What Your Plumber Has To Say About Your Garbage Disposal | Irving, TX

What Your Plumber Has To Say About Your Garbage Disposal | Irving, TX

A garbage disposal can be a great tool for you in your home, but it’s not something that you should be relying on all the time. Rather, it’s something that you should use as infrequently as you need to. When you use it too often you may find yourself counting on it to take care of all of the food debris that you have in your home. And that could actually cause more problems than it helps. That’s why your local plumber in Irving, TX, has some things to say to you.

1. Avoid Oils and Grease

These ingredients go into your sink hot and therefore liquid, however they quickly cool off inside of your garbage disposal and your drain. When that happens you end up with solid masses of oil and grease and butter that will then stick inside the drain and cause a serious clog. From there, you’ll need to call a professional plumber to help you take care of the clog in your drain, which definitely isn’t something you want to deal with.

2. Skip Rice and Pasta

These are two ingredients that expand when they come into contact with water. You definitely don’t want to put them into your garbage disposal and drains where they can easily absorb more and more water. When that happens you end up with a sticky mess in your drain. And definitely a clog. These materials can also attract other food particles and before you know it you’re going to have a big problem that even a plumber might have a hard time resolving. So, make sure you keep the rice and pasta from getting into the disposal and definitely into your drains.

3. No More Eggshells

You may have heard that you could sharpen your disposal blades using eggshells but that is definitely not the case. Rather, you should avoid using eggshells at all costs. The shells themselves are not much of a problem. The problem is the membrane on the inside of the shells. That membrane is sticky and can easily get clogged in your garbage disposal. This causes the disposal to have even more problems and could even cause it to overheat or completely fry out. Instead, use ice cubes or call a professional to get your blades sharpened properly.

4. Nothing with Fiber

While fiber is great for you, it’s definitely not good for your garbage disposal. The fibers in foods like asparagus and celery are not good for your garbage disposal. That’s because they can easily be broken down while in the garbage disposal, which leaves behind stringy fibers. Those fibers can then get wrapped up in the garbage disposal causing some serious damage. You want to avoid those fibers because they can cause your disposal to overheat and destroy it entirely. or they can even get stuck in the drain if they do manage to make it through the disposal.

5. Pits, Bones, and Seeds

These things are definitely bad for your garbage disposal. They are not going to sharpen the blades. Instead, they’re going to cause a whole lot of damage and make your blades break or dull. This could actually be dangerous depending on how the blades break. Or it could just mean that you have to replace your garbage disposal, which is definitely going to be a problem for you anyway. Instead, avoid these hard items and make sure that you are tossing them in the trash where they belong.

6. Pitch Flour and Coffee

These are two powdered items that get sticky and thick and really gross when they get wet. In fact, they can turn into a type of paste, which makes them extremely troubling for your garbage disposal and your drain. You end up with a thick paste stuck in the bottom of the disposal. Or, if they make it all the way into the drain, they end up clogging things up there, which makes it even worse for you because they’re difficult to get out. You want to know that your drains are clear when you need to use them, after all, so make sure these items go in the trash.

7. No More Drain Cleaners

Finally, your plumber would like you to know that drain cleaners are no good for your drains. While these may seem like a great option when you’re trying to clear out clogs or get rid of problems in the drain they actually cause more trouble than anything. They are made with harmful chemicals that are then going to get into your drains. And you definitely don’t want that to happen. Those chemicals can break down the pipes in your Irving, TX, home and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, your plumber wishes you knew the harm that drain cleaners can do. These chemicals can actually cause a lot of harm for your family as well as your home. Because they are toxic they are no good to even have around your home. And they’re no good to get into the water supply either. If you’re not careful they get all the way down through your drains and into the regular water and the groundwater. None of this is good and it means that you’re going to be contributing to the problems with water in your area.

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