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While lightning is one means of damage occurring in your home, electrical surges from other causes also damage wiring, appliances, and sensitive electronics. There can be numerous causes of a power surge, from switching at the station, to appliances in the home kicking on, to animals on the power line, and transformer failures to name a few. The intensity of power surges can vary, as well as the damage they cause. A Tioga Construction electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can assist you in protecting your home with the professional installation of a surge protection network.

Simply plugging your device into a power strip is not sufficient to protect it from all surges. A surge protection network requires three types of devices. Type 1 installs at the power meter; type 2 installs on the homes main electrical service panel, while type 3 devices strips provide a direct connection to the appliance, or other item. Due to the risks associated with high voltage, the installation of type 1, and type 2 surge protection devices should only be provided by a qualified, licensed electrician in Fort Worth.

Power Strip vs. Type 3 Surge Protection

A power strip does not always provide surge protection. Only purchase those that state they provide surge protection. Purchase the highest rating possible for the best protection. However, remember while type 3 devices offer some protection, when used alone, the protection is minimal at best without type 1 or 2 surge protectors. The minimal standard is to use a type 2 device with type 3 devices on vulnerable equipment.

Tioga Construction can provide the qualified electrician in Fort Worth, Texas that you need for the installation of surge protection devices. However, no surge-protection is immune to massive jolts of lightening. The device can reduce the effects, which is why the experts recommend the installation of all three types of surge protectors. Each device adds an extra layer of protection for your electronics and appliances. The best protection for your device when it storms is to unplug it, and to use a surge protection network for appliances you are unable to unplug.

Computer circuitry is especially vulnerable to power surges, and many homeowners do not realize that the majority of today’s appliances also contains vulnerable internal electronic circuitry. 

Signs of a Power Surge

Signs of a power surge include lights flickering, brightening and dimming and power loss. In addition, power surges can cause signs of prolonged overheating, with melting, charring, and smoke. Lightning however, has significantly more energy than a surge, and last a short time. Damage from lightning is catastrophic, but typically localized. 

Power surges can originate from inside of the home. If you have noticed the lights flicker when the air conditioner shuts off, for example, you have experienced an internal power surge. A type 1 device will not protect your home from internal surges, it protects from incoming surges on the power supply. You need a power surge network for full surge protection. Without surge protection, your home’s appliances are adversely affected every day by surges, which shorten appliance lifespan by an average of 30%. Contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas to schedule the installation of surge protection. 

According to NEMA Surge Protection Institute, up to 80% of power surges originate within the home, due to the on and off cycling of appliances such as the refrigerator, dryer and air conditioners. Over time, these surges take a toll on sensitive electronics, burning out circuits before their time.

In addition, lightning can damage a home’s wiring, and other electrical products, and place your family at risk of a house fire. That is why, when lightening has entered the home and damaged appliances and/or electronics, it is wise to contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas for an electrical inspection of the home’s wiring.

When homeowners hire professional, licensed electrical contractors, they receive professional grade whole house surge suppression. There is an additional benefit for having a whole house surge protection network – you will not have to change light bulbs quite as often.

Selecting Surge Protection 

Select a whole house surge protector rated for at least a 40,000-amp surge. The higher the rating, the greater the protection you will receive. If your budget does not allow a full surge protection network, select a type 2 device, and utilize type 3 surge protection strips for the appliances and electronics you wish to protect. A Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can provide the expert installation of type 1, and type 2 surge protectors. Replace type 3 point-of-use devices periodically. Failure is typically due to overheating, and has been known to cause fires. Indicated lights on type 3 devices are not always reliable, and often only indicate the device is receiving power.

Surge Protection Services

Whether you are experiencing no power, warning lights or other malfunctions of the surge protection network, a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can help. Our licensed electricians have the expertise to provide the electrical services you need, including the installation or repair of a surge protection network

We serve Fort Worth, Keller, Southlake, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. A Tioga professional electrician in Fort Worth, Texas offer electrical emergency services for your convenience. We offer a wide range of electrical services, including the installation and repair of a surge protection network. Our goal is to provide first quality electrical, and plumbing services, and to assure your satisfaction.