When you’re dealing with Glass At Home | Glass Repair Service in Carrolton, TX

When you’re dealing with Glass At Home | Glass Repair Service in Carrolton, TX

Being a resident of Carrolton, I often wonder how frequently one needs to call upon a glass repair agent and how that can be avoided or at least decreased to ensure that you maintain your glass products in their originally perfect forms.

If not, you could always contact your local glass repair in Carrolton.

Glass is an ancient material that has been leaving traces of itself throughout our history and for all we know natural glass probably was there since before man.  The first man-made piece of glass was discovered and dated at 3500B.C. which pretty much outdates all the civilizations that existed after the Ancient Egyptians.

This article was prepared to better help you to combat any glass cleaning problem without having to rush back and forth all over the house. If there is a serious problem with the glass it is advised you get a consultation from your local Glass Repair in Carrolton; this preventive measure would help you prevent injuries due to the breach in integrity of the glass in the future.

I don’t know what type of Glass I’m cleaning?

These are some universal tips that apply to most types of glass and can help you even if you cannot identify what type of glass you’re cleaning. Ideally, one should know what they are dealing with and therefore can get the right advice for the right type. If you require help identifying the glass you would be advised to call your local Glass Repairs in Carrolton, and request a consultation, or define the properties of the glass on call, so an expert can help you find out the type of glass you’re dealing with.

Use soap and water, or a commercial glass cleaner. Alternatively, using a mixture of one part white vinegar, and four parts water, would be a good cleaning agent too, especially if one prefers to use distilled water over tap water. This cleans not only dirt but also bacteria and germs that survive on alkali absorption making for a cleaner cleaning agent.

Avoid cleaning glass in direct sunlight to avoid streaking. Start from the top of the window and work your way down. When washing windows of a multi-story home, start from outside and work your way in also, start with the second-floor windows so you would have to work light to clean the ones that are left in the end.

If one would find themselves in a situation where the glass has sustained damage, it would be ideal to call Tioga Plumbing, Electric and Glass contractors for a consultation.

Annealed Glass

If your windows don’t seem to have any special coatings or technology, you probably have annealed glass, this means that this is stress resistant glass which was slowly cooled when it was formed relieving the internal stress of the glass allowing for a more stress absorbent glass. Windows made from this type of glass shatter into large pieces when broken, making it a much safer scenario than a shatter explosion of glass all over the area. Fortunately, the steps you can take to clean annealed glass are easy:

  • Heavily soaking the windows with soap and water or glass cleaner.
  • Gently scrub areas with stuck-on debris or scrape the hardy glass with a razor blade (It is not advised to handle a razor blade to deal with this problem therefore a pencil eraser would also be a good replacement too).
  • Remove soap and water from the glass with a squeegee.
  • Follow up with a microfiber towel to thoroughly dry the window.

In case of any complications it would be advised that you contact your local Glass Repair in Carrolton.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

This type of glass is considered to be even harder than annealed glass; heat-strengthened glass can withstand rapid temperature swings. This means they are crack resistant and shall not shatter with pressure if one tends to put hot coffee in a cold glass. When it breaks, it shatters into smaller pieces than annealed glass, which makes it messier therefore it would be advised to contact your Glass repair in Carrolton.

Clean it exactly like you clean annealed glass except ensure the blade does not scratch the glass and therefore cause a permanent scar to the otherwise clear perfect glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass tends to be five times stronger than annealed glass. It shatters into pebble-sized pieces, making it less likely to cause injury.

Tempered glass is extremely easy to scratch, so be sure to use a high-quality window cleaner and a soft microfiber towel. Don’t apply excessive force to scrub the window, and never scrape with a razor blade. In case you have proceeded to damage the glass with a razor blade please contact your local glass repair service in Carrolton, Tioga Contractors for a consultation.

Coated Glass

From tinted windows to low-E coatings to glass with reflecting films, coated surfaces are meant to decrease heat buildup in your home or car by reflecting the heat off the surface of the glass outwards instead of trapping it inside. The coatings make the window more vulnerable to damage if you clean them too roughly.

Be careful when cleaning coated surfaces:

  • Never use razor blades on coated glass as it breaks the skin of the coating, eliminating whatever benefits the coating was giving you.
  • Choose a window cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia.
  • Dry the window with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Clean one window using a gentle technique and assess the results before moving on to the remaining windows.

Self-Cleaning Windows

If all this talk of how to clean glass has you feeling tired, you may prefer to install self-cleaning windows. As the name suggests, this type of glass cleans itself so you don’t have to clean it:

  • The photo catalytic process uses direct sunlight to break down dirt and organic materials by focusing it.
  • The hydrophilic process allows rain to run off the window in sheets, taking loosened dirt with it.
  • The windows dry quickly and leave no streaks behind.

For any and all consultations, as well as appointments about Glass repair in Carrolton, Glass fittings, Plumbing services in Carrolton, Electrical services in Carrolton and other such needs contact Tioga Contractors today.