Water Heater Repair: Basic Components Of Your Home’s Water Heater | Bedford, TX

Water Heater Repair: Basic Components Of Your Home’s Water Heater | Bedford, TX

The water coming into your Bedford, TX, home travels through pipes, and it could be warm or cold, depending on the time of the year, whether during summer or winter. Usually, water inside the storage tanks is heated by the scorching sun or cooled by the snow that’s accumulated around the tanks. To have consistent hot water flowing out from your showerhead or to your dishwasher without depending on the state of the weather outside, you need to have a water heater.

Understanding the accessories that make up your water heater is necessary because it lets you know when to look for a plumber to troubleshoot the problems. Additionally, when you understand how the water heater in your home works, you can ascertain how much you expect to pay at the end of every month.

An average water heater uses about 4000 watts of electricity per day, and any fluctuation beyond this could be an indicator of a defect. Regular water heater repair and maintenance solutions are crucial since they help lengthen the appliance’s lifespan beyond the ten-year average.

Therefore, you should ensure a plumber checks your water heater often. Continue reading to find out the components that make up the water heater and the associated problems that could need a water heater expert.

Water Tank

The water tank is the largest component of your water heater. It’s a metallic cylinder whose inner shell is made of a protective liner that holds about 40 to 60 gallons of water, depending on the size. The tank’s exterior has an insulating material, usually a polyurethane foam, which is then coated by a decorative outer shell, and in some cases, an additional insulating blanket. Water enters the tank through the dip tubes and goes to the bottom where it is heated before rising to the top through convection from where it can flow to the shower or dishwasher.

The water tank is prone to damage by the minerals in the water which build up over time, creating a barrier between the burner and the tank. It means less heat reaches the water, and you may experience cold showers while your heater is on. Having technicians conduct water heater repair and maintenance will help avert this problem. The professional you get should be able to clean the tank comprehensively, removing all the impurities inside.

The Burner and Assembly

The burner is present in gas water heaters. It’s usually located underneath the tank, and its control module is on the side where it can be easily accessed whenever experts are performing water heater repair or inspection activities. The burner generates the heat that warms the water flowing to hot water faucets and appliances in your home. It ignites propane or natural gas that, in turn, produces heat.

Over time, the burner wears down and begins to work inefficiently. When you notice that the water in your shower starts to become lukewarm or takes too long to get hot water in your tap, it’s time to look for a specialist offering water heater maintenance and repairs. The technician will recommend repair or replacement, depending on the damage extent.

The Valves

There are two types of valves in the water heater; the drain valve and the pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve releases extra pressure and temperature when it builds up inside the tank. The excessive heat and pressure are dangerous to the tank’s safety as they can cause it to explode or burst. This valve is on the top side of your tank.

On the other hand, the drain valve is at the bottom of the tank. Its function is to flush out sediments from the tank. Sediments are a risk to the efficiency of your tank and therefore need to be flushed out regularly. Having a certified technician in your home to conduct regular water heater repair services can help to prevent damage to the water tank and valves.

Exhaust Flue

Using gas to heat water means that other gases are generated during combustion. The exhaust flue eliminates the gases from the water heater chambers. Additionally, the exhaust flue is a heat exchange machine. Regular and prompt water heater repair appointments will ensure the exhaust flue isn’t clogged with sediments that can block it.

The technician you get should offer ideal water heater repair services, ensuring the exhaust flue is vented to the outside environment to prevent the gases from contaminating the water flowing into the faucets in your Bedford, TX, home.


It’s a thermometer and temperature control device on your water heater. Some water heaters have separate thermostats for each component while others have a single one for the whole system. The typical water heater uses a mechanical thermostat normally set to 120 F to prevent scalding the water. The thermostats operate within a certain tolerance to allow the fluctuation of temperatures within a certain range.

The thermostat deregulates to extreme or low temperatures, altering the heat in the water flowing in your faucet, shower, or dishwashing machine. Whenever you notice a drastic change in the temperature of the water that enters your house, it is time to get an expert to offer you water heater repair services. The technician will factory reset the thermostat to the recommended temperature, allowing you to enjoy hot water once again.

Sacrificial Anode

The sacrificial anodes are crucial parts of the water heater. Plumbers install them at the top of the tank, and these components are made of magnesium or aluminum with a steel core. The sacrificial anode is usually suspended in the water tank to slow down corrosion inside the tank. It begins to rust before the inside of the water tank, keeping your water corrosion-free and the water heater in top-notch working condition.

If you notice the smell of rotten eggs in hot water entering your home, it’s time to look for credible plumbers and schedule a water heater repair service with them. There could be a problem with the anode. Don’t attempt to remove the anode by yourself because you could tamper with your whole water heating system.

Contact a Reliable Water Heater Company Near Bedford, TX

Each water heater component has its unique functions and defects. Having known some of these problems, you can easily schedule a water heater repair appointment with a professional from Tioga Plumbing & Electric to assess and fix your faulty water heater.

Our professionals are skilled at handling water heater repairs, new installations, and maintenance services. Don’t hesitate to call us when you experience water heater issues. We will restore the comfort of using hot water in your home.

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