Major Types of Glass | Glass Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Major Types of Glass | Glass Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Glass is a product we use every day in our houses, offices, transport, public places, etc. To make sure if we look good enough, we take a final look in the mirror before we leave for work, or to attend an event.

We mostly use it as a mirror, but it has many types and functions that make our life easier. In this post, we will have a look at its basic types and a considerable service for glass repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Flat Glass

It’s the basic material used in the majority of end-products we see and use in our daily life. It is primarily used to construct:

  • Windscreens and windows for vehicles
  • Windows for residential and commercial structures
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Solar thermal panels
  • Fittings in decoration and furniture
  • Street furniture e.g. bus stop
  • Appliances

In short, flat glass is a vital product to facilitate our lives every day. When it gets damaged or wear out, you should call a service for glass repair in Fort Worth, TX, so that you can continue using this essential product without interruption.

Float Glass

Since this clear and flat glass is manufactured using sodium silicate and calcium silicate, it is known as soda lime glass as well. You can find float glasses in thickness between 2mm and 20mm. They are ideal to be used for shop fronts and public places.

Annealed Glass

It’s the first result of float procedure. It’s a common glass which is likely to break into pointy pieces. It’s used in end-products, mostly double-glazed windows. Its quality can be improved through laminating, toughening, or coating. For annealed glass repair in Fort Worth, TX, you can hire an expert service online.

Toughened glass

Toughened glass is treated to make it highly resistant to breakage, so it provides greater safety advantage in its application.

To make toughened glass, annealed glass is treated with thermal tempering procedure. Annealed glass sheet is heated above 600°C followed by immediate cooling of the surfaces only, while the inner glass remains hot. This diversity in cooling rates produces diverse physical properties, which result in compressive stress in the surface balanced by tensile stress in glass body.

The opposite stresses increase mechanical resistance to breakage. When it breaks, it shatters into small, square pieces, which are less likely to cause injuries. Because of its strength, it has many applications in buildings and vehicles. Whenever you need a repair job, hire a professional service for toughened glass repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is manufactured using two or more layers of glass. In addition, there is one or more ‘interlayer’ of polymeric substance that is bonded between these glass layers. It is mainly used in buildings, houses and vehicles.

The manufacturers make laminated glass by employing two methods, i.e., Poly Vinyl Butyral and Cast in Place.

Poly Vinyl Butyral

It’s manufactured with the application of heat and pressure, which sandwich a thin layer of PVB between glass layers. In some cases, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or Polyurethane can also be employed.

Cast in Place

It’s produced by pouring a resin into the space between two glass sheets, held parallel.

Safety and security are the basic features of laminated glass. When it breaks, the shards remain in place on account of interlayer.

The interlayer also favors resistance to fire and moisture, and coloring. For flawless laminated glass repair in Fort Worth, TX, hire a service that is highly reputed among local services.

Coated Glass

Coating modifies glass appearance to give it advanced features and functionalities such as:

  • Low maintenance
  • Special reflection, transmission or absorption
  • Resistance to scratches and corrosion

Coating is applied by exposing glass surface to vapors, which forms a permanent coating on glass.

For any type of coated glass repair in Fort Worth, TX, get in touch with a local company to get the job done reliably.

Mirrored Glass

It is one of the most common household products we use every day; in fact, we start our day by looking at a mirrored glass.

It is manufactured with the application of a metal coating, i.e. silver, aluminum, gold or chrome, to one side of the glass.

Mirrored glass is a functional and decorative product. It is used in many artworks as well.

Patterned Glass

It’s flat glass, but its surface has a specific pattern. The patterns are carved by passing heated glass between rollers whose surfaces have the negative relief of the pattern to be carved on the glass.

Patterned glasses are mostly used in decoration and architecture. Since it disturbs transparency, it is also a good choice where light without transparency is required.

For the best patterned glass repair in Fort Worth, TX, always consider a professional and experienced local service.

Extra Clear Glass

It is manufactured using a particular kind of melted glass. It differs from others on account of its fundamental raw material composition. It has low iron content to minimize its sun reflection, so it can pass greater quantity of light. It is ideal to use for solar energy applications.

Chromatic Glass

It can control glass transparency to protect the interiors from sunlight. It is suitable to use in ICUs, meeting rooms, etc. It has photochromic, thermos-chromatic, and electrochromic properties. Since it is mostly used in offices and hospitals, you must hire a professional service for chromatic glass repair in Fort Worth, TX to ensure proper installation and repair.

Insulated Glazed Glass

This glass has two or three separated layers, created through air. Since it has air between the layers, it doesn’t let heat pass through it, thus, it functions as an excellent insulator.

If you want to have insulated glazed glass installed, or insulated glazed glass repair in Fort Worth, TX, the best service you can find in Fort Worth, TX, it is Tioga Contractors.

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