Electrician Tips: Surprising And Interesting Ways You Can Use Electric Power In Your Home | Irving, TX

Electrician Tips: Surprising And Interesting Ways You Can Use Electric Power In Your Home | Irving, TX

Does your home have decorative electric features, automatic doors, shades, and windows, and other unique electrical components? Some are great conversation pieces or set the mood, like electric fireplaces, while others like electric windows can be convenient for many families and essential for those with limited mobility. There’s so much more to discover, once you start looking for ways to improve your home and make it safer with an electrician’s help. Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Irving, TX combines creativity with electrical excellence to help homeowners make the most of their environment at home with lighting, access to electricity where it’s needed which is almost everywhere these days, upgrades to power sources and management, and protective devices that help make home wiring and power safer.

Electric Fireplace in Your Family Room

For a beautiful, realistic fire display and localized heat without all the wood chopping and chimney cleaning, an electric fireplace is a great addition to your gathering space where the family can gather and relax, especially on a chilly winter evening. Since the fireplace provides real electric heat, you can use it for comfort while you let the rest of the house drop down to good sleeping temperatures. Our electrical professionals can run the wiring and add a new circuit to your power panel if needed. If you have other comforts to enjoy such as a massage chair, let our skilled electricians install convenient power outlets nearby, rather than running cords to the wall which can create a hazard.

Video Projector and Flush Mount Audio Speakers

If you’d rather have your home theater equipment out of sight when it’s not in use, you can use a ceiling mount video projector, available in high resolution with bright pictures, along with an automatic screen, closet rack-mounted AV component collection, and flush-mounted sound that can be amazingly good, even supporting modern multipoint audio formats. Our electricians can do the wiring for you to support your systems with in-wall runs meeting electrical code for both power and low-voltage wires, spaced appropriately and terminated at the convenient wall or floor plates.

Automatic Window Shades and Windows

A popular part of smart home energy management, automatic window shades can keep the sunlight from heating your home during the day that requires more air conditioning power to fight it. They can also open wide for sun on chilly days, and of course, operate by remote control for those who enjoy or need the ability to adjust their environment without getting up. Power windows are also a great convenience for controlling ventilation and letting a few birdsongs in during morning hours, shutting to preserve your cooling during hot summer days. Our expert electricians can provide the wiring you need to support these and other special features, and add any circuits you need to support them.

Lighting Strategies, Indoor and Outdoor

Flexible, lower-wattage LED and other lighting systems provide great ways to illuminate your home and even control fixtures and bulbs remotely. You can easily arrange separate lighting for a reading nook in your family room, elegant lighting in your dining room, convenient workspace lights in your kitchen, and motion-sensing lights for your entryway. Outdoors, when you’re expecting guests you can provide accent lights on your home to guide them in, driveway and walkway lighting for safety, and wiring for a video doorbell as well. Our electricians can run weather-safe power to support your design.

Patio or Pool Power and Sound

Power on your outdoor spaces such as your patio, gazebo or pergola, and poolside is convenient but requires the specialized knowledge of a professional electrician to install properly. In-ground wiring should be properly enclosed with the correct type of wire, protected against moisture. Any outlets should have weatherproof covers and required GFCI protection to avoid the increased risk of shock when power and moisture are near to each other. Our electricians can also run audiovisual wiring to provide ambient sound by the pool or patio, and connections for outdoor video and sound gear to create a home theater under the stars.

Special Wiring for Home Offices

Remote work from home requires a lot of electronic equipment for most people, but a typical office space in a home doesn’t have much of the necessary wiring. Our electricians can install more outlets and quad units to double the wall plugs, helping you to avoid using extension cords and power strips. If you’re using power strips for surge protection, why not simply have us install whole-house surge protection and lightning arrestor? That way, your sound system, TV, and kids’ electronics are all included in the protection.

Kitchen Electronics

There’s a battle for kitchen outlets these days between smart displays for recipe reading, kitchen TVs, smart speakers, charging stations for phones, cordless telephone stations, and oh, yes, appliances used for cooking such as blenders and countertop cookers. Our team can come up with a plan to add outlets and circuits if needed, arrange and space them for convenience, and wire for wall mounting some items such as smart displays. As time passes, you’ll probably have more smart appliances to add to the mix, so why not get ready?

Smart Home Equipment and Panels

Throughout your home, smart speakers, video displays, and other smart home equipment help control lighting, get information, and communicate with the family. You can even answer your door and see who’s there with some gear, but it all requires a place to plugin. Let our experts provide the wiring and outlets for smart home equipment.

Your Full-Service, Creative Electrician in Irving, TX

Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Irving, TX have the professional skills to handle even the high-power wiring you need for EV charging stations and shop equipment, along with the wiring skill to run your wiring for outlets, audio, video, and networks carefully, professionally, and out of sight. If you have a project in mind or need some ideas, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

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