Spring Cleaning Routine for Your Home Plumbing System | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Spring Cleaning Routine for Your Home Plumbing System | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

The beautiful spring season brings life back to normal. Trees regain their lost leaves and vibrant flowers grow on green bushes. The frozen lakes start melting and the sun spreads its warmth all over the city. People of all ages wait for this refreshing season to arrive.

Spring is also the best time to deep clean your home. What you need to do is prepare a spring cleaning checklist for your home and check off all the items on the list one by one during this season. Homeowners often neglect their bathrooms and kitchen while planning their cleaning routine for the season. According to plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, this is the reason why plumbing systems develop so many problems. If people take care of their plumbing system by regularly cleaning it, they will get rid of clogged drains forever.

If you wish to prevent plumbing problems, then include the following points in your spring cleaning routine. It will keep the plumbing system of your home in good shape and save you from calling the plumber time and again.

Check Outdoor Pipes, Gutters and Vents

The first thing you should do is inspect the outdoor pipes for leaks. If you find any leaks, the best option is to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to fix it. Trying to repair the pipes yourself might damage them further.

Next, check the gutters and downspouts for fallen leaves, tree branches and other objects that might cause a blockage. Remove these obstructions to save your plumbing system from clogging in the future. Birds often build their nests near ventilation pipes present on your roof. Spring is the best time to check your vents for any blockage. Remove anything that you suspect can block the vents.

Inspect the Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Drain water down your kitchen and bathroom sinks and observe the drain pipes located beneath them. If you find water leaking from any of these pipes, get them fixed as soon as possible. After closing the water tap, check the faucet for leaks. If you find water dripping from any of the sink faucets, consider it as a red signal. Water dripping from faucets contributes to water wastage and increases your water bill. Call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to fix those dripping faucets and leaky drain pipes.

Clear Out the Garbage Disposal

If you haven’t lately paid attention to the garbage disposal unit present beneath the kitchen sink, spring break is the best time to get rid of all the waste present inside it. The garbage disposal unit breaks down all the food particles that you send down the drain. It saves your kitchen drain from clogging. According to plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, homeowners should clean their garbage disposals once in a while and should be careful about what they drain down the kitchen sink.

Clean the Usually Ignored Areas of Your Bathroom

Spring break is the right time to clean all those areas of your bathroom that you’ve been ignoring since ages. For instance, the backside of your toilet and the dark grime between bathroom tiles are what we usually ignore. Now is the right time to clean those areas and inspect if there are any problems. You might find water leaking from the back of your toilet. Call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX if you come across anything unusual that needs to be fixed.

 Drain Your Water Heater

Minerals such as calcium present in water settle at the bottom of water heaters and prevent water from heating. The layer of sediment covers the burner present inside the water heater which results in the water not heating up. To get rid of the sediment, cut off the electrical or gas supply to your heater and let it cool down for some time. Then, open the drain valve and pour water to flush all the mineral buildup present inside it.

Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX have faced such situations where people have called them complaining that cold water flows down the faucet even when they have turned on the hot water tap. Upon inspection, the plumbers found out that the culprit behind this problem is sedimentation inside the water heater tank. If people regularly clean their water heaters, they won’t face this problem.

Check the Flush Tank for Leaks

A leaky flush tank is one of the major sources of water wastage. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to ensure that we aren’t wasting water because it is a precious resource and not many people have access to it. The best trick to check your flush tank for leaks is to add some food coloring inside the flush tank and then check the toilet bowl for streaks of colored water. If you find colored water in the toilet bowl that means you need to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for repair. Make this trick a part of your spring cleaning routine.

Check All Drains

To save yourself from standing water and clogged drains, clean all the drains in your home this spring season. Use a store-bought drain cleaner to clean the kitchen, sink and shower drains. Also, use mesh strainers for all the drains in your home. These strainers trap all the hair strands and other solid objects that cause drain blockages. Doing so will save you from calling a plumber in Fort Worth, TX time after time.

Clean the Showerhead

Plumbersin Fort Worth, TX suggest that homeowners must clean their showerheads at least twice a year and spring season is one of the best times to do that. Just like a water heater, the showerheads also develop deposits of minerals such as calcium. A good way to clean the showerheads is by immersing them in vinegar for some time. Then, use a toothbrush to clean the scale buildup. Run water through the showerhead to ensure that all mineral buildup is washed away.

Prepare your plumbing spring cleaning routine using the above-mentioned point. In case you’re looking for an excellent plumber in Fort Worth, TX, contact Tioga Plumbing & Electric. They are known for their reliable plumbing services. For further details, visit their website or give them a call at 817-484-5356.