Reasons Your Home Needs Electrical Remodeling According To A Reliable <strong>Electrician</strong> | <strong>Keller, TX</strong>

Reasons Your Home Needs Electrical Remodeling According To A Reliable Electrician | Keller, TX

Some homeowners in Keller, TX do not know how much difference electrical remodeling can make to their homes. Although costly, it’s among the best investments that make your house more energy efficient.

Electrical remodeling is not just about having newer appliances or better lighting; it also has a lot to do with making your home feel comfortable and secure. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits that come with upgrading your home’s electrical system.


Safety is the primary reason most homeowners undertake an electrical remodeling project. It is vital to keep your family safe, especially when you have children. In most older houses, outlets have two prongs, which can be problematic if you use modern appliances. Two prongs cannot provide sufficient power to most modern devices and equipment.

Secondly, when all the two-prong outlets are used simultaneously with energy-intensive equipment, the fuses are prone to blow. Also, another major issue with two-prong outlets is that they leave appliances exposed to power surges.

During the electrical remodeling, the electrician will upgrade your two-prong outlets with the more safe three-prong ones.

Fire Risks

Each year 51,000 fires occur in the United States due to electrical malfunction leading to almost 1.3 billion in property damage, nearly 500 deaths, and over 1400 injuries.

One of the key reasons to upgrade your home electrical system is to reduce fire risks. For instance, if the wires behind your home’s walls are outdated, weak, or not up to current building codes, your home could be at a high risk of catching fire.

Secondly, if your home has two prong outlet outlets when overloaded with appliances, the outlet can be at risk of hazardous sparks from blow fuses which can result in fire. In addition, faulty wiring within the switches and receptacles can put the home at risk of fire.

A certified electrician can inspect your electrical system to check for any electrical issues that can cause a fire in your home.

Bring Your Home Electrical System up to Code

Building codes change from one year to another. New safety standards may have been implemented since you last updated or installed your electrical system. Hiring an electrician to perform electrical remodeling can bring your home wiring back in line with the current building codes.

Updating your current building codes is essential if you plan to rent or sell your home. The code requirements in your area vary depending on the electrical system in place. When selling your home, it is crucial to consider the electrical system. You may be required to update it before you can get a permit from the city or state.

The code requirements in your area vary depending on what type of building it is and where in that particular area you live. Every state has specific minimum requirements that must be met before an inspector issues a certificate of compliance (COC).

Any home that doesn’t meet these criteria will only be sold if all problems are fixed by a qualified electrician in Keller, TX before moving forward with the sale process.

Protection from Surges

If your home appliances operate at high voltage, power surges can damage your electrical appliances. A power surge is an unexpected temporary rise in the voltage or current of an electrical circuit.

The most common form of a power surge is when lightning strikes a house and sends an electrical current through the wiring system. This can result in a fire or even damage the appliance.

Also, in some cases, a power surge can result from temporarily changing power usage in a factory near your home. This can negatively affect your home’s power lines connected to the factory. During the electrical remodeling, the electrician will install suppressors or premier surge protectors to protect your home from power surges.

Meet the Power of New Appliances

Usually, a modern household consumes a lot of energy, and the energy consumption is likely to increase as you continue to purchase more and more modern appliances since they rely on electricity.

In fact, according to recent data from EIA, the total energy consumption was 3.93 trillion kWh in the US in 2021, 13 times more than electricity use in 1950. Homeowners in Keller, TX whose electrical systems are unable to keep up with the power demands of their new electrical appliances, could be at risk of an electrical fire as the system in their circuit overloads.

Also, it can result in your circuit breaker tripping frequently. Contacting an electrician to remodel your home with up-to-date electrical systems is essential to take the load, especially in older homes.


You can undertake a remodeling project just for convenience purposes. For instance, if you’ve two-prong outlets, you may upgrade to three. This gives you the advantage of having extra outlets in your house. You can power more appliances and devices without drawing too much power from one power source.

Secondly, most home insurance providers require that a home have electrical wiring to meet the current building codes, so electrical remodeling brings your home’s electrical system up to date.

In addition, updating your home’s electrical system can boost your home’s value. Most homebuyers today prefer homes with up-to-date wiring and power capacity.

Hiring an electrician to remodel your electrical system is a crucial step toward making your home more appealing to future buyers if you decide to sell it at some point.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Electrical System?

If you want the most out of your home investment, it is time to consider electrical remodeling. The best way to do this is by hiring a knowledgeable electrician experienced in completing tasks within the set timelines.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric is the best electrical company to work with. Besides electrical remodeling services, our team of certified and experienced electricians can help you with code corrections, seasonal and security lighting, appliance hookup, and service upgrades. Reach out to us today.

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