Warning Signs to Watch Out For When Drain Cleaning In Dallas, Texas Is Required

Clogged drain problems can be classified as minor and cheap in terms of cost as well complex, major, which may cost you exorbitant sums of money. Clogged sewer lines have the tendency to cause significant damage to the plumbing and drainage system. For complex issues, you will have to look for a drain cleaning company in Dallas, Texas, to ascertain that the intricate sewerage tasks are handled by professionals only. It is important to know how to decode the warning signs of a clogged drain so that you can take an immediate action. If you fail to take proactive measures, then you may have to spend heaps of money on the sewerage and drain piping repairs.

By detecting the problems in the main sewer lines and secondary drainage issue, you can avert the subsequent hazards. These warning signs will help you to interpret when a drain cleaning service in Dallas Texas may be required, and allow you to solve the plumbing issues of your residential area:

1.    A Gurgling Toilet

This is one of the most overlooked problems. Homeowners often are unable to discover the reason why their toilets make a gurgling or splashing noise when they use the dishwasher or any other tap water for washing. After all, there is no correlation with the taps and burbling toilets, right? Wrong! Gurgling toilets is a clear indication of clogged sewage lines. Another problem that you may notice is that upon flushing the toilet, the water from the drains start filling up the tub. A similar situation occurs when you use the washing machine and as a consequence, the bathroom toilet overflows. If the condition worsens, then you will also notice that the water leaks out of the toilet and may even fill up the bath tub. So, if you experience these problems in, drain cleaning in Dallas, Texas service ought to be called to figure out the areas that are clogged.

2.    Frequently Clogged Bathroom Drains

The drains of the bath tub or the shower may get clogged frequently in your washrooms. If you have to remove hair every single time, then chances are that there is already a blockage in the drains. The blockage may be at a hard-to-reach area, which can only be accessed with the special tools of a plumber. You will have to call an expert drain cleaning service in Dallas, TX to get the blockage removed. The specialized tools can penetrate deep into the drain and can relive the hole from the material causing recurring clogs.

3.    Multiple Clogs

If you notice that there are several clogged drains in the house, then it means that the problem does not lie within the drains of that particular area of the house. One of the warning signs that indicate there is some huge problem with the main drainage system is multiple clogs within the house. You should inspect all the bathroom toilets of the house because these are the first places that start malfunctioning. You shouldn’t delay calling a professional drain cleaning company in Dallas, TX and get the problem fixed before it exacerbates.

4.    Slow Kitchen Drains

You must have experienced that the water in the sink of the kitchens and washroom accumulates. You may use a sharp pointed thin rod to dislodge the particles in the drainage system but the problem arises again within a short duration. The significance of a slow drain should not be underrated. A slow drain can also provide you an insight about the seriousness of the sewage line problems. There are various issues that are indicated by a slow drain. A slow drain is not always due blocking particles like scraps of food and hair but it may also be because of:

  • Inappropriate grading of the sewage/drainage system; and
  • Excessive build-up up sediment deposit in the pipelines.

It is always better to contact a drain cleaning service in Dallas, Texas so that you can find out the root cause of the slow drains. If it is due to the mineral deposits, then not fixing the problem beforehand can also lead to the corrosion of the pipes.

5.    Old Home Drainage Problems

If you live in an old house and you experience drainage issues frequently, then it means that there is a something wrong with the underground pipes of the house. One of the reasons for poor drainage and clogged holes are the large trees with deep roots. But how can the trees cause problems with the drainage system? Well, the roots penetrate deeper into the grounds and they may encircle the pipes. Over time, the roots will build pressure on the pipes, causing them to break. Consulting with the technicians of the drain cleaning company in Dallas, Texas will let you know that roots are still one of the leading causes of drainage issues.

If you are able to interpret the warning signs, then the first thing that you should do is close the shut off valve or disconnect the main water supply. Homeowners are often not equipped to tackle the drainage and sewer problems themselves so it is better to call a drain cleaning company in Dallas, TX. You should follow the precautions to prevent the drain clogging problems. Some of these tips are:

  • Do not pour grease down the kitchen sink;
  • Clean the hair from the drains regularly;
  • Use a mesh screen on the drains so that the smaller particles can also be captured; and
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents to clean the drains as they can cause damage to the pipes.

Are you looking for a drain cleaning service in Dallas, Texas? You may contact Tioga Plumbing, Electric & Glass to fix the drain with the help of the modern technologies in efficient manner. We make use of the video camera inspection of the drains and apply pressurized cleaning tactics to dislodge the clogged particles. Our technicians will identify the water and sewer lines and discover where the problem lies.