Frequent Tankless Water Heater Problems In Homes: How A Plumber Can Help | Bedford, TX

Frequent Tankless Water Heater Problems In Homes: How A Plumber Can Help | Bedford, TX

Also referred to as instantaneous or demand-type water heaters, tankless water heaters only release hot water into your home when needed. Homeowners can save energy bills by replacing conventional water heaters with tankless ones because the instantaneous water heaters don’t produce standby energy losses.

Homeowners using about 41 percent of hot water daily can take advantage of tankless water heaters to save up to about 24 to 34 percent of energy. Additionally, households that use approximately 86 gallons of heated water daily can manage to save a total of about 8 to 14 percent of electricity by using demand-type water heaters. That’s why homeowners in Bedford, TX, opt for these water heaters.

Other benefits that tankless water heaters have over conventional ones include endless hot water, saved space, and longer life expectancy. You can look for a plumber from a reputable company to help you select a quality water heater. Although tankless water heaters come with various advantages, they have some defects. Below are some of the issues your tankless water heater may encounter from time to time.

Mineral Buildup

You may assume the mineral buildup issue when you have tankless water heaters in your home since the problem is usually associated with traditional water heaters. Well, that’s not the case. Even tankless water heating systems are susceptible to mineral buildup problems which could be extreme if not handled in advance.

Hard water contains Magnesium and Calcium that are responsible for a scaly buildup where the water passes. If you don’t seek regular maintenance services from a credible plumber, your whole system can fail, needing a whole-system replacement. If you use well water in your home, investing in a maintenance plan is necessary to prevent mineral buildups in your tankless water heater.

Mineral and debris build up in the water heating system, making it almost impossible for water to travel through the narrow and long path leading to the heat exchanger. The plumber you get should regularly check and clean the water filters and replace them when they get damaged.

A Cold Water Sandwich

Coldwater sandwiches are common problems in homes with dwellers that frequently have back-to-back showers. You may have probably been the next in line for a morning shower, and when your turn comes, you first receive a warm shower, followed by several seconds of ice-cold water, and later on, the warm water temperature gets restored.

This is why the tankless water heating system is also called the instantaneous water heater. The cold water that shortly comes out of the showerhead while enjoying your warm shower is caused by cold water sandwiched in pipes between your shower and tankless water heater. The amount of cold water you receive depends on the distance the water has to travel from the water heating unit to your shower.

Although a plumbing service may not be of substantial help here, you can request the technician to suggest tricks to prevent the problem. One of the tactics could be waiting for some minutes to allow the cold water to pass before you jump into the shower to enjoy the warm water.

System Overload

Every appliance in your home, including your tankless water heater, has a limited operational capacity. Depending on the size of your demand-type water heater, multiple active hot water appliances such as several showers running alongside your dishwasher can overburden the water heater. When the system gets overpowered to supply hot water, it may shut down due to overloading.

When you instantly stop receiving hot water, and the same complaint comes from a member of your family showering in the next room, you need to talk to a plumber to assess whether the size of the heater suits your home. If not, the plumbing professional should recommend the best size and a reliable tankless water heater store in Bedford, TX, where you can find the best quality.

After procuring the new instantaneous water heater, the plumber should handle the installation to prevent any functional problems that may come along if you install the system by yourself.

Blocked Exhaust

It’s easier to notice this problem if your tankless water heater has an error code display screen. Usually, when the exhaust gets blocked, an error code shows up on the screen almost immediately. A clogged exhaust implies the water heater has venting or combustion air defects. When you get the error code, inform your trusted plumber immediately to come and conduct the necessary repairs. The plumber should first inspect the vent pipes and tighten any loose connections.

The technician should also check for perforations on the vents and replace the punctured vents with new ones. The plumber will also check if the outdoor unit of your tankless water heater is located in a clear area that’s free from objects blocking the air supply. Reinstalling the water heating unit in an open location is essential since it will increase operational efficiency and prevent fires.

Ignition Defects

There are several reasons why your tankless water heater fails to ignite. The first and most common reason could be an empty propane gas tank. Before you go lashing negative reviews on the company that supplied you the tankless water heater, first check if the propane tank that generates energy for use by the heater has enough gas.

Another problem could be half-opened water and gas valves. You can contact a nearby plumber to help you assess the gas and water valves and open them fully if you’re not conversant with parts of your demand-type water heater. If these solutions don’t work, it implies your water heating system’s ignition pack is faulty, or there could be another bigger issue. A certified and skilled plumbing company can help you troubleshoot the problem with your water heater.

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