Glass Repair in Fort Worth, TX | Tioga Contractors

Glass Repair in Fort Worth, TX | Tioga Contractors

Glass hazards in your home

When you have glass in your home, you have to be extra careful, especially when there are toddlers around. When it comes to glass, you have to take proactive measures for protection. You could have glass surfaces such as tables and of course windows that are likely to get broken if they come into contact with heavy objects or if extreme pressure is placed on them. Broken glass shards impose serious health hazards for everyone in the family.

Not only that, if broken glass is left lying around, it accumulates dust and other environmental pollutants that increase its toxicity level. If they come into contact with the skin accidentally, those toxic chemicals and infectious substances could enter your blood stream, in which case you would be required to take medical treatment.

Physical hazards of glass

In case broken glass enters your skin, it could cause lacerations, which also happen due to other sharp objects, such as knives and needles. Since you and your family live in close proximity with glass surfaces, you would be the most likely accidentally mishandling glass. In some cases, when you have to properly place the glass in a given place, you may lack prior knowledge on its proper management and the glass could sustain cracks.

For anyone who needs to handle glass on a daily basis, they need to take precautionary measures to prevent risks of injuries. In case you have broken glass, keep the young ones away and using a mop, clean the area. Do not handle broken glass with bare hands. Use a dust tray to remove broken shards. Clean the area properly because it may look like that there is no broken glass lying around anywhere but tiny pieces of glass shards tend to get stuck in rugs or carpets.

In case glass enters the skin, the affected person needs a tetanus shot before it becomes septic or toxic chemicals spread in the blood stream. When it does happen, seek medical attention immediately.

Risks of using glassware

  • You could get accidental cuts from flying glass
  • You risk cutting yourself from broken or damaged glass.
  • Handling heavy glass is risky.
  • You could get burns from heated glass.
  • Glassware accumulates dirt and environmental toxins, which could be poisonous when they come in contact with skin.
  • An untrained person has a higher chance of being injured.
  • Anyone in the house in prone to getting injured from broken class since they have to come into contact with glass everyday


Before handling glass, make sure that it is not broken, especially at the corners, and is free from scratches or cracks. If it needs to be carried, do not stuff it into your pocket. Do not apply forceful pressure to the glass. Care should be taken to not apply pressure where the glass is most likely to snap. Do not grip it too hard.

Checklist for hiring the right services

You might want to get your windows, windshields or other glass surfaces repaired. Rather than handling sophisticated glass surface on your own, it is better to hire glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX, for your own safety. Glass repair services have the tools and equipment to handle glass. They have experience and specialized training in handling certain types of glass.  Here’s what you need to take care of in choosing the right services:

  • The glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX company needs to be certified in handling certain glass surfaces. The workers need to have experience, knowledge and training in the type of glass that you would be asking them to handle.
  • The industry needs to be regulated by the federal government so that you know you are dealing with an accredited company. The company should follow the rules, regulations and ethical code of handling glass, preventing injuries and being careful in not breaking any type of glass.
  • The company that you should work with needs to have conducted a background check on its workers to make sure that they refrain from intoxicants and are capable of handling luxurious glass.
  • If you are hiring workers for windshield replacement, they should be trained in handling windshield of that specific car.
  • Before hiring glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX, it is better to consult a few contractors and ask about their prices before making the final decision. Have them come to your house for examination and request their charges. You could also ask for references of their customers and contact those people for a review of the company’s services.
  • Check for the company’s accreditations.

Why hire Tioga Contractors?

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