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Tankless Water Heaters | Plumber Bedford

For homeowners who want to save money on energy, you may want to consider tankless water heaters. A Tioga plumber in Bedford will be glad to provide the information you need when considering a tankless water heater.

Conventional water heaters heat and then store heated water, maintaining the water to a preset temperature. This means hot water is heated repeatedly until used, and when cold water enters the tank the cycle is repeated.Plumber Bedford TX

Tankless water heaters on the other hand, only heat water when needed. Opening a hot water tap starts the tankless to heating water. Energy is saved by eliminating the need to repeatedly heat a tank of hot water. The process of maintaining hot water in a conventional water heater is called standby heat loss. When your goal is to cut your home’s energy costs, the water heater is a logical place to start. After all, it is the second largest consumer of energy in a home.

Hot Water on Demand

The tankless begins heating water when you turn on a hot water tap. Cold water flows into the appliance and its temperature is tested. It then heats the water and delivers it through the open tap. However, you have to consider that no water heater can heat the water sitting in the pipe behind the tap. The first water out of the tap will be cold, as the traveling hot water pushes standing water in the pipes out. This is true for any water heater.

Long runs of pipe can take an excessive time to deliver hot water through a distant tap. Point of use tankless water heaters provide an excellent solution for remote bathrooms and other locations that would otherwise have to deliver hot water from a distant water heater over a long pipe run. A point of use model delivers hot water to a single location vs. a whole house tankless water heater. Your Tioga plumber in Bedford can provide the installation that you need.

Supply and Demand of Hot Water

The typical tankless water heater provides hot water at a rate of 2-5 gallons per minute. Gas tankless water heaters produce the higher flow rate, is Energy Star qualified, and performs efficiently. However simultaneous, multiple uses of hot water in large households can create a problem with supply. For example, if two persons shower at the same time, the majority of tankless models will not be able to provide adequate hot water.

The problem can be resolved with the installation of two or more tankless water heaters on your plumbing system. The use of multiple tankless water heaters will prevent cold water sandwiches, which occurs when two taps are opened at once. A tankless is not a solution for all households, and especially large households, unless multiple tankless units are installed.

Troubleshooting – The Lack of Hot Water

If tankless water heaters are only providing warm water, check the temperature setting. During the winter, the incoming water temperature will be colder than usual, and you may need to increase the temperature for the duration of winter. When your water supply is a cold, spring fed source, be sure to tell your Tioga Construction plumber in Bedford prior to installation.


The Department of Energy states that for homes using 41 gallons or less of hot water daily, tankless water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy efficient than conventional tank style units. Households using large amounts of hot water (approximately 86 gallons per day), can be up to 14% more energy efficient. Discuss your household’s hot water usage with your Tioga plumber in Bedford before purchasing a tankless water heater who will ensure you have adequate hot water.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation and maintenance of tankless water heaters by a qualified, licensed plumber will ensure proper operation and optimal energy efficiency.

The ability to provide a proper installation is dependent upon a number of factors, such as fuel type and availability, gas pressure, climate, ventilation, local building codes, and others involved in the proper function, efficient performance and safety. Due to these complexities, it is essential to have a qualified, experienced, and gas certified professional plumber in Bedford install your tankless water heater.

Maintenance is the key to an extended lifespan, efficiency and proper operation of the any water heater, including the tankless. Depending upon the water chemistry, and when proper maintenance is routinely provided, the tankless water heater can have a lifespan of approximately 20 years. Your Tioga plumber in Bedford can provide the maintenance required to ensure long, efficient service from your tankless water heater.

Other Advantages

The tankless provides an ideal solution for boosting the water temperature of solar hot water heaters. Point of use tankless models can provide a solution for remote locations, such as a remote bathroom, a pool house, an employee lunch room or restroom and others. A Tioga plumber in Bedford can provide the professional installation that you need for an energy efficient tankless water heater.

Tioga’s licensed, professional plumbers are dedicated to providing quality services and to your satisfaction. For the professional installation of tankless water heaters, or other plumbing services, contact a Tioga Construction plumber in Bedford. We serve Fort Worth, Keller, South Lake, Bedford and the surrounding areas.