High Water Pressure Can Cause Expensive Problems | Tips from Your Trusted Hurst, TX Plumber

High Water Pressure Can Cause Expensive Problems | Tips from Your Trusted Hurst, TX Plumber

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High water pressure seems like a good thing. After all, low water pressure is not so exciting during your morning shower. However, even though high-pressured water may feel great in the shower, it may cause many severe expenses in the future. High water pressure is not suitable for your water bill, either.

Water pressure to your house is very similar to the blood pressure in your body. When the blood pressure is high, other parts of the body can face severe problems if left untreated. Since many people have just basic plumbing knowledge, they do not always realize they have high water pressure until it is too late.

Why Is My Water Pressure So High?

The common source of high-water pressure is the municipal water supplier. If you are living in Hurst, TX, a municipal water supplier sends water to your home and community. That water supplier sets the water pressure to meet the requirements of the municipality as a whole. This may include water requirements for the following:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Other facilities that require high water pressurization

A standard home needs an 80psi, but higher pressures are required to provide water for other facilities. If you are living in an area with many multi-story buildings that would require relatively higher pressures, it might lead to higher pressures in your home.

There can also be issues if you are living at the bottom of the Hurst, TX hills or valleys since water naturally runs downhill resulting in higher pressures. Although all hope seems lost, this is nothing a plumber from Tioga Plumbing & Electric will not fix. Just give us a call, and we will get your water pressure back in no time.

Why Should I Care About High Water Pressure?

High water pressures tend to creep up on us when we least expect them. When the plumbing of a home is being installed, it is fixed according to specific standards of plumbing. These standards can shift because of high water pressure. This means that the pipes and fixtures that make up your plumbing will not be able to function as intended. This factor can lead to extensive damages throughout your house.

Here are some reasons to think about high water pressure in your home:

It Is Damaging the Pipes

Water is deviously powerful. When water does damage, the damage is stretched over long periods, and by the time you realize something is wrong, it might be too late. High water pressure flowing or blocked in pipes can cause long-term damages that might lead to small leaks that cause black mold, structural damages and even pipe bursts.

Wear and Tear on Appliances and Fixtures

High water pressure damages not only the pipes but also appliances that se water as well. If not fixed by a certified plumber like those from Tioga Plumbing & Electric, high water pressure can cut the lifespan of expensive home appliances, and you will be replacing them sooner than expected. This wear and tear affect big machines like washing machines to smaller fixtures like showerheads, faucets and toilets.

It Will Damage Your Water Heater

If you are a resident of Hurst, TX, then you understand the importance of a water heater. How does the damage happen? When water heats up, it expands. Most water heaters use a thermal expansion tank to help deal with that extra volume. However, when the water volume is continuously high, the water heater will run out of space for the expanding water. You can only guess what follows next.

Wasted Water and Higher Utility Bills

This factor is basic non-plumber knowledge. When the water pressure is too high, you are letting out too much water every time you turn on the faucet or shower. If you live in a place where you pay for the water you use, then high pressure might end up costing you.

Know the Signs of High Water Pressure

Because of the numerous risks related to high pressurization, it is essential to comprehend how these conditions can damage your pipes internally together with the common signs of excessive water pressure you should look out for in your home.

Any plumber can tell you that early identification is the key to making the needed repairs at minimum costs. If you are living in Hurst, TX, and you experience any of these symptoms, you should hire a plumber from Tioga Plumbing & Electric to check your water pressure as soon as possible.

Nothing is going to tell you more about your home’s water pressure than an actual pressure gauge. However, your home will give you some hints as well:

Check on Your Faucets

Faucets have many small parts like washers and aerators that can wear down quickly as the result of constant high-water pressure. If the faucets drip when using another fixture like the shower, it might be a sign of high pressure. Another common symptom is spitting and bursting when you first turn on a faucet. You might even notice excess water spraying out from weird angles instead of the typical steady stream.

The Pipes Tell It All

Have you ever heard a “banging” sound in your plumbing? This issue is referred to as a water hammer. This feature is a significant sign that you need to call a plumber right away.

The water happens when a fast, powerful flow of water suddenly stops moving. When you have high water pressure, and you suddenly turn off a faucet, all the water bangs into your pipes like a sledgehammer.

Pay Attention to Your Appliances

Appliances can notify of a pressure problem in many ways. The most obvious thing to look out for is leaking. Washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers can start leaking when subjected to extreme water pressures over a long period.

If they do not leak, they wear out far sooner than intended. If you feel like your appliances lasted only half of the time you thought it would, you might require a plumber sooner than later.

Looking for A Plumber

Things going bump at night, whom are you going to call? A plumber. If you are living in Hurst, TX, then you are in luck. Tioga Plumbing & Electric is your one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of exceptional plumbing services. We are fully equipped to handle your plumbing needs. Our technicians are plumber certified, and you can trust them always to get the job done.