<strong>Water Heater Repair</strong> Or Proactive Replacement? | <strong>Keller, TX</strong>

Water Heater Repair Or Proactive Replacement? | Keller, TX

Water heater repair and maintenance visits can provide a valuable piece of information: the overall health of your water heater. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, when we visit you in Keller, TX or throughout our service area, our expert plumbers and technicians can check for a variety of concerns. These include temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve issues, tank corrosion or degradation of a tankless water heater, and anode rod status. These are factors that help us estimate the potential remaining lifespan of your water heater, and the risk of ruptures on tankless units. Preventive care can help you save water heater repair costs, and also recognize when it’s time to select a replacement unit to be installed at your convenience, in a timely manner.

Relying On a “Typical” Water Heater Lifespan Isn’t Very Reassuring

If you have a traditional tank-based water heater, or even a hybrid one with a tank, picking the right time for replacement can make you nervous. It’s typically some time after ten years of service, and if you’re a new homeowner there’s a code to reference on most water heaters. If you don’t have regular maintenance or inspections, or other reasons for our water heater repair team to visit, your only data may be statistical expectations. When will the tank become corroded enough to rupture? Beyond that, if there are problems with the TPR valve, the rupture can be a much bigger deal due to pressure buildup.

Tank Maintenance for Your Water Heater

In addition to providing a routine inspection of your unit by our water heater repair experts, regular maintenance helps reduce urgent calls for service, keeps energy use optimized, and checks safety features. These tasks go a long way towards extending your water heater’s service life also, especially when the anode rod is checked and replaced on schedule. This metal rod sacrifices its material to help neutralize the corrosive aspects of your water supply, allowing the tank to serve you longer. If you’re experiencing a foul odor or discoloration of your hot water supply, that may be an indication that the anode rod has worn out. Its secondary effect is to prevent anaerobic bacteria growth in the hot water tank, which is typically the source of hot water odors.

Water on the Floor Nearby May Not Be a Tank Leak

The temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve can release a bit of water, usually through a pipe leading down the side of the tank on your water heater. Even though it’s fairly normal to see an occasional small puddle or dried evidence of one in the past, you should call our water heater repair experts to check it out and determine the cause. If it’s happened a few times, let us know that as well since it can help with diagnosis. You might wind up with some energy savings if it’s a water temperature issue, too! It’s also important to have the valve operation checked regularly to make sure that it’s not stuck. A stuck TPR protective valve could allow tank pressure to build to dangerous levels without any way to relieve it. Our water heater repair team can replace the valve and restore your protection. If there’s no tank damage from the malfunction, you’re probably in the clear.

Hot Water Flow Problems

Did you know that, in homes where plumbing is routed “under the slab,” your hot water pipes may be routed that way as well? This can produce a strange effect where a leak in your hot water pipes underneath your basement floor produces warm spots as the water accumulates below. Perhaps your pet suddenly has a new favorite spot to relax, or you’ve noticed the warmth yourself. This can also explain problems with insufficient hot water, so there may not be any water heater repair needed, just plumbing work to fix the pipes. In tankless water heaters, accumulation of sediment can slow or block the flow of water past the heating elements. If your hot water pressure is low and cold water is fine, it’s a good reason to call us for water heater repair, but probably not the end of the road for your water heater in Keller, TX.

Many Reasons for Cold or Tepid from the Hot Water Faucet

A tankless water heater will shut down its heating element protectively when the vent hasn’t been cleaned in some time, in order to avoid overheating. Many units will produce an alarm or error code that indicates there’s a problem and you should call us. There might also be a problem with the heating element, or a malfunction in the temperature sensors or control electronics that’s causing trouble. Tankless units can last up to 20 years or more, so if yours is still young, let’s just see what’s causing the trouble, we probably have parts in our vehicle to take care of it! For tank-based systems which usually have fairly basic heating units and thermostats, problems in any of those components can give you cold water. You may find a shorter supply of hot water if one out of two pairs of heaters and thermostats common in many units is out of order. Replacing or repairing the part can restore your hot water with no further trouble. Our water heater experts also check for pilot light or power source problems to make sure you don’t have a reliability issue.

Your Hot Water Experts

If it has to do with water heater repair or replacement in Keller, TX, Tioga Plumbing & Electric will take good care of you. We handle traditional, hybrid, and tankless water heaters, and in addition to repairs and replacement we can make the switch to a different type for you. Is your unit requiring repeated repairs, or has your plumber noted serious tank corrosion? If so, let’s talk about replacement solutions in plenty of time to avoid problems. Our team skillfully makes the changeover and cleans up. Call Tioga Plumbing & Electric today for help!

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