Quick Ways to Keep Your Drain from Clogging in Colleyville, TX

Quick Ways to Keep Your Drain from Clogging in Colleyville, TX

Lucifer visits us in innumerable ways; the worst being a clogged drain. You know one of those days when you realize everything in your life is falling into place and you finally have it all put together? That is exactly when you discover a drain clog.

And the worst part is, not only is a clogged drain nasty, it also costs you a bulk load of dollars if it is not treated immediately. The whole procedure of drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX is exhausting for consuming so much time and energy.

What builds up the problem is the intolerable, head aching smell that reeks off of a clogged drain. And if this situation is not dealt with immediately, it can put you and your family’s health at a great risk.

In case you are suffering from a drain clogged and need drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX, there is no way out other than using hazardous chemicals to get rid of this problem.

Or you could be smarter and call up a professional drain cleaning service in Colleyville, TX and get your issue resolved.

As it is said, a stitch in time can save nine. If you go by methods of prevention, you would not necessarily have to seek for a professional’s help in drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX.

Here are a few handy tips for drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX:

1.     Hook It Out

Whatever is inside, hook it out. Sure, this is not as easy as it sounds but it is quite effective when you are looking for useful ways for drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX.

Pick out a basic wire or any clothes hanger that you have and straighten it out just enough to form a straight line. At the end of the edge, twist the corner to make a hook shape.

Now that the hanger is straight, you can easily thrust it inside the drain. Move the hook around a little to collect any substance such as hair or sticks and pull it out.

Once you notice the pooling by your feet has stopped and the water in the sink actually goes down the drain instead of creating puddles on the floor, you have successfully cleaned the drain in Colleyville, TX.

2.     Hot Water

This is perhaps the easiest trick of all times. Pour water inside your regular, every day kettle and turn on the temperature. You must be sure to bring the water to a boiling temperature as lukewarm water fails in effective drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX.

Now that you have brought the water to a boil, pour it on top of your kettle to allow it a direct passage in the drain. Remember, you must move slowly and only pour the water in breaks. This allows the hot water to work effectively inside the pipeline and ensures a quicker drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX.

This trick has been known to work on slightly clogged drains. As effective as it is, if you have delayed drain cleaning and now face a massively clogged drain, you will have to look for a professional’s assistance for effective drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX.

3.     Wet and Dry Vacuums

Thanks to the progress of technology, today we have access to wet and dry vacuums. These vacuums not only suck in the clots of dirt but also absorb the wet surfaces.

In case you are suffering from a clogging and require a drain cleaning in Colleyville TX, put this appliance to work. Begin with setting the vacuum to the absorbing the wetness. A smart decision would be to add a filter to the vacuum hose to prevent clots of dirt from penetrating through. Once the vacuum has absorbed all the liquids from the surface, move on to cleaning up the clogging.

Set the vacuum to dry and allow it to suck in the clots of dirt, debris and other substance clogging the drain. This requires a high speed of vacuum. It may not always work to the optimum of capacity but this is definitely a good trick to keep up your sleeve as soon as you inspect even slight drain clogging. Drain cleaning before a fully clogged drain in Colleyville, TX keeps you from calling a professional drain cleaning service in Colleyville, TX.

4.     Soda

Caustic soda is a strong and slightly hazardous chemical used in cleaning non-budging spots. Since caustic soda is a hard chemical, it is effective in dissolving organic matter making it a naturally effective chemical for drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX.

Before you start with it, make sure you cover your skin with gloves to prevent dangerous burns from a direct exposure. Move on by filling up a bucket with a gallon of cold water and pour in 2-3 cups of caustic soda in side. With a wooden spatula, stir in the contents to give them a quick dissolve.

After a couple of seconds, you will begin to notice the water to form foam and frizz up. This means the soda has triggered and is ready to be used. Now pour the water in a clogged drain and let it stay for a couple of minutes; a half hour at max.

This pause will allow the water to work its wonders and the caustic soda to dissolve the matter that clogs your drain. After the pause is over, pour in some boiling water to clean the drain.

This is an effective and less pricey way for drain cleaning in Colleyville, TX. However, this is only effective to a certain extend. If the drain is immensely clogged, you might need to call a professional drain cleaning service in Colleyville, TX to unclog the pipe line.

What to do?

You can only be effective at drain cleaning to a certain extent. Beyond a point, these tips fail at being effective.

If you are looking for a professional drain cleaning service in Colleyville, TX, get in touch with Tioga Plumbing, Heating and Glass repair services for a reliable and thorough drain cleaning. All you have to do is dial 817-484-5356 or click here.