moisture. It is wise to call a trusted electrical company to identify and diagnose the root cause of the continuous tripping of the GFCI circuit breaker and fix it immediately to stop the nuisance tripping.

Defective GFCI Outlet

People might face problems with their ground fault circuit breaker if it is faulty. Defective GFCIs cannot protect you and your family from electric shocks and electrocution. The first step to take is to call an electrician to diagnose the issue.

The professional will use a non-contact voltage tester to determine if electricity is flowing in the device. If the issue is not power-related, the electrician tests the GFCI outlet and the electrical panel to identify the problem and do the needful. The licensed electrical professional will replace the defective GFCI breakers and receptacles per the manufacturer’s recommendations for peak performance.

Wear and Tear

After using the ground fault breaker for years, the ground fault circuit breaker can have wear and tear, leading to a total breakdown or dysfunctional parts in the gadget. The GFCI outlet becomes less effective in preventing ground faults if exposed to excessive UV light, chemical vapors, moisture, and heat.

The outdoor GFCI is more vulnerable to wear and tear than the ones inside the house. Exposure to moisture can make some parts in the ground fault circuit interrupters corrode and fail to function at optimal efficiency.

The interrupters installed outside are prone to wear out fast because of the heat and UV light. A professional electrical company should replace the dysfunctional and worn-out GFCI to lower the risk of electrical disasters. The technician should use weatherproof covers to protect the outdoor GFCIs from weather changes.

Improper Wiring of the GFCI

Correct installation of electric devices is vital for peak performance. Improper wiring can cause electric hazards in your home in Irving, TX, or make other parts of the GFCI dysfunctional.

So, it is best to hire an expert electrician to install the GFCI receptacle and related circuitry correctly. Poor installation can lead to faulty structural wiring, which can pose a big threat to your family, house, and appliances.

Therefore, you should make sure you hire an experienced and skilled electrical professional from a reliable electrical company for accurate installation.

Cracked GFCI Outlets

Cracks in the GFCI outlet expose the electrical wiring in the gadget to dangerous weather conditions and water. The cracked outlet can cause severe electrical hazards.

The GFCI installed outside can lead to catastrophic issues if it rains. Having an electrical company replace the cracked ground fault circuit interrupters will guarantee you and your family maximum protection.

GFCI Not Working

It is frustrating when you realize your GFCI outlet is not working. There are reasons why the device might stop working, which a qualified electrician from a trustworthy electrical company in Irving, TX, can identify.

The first reason is the tripping of the device, which might imply it sensed a ground fault. The GFCI outlet has a test button and a reset button, which the electrical professional uses in evaluating the problem. The other reason is an electrical issue that is hindering the supply of power to the gadget.

GFCI Outlet Won’t Reset

If the hired electrician attempts to reset the ground fault circuit interrupter and it fails to work, it shows there is a bigger electrical problem. The GFCI device might be having moisture inside, bad wiring, or it has broken down. The gadget can also fail to reset due to the presence of a ground fault that can lead to severe injuries such as shocks, burns, or electrocution.

The electrical company will check the GFCI outlet and the wiring system to identify why it cannot reset. If the issue is with the wiring, the professional will skillfully rectify it to restore the gadget to its working condition. But, if the problem is rusting due to moisture build-up in the GFCI device, a replacement would be a wise move.

Get a Professional and Skilled Electrician

Most households face electric issues that lead to electrical accidents such as electrocutions, shocks, fires, or death. Homeowners get different types of circuit breakers and interrupters that prevent such hazards from happening.

People with GFCI can face an array of problems that will need the immediate attention of a qualified electrician. To get the best electrical technician, reach out to Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Irving, TX. Our full-service company offers prompt and reliable services to meet all of your electrical needs, including installations, repairs, and replacements.

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