How Do You Extend The Lifespan Of Your Water Heater With Water Heater Repair? | Bedford, TX

How Do You Extend The Lifespan Of Your Water Heater With Water Heater Repair? | Bedford, TX

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You can maximize the efficiency of your water heater and save money on your utility bills when you properly maintain the unit. In this article, we’ll give you tips on water heater maintenance, why you need an energy-efficient water heater, and tips to conserve energy at home.

For water heater repairs, always call a licensed plumber in Bedford, TX.

1. Regular Inspection

Apart from scheduling a routine inspection from a licensed plumber, it’s also essential for you to periodically check your water heater. Take time once a week to examine your water heater fully. Look for signs of wear and tear especially when you’ve been using the water heater for several years. Check for leaks such as standing water close to the tank or the pipes. Regular inspections can prevent a costly water heater repair.

2. Keep It Insulated

There are two reasons why it’s important to insulate the water heater: first, prevent heat from escaping and prevent burst pipes.

Keep in mind that with conventional heaters, the heat must stay on, so you have a constant supply of hot water. When the tank or pipes aren’t insulated, you pay for more heating. During winter, the water inside non-insulated pipes can freeze, which can lead to having burst pipes.

To prevent costly repairs or replacements, ensure that you protect both the tank and the water heater pipes by insulating them.

3. Flush It Once a Year

Drain your water heater at least once a year to allow you to remove any build-up and clean the tank’s interior. You may need to do this more than once when you have hard water in your home. Doing this can help extend the life of your water heater. A plumber can also help you with this when you schedule regular maintenance of your plumbing system.

Remember that buildup in the tank will reduce its efficiency. Eventually, you will have to call for a repair in Bedford, TX.

4. Check the Anode Rod

Gas or electric water heaters will have an anode rod. It will need to be replaced once every 5 years to prevent it from corroding and extend the lifespan of your water heater. It can also prevent having to call for a water heater repair.

When the rod is corroded, and your tank is old, you’ll need to replace it. Call a plumber to help you replace the anode rod.

5. Clean the Air Intake Filter

This tip is for a tankless water heater. After flushing the tankless water heater, make it a point to clean the filters to get rid of debris or dirt that may get into the water heater.

Keep in mind never to do this alone, especially when you’re not certain about how to do it properly. You may damage the water heater if you’re careless. Always get help from a professional to avoid having to pay a fortune for water heater repair.

There are instructions in the manual on how to access the air intake filter properly. Follow the instructions to avoid problems and a costly repair. If you’re in doubt about how to do it correctly, always get help from a professional.

Buying an Energy-Efficient Water Heater

Conventional heaters can last up to 15 years, depending on the maintenance performed on the unit. Energy-efficient water heaters can last more than 20 years.

Apart from the longer life expectancy, tankless energy-efficient water heaters also have more benefits.

A conventional water heater uses energy more as there is a need to heat the water constantly, so it’s always ready for use. With a tankless heater, you use hot water on demand. This means that there is no energy loss. Investing in an energy-efficient tankless water heater can give you significant savings in the long run.

Helpful tips for your water heater:

1. To avoid a costly water heater repair, ensure that you get professional installation. Only work with a licensed and experienced plumber during installation.

2. To conserve more water, consider installing water-efficient showerheads or faucets for your bathroom and kitchen.

3. Do you know that the amount of noise in your water heater is rated in decibels? Check for the rating to help you choose a water heater that isn’t noisy. Remember: normal conversations are at 50 decibels, while a motorcycle sound is rated at 100 decibels.

4. When the water in the heater is either too cold or hot, check the thermostat first before calling for a water heater repair. You may have accidentally changed the temperature setting in the thermostat. Call for a water heater repair only when there is nothing wrong with the thermostat.

5. Always read the labels when buying a water heater replacement. Look for a “green” rating if you want to purchase the most efficient water heater in the market. You can also contact a licensed plumber at Tioga Plumbing & Electric if you need more help.

How to Conserve Energy at Home

Water heating accounts for about 12 percent of your utility bill. You can conserve more water with our helpful tips.

1. Never ignore leaks. However small, make sure that you fix any leaks in your homes. You can waste over 8 gallons of water per day and more than 200 gallons of water a month at 6-0 drips per minute. Get water heater repair if you think there are leaks in your unit.

2. Consider installing heat traps on the tank to save about $30 on your heating bill. Make sure you also insulate the pipes to avoid more heat loss.

3. As much as possible, reduce the time you spent in the shower. Consider installing low-flow showers also to conserve more water.

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