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Living in an older home, or operating a business out of an older building with outdated plumbing, poses the risk of severe damage due to a water leak. Eventually, all plumbing will require replacement, and when the pipe is at the end of its lifespan, and especially if the leaks are occurring, re-piping will be the cost effective solution. If your home or business is need of re-piping, contact a Tioga Contractor for a licensed, professional plumber in Keller

Pipe Problems

Under normal conditions, copper pipe is a long lasting pipe material with the added benefit of being recyclable. However, in homes where hard water is present, the chemical composition of the water will eventually erode copper pipes, leading to pinhole leaks. If your home’s copper pipe is developing leaks due to wear and age, replacement is recommended before additional damage occurs in your home. Continued water line repair will only provide a temporary solution, while the risk of damage will remain. 

You may want to consider the installation of a water softener to protect both the plumbing and the water using appliances in your home, such as the water heater. A Tioga plumber in Keller can provide the information you need regarding modern pipe materials. 


Re-piping is the process of replacing worn existing pipes with new. Re-piping will prevent further damage to the home due to leaks, rot, and mold.

In addition, leaks are not the only potential problem affecting corroded galvanized pipes. The corrosion is likely to affect your home’s water quality. Over time, galvanized pipes will rust, and as sediment builds up in the pipe can contaminate your water supply.  

Signs You Need to Re-pipe 

Being aware of the signs of worn plumbing in need of replacement, can prevent severe and costly damage from occurring in your home or business. The following common signs may be a warning that it is time for re-piping. 

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common indicator of pipe issues. However, there can be other causes that should be investigated by a qualified, licensed plumber in Keller before re-piping. Other potential causes of low water pressure include: 

  • A worn pressure regulator – Typically located on the water main near the meter, a pressure regulator protects your home’s plumbing by reducing the water pressure of the municipal water supply. Over time, the regulator can rust and will fail. This can potentially result in low water pressure or alternately can allow the full water pressure from the municipal supply line to enter your home. A Tioga plumber in Keller can replace a failed regulator for you, restoring the proper water pressure to your home. Left untreated, high water pressure can damage water line, water heaters, faucets, icemakers and more.
  • The water supply may provide a low water pressure. A Tioga plumber in Keller can provide the plumbing services you require to boost naturally low water pressure from a municipal source. 
  • Hard water deposits can block aerators, shower heads, and even supply lines. Aerators and showerheads can be soaked in vinegar, and gently scrubbed with a soft brush to resolve this hard water issue.

Discolored Water

Discolored water may indicate corroded pipes requiring replacement. While there are other potential causes, rusty water is a common indication of corrosion when pipes are galvanized steel pipes.  


When pipes consistently develop leaks, it is time to re-pipe. Leaks can cause potentially severe and costly damage to the home and its foundation. Replacing the pipe is the most cost effective solution. 

Pipe Corrosion

Corrosion occurs in galvanized metal pipes, and may create a rough or dimpled appearance with flaking and chipping. These signs typically appear in the joints first, as the joints are under greater stress. Pipes in this condition should be replaced with reliable, modern pipe materials

Over time, the protective zinc coating of galvanized pipe wears away, leaving the unprotected steel to rust and corrode. Re-piping by a plumber in Keller is the solution for outdated, corroded galvanized pipe. 

Rust typically starts inside of the pipe, and works its way out, resulting in leaks, blockage, and/or collapsed pipe. The minerals related to hard water, typically magnesium and calcium, builds up within the pipe along with rust and scale, resulting in blockage and low water pressure. The acidic nature of hard water also contributes to the pipes deterioration over time.

Once rust and corrosion have set in, repairs will be an ongoing issue with galvanized pipe. Repair only provides a temporary solution for the immediate problem of a leak. Re-piping by a plumber in Keller is the only means of preventing pipe leaks, low water pressure, and contaminated water.


The age of pipes can provide a general guideline of when to re-pipe. However, remember that water chemistry has a large impact of the lifespan of plumbing components. Areas with hard water will experience a significant reduction in the lifespan of plumbing. 

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A professional installation by a qualified plumber is less likely to leak, experience noise, and will last longer. When you are in need of re-piping, or other plumbing services call a Tioga plumber in Keller for first quality plumbing by our professional licensed plumbers.

Re-piping is inevitable for all plumbing. Selecting a Tioga plumber in Keller to provide re-piping for your home or business will ensure an efficient, trouble free and professional installation. Plumber installation assures your plumbing is up to code, and will provide both an increase in your home or commercial building’s value, and a strong selling point. For professional installation, or other quality plumbing services, contact a Tioga plumber in Keller. We serve Keller, Fort Worth, Bedford, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating.