What You Can Do With A New Circuit Breaker Panel And Electrical Service Upgrade | Hurst, TX

What You Can Do With A New Circuit Breaker Panel And Electrical Service Upgrade | Hurst, TX

There are plenty of reasons why a new circuit breaker panel upgrade and related electrical services should be performed for your home, most of all to ensure your family’s safety by replacing outdated or unreliable equipment. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we can help you upgrade your equipment in Hurst, TX, and install a new circuit breaker panel. It’s an important feature to have in your home if you decide to put it on the market, indicating that the buyer is less likely to face outdated electrical equipment and wiring and the concerns they can pose. You may need more circuits to support your tech-heavy lifestyle, your hobbies, home theater, equipment or other gear. A new circuit breaker panel, combined with upgraded electrical service capacity, provides the room to grow that you need. It also makes it possible to add enhancements that you may find valuable in your home, such as new protective devices, specialized circuits, and updated wiring to protect your family and your home.

More Power!

You may have put some plans on hold in your home because you didn’t have enough power coming in through your electrical service to meet your overall needs. This is usually because you have an older home that was built before heavy modern electrical usage developed, but you may already have the modern standard 200 amp service and need even more. When you upgrade your incoming power and electric meter, it makes sense to have an updated, expanded way to distribute that power.

Increased Safety Just From the Panel Upgrade

While fuse boxes are overdue for replacement, older circuit breaker panels also need replacement because of age and the problems that typically develop including corrosion, aging components, and even damage from small creatures intruding. In some cases, the older circuit breaker panel and the breakers themselves have been subject to a recall because they didn’t perform as well as they should, and our electrical service technicians will identify this issue and discuss your options for replacement.

Adding New Safety Features: GFCI and AFCI Circuit Breakers

GFCI protection, a feature found in kitchen and bathroom outlets and other water-related locations, can also be provided in a circuit breaker. AFCI protection in circuit breakers help reduce the risk of fire from bad or loose connections, bad wiring and bare wires, and other electrical risks that may be hidden in your home’s walls. Dual function circuit breakers are available that can provide both protection for the same circuit. We also offer whole-house surge and lightning protection.

Foundation for New Wiring

If your home has older wiring, you may want to start with your electrical service installing a new electrical panel and start running new wiring to replace aging, cracked, or worn wires, and wiring that doesn’t support modern grounding standards. Aluminum wiring replacement may also be a good idea, and starting with a new electrical panel will help you build a new foundation for your home’s essential electrical system. These days, you need home wiring that can handle high power even from hair dryers, and provide reliable power without fail, since a flickering light fixture and intermittent power to your computer are two different issues.

Organize Your Home’s Wiring and Reduce Shared Circuits

In older homes, circuits were often shared between rooms, resulting in surprise power failures when someone plugs in a space heater in one bedroom and someone else is using a hair dryer in another. With the new space for circuits that your new electrical panel provides, you can organize your home’s wiring to correspond to individual rooms and even parts of rooms such as separate power for your home theater system and general purpose outlets in your family room.

It’s Time for a “Heavy Up”

If you’ve bought an affordable home that has an older electrical system, you may find that there are few modern upgrades to your home that you can perform with your existing electrical service. From a hot tub to a full HVAC system, there are items that make you a heavy user of electricity and your electrical service team calls upgrading to support that a “heavy up.”

Backup Generator

Power failures are more common these days, and many families are installing backup generators to provide convenient, often automatic replacement power until commercial electric service is restored. It’s much easier and safer to install the backup generator connections to a newer electrical panel than to count on older equipment meeting all the power handling, wiring, and safety needs of this major addition to your home’s electrical system.

Solar Electric

As with a backup generator system, adding solar electric power generation to your home involves making connections to your home’s incoming power, and sometimes outgoing as well if you’re going to sell power back to the utility. You want these connections to be solid, and a modern electrical service is an excellent way to have confidence in your new power generation system.

EV Charging

While slow, all-day charging for electric vehicles can sometimes use standard circuits, rapid charging, even for overnight use, requires specialized high power connections that are better added to your modern electrical panel. Our electrical service team can help you evaluate your existing equipment for EV charging if you like, and also do the math to see if your home’s incoming electric service is going to have the spare capacity for EV charging. You might very well find that this upgrade is an excellent opportunity for capacity and panel upgrades.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Hurst TX, Your Electrical Experts

We provide total electrical care for your Hurst, TX home, including panel upgrades and home wiring improvements, for your family’s safety and enjoyment. Our experts can arrange the services you need and make sure important electrical code considerations, permits, and safety precautions are covered, and offer new ideas to help you live better with electricity from smart home features and amazing new light fixtures to specialized wiring. Give us a call.

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