Signs It’s Time To Call An Electrician | Arlington, TX

Signs It’s Time To Call An Electrician | Arlington, TX

You need electricity to power your lights, appliances, and devices, and without a functioning electrical system, life in your home will come to a complete standstill. Electrical problems can make your life inconvenient and potentially dangerous, so it’s essential to detect problems early.

If there’s an issue with your electrical system, a DIY repair isn’t recommended. Without the necessary training, working with electricity can be very dangerous, so hiring a professional is best.

If your electrical system experiences any of the following issues, it’s best to hire a licensed electrician in Arlington, TX, immediately. Waiting too long could worsen the problem and put your home and family at risk.

#1 Sparks

It’s not uncommon to see a blue spark if you try to plug or unplug an appliance when it’s turned on. However, if you see orange, red, or yellow sparks, there’s an issue with your electrical system, and you should hire an electrician immediately.

Dangerous sparks occur if there is a short circuit somewhere in the system or the appliance. It can also happen if the live wires from an outlet touch the ground wiring. These problems can cause an electrical fire that can destroy your house in minutes, and you could also be electrocuted when plugging an appliance into the affected outlet.

An electrician will inspect the electrical system to determine the cause of the sparks and make the necessary repair before disaster strikes.

#2 The Circuits Trip Frequently

Circuits are your electrical system’s safety feature to prevent a dangerous overload. If you run too many appliances or have multiple devices plugged into an extension cord, the circuit will trip to avoid damage and an electrical fire. Unplugging something should solve the problem, or you can have the electrical panel upgraded to meet your family’s electrical demand.

If your circuits trip frequently and you can’t figure out why, they could be damaged, or there could be a short in the wire, and you should stay away from the electric panel and call an electrician in Arlington, TX.

The tech can determine if the panel can be fixed or if replacing it is the safest option.

#3 Flickering Lights

Do the lights in your home flicker often? If so, a few problems can cause this, and you should check a few things before calling an electrician.

First, check the light bulb. It will flicker when you turn on the light if it’s loose or defective. Also, you could be using too much electricity at once. For example, running multiple major appliances will consume more energy than the system can handle, causing the lights to flicker. If this becomes a problem, you can upgrade the electrical panel so it can handle your home’s electrical demand.

If everything checks out on your end, it’s time to hire an electrician. The lights will flicker if the power supply is unstable, and a professional can repair the problem, preventing the lights from flickering.

#4 Buzzing Sounds

If you hear a buzzing sound, it’s unlikely that there’s a bees nest in the wall, and you don’t need an exterminator. This sound indicates an issue with the electrical system, and you’ll need to hire an electrician in Arlington, TX. The buzzing suggests a wiring issue that can start an electrical fire if ignored. A tech can locate the faulty wire and replace it, preventing an electrical fire, and will keep your home and family safe.

#5 Warm Outlets

Is there an outlet in your home that’s warm to the touch? If so, you have a dangerous electrical problem requiring immediate help from a professional. The heat indicates an overload in the outlet, and too many appliances and devices are plugged in. Also, the appliance could have a higher voltage demand than the outlet can handle. There could also be a short in the wire, which is a fire hazard.

A licensed tech can inspect the outlet to figure out why the outlet is hot. The tech can fix the faulty wire if the problem is due to a wiring issue. If the outlet is overloaded, the tech can add another outlet nearby if your electrical panel can handle it, and they can upgrade the electrical panel if it’s not.

#6 You Have Two-Prong Outlets

Many old houses aren’t designed for modern appliances and have two-prong outlets. Some homeowners will use a three-prong extender or extension cords, but this can be dangerous and could cause a fire. Some will try to break off the third prong to plug in the appliance, which is extremely dangerous.

An electrician can upgrade and install three-prong outlets, allowing you to plug in modern appliances safely.

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We’ve been in this business long enough to know that electrical issues can arise anytime and that many can put your home and family at risk. This is why we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you call for emergency service, we’ll get a tech to your house as quickly as possible to resolve the problem before disaster strikes.

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