Electrician Tips On Home Improvement Projects | Euless, TX

Electrician Tips On Home Improvement Projects | Euless, TX

Euless, TX homeowners remodel and renovate their homes for many reasons. They may plan to sell at some point or fix a problem. Sometimes homeowners just want a change or finally decide to pursue a project just for the sheer enjoyment of it. A professional electrician is an invaluable ally for renovations and large home improvement projects. Professional assistance is safer than amateur electrical work and lowers the risk of future electrical problems.

Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker interrupts an electrical circuit if a short or fault occurs. It can also break a circuit if the amount of energy drawn by an appliance is too much to handle safely. An electrician can inspect your wiring and electrical panel to make sure your electrical system can manage a new appliance. It may be necessary to replace wiring or install a new electrical panel. Each individual circuit breaker in a panel has a designated circuit in the home. A general use circuit may be assigned to an entire room. Many appliances also have dedicated circuits. Some appliances are more likely to trip a breaker than others.

Small Devices

Hairdryers, curling irons, and flat irons may be small, but they generate a lot of heat. Producing so much heat in a short time requires significant amounts of energy. Bathrooms and kitchens frequently have GFCI outlets because these rooms include appliances and tools that draw a great deal of power. The use of electronic devices near water is also a reason for GFCI outlets.

However, many people use curling and flat irons in bedrooms and other rooms outside of the bathroom. Other rooms may not have outlets rated for higher electricity consumption. If this is the case, ask your electrician about upgrading outlets or try to stay in the bathroom while using these items. You can also avoid using the highest settings if you experience frequently tripped breakers.

Fans may not come to mind immediately when we think of excessive electricity consumption. One fan alone doesn’t use much power. However, homes in Euless, TX, may run multiple fans at once during the hot summer. Additional fans during hot weather can overload circuits. Extension cords are another potential problem.

One extension cord should be fine. Multiple extension cords allow more electrical devices and appliances to draw power from the same outlets. This can easily lead to overloaded circuits and tripped breakers. Excessive cords in a single outlet are more likely in homes without enough properly installed outlets. Sometimes installing more outlets is a simple solution, but a licensed electrician should handle this task.

Older Refrigerators

Refrigerators are much more efficient than they were 20 years ago, but some homeowners have refrigerator models that are close to 20 years old. Older models may be very durable, but a 20-year-old appliance isn’t nearly as efficient as current models. A refrigerator may be the culprit of frequently tripped breakers, especially during summer when air conditioners are probably drawing a lot of power too. Replacing a refrigerator with an energy-efficient model can help prevent tripped breakers and use less electricity each month.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners actually use quite a bit of electricity. It’s not hard to overload a circuit if a vacuum cleaner is used while other electric devices are connected to the same circuit. Some vacuum cleaners and other appliances with similar motors don’t work well with AFCI breakers. This may be a problem because arcing can occur in the motors. An AFCI breaker may not detect the difference between naturally occurring ars and dangerous electrical arcs. Consult an electrician to find out if tripped breakers in your home are related to the vacuum.

Smart Home Requirements

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. Converting a house into a smart home isn’t too difficult, but there are minimum requirements. Older homes with original electric systems and wiring will probably need work before a smart home is feasible. The number of smart home-compatible appliances, inbuilt systems, and devices is constantly growing. Your electrician can inspect the wiring and help you prepare for automation with a central control system.

Neural Wiring

Neural wiring with 3-wire connections is a necessity for multi-outlet switchboards, smart light controls, video monitoring, and other smart home functions. Your home will also need wired and wireless connections. Discuss upgrades with your electrician and try to plan for extra space. No matter what you choose to install in your smart home, your household may want to upgrade or add more functions in the future. It’s much easier to plan extra capacity at the beginning than try to expand later.

An Ethernet connection is also needed for full automation, and the connection goes through a router. All of your smart devices access the internet through your router, while desktop or laptop computers are attached to input ports. Televisions, speaker connections, and video monitors need cable conduits. A cable conduit must have a designated spot in the outlet board. Landlines need their own separate internal cabling. Keep track of deep junctions and appropriately sized switches. Smart outlets are a crucial component of a smart home. Outlets are hardwired, even if some sort of AI actually controls devices. Many homeowners use a variety of smart devices and let an AI connect everything with Bluetooth.

Call the friendly electricians at Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Euless, TX, for all of your home’s electrical needs. Tioga’s licensed, experienced electricians can help you with everything from inspections to smart home automation and everything in between. You’ll probably want to protect your new electrical upgrades. Grounding is an essential component of any home, and it’s especially important in homes filled with electronic devices and systems. Surge protection systems manage overloads to protect various smart devices and appliances.

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