What Are The Benefits Of Trenchless Water Line Repair? | Euless, TX

What Are The Benefits Of Trenchless Water Line Repair? | Euless, TX

Are you experiencing water supply issues in your Euless, TX home? It may be that your water is contaminated, which you notice through discoloration of your tap water, or the water supply amount has suddenly reduced or stopped. These issues may indicate an underlying problem in your water line. Unfortunately, the plumbing system is the last thing on some homeowners’ minds when considering the comfort of their homes. Therefore, the water line system encounters a total failure because a plumber lacks regular maintenance. Homeowners are advised to have regular appointments with a plumbing service for a routine inspection.

A trenchless pipe repair is among the newest technologies in the industry that has been gaining traction due to all the advantages it offers. When a water line repair expert determines an underlying problem with your water line that needs replacing or repairing, in most cases, they will recommend that you use trenchless technology. Therefore, this article will start by outlining the different trenchless pipe repair methods and then explain why you should consider them for your home.

Types of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Although new in the plumbing industry, the trenchless pipe repair mode is used for residential and commercial repairs. Its main types include;

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining

In this type of trenchless water line repair, the plumbing expert starts by inserting an inflatable tube into the water line. This tube which is covered with epoxy is then inflated, thus pressing against the water line. Once it is secured against the water pipe, the epoxy covering the inflatable tube cures and hardens therefore repairing the leak. The tube is then retracted, leaving the water line in working condition.

Pipe Bursting

The significant advantage of the pipe bursting type of trenchless pipe repair is its lack of invasion in the trenching. The plumbing technician can fix your home-damaged water line without invading it. Instead, the technician feeds a cone-shaped bit through the already laid out tube and destroys it. They will then immediately replace the damaged piping with a newer pipe.

Pipe Coating

The other type of trenchless water line repair is pipe coating. In this type, the process involves applying an epoxy coating to the interior walls of the damaged water line. The epoxy repairs small holes and cracks and protects the piping from further disintegration and corrosion. The epoxy is pushed into the pipe using a pipe coating machine that utilizes a pump and flexible tube. In addition, the device has rotating brushes that apply resin onto the sides of the pipe. The epoxy used is designed to last up to 50 years, making it durable and reliable.  

Benefits of Using Trenchless Pipe Repair

In most cases, be it water line repair services or gardening methods, homeowners prefer using techniques that have been in the market for a long time. This is because the methods are not in the new face and have proven their reliability throughout time. On the other hand, new technologies and methods seem like a try-and-error concept since they have no track record or point of reference. However, with the rapid growth of technology, it is worth considering new technologies since they come equipped with more efficient and liable solutions. Therefore, below are some reasons you should consider trenchless pipe repair methods for your Euless, TX home water line.

Convenience and Efficiency

Traditional plumbing methods rely heavily on digging, which takes much time. The digging in traditional plumbing methods requires many labor hours, translating into paying more. In addition, in most cases, those needing these services require a temporary living space as the technician does their work. This also adds to the financial burden on the homeowner.   

However, this can all be avoided by using trenchless pipe repair methods. For starters, these methods are both efficient and durable compared to the traditional plumbing methods. Secondly, they are fast since they do not involve the digging process making it beneficial to those needing quick repairs and convenient for every homeowner. Therefore, it is best to use trenchless pipe repair methods when having water line repair services for your home.

Stronger Pipes

When you use trenchless technology for your home pipes, they will be stronger, last longer, and most of all supers their durability. The most outstanding quality of the trenchless technology is its ability to leave the pipes firm. Unlike traditional plumbing methods, trenchless pipe repair uses epoxy, which lasts up to fifty years or bursts the damaged pipe to replace it with another new one. Therefore, once this method is used to repair the water line, you can rest knowing it was adequately fixed. Therefore, considering the cost of repairs and accompanying benefits, you will find that trenchless water line repair is the best option for your plumbing system.


Another significant advantage of the trenchless pipe repair method is its affordability. As outlined earlier in its different types, these methods do not need all the digging associated with traditional plumbing methods. Therefore, this method cuts down on the labor and hours the technicians spend on the project. In addition, due to its swift and convenient nature, you as the homeowner do not need to seek temporary living space; hence no extra charges are accompanied.

To top it off, trenchless technology requires less structural modification and digging equipment since it only needs to drill two small holes in the water line. Therefore, the water line repair technicians will not spend more time cleaning up after completing the project than traditional plumbing methods. Also, the integrity of your home’s landscape will not be interfered with, which leaves your flowers and trees in top condition.


Trenchless technology is one of the industry’s most environmentally friendly plumbing methods. These methods, as earlier explained, cause the most negligible impact on ecology since they do need lots of digging and equipment. Therefore, if your yard has flowers or other plants, they will not be damaged in the water line repair process. Compared to traditional plumbing methods, your yard will be minimally affected, if at all, and left as beautiful as it was.

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